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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    I HAVE to brag a little with an update of how our restauration of the Hanomag-truck turned out!
    (click it, itīs a link...)

    The story of my son, getting right in time his
    dream-loft-workshop-garage WITH pit!

    Heiko, you make my heart smile!
    I so adore your skill to be HAPPY, no matter what.
    I so adore your TITITONESS.
    I so adore how you stay in touch with your wildest dreams, seemingly effortlessly.
    I so adore how you teach me, by the clarity of your examply.
    I am so HAPPY with you.
    I am so thankful to witness you, live.
    I am so proud, being in on your game.
    I am so curious and eager to see you unfold FURTHER and MORE!!!

    I SO LOVE YOU!!!

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    On the beach :)

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    Awww Leslie!
    Thank you for enjoying it with me, a bit! How was your eclipse? I felt for you...

    Ahh, I have SUCH a busy life right now.
    Heiko is ready to fly (tomorrow is our last day together)
    We just now shared a late-night-icecream, and I SO ENJOY our love.
    He is EAGER! And we are, too... and will completely line up, soon!

    So much good is coming. And, H will come back home in the next weekends regularly anyway, to finish the camper, so this is a soft good-bye. Right now, all 3 brothers plan a mutual feast of extraordinary car-exhibitions that are in Fīs and Hīs city for the very next weekend, and we love seing them all in such harmonic togetherness!

    Beloved Jana called a few hours ago and we celebrated our loving relationship, as well. It becomes all the time different- while it grows and becomes MORE!

    I feel such bliss.
    I look back at my and Wīs parents, who all took themselves out of all of this- for their kids, and for their grandchildren as well. And I must say... everyone gets to choose. While I feel SOOOO BLESSED with my children! So rich. So inspired. So happy.
    I am thankful for the contrast, that made me focus SO intensely.
    I am thankful for having known SO intensely what I didnīt want- and what I DID want, and I am thankful for having allowed such a wonderful mate and father of my children, who wanted exactly the same.

    I also feel deeper and faster than ever, My love for all of them- the rascals and the angels, the grandparents and the beloved aunt "in heaven", for my beloved uncles as well, our siblings so "far away". They all inspire me to such big desires, and ohhh is it fun to dig this desires, vibrationally!

    While I drive, while I mow, while I do the dishes, while I cook... I am enjoying what-is, and I also ponder what is vibrationally. IT IS! It feels SO DELIGHTFUL!
    It is so intense. It is so SATISFYING.

    I am sitting with all of them in the evening breeze in Santorini, in my VR.
    We all are cruising together and dig the most awesome landscapes and cities.
    We all are strolling across the most beautiful routes on mutual roadtrips.

    WE ARE SUPERRICH, together.
    We work together in a family enterprise, and itīs fascinating, thrilling, beautiful!

    We live adventure, as good as it gets.
    We live fulfillment, in peace, love and eagerness.
    We have SO MUCH FUN.

    And I realize... my VR is not so different from "what is"... itīs bigger and bolder and MORE, but the essence is THERE already, all the time.
    We KNOW this.
    We LIVE this, since years.
    Ahhh, what momentum! Which clarity. Which awesome long trained sweetness and certainty.


    You’ve created a Vibrational Reality
    that you hold ownership to, that stands in readiness
    for you, that waits for you eternally.

    We think you should get it now, however.
    We don’t think that you should wait anymore.
    We think it’s time for you to get into the Vortex,
    and begin to reap the reward, to find the answers,
    to solve the problems, to feel the exhilaration,
    to BE the Being who you have created.

    We think it’s time.
    And, otherwise, you can do it when you croak.

    [laughter] It’s your call.

    -Abe. 12/15/09

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    Good morning life!
    Good morning friends!

    What a good day.
    I am thankful for the huge stability I gathered, in this years.
    I am so thankful that I take it humorously when my beloved mother is fretting with Satan again!
    I am thankful to have this BASIS of clarity and peace and unconditional love within me.
    I am so thankful for what I have finetuned me, into.

    I love looking out into the world and have so much of what would have caused fear within me, strike me as funny.
    I love being in such unconditional EASE.
    I love knowing that even when I slip, I can always get back into balance- and FAST.

    I love knowing, KNOWING that there is no "evil force"!
    I LOVE laughing about it, while my heart goes out to those, who fear,
    loving them, adoring who they really are, enjoying the beauty that is in them.
    enjoying the flowing of love, no matter what.
    I enjoy being SO STABLE, that it feels invincible.

