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Thread: Being in Bliss. My greatest treasure of all: KNOWING that it is always right.

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    Ohh Wow, Astrid! How loving and nice of you!
    SO appreciated!

    Thank you so much. And be blessed, yourself, you big loving soul! May you have your joyful tipping-point into total empowerment, as well.

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    Today is such a special day...

    My Heiko came yesterday to visit again and introduced his beloved girlfriend.
    WHAT an awesome woman she is! Such loving soul, such beauty, such playful nice girl, I am SO happy for him! And I also am so happy for our whole family. What a match! What a fun, what a joy!

    We all had so much fun, even H is sick. Jana and Sven came for visit, and will be here in an hr again.

    And then, in the late afternoon, they all will drive home again, and DH and me have the home all for ourselves, again...
    What contrast- this brimming full house, and then "just" the 2 of us.
    This immense energy-whirl, and then, serenity.

    It feels strange to wave them good bye, and to not "touch" them physically anymore, those that are SO close to my heart!
    And itīs GOOD the way it is. I love it all! I love the differences. I love the newness in it, again and again.
    I love the variety. I love the change. I love the differences.

    I so love my grandson!
    I so love this 2 blessed people that are my sonīs and daughterīs beloved.
    I so love my family, growing!
    I so love that we can never go back, but just forwards, forwards, forwards.

    I so love how my heart is wide open, and touched, and nurtured in sending and flowing love love love love.
    Spontaneously, loyally, fully, wholly, freely, happily.

    I feel so rich.
    Thank you, thank you life!!

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    Ohhh my God, I am SOO happy!
    I feel SO BLESSED.
    Yesterday was a day of HUGE harvest, for me and my beloved DH...
    It was the day of all kids leaving, and so it was the peak-moment of our mutual love and togetherness, culminating in... oh, a love-feast, to speak the truth. It was so... full. So deep. So intense, so wonderful.

    My beloved N, 18 now, owning his license finally, in charge of "his" first car, eager to take off with it into his adventurous life... our youngest chick, so close to our heart... how deep our connection is. How sweet, how loving, how close we are.

    My awesome H (still sick, but so eager to connect us with his beloved girlfriend). Weīve been SO touched how precious it was to bring her to us, and share his greatest treasures- with her and with us. I am so touched. I so love my wonderful boy. I am so proud of him. I am so close with him. I am so showered with appreciation- by him, and by HER! The two know each other "1 month and 1 week", and both know they want to marry. She will come on our Canada-tour, this summer. She opened up, so intensely. We feel so HONORED- and so much love and closeness for her, from the first moment! Itīs fascinating. Itīs magic. Itīs bliss.

    And again and again, weīr blessed to have this son-in-law! We got blessed with two letters from him in which he shares his heart and deepfelt appreciation for his wife, for us, and our whole family. Our children gifted us with another wonderful son, and another wonderful daughter. And -grandchildren!!

    What a blessing. What a joy. What new beginnings. I had cut the hair of sweet tiny Mirko, yesterday. Such a soft hair! Such a tiny perfect little body. Such trust. Such love, in his eyes. Such hope, for fun. Such courage. Such awesome potential- while perfect, already. And tiny Milina, still in my beloved daughters womb, is obviously growing, getting ready to be launched into summer- soon... Oh, WHAT FUTURE. What awe. What bliss. What JOY. I am in SUCH LOVE with my life.

    Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!
    THANK YOU mate. Thank you ancestors, for THIS! Thank you kids. Thank you, booty-kids! Thank you, grandkids. THANK YOU, LOVE.
    This is becoming bigger and bigger and better and better. THIS IS SO GOOD.

    (Thank you Qzi for the quote!)

    To be an Allower
    is to be one who feels positive emotion, which means that you must control what you are giving your attention to.

    It does not mean that you get everything in your world whipped into shape so that everything and everyone is just the way you want it to be. It means that you are able to see, and therefore solicit forth, from the Universe, from your world, and from your friends, that which is in harmony with you, while you let the other parts go unnoticed by you - therefore unattracted by you, and therefore not invited by you.
    That is Allowing, you see.

    And we will tell you, friends, Allowing is the most glorious state of being you will ever achieve on a long, ongoing basis. For once you are an Allower, you are spiraling upward and upward, for there is no negative emotion to balance you out and bring you down.
    There is no backward swing of the pendulum.
    You are forever and gloriously moving forward and upward!

    The Law Of Attraction, p.151

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    Yesterday was SUCH a peak-moment. I feel carried by it.
    I feel blessed by it.
    I feel elated by it.

