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Thread: Aligning with a healthy body that SHOWS :)

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    Aligning with a healthy body that SHOWS :)

    Ok, so here I go. Starting my journey on aligning with a healthy body that shows on the outside in terms of healthy strong skin, glossy hair, and a body that jumps with joy at the flexibility and length it has!

    Please help where needed, as I've really not been all that fabulous at using all the exercises to move to where you want to be. I'm really only good at two things - focusing on the problem or accepting the fact that everything is awful and there's nothing I can do. Both don't feel very good. I'd like to change that into being very good at focusing on what I want and accepting the fact that we have the power to do ANYTHING.

    Right now, I think I'm at fear.

    I fear my body. I feel angry that I've let myself get this far. I feel angry that I seem to be the only one at my age that worries about things like this (I'm 22). I fear that I will not only never have what I want - but that I will get further away from what I want and be depressed and out of control. I fear that my skin will explode during this pregnancy and I'll be left with scars and all sorts... actually this sounds stupid. I fear that my skin cannot support this second pregnancy. I fear that I have some sort of underlying sneaking problems with my body that no doctor will ever find out - meaning i'm believing that I am completely out of control, that my body is not a cooperative component and that I can never heal or get better. I fear that if i take steps to improve my health - such as exercising and taking all sorts of vitamins - will never work. I'm helpless. I feel confused and frustrated at why I have stretch marks been as I am actually very slim although not toned. I don't understand this. And I don't trust my body to not make it worse.

    Reading this back, part of me feels like this is very over-dramatic and stupid but the other part of me thinks this is quite possible. Although, anything is possible. That also means that GOOD THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. It means that exercising and taking all these vitamins actually will be the thing that allows me to have amazing health. It is possible that that is all I needed! It is possible that my health will improve when I do things that are known to improve your health.

    I want to believe that it's more possible that good things will happen than bad things. I want to believe it's possible that my body is a cooperative component. I want to believe that my body can be perfectly healthy and look it! I want to believe that I am taking the right steps towards perfect health by exercising and taking vitamins intended for perfect health.

    I AM willing to change. right now. I am willing to think different thoughts. I am willing and open to the idea that I have some sort of control.

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    I purposely find evidence of unhealthy skins, of weird health problems, and when I read a story of a young person dying of something I take it personally. When things go wrong for others people regarding health - ANYTHING - I take it personally. I realise this.

    I realise that that is ridiculous. Every single person IS different, whether they're creating their reality or not. I realise that I should be looking for evidence for GOOD things. I should be looking for evidence of people that have healed themselves, like on this site, or I should look for evidence of people that ALREADY are perfectly healthy in every single way and BELIEVE THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR ME.

    I am not quite there. I believe in the possibility that it is possible that I can align with perfect health in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

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    So I am remembering all the times I've read something where people have regenerated their skin. Especially on this site. I remember all they did is feel as though it were already true. I remember how I have removed illness from me by taking my thoughts off it and no longer identifying with it. I remember how many stories of how people have turned so many different things in their life around by changing their thoughts and feelings about the matter. I feel some hope here. But feel pulled back by fear or doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceInWonderland View Post
    But feel pulled back by fear or doubt.
    And isn't that feeling of Fear or Worry or Doubt so helpful? Isn't that feeling a handy little sign which says, "Hey! Look over here! These are some thoughts you want to pay attention to. These are some thoughts that you're thinking which are holding you back."

    And once you've identified those thoughts then you can work with them, just as you are with the thoughts that you're working with here--soothing and shifting them into easily believable, better-feeling places.

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    Yes, you're right.

    I am grateful that I am able to feel things that show me in which direction im pointing. I enjoy moving further and further towards where i want to go.

    I feel doubt that I can have power over my health. I feel doubt that I have the ability to ask for something specific and for my body to cooperate.

    But doubt has two sides, so I also feel doubt that I DON'T have power over my health and I feel doubt that I DON'T have the ability to ask for something specific and for my body to cooperate.

    I want to doubt a bit more productively. I like to doubt my limitations. This feels good.

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    There you go! You found the Wanted end of the stick labeled "Doubt."

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    This morning I woke up and very easily deliberately thought and felt that I had strong skin and I was perfectly healthy! No doubts came up in those few minutes.

    Carrying the rest of the day on in this tone

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    Remembering just how many times I've healed myself or got into alignment with health or just plain out of the way.

    For example for about a year my nails were full of white marks all over them, it was really bad. I tried all the vitamin stuff just in case it was a deficiency and, well, it wasn't that. Got to a point where I was so scared of it that I couldn't take it any longer. I bought an organic nail polish, covered them up and said to myself that theyre fine now. I treated my nails as though they were fine.

    Well, no more white marks. I think I have only have a couple of marks left, one mark near the end of the nail on about three fingers. So nothing more has grown through, and the nails are all growing out.

    So what I did there was get off the beating drum and the worry and the focus on the nail, treated my nail as though it was healthy (i was avoiding nail polish just in case) and never really thought about it again. When I removed my nail varnish to reapply, I tried not to focus on the nails at all. And here I am now, when I remove my nail polish, my nails are pretty healthy all in all with hardly ANY white marks at all - most nails are completely clear from white marks!

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    Realising I do this to myself all the time. Get to a point where I feel sick to the stomach with worry of health problems. Every time I've taken my mind of it it's gone away for good!

    This is empowering. Maybe I do create my health. Even though I do not feel as though I create my specific health problems (I never thought of the illness/imbalance before it came), but I can specifically get off the vibration of a health problem for it to disappear to where it came from.

    Thats powerful. I like the idea that I can deal with whatever comes up by no longer reacting to it, and paving new thoughts. Perhaps I can let other issues go. We'll see.

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    Noticing that reading back on my posts makes me feel anxious that I've bragged about healing and talked about a specific health problem and how it went away. Anxious that the universe or my body is going to laugh at me and give me my problems back. So I feel like the universe/my body may be my enemy.

    Why would it do that? That ridiculous. Just like others can rejoice over successes without fear of losing it all, so can I. Perhaps the reason why some people lose it all once they gained it is because they let the fear of it, the vibration of it (that they know so well) back into their lives. This resonates.

    I don't need to feel like the universe is going to give me the worse case scenario at all times.

    There are those annoying people out there that get anything and everything and nothing goes wrong...
    Maybe I can be one of them one day.

    Oh yes, that feels good.

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