    Maybe it helps her as well,
    maybe not. But I donīt care about the problems, I trust them in their relationship with their source,
    I trust and I KNOW the beauty no matter what, and I LOVE LOVING THEM.

    Thank you life!
    Thank you beloved Mutti.
    THANK YOU for all that you are. I SO LOVE YOU.

    Trying to be understood by people can be a futile attempt.

    Nobody can understand you;
    no one will ever really get you.
    Give up trying to get them to get you.
    You’re not going to make them understand.

    You cannot explain yourself to anybody,
    because nobody can get your point of attraction,
    and the harder you try to explain to someone
    who’s not getting it who you are, the less you BE who you are.

    You let them train you into THEIR awareness of you.
    You don’t want THEIR awareness of you.
    You want YOUR awareness of you:

    your warm, loving, appreciative wellbeing version of you,
    the one that your Inner Being holds and tends to
    and knows and flows to you.

    Boston, Oct. 2014

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    To want something, and to BELIEVE in the possibility of it-
    to... believe, that all children can go to bed, fed.
    -Thatīs a dream worth dreaming.

    But to believe that you have enough
    to buy, whatever you want-
    -thatīs a dream worth dreaming, too!

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013.

    Ahh, Iīm moaning in delight!!!
    I have ordered Pralinen again, from the source that assembles the very best artisan manufactories of Germany, and sell their most new, most delicious, most awesome products as a monthly "club-delight". And of course, you can order them all just so, also.
    And, I did.

    I ordered 5 different boxes with assorted 30 Pralinen each, and DH and me canīt stop trying and tasting and figuring out which we like best.
    An impossible endeavour! They are ALL soooooo good! Whenever we think "THIS is the best"... we just need to taste the next one to be back at "ohhhh, this is even better"! WHAT a contrast! WHAT a game! WHAT a joy!!

    I so love the abundance that allows me to indulge us in such delicious contrast! I SO LOVE to be rich. I so love to live in this peaceful abundant time-space-reality weīr living in, where myriads of artists offer their incredibly beautiful products. Where myriads of genius chefs are expressing their skills, for us to feast and to choose. I AM SO BLESSED!

    I so love my wonderful BMW convertible, each time I drive it. Each early morning, even when it rains (as this morning, where we again drove with open hood through the drizzle). Each night. Each normal shopping tour. Each travel. I SO LOVE my gentle giant Mercedes S-class, that sits there in itīs sturdy elegance, and speaks of eager family life, repairing and loving it all together, bringing it back into itīs legendary beauty.

    I love knowing that I still have 1 kg lobster-paws and -tails in my freezer, and also turbot and luce- ready to just take a few, thaw them and prepare a fantastic dish. I SOOO LOVE to just look in there and also find the most wonderful pork, raised animal friendly in old oak-forests. Or the fascinating Waguye beef, marbled in perfection, in different thrilling cuts, to just TAKE, thaw and FRY THEM!!

    I love knowing that DH owns a subscription of getting each month the most promising finds of new artisan vintners, for us to explore and take delight in! I SOOO LOVE this abundance. It feels delicious. It feels wide and sure and fantastic. It is sooo sweet.

    And also, I love realizing, that I havenīt digged the freezer so much lately! I like crispy bread with butter and salt, and some fresh picked tomatoes as well, every day. I love my selfmade blackberry-jam, that I did the very same way 10 years ago already when I was living "below poverty level". I LOVE my new-bought clothes for the cruise. But I also love the clothes that I sew and embroider from old snippets and rugs. And I so love the clothes that my aunt donates at me, because she has outgrown them...

    I realize that the "new car will make me happy for the afternoon". Well, while itīs more than that- the stuff is SO amazing. It will "make" us happy for eternity, WHEN we are tuned to happiness! I love the tried-and-true exquisite brands, and be it just for their history and charisma. I love the selfmade, the make-ends-match genius art, the easy and the random. I LOVE IT ALL!

    I LOVE LOVING. I LOVE THE RIDES. I love tuning on purpose, looking on purpose, choosing on purpose, tuning me, on purpose! And THAT tuning, THAT coming- and balancing myself into alignment, that "RIDE"... awww, I so love it! I so love the permanent aware delicious deliberate LIFE!!



    Itīs the FLIGHT,
    that itīs all about!


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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I realize that the "new car will make me happy for the afternoon". Well, while itīs more than that- the stuff is SO amazing. It will "make" us happy for eternity, WHEN we are tuned to happiness!

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    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    I love how much effort your kids don't put into getting jobs
    THANK YOU, beloved Kobold!

    bye bye Heiko!