    And also, I understand that itīs about the MOMENTUM- which we allowed, and which will become more,
    and which is so awesome now.

    Satisfied- ohhh, SO SATISFIED!!! -where I am.

    And eager for more.
    More, more more... eternal life. Eternally incomplete. Endlessly MORE.

    Having had a Peak-experience? -Flow FURTHER!

    Don’t try to recreate peak experiences.
    Instead, just accept them as the gift that they are, and don’t beat up on yourself for not being able to stay there.

    Because if you stayed there, they wouldn’t be peak experiences. They would be normal, every day in time hum drum boring, experiences. So, savor the peak experiences and compliment yourself upon your achieving of them, and expect more of them, and leave everything else out of the equation.

    Excerpted from Tucson, AZ on 2/20/01

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    On the beach :)
    I felt my heart open so wide during the last few posts. Such beauty and love to be felt here!!! You are truly BEing in BLISS. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellBean View Post
    I felt my heart open so wide during the last few posts. Such beauty and love to be felt here!!! You are truly BEing in BLISS. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
    ohhhh thank you for sharing this day with me!

    Iīm still floating in pure joy and elation, because of this peaked love-experience!
    So sweet that youīr here, and feeeeling it. It feels a bit as if you would sit besides me, here and now, listening to my sharing as the lovely wonderful friend.

    ...I realize, that I feel closure and new beginnings, again and again, one fulfilling precious cycle- or wave- after the other. The last one just yesterday has become full. Which is SO DELICIOUS!
    And now, there comes a new beginning. WHICH IS SO DELICIOUS, also.
    And then, this newness gets "normal", and that is SO DELICIOUS!
    And then it gets momentum, and elated, and masterful, and extraordinary...

    ...Leslie, I feel SO BLESSED!!
    This sort of life that I always dreamed about, is all around me now. I mean this VIBRATIONALLY, because physically, things donīt change too much
    Because I have my hands full with embracing embracing embracing the bliss that I FEEL, unconditionally!!

    -I realize, that I wanted the big money for experiencing adventure and variety and freedom and JOY. And, I live the essences of all of this every day 24/7. SO MUCH adventure and varied awesomeness. I have "so much to do", while Iīm not at all caught in tasks. ENJOYING my life is taking all my time!

    Today I chatted 1 hr with my Jana on the phone, how we will remodel the house and the barns and the property, so that we will live together in it as 3-generation-family. AND IT WAS PURE JOY... while , again, we have both no clue how and when and who will "bring" it. Which is so sweet, and adventurous!! And OHHHH, what an awesome hour of virtual reality we had- which is SO REAL, because it tingles in our body. It makes us giggle. It makes us moan in expectancy and anticipation. It makes us wiggle in our chair in eagerness, and in delicious describing it more, more more!

    Abraham once said: "Moving-in-day NEVER feels SOO good as this!"

    Our delight was real.
    Our love for each other was real.
    Our inner visions were real... so beautiful, almost tangible, and so ENJOYABLE.

    Well, and than, there is a lot of NOW- manifestations, also.
    Today, I had so much fun in sifting through the delicious descriptions of awesome gourmet-fresh pressed juices. Reading the backgrounds, and the joy of the producers about their idea and vision, and the making and how precious it is in all aspects. Genuine special-breed-apple-juices, gooseberry-juice, wild plum-juices, rhubarb-juice... And then, I took such joy in ordering another 18 bottles of different, amazing juice-delicacies!

    -We drink them mostly in small amounts as special aperitif in the night... SUCH delight. Today, we had a genuine white grape-juice, before our stir-fried duck-breast, with caramelized fennel, topped with crispy fennel-seeds together with fresh baked sourdough-bread- while the winter-storms howl around the house, and the dogs snore in front of the fireplace.

    I also ordered 70 assorted Pralines from a very dedicated manufacture, once more. Marzipan, Trüffel, Krokant, Nugat, all sorts of fantastic incredibly skillfully prepared fruit-ganaches... OHH, they all are so good! And tomorrow I will enjoy my wonderfully feeling foot-reflexology-date, with foot- and hand-massage, from my spiritually highly interested and so loving beautician, afterwards... ohh, SUCH BLISS. And then, on friday morning, DH and me will take off to Portugal and the Algarve, for his Paragliding- dream-vacation, and it feels as a mini-cruise, to me.

    Itīs all SO EASY.
    Itīs SO natural!
    Itīs so incredibly EASY in us, "doing this"!
    Thatīs who I really am. This is ME, the evolved me, that I desired into place, and ALLOWED to be.

