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Thread: Shifting energy, skylark style

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    Oh my Source. Oh my Source. I feel so utterly, and immensely, and wonderfully excited!

    First, I think about Ireland this morning, and within two hours B calls us and says she just got her paper accepted at a conference in Ireland, and is thinking of going a week early to Ireland AND Scotland, and are we INTERESTED IN COMING?!

    And then yesterday we were talking about doing Paris, and I’m feeling I don’t really want to do London if we’re doing Paris but what about the whole in-laws thing, and yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, and then we’re like, meh, we’ll figure it out, and let it go, and WHAT HAPPENS TODAY?! Papa calls up and SAYS THEY’RE THINKING OF DITCHING LONDON AND DOING EUROPE IN SUMMER! Let me repeat this. OF THEIR OWN ACCORD, OF THEIR OWN WILL, Papa says they’re thinking of ditching London! which is exactly what I WAS THINKING OF. AND INSTEAD, DOING exactly WHAT WE ACTUALLY WANTED TO DO! WHAT WE. WANT. TO. DO! Oh My Source. This stuff is We could NOT have had thought of this particular turn of events! And now that they’ve thought of this on their own, they’re all excited about doing a family trip! AND THEN IF I WANT, I CAN CARRY ON MEET MOMMY AND HAWEE TOO! EXACTLY the way I was thinking of!

    then there’s all the bunch of little stuff “happening.” Like 11:11 (yes, IB, I’m relegating that to the little stuff—deal with it!), and we finishing the call and noticing that the battery just became 1%, and Oh My! How did I forget this one!!!! THE PLACE IS FULL, LIKE NOWHERE TO SIT! And I’m thinking I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL THE TENSION OF TRYING TO JOSTLE AND PULL A QUICK ONE AND GET A SEAT! I want to feel ease! And then I think hmm, what if I think of the sky, and what if I GET A SEAT AS SOON AS I THINK OF THE SKY! AND—WHAT HAPPENS?! THE VERY INSTANT I THINK THIS—TWO TABLES OPEN UP SIMULTANEOUSLY! Did I mention, Entourage, THAT I ADORE BEING IN SYNC WITH YOU? As I was thinking this afternoon—the manifestation time has gone from a few days to within the same day to one to two hours!

    Oh, I LOVE how all of this shores up my confidence in myself, in this work, in us universe, even more. I love this virtuous cycle of feeling good, and then good happening which in turn makes me feel good too, and then I feel good some more, and more good happens! I love how feeling good leads to more good feelings!

    I love the conversation bui and I had over chai and samosas! I adore my capacity for joy, and my willingness to continuously, and consistently lean in the direction of what feels good!

    And the best part of this entire series of events—how it’s making me feel I CAN CRACK THE “TOUGH” NUT TOO! How I CAN CHANGE THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT THIS OTHER THING THAT HAS SO FAR FELT A BIT tangled-up. I love how all of this is making me feel maybe it’s not going to be that difficult to genuinely, and truly shift the way I feel about this too. To make progress that feels SOLID. And to SEE this solidness reflected in my reality.

    and so, it IS!

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    Oh, I like giving in to my impulses. I like giving in to my impulses so much! I like that I really don’t have to be super happy all the times! Just keep leaning in that direction. And accept those times when I aren’t! And treat myself! TREAT YOURSELF, YO!

    Oh, I love how ideas simply flowed in right now. And how before that I thought of “clear” for only a few secs, and before that I was feeling moo and meh, but was mostly ok with it, and didn’t try to amp up what I’d felt in the morning which was pure. . . fullness. I’d felt full. Instead, reached within and felt around for what felt right in that moment and rested there.

    Ooh I like resting in whatever feels natural in the moment. I like allowing myself to feel whatever I feel.

    Oooh, I LOVE that within five minutes, I had such CLEAR ideas about my trips! I love that only today I remembered my doorway technique. And used it while brushing! When I accepted that I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning two trips! And then used that as a doorway into how I really wanted to feel when I was ON the trip, and also now—ha! so like a doorway not only into feelings, but also (a bridge between) this moment and that in the “future.” And I love how it occurs to me that a “doorway” has a very Irish folklore feeling to it!

    I also accept that I have slight anxiety about certain peripheral things. I accept them. I don’t want to do anything about them, other than let them know, it’s ok, little feelings! I AM HERE! THE BIG HAG IS HERE! (hahaha, Hi, TP!)

    I also acknowledge that I am slow on the uptake, and that a lot of the times I forget to connect the feeling-work with what follows. Which come to think of it is not that bad an idea ‘cuz this tells me so clearly that I really don’t do the feeling work for whatever will follow but simply for the sake of feeling better in the moment.

    I love the . . . thing, the image, the feeling, the suffusion, of today morning.

    I love the text that A sent me. So what is in this? Umm, cake things? Guffaw! Oooh, the next time I shall say Guffaw out loud! :P :P :P

    that it’s a sunny day
    that I shifted things a bit today, morning ritual wise
    that I can feel when I start feeling meh! and that I do whatever feels right in the moment
    that I felt with such startling clarity last night—that my emotion is literally only telling me the direction I am proceeding in. nothing else!

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