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Thread: Shifting energy, skylark style

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    I am so glad it’s snowing! I love how there’s a patch of green in the middle of the road that has now become all spiked with silver, the same silver that is now resting on the tops of the tiny shrubs running all around the edge of the park. I love the way the snow nestles in the tiny nook of the bare brown branches, and the fact that there are still little black birds flying to and fro in the midst of all these snowflakes! I am so glad that I suddenly saw the utter beauty of the last of the orange leaves against all the white, and noticed the way the green lamppost is/was so firmly embedded in its own bed of snow. I love the way snow softens up the whole world, muffling out all the noises. I love you Gaiam, what a beautiful world we live in!

    I am so glad that I made such a scrumptious, nutritious dinner yesterday, and that we have loads of leftovers! I am so glad that I felt inspired to make the tomato chutney, and the sesame potatoes! I love how perfectly they went with the mooli parathas!

    Oh, I love practising, and perfecting the skill of cooking good food. I love how satisfying it is to create something that fulfills! I love how much I enjoy food!

    I love how the whole day yesterday, and before that too, I have been playing with focus. I love that I was inspired to listen to Abraham, and they were saying EXACTLY what I was thinking of, and needed to hear!

    I LOVE how I started feeling the impulse to focus more specifically! I love focusing specifically! I love that I know when to focus specifically, and when to back off! I love my integrity with this work. I love feeling the clear difference between being in the flow, and trying to make things happen. I love knowing so clearly when to stop. I love the feeling of momentum building up!

    I love how much fun I’ve been having playing with “warmth,” and “delight.” I love how easy it was, and is becoming to feel delight within me!

    I love being tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. I love being proficient at steering the flow of my energy!

    I love that we’ll be going for a short walk! I love being all bundled up in warmth and experiencing the cold!

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    I like that I’m not as upset as I might have been.
    I like that after a moment I remembered I am a deliberate creator.
    I like that this is an area where I want to become more skilled, more practised, more aligned.
    I LIKE my power of influence. I like that my desire is to become practised at seeing the ones I love as my Inner Being sees them.
    I LIKE that they have their own Inner Beings too which is calling them forward.
    I LIKE that this combines the subjects it does—money, and power of influence.
    I like the feeling of things kind of sliding into place as I write all of this down.
    I like acknowledging where I am. I like being ok with where I am.
    I like thinking out loud. I like wanting to feel a desire regarding this that feels without resistance. I like that writing this I realize it’s not the desire that needs change, just my resistance about it.


    I like remembering that I don’t have to figure out another’s path of least resistance.
    I like the relief I feel in the knowing that the only thing I have to tend to is my own alignment.
    I like knowing that I feel like I flounder when I try to think of what I want specifically with respect to this. This helps me realize that I can back up, and be more general, rather than trying to figure out the specifics. HA! TRYING TO FIGURE OUT!




    I want to see them happy.
    no. I don’t want to observe this condition, and then feel the happiness.

    I want to feel happy whenever I think about them.
    This is NOT about them.
    This is about ME being stable in MY OWN alignment.

    I like that the more stable I am, the easier it is for me to know the well-being of those I love.
    I love that as soon as I am thinking this, I am thinking of all that is going well with HIS life.
    I like that I love them so much.
    I like that it feels to me as if he’s becoming more and more stable in himself.
    Oh, I like how this too is a play on being comfortable with uncertainty!
    I LIKE that I WANT to become more and more comfortable with uncertainty!
    I like that at its core, this desire feels to be about being solid in my own alignment, and knowing that well-being is at the very core of my life.
    Oh. oh. Oh. Oh. Well-being is at the very core of his life too, isn’t it? And hers too!
    Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE them SO MUCH!
    I love that well-being is the steady rhythm of ALL our lives.

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    ďYouíve worked out most of the details in Step 1 but thereís such an exhilarating life force that flows through you when you understand how all of this works, and then you begin to focus. Itís almost as if youíre dictating to the Universe the details of what you want. So, weíve been saying to people, if youíre not really in alignment and not steadily in alignment, then talking, talking, talking about what you want works against you. But if youíre steadily in alignment, if youíre trusting the laws of the universe, and you are feeling good about your own worthiness as you are, then the more details you give about the specifics of what you want, the more satisfying the experience is.Ē

