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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Elke...big congratulations to Nici!

    Enjoy your most delicious sounding day! and test drive sturmfre

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    tree, itīs so.... GOOD. Life can be good, gooder, even gooder!!! No ending to goodness...
    Iīm soo thankful. So FULL.
    Much love to you!!

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    You can't take sides against anything.
    If you would just leave the "against" part out;
    if you would just be one who is for things -

    you would live happily ever after.

    Excerpted from North Los Angeles, CA - Tuesday, March 7th, 2000

    I experience an incredible, fascinating unfolding.
    I never before realized this ^^^ SO much!

    Itīs about looking at what you want, and stubbornly talking about what you want,
    not tolerating or settling with what is off, ever more again,
    not re-acting any more but SETTING YOUR wanted loving delightful TONE. Setting your tone as a grid, or as just feeeling, or as loving on purpose, or as ignoring issues and instead relaxing relaxing relaxing... and then, looking at the wanted again.

    Wouldnīt it be nice if...?
    Inside, weīr all pink. Inside, we all want to be happy.
    Inside, we all want to love and be proud and full and whole.

    I KNOW THAT, and it becomes sooo easy to look through this loving eyes.
    It becomes so easy, to look at the Vortex-versions of all of us.
    Itīs SO EASY to have a non-split energy, when we only train it. And train it and train it and train it... because, it is such JOY.

    Ahhh, what a ride! What a wonderful creative joyful ride.

    Defining of the term "TOLERANCE"

    HS asks for explaning the terms tolerance and intolerance.

    (Tolerance) is one of the most ineffective,
    unproductive, not-good-for-you emotions
    that you could ever foster and encourage.

    Because what it is, it is a looking right at something unwanted, feeling the guidance of the being-off-track, and then the learning to accept it, as a feeling that you are willing to endure.

    (...) We get it, that itīs not a good idea not to misbehave in public! They might drag you off an airplane! We understand that you sometimes just have to suck it up, and not say anything!

    But when you deliberately PRACTICE recognizing an emotion, that doesnīt feel good- which means, every time my IB is looking at this, differently, but I choose to stay focused upon it, in opposition to my IB, so the knowt still remains in my stomach- BUT I DON`T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    And: In fact, in an attitude of seeking tolerance, most people would say:
    Tolerance is not liking it, and just accepting it. Well, intolerance might mean, not liking it and throwing a fit! Well, maybe itīs better to not throw the fit!

    But itīs certainly not good for you to look at something unwanted, and not do anything about adjusting your vibration!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Beyond tolerance (Boston 2017)

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    im attracted to bliss
    im atracted to these beautiful chocolates
    im attracted to these quotes and uplifting stories
    im attracted to beautiful things in life

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    Hi cuddly!

    I appreciate deeply the wonderful unfolding of the thread of life that I am on:
    ADORING step 1,
    UNDERSTANDING the "molding of the clay".
    Deeper and deeper and deeper!!

    Now, Iīm at the perfect place to "give up".
    Ahhhh, what delight!
    I have molded it into place- and NOW I GIVE UP.
    I let it BE.

    And in the very moment I did that, I got "the" phonecall, and things are moving.

    Well, they moved all along!
    I was in the perfect place allll the time.
    I so love ALL the steps of life!

    Often you think that you want to launch
    the desire and you want to get it.

    Boom. Boom. Boom.
    I want to know what I want, I want to want it,
    I want to launch it, I want to line up, and I want to get it.

    -We say, yes you do and we want that for you,
    we want that for you, we want that for you...

    ...but we LOVE the process of life.

    We love the process, the delicious process of choosing,
    and the delicious process of launching the rocket,
    and the delicious process of knowing
    that you're not keenly in alignment with it
    or maybe not even close to it.
    And then the process of deliberately lining up with it.
    And then the conscious awareness of following your impulses,
    that intuition,
    that feeling of flow,
    that feeling of empowerment,
    that feeling of walking on air,
    that feeling of knowing you can do no wrong,
    that feeling of all things working out for you.

    And THEN, the manifestation!

    LA, 1/26/13

    -And now, I enjoy the EASE.
    I didnīt do anything wrong, EVER! And now I just take the next logical perfect step- and CHILL.


    And, I relax into the deliciousness of having delicious willing friendly happy wonderful dance-mates, who are cooperative and PERFECT for the further unfolding.

    Itīs all such a light, happy, sweet unfolding- whenever I look at it from the stance of love and trust.

    It’s ever so much more satisfying
    to get into a blissful place and attract
    a blissful person
    and live blissfully hereafter,

    than to be in a negative place
    and attract a negative partner and then try to get
    happy from that negative place.

    Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 2/2/97

    (thank you for reminding me, beloved Xio! )

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    I feel such love!
    I feel so good.
    I am so thankful of my life!

