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Thread: 27 Days Challenge (or happily letting go of an old story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestofhearts View Post

    So today I choose to enjoy the day, the company, the clouds, the wind, the flowers, the stones, I am enjoying the anticipation.

    Love!!!!! feels so good...i feel like i want to do the same....

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    Day 7

    Well technically it would be day 8 but who cares!!!! Iīve been watching how my story changes according to my mood,
    The weekend was great, so my old story (reunion story creeping behind my back,hehehe) changed this morning, it was funny because I suddenly remembered how I only studied for a year with that group!!!!, then I left and had other schools, groups, friends.....
    It was a sudden realization, wow, they mustīve really like me to include me as part of the whole generation..... I didnīt even finish that career, jewelry and other art loves came crashing into my life without me planning it. So, why was I paying so much worry about the reunion?

    It is an interesting thing indeed! So on, to the newest of the newest story!

    New story.... well it doesnīt have to do with the reunion at all, even though now I can see them, and the reunion with a bit of a fuzzy, warmy feeling.
    my new story has to do with letting life work itīs magic.

    My weekend was magnificent, I went to a little town in the sierra, and the house had so many flowers and trees: prunes, apples, peach, avocado, roses, and lots of flowers and colors!!!!, yeah, I love the smell of the garden, the mix of flowers and mist, the colors, and the best of all, (I instantly fell in love with it and of course I took a lot of pics) was a big agave. The play of shadows and light were amazing.
    I saw crows, iīve never seen them before (in real life), beautiful creatures, one seem to came and say hi a lot of times.
    I meet the most interesting lady, admirable, she started studying elementary when she was 11, first and second grade, then a lot of time passed until she was able to finish, well she finish highschool at 50. She now has studied so many things, so many alternative healing techniques, and is a great healer, and I really believe she has a great gift.

    I loved my trip, I loved walking in paved streets, I love the wind, and the clouds, I loved climbing the bell tower to take more cloud pics, I love the people, how nice and how receiving they are, I love, really really love the the flowers, the roses, the calendulas, the wild ones, the birds.

    I like that sensation, that feeling of being centered, of being able to be there, to listen, to just be there.
    I like the opportunity to remember my vortex, to feel closer to my vortex,
    I like the gift of being able to see life from the perspective of appreciation, of love.
    so my new story?

    well nothing concrete comes to my mind, but I do love to feel so alive, so yeah, I love to feel so open to life and so connected to my dreams!!!

    New Story
    , it is easy to let life work wonders in my life, maybe that is what surrender means, my life feels like magic and every step I take leads me to my vortex, with ease and love and magic and fun and color and warm feelings. Things are working out for me!

    Letīs have a wonderful, magical, funny day!


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    Iīm not sure what it is, but I feel so tired!!!!! Iīm playing a bit because is something I used to complaint a lot,

    Old story: I am always tired, I donīt have enough energy.

    getting to the new story.......

    It feels like I never have enough energy, sometimes I have bursts of incredible energy, well, I have a lot of energy compared to most of my family, can it be contagious? the tiredness? Of course not!, I am in charge of my own well being, of my energy and moods.
    Maybe I can be in tune with my body, and see if it really needs to rest....or is it me going upstream?
    It is funny though, because lately Iīve been accomplishing more things than in the past months, (letīs be honest, this past weeks Iīve done more than in two or three years!)
    maybe I just need to stop trying to feel in a particular way, how it should be, how I should feel, and just do whatever makes me feel better..... oh yeah sounds a bit like something Abraham would say,
    How can I allow more....well being? more energy? what would it feel good right now? I finished what I was going to do today, so what can be fun, or relaxing?
    Is my body tired or my mind? yeah although it is a fun discussion, (a bit upstreamy) it doesnīt matter,
    Oh, oh, is a bit funny because I used to believe I was so lazy and never did enough and lately a few friends and relatives are telling me that I am always doing something and canīt get still. I just canīt belive it!, maybe I can stop looking at me with so much judgment. Maybe I can stop being so demanding!!!
    Would my IB be so hard on me? of course not!!!!
    is time to feel better, to fell lighter and happy no matter what, and change the chatter, tell a new story, be more relaxed, more.....
    how does it feel to be more relaxed?
    more allowing, more peace, more clarity? if I am relaxed things get done faster,
    it feels lighter, it feels quieter, the mind stops giving so much orders, i can see clearly.
    when I am relaxed, I get invitations to dinner!!!! or coffee!!!! or funny calls!,

    If I am relaxed my body feels better, my shoulders are softer, my face too.

    wow Iīm feeling better.
    I think Iīm going to eat something and rest. or sleep or do whatever it feels better.

