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Thread: forum suggestions

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    everybody has their own preferences...this is what we call the buffet of variety...i,for example love writing with orthographic is such an easy effortless fun for me....cosmic may not like it........

    but if the Source allows such a variety of people co-exist beside each other on this planet,why cant they co-exist beside each other on this forum....without pushing against unwanted....

    ....i think there is place for everybody here...

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    I can understand the intent. We all have different methods of understanding concepts, some might be great at understanding written material, some might like the youtube videos, and some might prefer to post their perspective on the forum and work off the response.

    I think nothing is too little or too much. All of us have a perspective and everyone should have the same platform. Badges, for example, would mean one person's post is better the other.

    If I have to relate it to Abe's teachings, it has to be... when a child begins to walk and falls down, we don't say "you dummy!" (or something to that effect). It's so much fun to watch a toddler's expansion, we should try and enjoy each other's expansion....

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    I think a good take away from this thread is to remember that anytime you're trying to control the situation or control other people you are out of the vortex.

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