    I am so thankful for this life-style.
    I am so proud how I dewobbled my old beliefs, and substituted so much unwanted with sheer delight.
    I am so thankful for all my co-creators!
    I am so thankful for this awesome peaceful abundant time and space.
    I am so thankful for my awesome mate, which whom I may share my life.
    I am so thankful for the fantastic beauty of nature.
    I am soo thankful for the technic standard that we live in! Computers, dishwashers, electrical light, planes, Paragliders! Roads, smartphones, rental cars... love, freedom and peace.

    I am so thankful for our stability and clarity.
    I am so thankful for my life-experience.
    I am so thankful for my guts, in daring to LIVE the style I dreamed of, and in that spend my money.

    I am so thankful that I have put myself into this position, where I have my hands in the clay.
    I am so thankful for having allowed us the manifestation of the French-Riviera-cruise- it was such a perfect next logical step, that opened so many vibrational doors, and brought so much expansion, and has given us so much confidence, certainty, expectation and vision of how we want to live on, from there...

    And even we have in most times no real clue "how" that will happen, while we want to know- we both KNOW it will, eventually and donīt go into fear or doubt, anymore. THAT IS SO BIG.

    And in the same time, I am soooo thankful for fully allowing me to be IMPERFECT.
    I am so thankful for letting me off this hook!
    I am so thankful for LOVING MYSELF, no matter what.
    I am so thankful for my decision to GO FOR IT again and again, even things might "turn out unwanted". Well- I will take whatever comes, and deal with it as best I can, while I go further- all the time, again and again and again!

    I can not get ANYTHING wrong, really. Life is supposed to be stirred up and explored and enjoyed, now now now. Itīs not about "making the right choices"- because, WHO KNOWS!!??? We only know what feels good, NOW. And ohh, do I follow that!

    And, that feels CERTAIN, lovely, easy, sweet, doable, manageable, fun, happy, adventurous often, interesting almost always, scary sometimes, passionate daily, thrilled so wonderfully lots, soothing when I need it, inspired, inspired, calling, calling calling. And- so totally inevitable, so wonderful, so real, so beautiful.

    YES, Life is beautiful!
    So fulfilling, so wanted, so good, so sweet- such... a love-feast.

    Creators that create worlds
    are defining what is not wanted
    for a split-second,
    and feeling what IS wanted
    for eternity.


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    I so loved yesterday!
    I so appreciated the unfolding of another wonderful, super-rich day.
    It was awesome. It was full of contrast. It was adventurous. It was sweet. It was delicious! It was so free. It was so open, inviting and fascinating. It was so meaningful. It was so GOOD.

    I so appreciate Abe and their BASIC teaching of how to get- and stay- and regain happiness.
    I so appreciate me, always having followed the guidance of source to learn THAT, and their guidance to not dive too long into things that are distractive, as "needing to achieve goals".
    But I soo prefer them, "finding me"! I so prefer the cart BEHIND the horse!

    I SO APPRECIATE my insight, in that.
    I am so incredibly thankful, for having my horse before the cart- and now being able to do EVERYTHING.
    I so love this clarity.
    I so love this power! I so love this ease.
    I so love this incredible peace, that comes from this knowing!

    And when I slip, itīs so much easier. No big deal- because, emotions are so easy to accomplish. I can do them, NO MATTER WHAT. I donīt need conditions. I donīt need tricks. I donīt need strategy. I just need RELAXATION!!!
    Isnīt that awesome! Itīs SO EASY. So incredibly easy!!

    I so loved my visit at the beautician and her blessed energy, and her blessed hands, and her awesome skills. I so love the inspirations that I got while I just laid there and got pampered, on and on and on!!
    I so loved the wonderful sensations in my blessed body! I am so incredibly thankful that I can feel all of this. I so love getting energized. I so love getting stroked and massaged. I so love to smell the awesome fragrant oils. I so love to feel the heat on my back. I so love to FEEL. I so love this amazing highflying physical joy!

    I so love this new ideas! I so love this wonderful new desires! I so love this freshness, and this skill of me, finding the perfect hints and sites and insights! I so love being TITITO, and GETTING it!

    I so love the planning that DH and me do right now, for our upcoming Portugal- week. We will have 2 half days in Lisbon, not much, but enough to be so inspired. We will drive through the city, "built on 7 hills", and adore the freedom of having a car! But we
    will also dander, we will stroll, we will observe and let the rendezvouses come.

    We will maybe even catch the Electricio 28 and let it shuttle us through the steep downtown. We want to BREATHE the city in! We want to feel it. We want to embrace it. We want to adore it, and it, revealing itīs beauty and fascination in amazing, surprisingly perfect and meaningful ways, to us.