    New Story: I allow myself to relax and let my body rest when it needs it and move when it wants to. My body loves to move and I always have ideas to do things, we are a great team. We know and respect or cycles.


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    Day 8

    Eiiiight!! letīs enjoy 8

    Stubborn new stories keep attacking my mind and I love them. it is so good to believe in my dreams again.

    I would love a new script, how do I go about it? any suggestions?
    something that would make it easy to focus on my dreams, like the house in the country, where I want to live, or to have a house again? lately I feel it is possible, I know I have to know it is a fact, but well walking up the scale.

    I tried to start the prosperity game but it doesnīt feel much fun at the moment, so I think Iīll keep playing here, without form or clear technique, just going with the flow. Changing stories, going where this would take me.

    Today I choose to appreciate where I am, emotionally, physically, whatever, ..

    Ohhh I just had a call, an invitation to go riding a bike in the afternoon!!!! wow, this works at great velocity!!!. I wasnīt even feeling "there" yet!!!!
    this is funny, I like it. Maybe everything can be like this? so easy?

    Wow, maybe sometimes, I do make things not so easy, hehehehe (yeah just sometimes, )

    So today I can choose to appreciate where I am, where I live, the people I live with, my journey.
    I choose to feel good, where I am,
    I choose to acknowledge how far Iīve come, and even more, how it is just the beginning.
    I choose to feel happy, right here, and right now.
    For today, I choose to look for the gifts life has for me, I choose to accept them and enjoy them.
    I choose to see the gift in every person I cross paths with today. I choose to feel good being me.

    I choose to be happy.

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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    Still day 8

    Bike date cancelled! well the perfect time will come. Maybe even the perfect date will come!!!! with the right guy?

    Actually it is ok because after a great day of enjoying dreams and plans with a friend, and teacher, and learning a lot from a session she did for my mother, I came back and started to put the folder with my pics in order to keep going with my blog and fb page. Ideas started to flow so easily, things I tried to "organize" for so long and felt stagnant. So it can probably be very accurate to say that the UM managed to cancelled it so I kept doing this and enjoying the evening.

    I feel vibrant and energetic, and I love the feeling!!!

    I am hearing salsa music from a class next door, and I love it, music feels like the perfect closing for the day.
    Wouldnīt it be great to do my blogs with this same kind of energy? the rhythm, the music, the feeling of joy in all the cells of my body? the vibrant energy of joy and life and wonder!!!!!
    I love the tingling I get when I connect with my dreams, is a bit similar to dancing salsa, I love to feel this smile in my face, in my cells
    I love to dance!!!! I love music!!!!I love my dreams!!!! I love people!!! I love my friends!!!!!
    I love all the plans we talked about, I love that the universe is always connecting me with interesting people!!!!

    So now what?

    time to enjoy the ride!!!!!

    time to let the fairies work more magic and make my vortex even more VISIBLE!!!,

    time to be the star of my life!!!!!

    time to follow the rythm of my dreams!!!

    time to have fuuuun!!!!!

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    New day 9

    I slept like a baby, itīs been one of the greatest benefits of this 27 day practice. I love how refreshed and clear minded I wake up.
    I enjoy our morning walks even more, and I guess the dog too.

    Just for fun, and for putting this thread to even better use Iīm playing with an old story

    OLD story: I canīt focus on good feeling thoughts, every time I start, something that throws me out of my good feeling zone shows up, mostly stories of worry and lack, like my mother and her debts and what am I gonna do about it, like all my poor meme stories.

    changing story: I love to focus on things that make me feel good, I love to feel good, to find things, nice things to think about, of course I can go out of track sometimes, but who cares, I always find my way back to my focus on good things, on my dreams, on life, on color, on flowers and birds, on people and how interesting they are.

    I love to focus on my dreams and things that make my heart sing, and yeah sometimes I deviate a bit but who cares? whoīs keeping score ( well I can stop being the one keeping it, ) I know that no matter what, my true nature, the happy, vibrant, loving, creative self is always here.

    Yeah and sometimes old stories want to take center stage, but itīs ok, I know itīs just that, old old stories and I can start to train myself to go back to my vortexy focus faster, itīs being easier, each day takes less time to change focus.

    I love to dream about wonderful things, my home in the country, my friends, my trips, my pets, my love, my creations.... yeah, maybe I can play with it a bit more, I can make it more of a game, I can have fun with it

    I love to have fun!!! yeah that and focus on good feeling things that will take me closer to live my dreams fully, here and now.
    I love to enjoy colors, and people, and conversations, and birds, and dogs, I love dogs, and cats, and I love to watch beautiful things, I love to laugh and I love to have fun and I can focus more and more on that!.

