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Thread: Aligning with a healthy body that SHOWS :)

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    Currently feeling pretty steadily neutral. I swing a little above and a little under throughout the day but not too far. Feels like great progress I have a fair bit of positive expectation.

    Still really enjoying using emu and rosehip oil, it feels so nourishing. I am still enjoying being gorgeously tanned as always.

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    So nothing has really changed in terms of moving on from this state of being. Still swinging between neutral and a bit lower. Thoughts coming that maybe I need to start exercising. Doing things I enjoy.

    I feel that until I see physical evidence of improvement, I can't feel too good about the situation other than neutrality and a kind of 'oh well' feeling.

    Stuck here.

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    Ok, so finally I can write another post!

    Been very stuck for the longest time!

    I have realised I have this obsession with perfection and how I am so far from perfect.

    I said to my partner, that I know where every single stretch mark is on my body, and carrying around every single one on my body is very overwhelming for me. I feel so overwhelmed with it all because it doesn't match my image of perfect skin. But then I thought - where has this idea of perfection come from? One part has come from this love of purity and perfection that I have but the other part has come from airbrushed images and other people who's bodies have never gone through any significant change or resistance. My body has been through alot, I've been very curvy and have had an eating disorder and became a skeleton, gained weight to a normal size again and have been pregnant once before and now again, all in the space of 7 years. And I could have gone through that all with no marks on my skin - but I KNOW I was full of resistance. I really didnt want to have stretchmarks, and the part of my body that I gained the most stretchmarks I always hated and resisted them getting bigger. So perhaps what caused it is more mental but, I DON'T CARE OR WANT TO STRESS MYSELF OUT ABOUT THE CAUSE ANYMORE. I think I'm taking it all too seriously. I am actually really lucky that my skin makes little silver/white marks, nothing too obvious.

    I also said - if i had the perfect face I want I wouldn't be too worried about my body. I obviously feel so overwhelmed with being far away from the image I see in my mind. But by feeling this way I may be keeping myself away from it. Feeling so flawed and less than perfect all the time, is NOT really going to get me closer to the perfection I seek.

    Perhaps it's not even all that bad REALLY. Perhaps I need to see myself in a different light.

    I realised I'm human, and humans aren't necessarily Barbie Dolls, and for whatever reason, I have flaws. But my thoughts are flawed, my love for myself is flawed, so I don't really live up to the flawless idea anyway. Maybe I should step away from the physical and try to become flawless in my love and acceptance for myself and flawless in my thoughts - training them to think different ways.

    So I feel I can love my flawless self. I have flaws, thats ok. It was always ok.

    But by doing this I feel a loss and a worry for the future. I don't want to give up caring and then my body and my skin get worse because I've released the resistance. So I'm resisting getting worse... Interesting word I used... worse. As if it's an awful thing, like it makes me less of a person, a worse person.

    I feel like I can't be in limbo too long. I must accept and love, but then move onto creating new beliefs that my skin can sustain itself. But here's where I'm tripping up again, I can see that.

    So I'm conditionally loving myself unconditionally, haha. Not too good, but I'm getting there.

    I really want to feel perfect, and I can do it - if I ignore my reality. But I don't want to ignore it.

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    Looking over my last post I realised one other thing.

    I don't really have utmost control over my skin. I can't say - do this - and it will right away, or - don't do this - and it doesn't. It looks after itself really.

    I am doing the best I can physically - light exercise, nutrition and oils. I am supported it physically in the best way I know possible.

    Now it's time to support it with love. Understand it.

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    Listening to one of Abe's video's on Youtube.

    I have Whatisitus
    I have Observitis.

    I'm so focused on what is... I'm not moving anywhere! And I'm ready to move!

    I need to practice the feeling, practice the story of what I DO WANT.


    I have a body that knows how to respond to the thoughts and feelings I have activated

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    I totally get it, that I don't NEED to DO anything.

    I don't need to read about what works for others... I don't need to put effort into forcing my body to go a certain way.

    I've made peace, now, with all I can do physically, and I don't need to search for more things that I can do physically.

    Its the vibrational effort that really counts. It's whats going on inside that matters. I totally get that now.

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    I'm so getting there I am sooooo getting there and I am so looking forward to it.

    I've got this and I've had it for months now

    Happy times.

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