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Thread: Shifting energy, skylark style

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    There’s a song in my heart, and a smile in my body. The sun is out! I can see the sky. I remember the birds I was watching yesterday. Hopping from one branch to the other, snapping something off from the bushes, and gobbling it up. The sound of birds. Hearing it through my day. hearing it when dawn is just breaking, at 4:00 or 4:30 in the morning. Lying awake listening to it, and then going back to sleep again.

    Being attuned to how everything feels in the moment. The way my heart keeps expanding. I have such great faith in the heart. The peace that lies there, and also the happiness. That littoo’s happiness feels of a slightly different flavor than mine. That this is what healers practise, P says. that it comes so naturally to me. that I feel a flaring, an expansion, a ballooning of my energy field.

    that things seem to be breaking up. and yet, and yet, I feel such happiness amidst it all. this sense of adventure that I cannot shake off, this sense of being the attention of so much focus.

    oh, this practise of quieting my mind, and also of literally re-wiring it, re-training it. Of realizing that I am creating everything through my thoughts, and of being in the process of changing the way I’ve trained my mind to think so far. Of how, my beautiful, beloved Abraham seem to be listening in to ME, and tweak their teachings from what they “learn” from me. As if I’m a central energy that runs through who they are.

    Of letting go, and the feeling of flying. Flying, soaring. . . becoming lighter, and lighter, and lighter.

    and so, it is.

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    I like how this house has come about. So easily, so without any effort on our part. I love how pleased and amused A was, that it wasn’t even listed anywhere, and yet when the agent came to know where we live, he went, Oh, we have a place there too!

    I like that we’ll remain in this very building! I love this building! I love our concierges, and our doormen, and our maintenance people, the ease with which we get stuff, the ease with which we drop off stuff, the very cheerfulness of everyone here, that everyone knows us, and that it’s going to be so much fun when they come to know about the baby!

    I love that I get to stay in this very building!

    I love the memory of a day sometime back when I knew that my vibration had shifted on the whole topic of house-moving, and apartment hunting. I love how initially we’d both gone, this is too expensive, and gradually as I started focusing on enjoying my expansion, that became less and less important, and now this one is a whole lot less than the initial ranges we saw.

    I love that the very day we saw this house I was telling A that we don’t need to shift, it’s more of a choice than a need (OH—and I LOVE how I came around to this perspective! From thinking that we need to shift to thinking oh but we love this place, and we’ll be able to actually manage here as well!), and we’ll shift only if we went YES at seeing something, and the very same day, we saw this one!

    I love how I realized I didn’t really need to do anything. I love how this has been the major point that’s been dawning over me slowly and steadily. That I don’t really have to do any thing—no processes, no lists, no shifting of vibration, no nothing. The deeper within I go, and touch the core of who I am, the stillness of who I am, the easier it becomes to do nothing, and yet see everything moving.

    I love hugging this realization to myself. I love how suddenly I started wanting to think of ALL the ways in which I love THIS house! The way this was only the third one we saw. The many, many memories we have built here. The fun we have had here, the sheer happiness we have imbued this place with. That whether we continue here or someone else does, this happiness is there for anyone to tune in to! This house sings with happy vibes! WE have tuned it so!

    Enjoying my expansion. I love that that was one of my goals for this year. I KNEW that there’s going to be changes, and that I want to enjoy and have fun with my expansion.

    This dear, dear baby, and the dreams I have been having where he’s two months old, or a month old, and he’s speaking in clear sentences. The Aha that came on the heels of today’s dream—that I’m letting my own knowing of well-being be dominated by someone else’s stuff.

    That I want to let go of this, and enjoy the dreams clearly, and with no resistance. that I WANT to talk to this being. That I want to listen to him. The very potent unfolding of the dream where I got afraid of what everyone else would say and told the baby to not speak in others’ presence and it eventually stopped talking at all which just terrified me more than anything else could. Oh this dream, this dear, wonderful dream, showing me, telling me so much in one fell swoop. My dear, dear booboo. That every time I think of you as “going to be” amazing, it feels wrong. You already ARE. YOU ARE. YOU ARE. Oh, I adore the happiness I feel at the center of who you are, dearest one! I love how I think of you becoming physical inside my body, and start smiling.

    My body—my dear, wonderful body. How it knows what to do. How it shifts things inside to make space for this old one appearing as a new one all over again.

    My body—my meditation today, where I saw the table with all the glasses, and knew that I should drink four of them.

    My body—and settling down inside myself. My body and trusting its unfolding. My body and the way it has supported me, and allowed me to enjoy life all these years. My body. My wonderful body which knows how to do what needs to be done. My body and my surrendering to the well-being which is at the center of who I am.

    And so, it is.

    All is well.

    And I just finish, and look up, and it’s 2:22. Yes, indeed.

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