    NEW story: Itīs getting easier, so easy for me to enjoy good things, and focus on the fun of the journey, focusing on better feeling thoughts, on loving my dreams, loving my now right now!


    Letīs have fun and enjoy a wonderful day!!!

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    Day 10

    Iīm sleepy, I did sleep the whole night! Yeeeeah!, I am just a bit sleepy, drinking my delicious coffee.
    This morning the birds didnīt start singing at the usual time, like quarter to six, and instead of keep sleeping I stayed observant of why was everything so silent, and what did the cats do,and how the dog didnīt rush to go out, it was quiet but everything was ok, it was a bit disconcerting. I couldīve easily go back to sleep and enjoy the moment, instead I stood alert, waiting for something to happen.
    Maybe is the same feeling when you are going (you think) downstream getting closer to your dream and something goes in a different direction that the one you decided was the best, and off the path of least resistance we go, we focus on what is not right. You know? I just as easily couldīve notice the silence, the peace, the ease and I went to what is going on, something is not right, is something going to happen?????
    How different couldīve been if I stayed silent and relax into the feeling?
    Maybe I would feel more energetic right now, for starters,
    How many times Iīve lost the gift in something because I focused upstream?
    So today Iīm going to play, I am going to explore my immediate reaction to things, to life, to people and Iīm going to practice to expect the best, see the beauty, hear the harmony, feel the breath of universal love, sense how my IB would look at things.

    And for Today

    I choose to relax and know that things are always working out for me
    I choose to expect the best, without wanting immediate "proof"
    I choose to relax in my expectations of ME.
    I choose to play and have fun with my day,
    I choose to relax and yeah observe but looking for what is better, what is the gift.
    I choose to enjoy life as it comes my way.

    I just had this image of floating on space and everything moving, changing, and I can just jump from one burst of energy to other, like a child, playing with colors and forms and jumping and laughing, and having an incredible time!.

    What would it feel like to move through life as if it was a game? an incredibly fun game of energy?
    I think I would feel thrilling joy,
    It would feel like light and tingling and laughter
    I would feel light and fuzzy and warm and funny and loving and loved
    It would feel like when you have this energy that wants to go out every pore of your being and expand and you want to share it and can not stop feeling good

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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    Day 11

    Fist opportunity I have all day to sit and be here. Did I ask for more energy?

    OOOOh yeah I did, and it was delivered greatly, with lots of things to do. Including some contrast to play with!!! this is fun, even in the moments, when it feels like is not.
    Well I ask for "lovers" a few days ago, right? oook proposals came this way, with a lot of what I donīt want which serves me to clarify what I do want and clear a few beliefs that donīt serve me well.
    I have friends with magnificent sexuality, freedom and security in it, and I love it, sometimes I envy them,

    but today I thought that each person is different, and how important it is to do the things that make you feel closer to your vortex , what makes you feel really good.
    Nothing to do with judgment or beliefs, mines or others.
    Everything to do with that sense of being in your vortex, sensing what your IB truly feels, basking in the energy of creation, and being true to you, not to what you thing you should do or be.

    So Iīm going to play with a new Sexy Story for me, not right now, but Iīm willing to play and feel my IB expand in places I havenīt let it.

    I ask for more money? did I asked!!!! well more work and wonderful experiences showed up, out of unexpected places.
    I donīt know if it is me making this all more than it is, but it feels like things are coming with a bit of contrast so I can see clearly what I do want, where I choose to move, live, or be.
    My mom stuff resurfaced with so much criticism that it is very simple to know where a lot of the "blocks" originated, (including the sex and relationship story) and notice that itīs not mine. My sister kind of gets the blunt f it all, because she keeps reacting, which I was used to do too, so I am just acknowledging what I feel, see and think and letting it go.
    I feel like I have places to go, feelings to enjoy, people to meet, vortex lovers to embrace, money to spend, receive, gift, manifest, friends to share adventures and life to live with all the wonderful energy that itīs giving us.

    I would love to rebel in this sensations, to nurture the knowing, to be the receiver and the giver of this wonderful energy,
    I would love to magnify this energy , feel that I bathe in it,

    Iīd like to soak in sexiness, in riches

    Iīd love to fly, to flow in a sea of energy of fun, and love and expansion,
    I like to feel that I have places to go,
    I like that I am feeling like I can receive wealth , love, fun, adventures and friendship.
    I love to enjoy this moment , this bubbly, full of the feeling that everything is possible moment,
    I like to know that I can choose and it is fun to do it.

