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Thread: Shifting energy, skylark style

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course the first available appointment was in the beginning of March! That gives me a WHOLE MONTH TO GET EVEN MORE INTO ALIGNMENT!

    I love the realization I had—that I’ve been looking for assurance from the outside! Whereas my assurance can only come from inside!

    I feel such a huge grin inside me. Hi little one! I mean Eternal One! Hi! thank you for choosing to play with us! thank you for choosing US as your co-creative partners!

    I love the softness I have been feeling recently. I love how easy this softness has been. I love that I heard Abe talk about the softness, after I became fascinated with it myself

    oh, I love the way I feel. I love these energy shivers. I love how I feel them down my body every time I pay the slightest of attentions. I love that I had a dream today where I woke up laughing! And then I went back to sleep, and was laughing again, in another dream! I LOVE LAUGHING IN MY DREAMS!

    I love that this will be a year of change, and that I am embracing it, embracing myself, listening to myself, being myself, choosing the fullness of myself over, and over, and over again!

    I love how natural, how of-course it feels to be pregnant! I love that we got pregnant so promptly, once we decided WE ARE READY! I love what it says about my body, and about our energy

    I love that I’ve been noticing that Amu’s energy feels like even MORE magic to me. I hold him, and there’s an immediate feeling of coherence. I adore that when he got up, I felt myself going a bit meh, but immediately chose to focus. And that this image came to me! Of a forest of great big giant trees! And that I immediately wanted to lie inside one! And so I did! on a big branch of one of the trees, with my head facing the trunk, my body in touch with the tree’s own bark—its energy—and felt my energy becoming coherent inside me, all over again. I love that I drifted off into a nap with this feelspace, this seefeel, and woke up feeling so refreshed!

    Hahaha, I look up and it’s 10:10!

    Yes. I love my recent experience of how everything else can fade out, and only that which is in my mind, feel real.

    I like practising this some more. I like “sitting in focused awareness of life.” I like leaning in the direction of that which feels good. I like talking to my body. I like listening to my body. I love feeling supported. I love feeling loved. I love being soft, and porous, and joyful. I love being me.

    and so, it is!

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    “all those incremental ongoing manifestations that led to increasingly bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until explosive manifestations.

    But the process is always the same. Starting SOMEwhere, where you can feel the momentum.

    So, if you’ve got a topic where you can’t get any momentum, you’ve got to break it down into more, and more, and more, and more general terms because you’ve got to get SOMEwhere where there’s no momentum before you begin again.

    And if you jump into ANYthing in the midst of contradicted energy, you’re gonna have a hard, hard, hard, hard time, and probably not gonna get anywhere close to where you want to be.

    So haven’t we discovered a new intention? A new intention to somehow get back far enough to the beginning of something far enough that it’s non-resistant in nature. Back to what my Inner Being knows about it. Back to the vortex version of it. Back to maybe even the components that I put into the Vortex. But back BEFORE there’s any resistance in it.”

    ~ phoenix, az, dec 10, 2016

    I want to tease open a little more of what feels like this opening. I want to be able to see more clearly what’s brewing in it.

    what a phenomenal conversation, and what a phenomenal woman!

    i know that what’s in my vortex is more conversations like these
    i know that what’s in my vortex is power
    i know that what’s in my votex is a feeling of intoxicating clarity
    i know that what’s in my vortex is ease, and flow
    i know that what’s in my vortex are incremental pieces that feel full of joy
    i know that what’s in my vortex are incremental pieces that feel intoxicating
    i know that what’s in my vortex is surety, and knowingness
    i know that what’s in my vortex is the right word in the right place at the right time
    i know that what’s in my vortex is good timing
    i know that what’s in my vortex is the path along the way
    i know that what’s in my vortex is satisfaction, and confidence all along the way
    i know that what’s in my vortex is a seamless flow from one delightful moment to another
    i know that what’s in my vortex is good feeling, after good feeling, after good feeling
    i know that what’s in my vortex is the ability to mould the energy with precision
    i know that what’s in my vortex is an awareness that goes beyond even knowingness
    i know that what’s in my vortex is unabashed delight
    i know that what’s in my vortex are all the pieces coming together
    i know that what’s in my vortex are satisfying things to focus upon

    “i don’t need to know the details of the vortex. i know the power of the vortex. and i believe that the vortex is going to begin evolving and i am going to be witnessing its evolution. in other words, this vortex is far from complete in manifested form. it’s ideas that are gonna mature in MY mind!


