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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Elfengarten, Germany
    I feel such bliss.
    I feel backed up by life, all the time!
    The contrast comes, the clarity comes, the backup comes, the guidance comes, the fun and ease and love flows in CONSTANTLY.
    It feels so easy and perfect, rich and full!

    Some donīt understand, and I am at ease about it, as Abe advice: Stop caring for what they think about you, only care about what YOU think about them!

    And I can do this so easily. I feel in such power to only think what I want to feel, for them as well:

    I see them thrive. I see them find love and ease and relief.
    I see them feel better. I see them feel comfort. I see them be happy, in their unique desires.

    I donīt care if we jive, I choose my happiness and I see them on their way and reaching for joy, as well, and so, ALL IS GOOD!
    It feels so easy. It feels so clear. It is effortless. It is sweet!

    I feel showered with beauty, all day long. DH and me clean up the house.
    We chat with the neighbors who will have an eye on the house. We enjoy getting ready to be ready in so many ways, for the cruise! We clean the rooms and pack the suitcases and drive the doggies to their "dog-hotel". They enjoy driving convertible, as well! We phone with all our kids and enjoy their adventures and our mutual love. Life is changing. Life is SO GOOD!


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    Bon Voyage my dearest friends....

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    Being in Bliss. Knowing, that it is ALWAYS right!

    Thank you sooooooo much, Astrid!
    I am so touched by the love of you, and this wonderful posts of upliftment that you create on and on and on!!

    THANK YOU! I carry you in my heart when I go!
    Good travel on all YOUR ways, as well!

    The love and friendliness and appreciation Iīm getting on this Forum is SUCH A TREASURE FOR ME.
    I canīt begin to say thank you in the way that I FEEL IT.
    Thank you friends, SO MUCH! You are lifting me up, as it always was my desire to shine love and upliftement to others, as well!

    You are LIGHT!!

    I admit that I had some wonky days in which I could not focus so clearly as I got used to lately, but focused on the hate, the meanness and misunderstanding, the outspoken malice of others quite some bit.

    And I got poisoned by that. It showed in an invasion of mice in the house, and even in the gentle giant Mercedes!
    -And also in a painful ophtalmitis, and- of course- I KNEW what it meant. I cried so much these days, because the eyes where just crying... and I was giving in and cried from inside, as well. I understood, my desire to become SO CLEAR in God had been delivered, but I hadnīt yet carved out the new paths on which to "get" it. Now I realized, where I still was following my old patterns, where I was not looking through the eyes of source. Which was so understandably, but keeping out my desire- it was resistant, and so, painful!

    I was focusing in a painful, unclear way, and could not wholly see and feel how source thinks and guides me. I was focusing in a way that little rascals creeped in and left sh* all over the place, while nibbling on my treasures...
    But, this "failure", this "mistake" of mine, and all itīs indicators was such a big gift!

    Those rascals that look like
    they've got you pinned to the ground,
    who seem to be keeping you from things that you want
    are actually angels in disguise
    who are causing you to have greater clarity about what you want.

    But holding them as the culprits in your judgment
    keeps you away from the stuff you deserve.


    Never before did I understand SO WELL, that we must drop the need, the intense desire, of being understood by others, while relaxing into being fully understood by source. THIS LOVE! THIS DEPTH of being understood!!
    Itīs not about the others, and what they think about me, and what they say to me or how they approach me.

    Itīs about what I think of those others- NO MATTER WHAT.

    Nobody has the power to insert their disconnection into my life. Only I can invite unwanted, by my attention to it.
    So, itīs crucial WHAT I THINK ABOUT THEM.
    Itīs crucial to follow my impulses, and to care soo much more about what feels good- without intern intellectual quarrel.
    If it doesnīt feel good, I will not open the mail anymore.
    If it doesnīt feel good, I will not click on the link anymore,
    not even read further, if it does not feel good to do so.

    I will not quarrel within me, nor without me.

    I will not defend, if this feels disempowered from the beginning.
    Itīs not crucial what others think! I will never be able to "defend" my stance, when others are on a low flying disc, in blame or even hate.
    And WHEN I do it again, I will notice!!

    All I can do, is change my way of looking at them.
    All I can do is chill out and surrender into sources love and understanding.
    All I can do, is focus clearly my joy and my desires.
    All I can do, is BE HAPPY, NO MATTER WHAT.

    I SO LOVE to be reminded, that life "doesnīt teach us lessons", and it never ever tortures us for our "mistakes".
    All it does is reaveal the desires we have, give the answers to the requests we made- and the contrast is us, being offered new solutions that we COULD CHOOSE to get what we want!

    This is HUGE, and it the clarity of what I asked for SO LONG.

    All contrast is, is the desired stepping stone for the new level that I HAVE ASKED FOR, for my new expansion, for my new JOY.

    People don't embrace contrast very well.
    If you could accept the value of it,

    rather then the immediate jumping to the wrong conclusion
    that you've done something wrong
    or there was something more you need to learn to get it right -

    because it's not like that. It's not remotely like that.

    It's just that you are a strong reacher
    and when it's something extraordinary,
    then sometimes you take big bounces into even more extraordinary.
    And nothing less than really extraordinary on this topic will please you.

    N.LosAngeles Jan. 2013

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    Elke... wow goosebumps
    cause I passed through similliar circumstances
    not so harsh but in way

    you are so strong and powerful as you are connected

    love to my soulsister Elke from Astrid

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    On the beach :)

    Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.


    I saw a photo of Esther getting ready to board her plane -- coming to YOU!!!

    I feel like you and Abraham are going to RATTLE the walls of that ship!!! You are working out the last kinks so you can receive (and give) so so so fully.

    I feel the words coming through me to you -- REST, dear friend, REST.


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    Dear beloved AWESOME friends, I have PMīd both of you!

    I am so thankful for your stability in love, friendliness and loving understanding!
    I am so thankful for all our joyful focus on the WANTED side!
    I am so thankful to have those around me "who are a match", to fun, beauty, love, ease and joyful adventure.


    I so love this Forum, where this is the main and highly held focus!
    "In hard and in easy times"!

    Bon Voyage for every single one of all of you- those who post, and those who lurk, have your beautiful own unique successful journey!
    Letīs ALL "rattle our ships"! and ALSO, letīs REST. In delicious celebration, in unconditional satisfaction!
    See you all again, in 12 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    this is very beautiful quote

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venus View Post

    Bon Voyage my dearest friends....

    hat? we bought you a ticket - come join us!

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    haha also come aboard!

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