    Right now, I would really love for everyone to feel this, to enjoy this wave of love and possibilities!

    Loveeeee and tons of kisses and more love!


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    Day 12 and 13

    because I skipp one, I could not think of anything to post and I remembered it doesnīt need to be a chore, it is for my enjoyment and fun and for creating new stories.

    Today I would like to shift something, about contrast and my attention on the constant complaints, moodiness and verbal aggression of my mother . My next thread will be my road to live in my own place again, but for now, I really think life has given me the opportunity to take the bull by the horns and face the old stories and create new ones. Or live my new ones right here right now?

    I love my mother, I think she is one of the most interesting persons I know, she has such a strong energy, so much charisma, she is beautiful, intelligent, but sometimes it feels too much to live here. Sometimes it takes so much to stay silent and trying to be respectful. But I do know her story is not easy, I do understand it, Iīve let it get away with so much because I get it, her life was not easy, but right now, at this very moment it seems like is not easy for me to reach the next better feeling.

    I donīt need to go too far up the scale, I can jump bit by bit.

    Where am I now? right now?: Anger. or frustration, or both, I am angry sooo angry because she manipulates and has all her daughters fighting among them. Anger because I fell on her game again, I chose to play or I wouldnīt be this angry. I know right now she is in a rampage of her usual meanness, but is not like that all the time, sometimes is fun to talk with her, I feel frustration, because my "good intentions", trying to have everything go smooth, hadnīt been good enough. Maybe my "good intentions" are just ways to not let her live her story, (ok not maybe about it, ) But sometimes it feels like if I donīt meddle thinks would go worst, ooops, yeah manipulating a bit, they would feel worst to me, I can let them choose for them. Maybe it is time to let her just explode whenever she wants to, but then I get afraid.... of her getting sick, of confrontation, right now I only can focus on wanting to run and find a place to live, but I donīt have the economic means.....aaaand thaaat is where most of my focus has been lately!!! no wonder!!!!
    OHHH NOOO Iīm playing upstream not downstream!!!!


    Where I am right now: feeling anger, frustration

    I can change this sensations, oh yeah I can focus on something nicer, I can feel better, much better, it is easy to feel better.
    I can enjoy the cats, they are funny, thatīs a plus, having pets, and not having the responsibility of them because they are not mine,
    I can watch them and enjoy them and play with them and love them.
    I love pets, and nature and I love that I can enjoy that easily.
    It is easy to breathe, to breathe and just let go.
    I can remember to relax, and let my shoulders do it, and smile,
    I like the feeling when I smile, I can feel better if I choose to.
    I choose to feel more relaxed and just let go

    Ok, maybe we can play more specific with more ease....

    I donīt like my mother moods, but maybe I can choose to let her be how she chooses to be and feel.....Maybe I can look for a bit of appreciation in the situation, I have a place to live, I can appreciate having a place to sleep, and have my studio. (bit upstreamy?)
    But I can appreciate the studio so much!, yeah I do, and the chance to play with whatever I want to do.
    I can appreciate the plants, the flowers, the tree in the patio.
    I can appreciate the moments of play and maybe I can appreciate more moments, I could use a little appreciation for the contrast, I can see how it feels to just acknowledge that I created this and itīs just to clear what I do want, maybe is part of the road to my vortex!!!!

    I know that things are going even better, I appreciate things are moving and things I love are showing up too.

    So today I choose to breathe!!!! And let the guard down. I can relax, I can choose to breathe easy, taking life in, feeling, enjoying where I am, how am I.
    I love it when I take a deep breath and let it go along with everything I donīt need anymore.
    Iīd love to just enjoy being here, being, just breathing and taking life in.
    well I moved a bit, ok, a bit more than a bit,

    it feels better,
    it feels more soothing,
    it feels easier!

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    13th day, the epilogue

    Not much really, just the realization that I am the creator of my own reality, and of course this has been showing up "outside".

    I was tuning into despair, frustration, maybe fear, and that was causing some anger. Perfect, now I can see it better and choose what I want, how I want to feel.
    I love the chance we have to write here about what we are doing, practicing, because it gives a lot of clarity, the same about reading the process others are having, it is a great gift. One I appreciate deeply.

    Now, Iīm off to bed, tomorrow is clean slate, well actually next moment is clean slate, the perfect opportunity to choose how I want to feel, where I want to tune in.

    right now, I choose to relax and enjoy. I love the sound of the wind through the leafs.
    I love that everything is tucking away ready to start dreaming
    Good night

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