    I am the maturation process. I am the realizer of it. These are the components. And just like the kernel of corn knows how to become corn, MY vortex and its kernels know how to become. But I get to witness the expansion, and the evolution along the way.

    And maybe, I won’t even recognize it till I see it.”

    ~ phoenix, az, dec 10, 2016

    “manifestation on the heels of that flowing energy—bigger, bolder, bigger, bolder, than any thought before it. What we’re trying to say is, it DOES get bigger, and more exciting as it moves along. It just does. there’s plenty of excitement along the way, plenty of enthusiasm along the way, plenty of new thoughts, and first time thoughts, and those coincidences that aren’t coincidences at all. those moments when you want to shout at each other, “can you believe that happened?!” do you believe that? and do you believe that? and do you BELIEVE THAT?! and oh man is the universe good! and isn’t it wonderful what the universe knows, and isn’t it wonderful how blessed i am!”

    ~ phoenix, az, dec 10, 2016

    and along the way doesn’t my sense of worthiness, and empowerment just keep growing and growing and growing too? and isn’t that what it’s all about?!

    “and so this vortex that we were describing generally, now feels like empowerment, and certainty, and sureness. it feels like life-changing, and life-giving. it feels like dynamic people. it feels like great ideas. it feels like life-changing things. it feels like world-renowned events. it feels like things that much of the world is looking for. it feels like me joining forces with source energy to be the giver of what so many are reaching for. it feels like me being in complete harmony with all that i am. it feels like me being flexible, and free. it feels like me feeling good all of the time. all of the time, not just some of the time. it feels like me going from being interested to being really satisfied to being curious to being hopeful to being optimistic about something. it feels like the blessings of the universe are raining down all around me. and i can have this great big net which is sort of overwhelming, as all kinds of stuff on all kinds of subjects just falls in my net, and i spend so much time sorting to being so good at it that my net is more specific, and what falls in is so EXACTLY what i was looking for just now!”

    ~ phoenix, az, dec 10, 2016

    “what we want from you now is—you’re right there, you’re right up against your vortex. in this moment, vibrationally in sync. . . . and so now from here, can you feel like the statement of desire to put out into the universe is not one that has any doubt in it. that’s the thing that most people think. now that i am here, i’m really gonna go for the goal. go for the big one that’s all just full of doubt, and i’ll just drag my car with my bus for a few 100 miles.

    OR you could just stay happy about where you are, and proclaim to the universe—I am ready for whatever you know I am ready for!! and i’m gonna spend my time in readiness preparation. i’m gonna get ready to receive! and ready to receive! and ready to receive! and i’m not gonna—i don’t know what exactly is in there. i don’t know how exactly it looks like—so i’m not gonna make any demands of you that’s gonna mess up my vibration.

    that’s the whole point!

    i’m not gonna make the specific demands of YOU that are gonna cause ME to get into some doubt or some memory-mode of something that went wrong. i’m just gonna stay open to this uniquely new, and entirely DIFFERENT unfolding of a lovely thing.”

    ~ phoenix, dec 10, 2016

    AHHHHHHH! i love how this conversation is teasing open something within me! thank you andrea lake! i love that i felt inspired to google you, and found you within two minutes! i love the feeling of power within me right now!

    (hahaha, and i love that it’s 5:55 right now, and when i’d looked up from listening to this earlier, it had been 4:44. hell, yes)

    “i’m never gonna try, and make one single thing happen because it’s bigger, and better than anything i could possibly, possibly know!” ~ a.l. phoenix, dec 10, 2016

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    reasons to feel a little good!