    Itīs the first of September,
    and my house is empty.
    At least until 5- when beloved DH comes home!
    And when you substract our 2 funny crazy loving dogs...

    ...Somehow itīs hilarious!
    3 weeks ago DH and me were friskily celebrating as H was visiting his brothers and we had the weekend off, just for ourselves! And today, I feel this sadness...
    just because I am NOT in the here and now, but because I ponder unwanted ideas and disgusting future-scenarios. So, I AM CUTTING THAT OUT!!!!

    It is REAAALLLLLYYYYY about focus!
    When I came back from shuttling DH to the station this morning, in the dark night, -itīs raining, raining raining... I pulled into our parking lot and deliberately placed the car RIGHT in the middle. No need to squeezy myself to the edge, anymore. SPACE! WIDENESS! ROOM!

    And then, I looked up lovingly to Heikoīs windows... like I did all the last 21 years (actually 30 years, but 21 in THIS house! ). Awww, what sweet time we all had! I treasure the times, when my house was full to the brim with sweet tiny or huge kids in all sorts of expansion... cute babies, sweet toddlers, proud pupils, cool teenagers, awesome grownup students... I always looked up to the windows and felt them THERE, loved them, sent them vibrational hugs and kisses. And then I tippy-toed upstairs, to not wake them up.

    This time, I realized a big fat single rose, winking at me, as I looked up there, I thought "A rose for you, beloved Heiko!" -and sadness flooded my heart. And there I heard a loud voice inside me: "NO, this rose is FOR YOU! FOR YOU ONLY!!!" and then I had to laugh!

    YES, itīs time to be selfish, from now on!
    It ALWAYS was. But now itīll be easier. Now is ME-time, beginning!
    ohhh... this feels promising.
    This feels a bit strange... but SO.GOOD!
    Selfish. Living for ME.
    Roses, for ME!

    It was sooo NICE to look first and foremost for my beloved children. It was big. It was right, because THAT was what felt best, then. It was no sacrifice, it was pleasing myself. And now, that is done, so far.
    Now, something new begins. A new way of focus. A new way of putting myself, first. Hm...
    it feels... strange. It feels... sweet. Ut feels tempting. It feels like something to grow into.
    It feels as a beautiful journey.
    It feels awesome!
    It feels so calling, so right and so good.

    -And then I stomped up the stairs, yodeling loudly.


    The beauty of Selfishness

    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    that would be our dominant quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself,
    loving Yourself.

    Some say, "Well, Abraham you teach selfishness."
    And we say, yes we do, yes we do, yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don't have anything to give anyone, anyway.

    And when you are selfish enough
    to make that connection—
    you have an enormous gift that you give,
    everywhere you are.


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    flipping over

    Paradise on Earth this quote about walking away from a crashed airplane on fire is beautiful. I so needed, this today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It helped to give me the language to flip a seemingly "tragic" event in my own life. In my heart I understood that all was well but I didn't quite know how to verbalize it to others, which made me question myself. So this story bolted me out of "my story". Whoopeee.....

    I love turning life upside down and seeing it from Source, works like magic. It ain't always easy but is it fun and powerful when clarity emerges! xxoo

    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

    Abraham tell the story of a HS, who experienced an accident, where their tiny airplane flipped over while landing and caught fire- while they all got out with very minor injuries. Now she asks what she shall say to her daughter about what happened, because she was not proud of her creation.[/COLOR]

    We said: Are you KIDDING???
    Tell her "look, how much wellbeing surrounds us-
    that we can flip an airplane upside down, and set it on fire-
    and walk away! (big applause)

    Wellbeing is NOT about perfect circumstances!
    Wellbeing is about how I am standing,
    within ANY circumstance!
    Itīs my vibration, that brings about my outcome!
    Not the circumstance. So, never again use "where they are"
    as your basis of worry!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Bring me a fun partner

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    There is not a source of unwanted

    You do not walk into a room and look for the dark switch. For you understand there is not a switch that floods darkness into the room, which covers the source of light. And by the same principle there‘s not a source of sickness, badness or evil. But merely a practised resistance to the natural source of Well-Being.

    Reaching for relief moment by moment, thought by thought, and subject by subject will bring you increasingly closer to your Source of Well-Being. When you care about how you feel, and you deliberately try to look at things in ways that feel better and better to you, making the best of things instead of the worst of things, you will allow more and resist less. And the circumstances and events of your life will begin to reflect those changes immediately.

    Relief indicates the releasing of resistance, which is the same thing as moving toward more allowing
    . It is an effective use of your emotional guidance system.

    - Abraham Hicks, Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

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