I went to this year reunion, 30 years since we finish Univ.
I enjoyed it immensely and I know that now my focus has changed so much that it is even funny to think I ever felt so bad about seeing all this people!.
I am happy and I felt beautiful and I felt loved.
I was hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed, and it was so good.

A few classmates didnīt go, I get it, because reading their reasons or hearing them talk about it felt....like my old story, so, I am very very happy to say that I regain control of my happiness!!!! yeah,
I am veeeeery very happy to be more loving and easy going, (want to know the truth? I am ecstatic I am no longer a bitter bitty bit of old story)
I am the only responsible one for my happiness. Iīve put so much the on others actions or inactions

I notice a few interesting facts......your crowd feels mostly like you do, in my case, the crowd I hang with all those years ago, used to feel rejected, judged and all kinds of OTV feelings, it is amazing!!!! So, now, most keep feeling that, only aggravated by the years and rumination of oldstorities.....
It is funny because the moment you step out of your group of friends usual behaviour and feelings, you kind of get chastised, ostracized, hahahaha, rejected and judged, hahahahaha interesting right?
I know that what you feel, what you vibrate is so powerful that a year later, people saw me and hug me and told me you look so good, you are fine now. What? is vibration that obvious? hehehehe.
Yeah I do, I am fine now, I feel great....probably better than anytime before in my life..... because I feel like I can choose and do and be anything I want.
I think is kind of divine grace to be able to let that oldstory, behaviour, burden, go, I know Iīve put the effort on my changing focus, but it is such a change!!!! hehehehehe it feels gooooooood.

Of course I still have a few things I am putting the finetuning eye on, things Iīll keep changing focus.
But it is just polishing the finish product, hehehehe.

Truth is is mostly material? I donīt know, because it could be that all is one right? hehehehe if things are not flowing in an area the whole vibe is a bit off right? not sure, Iīll explore that in the money thread, hehehe

But for now.... I think this thread is finished.

One year, a life time difference.


Love and kisses!!!