    ~ the chai I made—the perfect blend of sweetness, milk, and flavor!
    ~ this feeling I am feeling right now. Soft. And contented.
    ~ my singing group! that we sang so I say thank you for the music! And that I suggested dancing queen as a fun, upbeat, happy number to croon out loud!
    ~ that I’ve been getting up feeling SO REFRESHED every morning!
    ~ that I decided to listen to how I was feeling today in the morning and not go to f.m.!
    ~ that I got one of this year’s newberry honor books that i am soooo looking forward to read! that it’s set in the medieval ages! that it looks fun, and thoughtful, and funny!
    ~ that I also started the Penderwicks! I ADORE, ADORE, ADORE THE PENDERWICKS! thank you Jeanne Birdsall for writing characters, settings, and plots which makes me feel so super good! and fills me with SO MUCH WARMTH! and makes me feel SO DELIGHTED! and gives me the exact same feeling as Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer does!
    ~ the warmth, and the humor that some authors IMBUE their works with! MORE POWER TO US!
    ~ the phoenix workshop which is a gift that keeps giving!
    ~ that it feels good to scrap the idea of the Europe trip for now!
    ~ that I love walking outside. that it feels so invigorating to walk in the cold!

    ok, now, “get back far enough to the beginning of something far enough that it’s non-resistant in nature. Back to what my Inner Being knows about it. Back to the vortex version of it. Back to maybe even the components that I put into the Vortex. But back BEFORE there’s any resistance in it.”

    I like knowing that I’m skipping, and jumping, in my vortex
    I like knowing that there’s variety in my vortex
    I like knowing that some of this variety is shaped as soft, and some of takes the form of ADVENTURES!
    I like knowing that all of me enjoys all of this variety
    I like the idea of there being things in my vortex that feel big to me right now
    I like the idea of my inner being savoring this bigness
    I like that there’s energy, and vitality in my vortex
    I like that in my vortex I am skipping along, satisfied in this moment, and this moment, and this moment!
    I like that my vortex is BECOMING
    I like that there’s vast fields of happiness inside my vortex!
    I like that there’s sweet power in my vortex!
    I like that in my vortex, I feel powerful!
    I like that in my vortex, I feel assured!
    I like that in my vortex, I am flowing, and blowing, and feeling like the world, no the UNIVERSE is my oyster!

    Ahhh, I like sitting in this right now. I like savoring this right now. Savoring this right now. Savoring this right now. Savoring this right now. ME-NESS, I AM READY FOR WHATEVER YOU KNOW I AM READY FOR!

    I love the way I feel—I don’t give two hoots about anybody else IN THIS MOMENT! I simply love ahhhhhhh, savvvvvoooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnngggg THIS. THIS feeling of my light become slightly brighter. this feeling of me becoming slightly more in sync with my inner power. my soft power that feels like its threaded with steel.

    ahhhh, I adore doing my work in this way. no rule, no rung! simply flowing along with whatever feels true, and whatever feels true, and whatever feels true, and whatever feels true.

    ahhhhhhhhh. oooh! what did i decide? that i’m gonna be a happy mom! dunno about anything else, but I am intending to be one happy momma!

    and so, it is!

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    Ok, so this I AM gonna do. So might as well do some behind the scenes work on this.

    Hmm. . . where to start.

    With General.

    I like that the last big piece of furniture we bought, we knew this was the one
    I like this memory of knowingness. Of certainty. Of rightness.
    Ooh, I like these slightest of tingles in my body.
    I like that in my vortex is this certainty about this dresser too!
    I like wanting a shiny, new dresser! oh, yes I do!
    I like that we have the budget we do!
    I like buying one of our own this time around!
    I like that I want one which is of a comfortable height, and has deep enough drawers.
    Ha! I like that I’m doing the behind-the-scenes work on this!
    I like this feeling of syncing up with my vortex on this
    I like knowing that in my vortex lies the feeling of delight on this topic
    delight on this topic. Such a non-consequential topic. But I know that there’s delight on this too in my vortex.
    I love the way energy expands in my back when I pause at this thought.
    this topic too has the capacity to delight me.
    isn’t that . . . amazing? this non-consequential topic has the ability to thrill me!
    bring it on, vortex!
    I like syncing up with you on this topic!
    I like asking you Me-Ness to bring to me what I am ready for!

    and so, it is!

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    this soft porous happiness
    which fills me up
    and needs no name

    this decision I made
    to make today a day of happiness
    and let every fix-it thought simply go

    this experiment I am running
    to feel happiness,
    and then choose it again,
    and then again

    the realizations that are surfacing up—
    oh my! I have A LOT of fix-it thoughts!

    this trust I am exercising
    which is also a knowing
    that happiness takes care of itself

    this freedom I am feeling
    this happiness inside me

    the happiness inside me

    ‘sup, life!