    We will look for the sunset in Lisbon, the "city of sunsets", and then afterwards have many many helpings from in the amazing variety of fantastic Portuguese food in a relaxed stroll around in "Time-Out-Market da Ribeira".

    And in the next morning, after a breakfast including pastéis de nata, the famous creme-tarteletts, we will head out towards the ocean, visiting "fairytale-town" Sintra, and enjoying the outlook onto the thrilling, incredibly colorful Palácio Nacional da Pena from far away...

    but taking time to at least take the bus-drive through the awesome Monserrate-gardens and have a short look into the amazingly beautiful tiny Monserrate Palace. And then, we will dander with our lovely car along the Portuguese west coast towards the Algarve in the south, for Wolfgangs paragliding-adventure-week.

    Ohh, I so enjoy pondering it all! I so LOVE it all, "finding me"!
    I prepave, this being bliss. I prepave this, being easy and flowing in pure joy. I prepave this to be incredibly resourceful. I prepave this to be such JOY. So inspiring, amazing, breathtaking beautiful. I prepave this to be completely EASY and friendly, sunny, happy and warm. I prepave this to be pure delight. Wonderfully deliciously soothing and elating. I prepave this to be fantastic. I prepave this to be WARM AND FRIENDLY in all ways.

    I expect delicious delight.
    I so love the surprise and delight NOW, already! So many treasures. So many fascinating inspirations. SO MUCH BEAUTY, and Iīm not even yet in the airplane.

    I so love my life. I so love my Vortex. I so love RELAXING INTO THE SURPRISE AND DELIGHT.

    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you.
    It, finding you.

    "I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”


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    (thank you, Ana!)

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    Feel your way, little-by-little,
    into a greater sense of abundance
    by looking for the treasures, that the Universe
    is offering you on a day-to-day basis.

    Excerpted from: Portland, OR on June 10, 1997

    Ohhhh, I love the atmosphere I have going on!!

    I love how DH and me find out the ways to pack up our miniature car with 2 suitcases and the huge pack sack with his paraglider, harness, boots and helmet.
    The gentle giant had itīs advantages!

    And now, Nici has soo much fun with it... his boss lets him take all sorts of items from cars they strip (they deal with exactly those brands in their classic race- and repair-shop!), and itīs a feast for him. Each night he phones, sharing his joy about new treasures he got for free, and how our beloved S-class becomes whole and perfect, again! I love also how he shares his delight in being allowed to drive the shops huge vans to purchase things, all day long. I feel the abundance in that. How beautifully life expands for him, what joy to share: Free, open, enabled, powerful, capable.

    And my juices and Pralinen arrived! More treasures!! Iīm having such FUN just looking at them. What... treasures, really. Loaded with lovingly skillfully thought out deliciousness. Filled with preciousness, manufactured with such skill. And what beauty. Ohh, and the juices!
    I took my time to play with the bottles yesterday night... gazing at the paintings and descriptions on the beautiful labels, and taking in this amazing variety of colors, and even different viscosity and translucence. I just sat there and looked, and enjoyed, and felt so thankful for this preciousness...

    We still have a wonderful bottle of white Pinot Gris Grape-juice open (ahh, this multi-faceted sweetness! This incredibly full feeling in the mouth, this... RESOURCEFULNESS of it! ). So we didnīt try any of the new ones, while we pondered how it will feel when we will get INSPIRED to treasure one of those bottles... Life feels SO RICH.

    I feel blessed.
    I feel showered with universal love.
    I feel surrounded by meaningful fullness of wonder.
    I feel so thankful.
    I am so happy!

    All are genuine -made from only 1 distinct cultivar- pure juices or Nektar (which is blended with water and sugar to become drinkable): peach-juice "weisser Pfirsich", rhubarb-Nektar "the Sutton", Quince-juice "Konstantinopler Apfelquitte", apple-juice "Kaiser Wilhelm", gooseberry-Nektar "rote Triumphbeere", grenadine-juice, apple juice "Schöner von boskoop", plum-juice "wilde Pflaume", apple-juice "Rubinette", wild blueberry- juice, grape-juice "Riesling", plum-juice "Stromberger Pflaume", apricot-Nektar "Orangé de Provence", and pear-juice "Williams Christ".

    I got goosebumps only in writing the names! I feel SUCH appreciation. For all the breeder, in all the long time. For all those lovers, who felt such fascination and appreciation. For the farmers who raise and harvest those treasure and care for them, all year long. For the designers who made the labels and the bottles, for all those people who put their skill and time and dreams and visions into such a beloved product. For this earth, and those plants, and the sun and the water, and nature, who embraces and feeds us. For this earth. For source. FOR LIFE.


