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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    OHHhhhh What a wonderful post and I reposted the pic of the kids because donīt you just want to tickle them right there, hahahaha! and hear the laughs and the giggles! oh Joy!

    This post made me ponder on so many points PoE, I love you loving your adorable family, Iīd love the learn about cars, hehehhee, I enjoy every minute of your reunions, hehehehe. the sun, the grapes, the dogs, everything.
    I so love the idea of putting all the parts of the truck together and lovingly do something yours, new, unique in a sense, finding the perfect piece for everything!, there is so much love and focus involved in that! like love extending to matter and matter becoming that energy.... love, adventure, joy.

    And the quote......was...... like a punch in the stomach, hahahahaha thanks for sharing it. Iīve never seen it or heard it before and it is so clear, so precise. And suddenly lots of relationships make sense. hehehehe.
    Iīm going to steal it for the next 30 days focus I make.
    I appreciate your post so much because it puts me in contact with something Iīd love to practice, loving aaaaall my family, my dead step-father included.

    See you around!

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    Xio Once more, thank you SO much for milking- and sharing!!
    It makes my own awareness even greater. You inspired me SO much with your words, and my own experience gained even more depth because of that.

    What a wonderful dance weīr dancing!

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    Today, my beloved Wolfgang has his birthday!
    Now weīr same age, again

    We had SUCH a lovely morning together!
    We got Janaīs and Svenīs present- this cute lively joyful dragon on the picture below and found it itīs perfect place, as a gargoyle in front of our entrydoor! I will ask them to give me another one as birthday-present, also, so that weīll have 2 of them guarding our house!

    In the night before, I had arranged flowers and chocolates and the gifts from family on the table, and also a "sun" made from the 53 candles that stand for each of his lifeīs years, and I was singing "Happy Birthday to you" for him while we still layed in bed, no lights on, yet...

    I SO LOVE his inner and outer beauty.
    I SO LOVE how we jive!
    I so love to be in his gaze, in his love, in his power, in his joy, in his wisdom, in his fascinating inspiring.
    THANK YOU for sharing your life with me, my dream-mate!

    Tonight, Jana and family will come and share us having Wolfīs favorite dishes, a huge whole salmon, and afterwards selfmade Frankfurter Kranz including selfmade almond-crocant.
    Over the day, all his children
    - and probably his parents as well will phone.

    He sighed, that he feels so RICH. Ohhhhhh, we both are!

    (Wolf and just a few of his dragons...)

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    On the beach :)
    Happy Birthday Wolfgang!!!

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    Beautiful Elke!
    for sharing-is that your car?
    Beautiful fulfilled life indeed

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    Leslie and Ana, Wolf asks me to send you a big fat THANK YOU!
    I showed him your posts and he smiled over all his face!!

    (and yes, thatīs our convertible! -A dream we held since Wolf worked in his factory for the exact BMW Z 3 that they used in James Bond Golden Eye)

    So much love back to you both!

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    Abe tell the story of Esther sensing in traffic that a vehicle would blindly pull out, and reacting to that AHEAD of what happened.

    She (Esther) was sort of living REAL TIME. You talked about being ITV, and being able to discern some variety or contrast, even ITV.

    And we are calling that REAL-TIME LIFE.
    Where the problem and the solution exist simultaneously, and you are SO focused upon the solutions, and as a little contrast is shown to you, you immediately see it from the solution-standpoint.

    Itīs the way source sees it, with whatīs going on on your planet, or with aspects of your planet, itīs the way the cells of your body see whatīs going on- with your body, at all times!

    And as you care about how you feel, and you practice being ITV more of your time (...) what happens is: Youīll get into this place, where your confidence about anything that is coming, is such that there is never any dread or concern or reluctance, there is just this understanding of the NATURAL ease and flow of your life. So, things that you begin to expect as the next logical steps, are inspiring and satisfying.

    Itīs the difference between preparing yourself for trouble that may come, and the difference of preparing yourself for the continual (...) avalanche of wellbeing thatīs coming!

    Itīs a COMPLETELY different vantagepoint
    from which you anticipate life.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Are you prepared for things going well

    I am feeling SUCH BLISS!!
    Iīm on a roll. I get this awesome indicators, bam, bam, bam!!!
    I GET the perfect quotes in perfect unfolding.
    I GET the perfect images, the perfect inklings, the perfect KNOWING.

    I feel soooo good in all of it!
    Bam, bam, bam. PERFECT!!
    Lemon up dancing with me!
    My dog runs in and licks my foot (woo, tickly ).
    My men run in and sing and want to have a break JUST in the moment I feel done on Forum.

    I feel SUCH TIMING!
    Such perfect unfolding, jumping from peak to peak to peak.
    I feel glowing, from inside out.
    I feel eager for more.
    I AM SO HAPPY!!!

    It is SO EASY.
    It is delicious.
    It is so LIGHT.

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    As the new desire occurs to you,
    we understand fully what has occurred and we go right there, in its fullness.

    So we take the expansion in the moment that you carve it out, and if you would do that, you would be having more fun in your physical shoes -but as you explore the contrast and you come to the new conclusion of what you want to happen, often you are so wrapped up in where you stand in relationship to that, that where you stand in the absence of the happening is so rampant and dominant within you that you hold yourself in vibrational discord to the place that you just led us to be.

    And we just have to lay it out here bluntly for you - you're not ever going to feel good unless you come to the place that you led us to be.

    You're not ever going to have fun,
    unless you go to the place that you led us to be!


    I wrap my mind around this words, above. I know them so deeply, adn even want to KNOW them deeper and deeper.

    Allowing and dropping resistance-
    being easy and light and playful, in the drama- CHOOSING lightness, CHOOSING ease,
    CHOOSING love, because it is what I have desired, and I will never be happy if I donīt allow myself to go there.

    *I* have led source to these high places, in my pain!
    *I* have led source to those awesome beauty, in my desire.
    *I* have created heaven, and now itīs time to allow it around me, on earth.

    I give in.
    I give up the resistance.
    I give in to the Paradise I really AM.

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    thanks once more for the image, lemon!

    I so LIKE to feel the calm and peace about my huge dreams, unfolding- NO MATTER WHAT!
    I know the bigness of my stream.
    I know the intensity with which I desire.
    I know Iīm not perfect!
    And I know I donīt need to be.

    I know that the Universe has heard me.
    I know Iīm inspired every day, every minute, and I know
    that I follow and give-in and allow the inspiration as much as I can.

    I know Iīm doing my best,
    and I know that this is all I can do and that this IS enough.
    I am not in a hurry.
    Sometimes I slip and get into neediness for some time!

    I embrace me. I am at peace with being a human.
    I am in peace with my eternal imperfection.
    Nothing matter more to me than being NICE and loving and friendly with me.
    I so love step 5, the ultimate love!
    Knowing I slipped- and NOT being mad at me.

    I know I will slip again and again and again,
    but I never need to torture myself again anytime.
    Isnīt THAT the biggest peace!
    Isnīt that true Paradise- knowing, nobody really can hurt me other than me!
    And knowing that I am not willing anymore, to hurt me.

    This feels so good.
    This is so free. This is so friendly and loving and sweet.


    Do you wanna be part of the system,
    that is requiring you to jump through hoops?
    Or do you wanna tap into the genius of the Universe-
    and make something BIG happen?

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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