    (that I look up and see 2:22. Of COURSE! Sup, Gaim! And all of you Beloved Non-Physicals!)

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    The idea of “success,” for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions, but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. And while the attainment of money and wonderful possessions certainly can enhance your state of joy, the achievement of a good-feeling physical body is by far the greatest factor for maintaining a continuing state of joy and Well-Being. And so, there are few things of greater value than the achievement of a good-feeling body.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks,
    Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness

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    this moment
    this song
    this husband
    this laughter
    this light-heartedness
    this warmth
    this comfort
    this anticipation
    this well-being
    this well-being
    this well-being.

    and so, it is.

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    I have been having so much fun just practising going within, thinking of games to play, reading MLOA, and discovering little gems in it to practise every day. I like how my life is flowing, and flowering. I like how more than ever it’s clear to me that what I think, and what comes about in the tangible-ness of this life-time experience have a direct co-relation.

    I love the way I am so tuned in to my body. I am so appreciating this joyous expansion of who I am, of who we are.

    Everywhere I turn around, all the non-physical loves I love, all seem to be saying the same thing—you are so greatly on track, as an individual, and as a planet. And I remember my own vivid experience—the one in which I could not choose one candidate over the other. Instead, at my very core I chose love, and happiness.

    Ahh, happiness. I feel . . . I love this idea I have. Of the images that come to me, and that all these images are me, existing simultaneously, in other dimensions, in other realities, and in harmonizing this that is within us, all of me is swelling, and flowing with joy—of the me at the foot of the giant tree, of the me lying beneath a vast blue sky, of the me lying underneath a sunny sky with sand beneath me and waves a distance away, of the me . . . oh this one image that is abiding, that came to me so many years ago, that feels as if it is the very template of from which flowed all the rest. the ME that is standing, leaning over a railing, on a porch. . . and I have a very vague sense of what surrounds me, but the utter, warmth, and well-being, and happiness that I am feeling, as I am leaning over, looking into the distance, and all around. . . this utter well-being that is steady, and rhythmic, and is who I am.

    My propensity for abstract, and the big ideas. the way I feel this softness. the way I feel this sure-footedness.

    the way I nurture this sure-footedness. oh, the way things happen for me. the way I let go of things so that they can happen for me too. the way, I am noticing all shades of my happiness. the way I go with what feels right in the moment.

    the way I am experiencing the flowing of energy, and yes, the satisfaction that the consequent manifestation that the flowing engenders.

    the way I tweak and slip into the feeling of adventure. of enjoying my expansion. of the days to come. of looking forward to them!

    oh the way I can be endlessly, happy. the way I can tweak my focus to be endlessly happy. to choose the peace, and the quietness, and the warmth, and the delight, and the all-is-well-ness that lies inside me! oh the way there are times when I feel so light-hearted. the way I want to practise feeling light-hearted even more! light in my body! light in my heart! light in my spirit! light in my mind! light in my life! light in everything that touches me, and that I touch upon. light in everything that comes to me, and that I think of!

    the lightness of my being.


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    I am scared.

    I’ve been thinking I’m scared.

    I’m scared.

    AM I scared?

    What is the story here? I am vacillating. I find ok-ness, and then I turn on the volume on the other, and the consequent scariness.

    Can I like this? Not yet.

    But I like my body. I still like my body.

    I like the cues I’ve been getting. I like how things have been dovetailing.

    I acknowledge that this is a product of energy mis-alignment too. I don’t have to figure it out. But I acknowledge, though not accept yet, that this too is a result of my point of attraction.


    I am where I am.

    Ahh, some movement.

    I am. Where. I am.

    I feel. What. I feel.



    I am where I am

    I am

    I feel what I feel

    I feel

    My breathe deepens.

    I breathe out.

    I breathe in.

    I breathe out.

    I. Breathe In.


    Movements. Ahh, lots of energy movement.

    I am here.

    Ahhhh. movement.

    Breathe deepens.

    I am feeling what I am feeling.

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