    Me and DH took another late-evening-drive through our amazing area last night, and I had to take the picture.
    You donīt see the amazing energy here, and you donīt see how the fogs lift out of the forests.
    You donīt see the magic that embraced it all.

    But *I* saw it, and I felt it, and DH and me loved to be in this, so much. WE ARE IN THIS, TOGETHER. We are more aware than ever. Things change all around us, and within us, of course. And we are in this together, through all contrast, through all step 1- in love, in joy, in mutual unfolding, walking, dandering, or running side by side, hand in hand.


    I so love to walk with him into my new life.
    New, every day.
    New and with reset every day.
    Every day 24 hrs, for EVERYONE.
    Every day.

    I am THANKFUL for how my life is unfolding.
    I am thankful for this being together in such closeness, respect and JOY.
    I love how we clean up what was in such light ways: Looking to what we want, INSTEAD.

    Itīs easy. Itīs delicious. Itīs intense and adventurous, but itīs LIGHT, as well.
    Flowing, floating, and steering with our focus. Detaching when we need brakes.
    Adoring and rampaging and milking, when we jodel down the canyons in LOVE and JOY and FUN!

    I so love being.
    I so love my life.
    I so love where I am, and where I came from and where Iīm going.

    And I so love having you, by my side.

    In every solution, there is a poignant,
    and FABULOUS problem!

    Solutions are born out of awarenesses of problems.

    Iow, if you donīt allow yourself to explore the range of it, then you donīt get very far down the road!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why Do I Like Dark Stuff?

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    I feels such INTENSE, INTENSE appreciation for this world, this life, this awe around me, before me, with me, this love, this unconditional joy, this beauty, this wonder.


    So if we could be in a state of appreciation more consistently...

    Or just frequently...

    -What will we notice?

    -You’ll notice a chronic alignment with the vibration that we would translate into appreciation, you seeing the world through the eyes of Source. What you’ll notice is the world spinning in perfection. What you’ll notice is that what you want is surrounding you at all times.

    What you’ll notice is people who come to you are on your wavelength and interested in what you want to talk about and you they. What you’ll notice is that your body is thriving and when you breathe deeply, it tastes good. What you’ll notice is your body is sensual and tactile and the environment that surrounds you is loving and comforting. What you’ll notice is that you are intelligent and that you have all knowing and that your timing is excellent.

    What you’ll notice is that people are uplifted in your presence. What you’ll notice is that the world is beautiful and that it is in balance. What you’ll notice is wellbeing is the order of the day. What you’ll notice is life is full and fast and fun and sweet. What you’ll notice is you just want more, more, more of it!

    What you’ll notice is sleeping isn’t very important to you, but focusing is. What you’ll notice is music just ripples through your body in a way that you think you almost can’t endure it, it is so good. And food and sex and all of those things that are tactile and delicious in nature are beyond description as you are participating in them.

    What you’ll notice is the perfection of your beingness and what you would feel is the complete worthiness of who you are. You would feel the love of that which is Source, of that which is us, of that which is your Inner Being wrapped through you and around you. Not supporting you, because you don’t need support. You are Source Energy and you are flowing!

    You find yourself feeling as you felt
    in the moment you made the decision to emerge.

    And in the moment of emergence, you would feel rapturous anticipation about all that is possible. You would feel sure about where you stand and knowing that where ever it is, it is right. You would feel love for literally everyone that you laid eyes on, no matter who they are or what they are doing. You would know value in the trouble that they’re stirring. You would know value in the solutions they are seeking. You would know value in their beingness and you would love them for being, you see.

    Denver 9/11/10

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    My Nici is here for a visit!
    And tonight, my Jana and her family will drop by, for a little feast, celebrating us all.
    I so enjoyed preparing the chicken!
    I so enjoyed preparing several cakes.
    I so enjoyed our fun, all along.

    I am thankful for my wonderful family!!
    I am thankful for all this delicious LOVE.
    I am thankful for the ease in which we flow, even when we are of differing opinions.
    I love how we all are in step 5, most of the time!

    I love the fun with which we ALL approach life!
    I love the smoothness. I love the friendliness. I love the lightness.

    I love how sunny and warm it is now again, after the rain!
    I love my convertible.
    I love my huge gentle giant.
    I love how my beloved DH works with our boys.
    I love how strong my men are, how wise and how loving.
    I love all our relationships.
    I love our dogs! I love their immense lovingness and loveliness!

    I love my mechanics and how clear and true and good they feel.
    I love my own EASE.
    I love my clarity. I love my stubborn commitment to be happy, more than everything else.
    Itīs such awesome stability already! Itīs so stable, so certain, so clear.


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    wow ...beautiful pics....
    inspiring and joyful

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