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Thread: Washington, DC April 09, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qzi View Post
    Me too!


    The main event is watching the power of the Universe to orchestrate on your behalf.

    Had a great time in DC, Barbara! Had so much fun trending the workshop with you. Loved the energy tune-up, and trending in the Vortex on my high-flying flight home.
    Wonderful time with you Qzi. Hello POE & LemonAid

    The discussion on trending from the DC workshop!!!! The discussion was on health and healing.

    Abraham - "Once you recognize that this is an energy dynamic world and you can feel the energy moving through you, woooooah, it's intoxicating; to notice the manifestations that show you what your vibrational trend is.

    Everyone wants to poll what the trend is. Everyone wants to tweet what the trend is, or be part of the trend with their tweets. In other words, what's the trend? What's the trend? The only trend that we would wonder about, if we were standing in your physical shoes is, what's the trend of my emotion? What's my mood? What's my attitude? How do I feel? What's my trend? Because you can want, you can have something going on, something that might go that way or might go this way or might go the way you want it to go or it might turn against you. And you can notice, that as you begin to feel doubt and worry, the details of your life begin to turn that way. Or if you feel optimistic and happy, the details of your life turn that way. Notice it! It is absolute. There's not one exception to that! And if you're not noticing it, it's because you have not yet accepted that you are a vibrational trender!! And that there is momentum in the vibration that you offer. Show yourself how interested in your success, and value, and worthiness, your Source is! Get crosswise of that - be mad at yourself about something, feel regret. Stand in your now and say, 'back there five years ago, or 10 years ago or, yesterday, I should have done something different.' And feel how regret settles in your belly. Feel how disempowering it is, because your Inner Being is never going there, you see.

    And so, just watch how you're trending! And get out ahead of it if you can.

    HS- I really love that, Abraham, because what I hear you saying is that it is this alignment to Source which is really the alignment to joy & love & all of that. And that health and healing is just a consequence of that.

    A- Everything is a consequence of that. Everything is a consequence of your relationship with your inner being. You see, because you are so good, when you focus upon yourself as bad, you tear yourself apart. Because you are so powerful when you feel victim or week you tear yourself apart. Because you are so happy, when you look at things that are sad, you tear yourself apart.

    You're vibrational beings and you really owe it to yourself to selfishly care about how you feel.

    Sometimes people say well Abraham you teach selfishness. And we say we do. We do. Cause if you're not selfish enough to find alignment, then you're not of value to anyone else. If you don't tune in to that stream, you don't have anything to offer anyone, you see.

    Really good!" Abraham

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    Autumn, GREAT stuff! Thank you for sharing!!

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    Really good, thank you for sharing, or thank you for trending, Autumn, love it.

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