    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you.
    It, finding you.

    "I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation,
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”


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    Still in Portugal, and finally a stable enough internet-connection + time to post around a little!

    Ohhh, I so appreciate the Algarve!
    I so appreciate this incredibly beautiful beaches where most of the paragliding and groundhandling gets done. I adore being there and learning myself this new techniques, even I do not intend to ever practice- but itīs fascinating. Itīs so interesting. And I love feeling the people, and adoring their passion.

    I so enjoy the inland, the orange- and lemontrees, the old olive-trees, the food, the people, the SUN. I adore the waves, clashing at the rocky shore.
    I adore the fine sand and the seafoam, gushing around my ankles.
    I adore the AIR!
    I love the seagulls, crying. I adore having so much time to do "nothing", just adoring and chilling and feeling and loving and eating and looking and feasting and listening and sensing and enjoying!

    I so appreciate this Forum.
    I so appreciate the internet!
    I love my computer!
    I love my children, who get a mail with the newest pictures and descriptions of our adventures, every day. Yesterday we phoned... SO MUCH LOVE.
    I so love my beloved mate!
    What gift he is.
    What joy, that he inspired me to give him the gift of this adventure!
    What expansion for the 2 of us.
    I love the huge villa we got, without even knowing before.
    I love getting to know those, who share the house with us!
    What wonderful people we meet!

    POE at the pool

    What awesome fascinating people we are sharing the villa with!
    All this fun. All this skill. All their stories. All their inspiration.

    What an awesome experience to travel this country, and to see things I never would have come across, if it wouldnīt be for THIS! I adore rubbing an eucalyptus-leaf between my fingers and smell itīs fragrance, and tasting Sardine-paté for the first time. I LOVE EXPERIENCING THE NEW!!!

    I love the seafood and the sheep-cheese. I love the pot-belly-pig-cutlets and the incredibly sweet oranges. I love the tons of coffee I love to experience each day something new! I adore meeting herbs at their natural home. I love laying in the hot sand in the sun, while itīs snowing at home. I adore crawling closer to the warm back of my beloved in the cold of the night, and snuggling. I so enjoy the discussions with him, that run so deep, so inspired, so highflying as never ever before!!


    Merging with source, understanding sources perspective...

    (Esther had opened the gate, and Jerry was bringing the car...)
    ...Suddenly she realized, that she was having an unusual moment.
    She could see colors in the sky, that were not normal for her to see.
    There was a depth and a brilliance, to what she was looking at,
    that was new to her.

    And then she began smelling the fragrance of blossoms,
    that where not anywhere in her vicinity!
    And then she began feeling the feeling of the wind upon her skin,
    and hearing birds, that she had no visual evidence of!

    And then she said: "Abraham, itīs you, isnīt it?"
    And we said:"Yah, you caught us, again! Weīr peeping through your eyes,
    and weīr smelling through your nose- and weīr listening through your ears, and weīr feeling through your skin."

    And that was, when Esther really had her strongest awareness,
    of how involved we are in her day-to-day-experience,
    and how much we REVEL in the leading-edginess of that, which is her.

    So, you feel the same way?

    That is what we want you to hear:
    WEīve always been feeling that way!
    But it was HER sublime receptive mode, that let her feel, what we feel!

    THATīS what youīr wanting!

    Weīr always there, with you. Weīr ALWAYS guiding you,
    we always know what the path of least resistance is, for you.
    We always know, what the path of most allowance is, for you!
    They are the same thing, and by the path of most allowance we mean:

    WHAT notes, or rhythms will strike you the most?
    Or WHAT route will give you the most pleasure, or WHAT conversation,
    with WHAT person will be the most meaningful-right here and now,
    given the level of resistance or allowance, that youīve got going on?

    (...) When there is NO RESISTANCE present, in any moment,
    thatīs when you REALLY understand, how we REALLY feel-
    about whatever it is, that you are REALLY focused upon,
    in THIS moment in time.

    Because we are not thinking about what you did yesterday,
    or last year! Weīr not thinking about where you are going,
    we are focused with you NOW,
    in the relationship to the NOW of your Vortex,
    the NOW of your relationship to it, you see.

    So, when you get into that vibrational place,
    where you allow the blending of who you are now,
    with the ALL that you really are, now-
    THAT`S what youīr describing.

    And thatīs when that beautiful music comes from you,
    thatīs when all of that beautiful experience comes.
    And the outcome is not NEARLY AS IMPORTANT,
    as the process, that leads you to it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Feeling the connection with Source energy (new)

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