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Denver, CO, June 11, 2016

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    I am happy!
    I am happy that I am happy!
    I am soooo happy that E got my package!
    I love exchanging e-mails with her! Big, fat letters that we write whenever we’re in the mood for it, filled with all sorts of happy, interesting things! I LOVE having someone to write to like this! I love that I adore her energy! She is sooooo funny!
    I love that the sun is out today! I am so going to enjoy walking to my session today!
    I love that I received E’s mail at 5:55!!
    I love that the first thing I saw was this 5:55
    Oh, I love how the sun is falling across the window, and the couch, and the table!
    I love that it’s making my candle all aglow!
    Oh, I like noticing things in my here and now that fill me with happiness
    I love feeling full up with gleeful happiness—like when E told me she had found the perfect thing for me at a secondhand bookstore! I adore how filled with glee I feel! I LOVE SURPRISE PRESENTS!
    I love the sun! Its lights! Its warmth! Lying in it! Feeling it! Kind of lolling about in it! Walking in it! Lifting my face up to it! Observing the world washed in its light! The way it shines ON things but also makes the INNER glow of things come out! I do love you, Sun!
    I like that I will go to the singing thing today! I love that I am so looking forward to it!
    and so, it is!

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    I’m glad I HAD SO MUCH FUN!
    I’m glad to now KNOW that I’m a pretty good singer!
    I LOVE SINGING! I love this low-key, fun way of getting together and singing songs with a proper teacher and everything!
    I love that there is a recital in two weeks!
    I love how I added my voice to the chorus of other singers
    I love that I could feel the difference that adding MY voice made!
    I love how quickly I can “hear” a tune
    I love that this is such a FUN WAY of expressing my love of, and for music!
    Oh, I love that I found out about this now after I focused a bit on how much I have been enjoying music, right here, on this thread!
    I love that this earlier focusing was also from a place of pure appreciation!
    Oh, I love how feeling good leads to MORE good feelings!
    I love how perfect this opportunity is! Close-by! Perfect duration! Right time!
    I love how I felt shivers as we started singing the second song!
    Ahh, I feel so happy. So satisfied. So eager. So looking forward to my day!
    Oh, and I love how a THIRD TUNE has been coming to me recently! So, so FUN!

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    I started writing something and then realized, “wait a minute! my word for the day is light-hearted!” so isn’t it right that I feel light-hearted in the light of all the very good news? Of course, I feel light-hearted! Of course, it feels like the most logical thing in the world for it all to happen in this exact way! It really does! And I can’t for the life of me imagine why I ever even wondered for one tiny second anything less than this! Because, I mean, this makes so much sense—OF COURSE it had to happen in this precise manner. So MUCH SO that it feels far from a success story! Like it would be vibrationally WRONG to describe it as a success story! It feels like the but-of-course story! Ha! And I love how it feels to me that herein lies the key to literally changing the past, and having simultaneous parallel realities with outrightly, and also slightly different flavors of linear past time!

    I am so pleased with all the abundance flowing our way! I am so pleased that it doesn’t even feel like a lot, lot, though I guess it could be looked as a lot. My definition of a lot has shifted, and I love it! I also adore lifestyle creep! Ha! Or lifestyle EXPNASION, perhaps?! I adore finding new things to love, and appreciate, and enjoy

    I adore how it came to me today that while I’ve long thought of money as being associated with freedom, it’s actually also very easy to think of it in terms of EASE! the ease with which I can buy whatever I want! the ease with which I spend the amounts I do without really thinking much about it! the ease with which I can eat whatever I want! the ease with which I can order the beautiful pillow covers, and the dresser, and the enameled cast-iron cookpots! I love this realization! I KNOW ease! I VERY MUCH like burrowing deep inside it! And I love associating abundance with this same sense of ease!

    I adore how I realized, oh! I ALREADY CONSCIOUSLY GOOSE UP MY MOMENTUM! Only, I do it in meditation—not a form that Abraham or anyone I know has ever talked about, and so it took me this long to realize that this is what I have been doing with half my meditations! Half of them are about quieting my mind but the days when I feel so happy and go to meditate, I naturally gravitate towards this happiness becoming more through all the focusing I do! NO WONDER, I enjoy meditating so much! ‘Cuz I have my own definition, and my very own way of meditating!

    I adore how as I was focusing on “relaxin,” this image came to me. . . a pattern weaved together in soft-jute, or maybe wool—brown, with the black beads, and a half-moon design woven through it, and I love how as I found myself focusing on it, all the resistance simply drained away. I love all these images that keep coming to me, one after the other! And I love this realization that I can actually use them as focusing mechanisms too! Ooh, ooh, I like this idea!

    I adore the other realization I had—since I have never meditated as anyone else has prescribed it, why not apply this same principle to writing?! I’ve actually been trying to fit myself in one mould or the other but. . . I don’t need to! The same way that I do my own medits stuff, I can do my own writing stuff too!

    I adore how the phrase that came to me started me off! At first, I couldn’t stop grinning, and then I realized, oh, my! this could have come STRAIGHT out of a Diana Wynne Jones book! or Terry Pratchett! DEFINITELY, Terry Pratchett! And then as I am showering, I have the scene literally pop up in my head. Where I AM SEEING EVERYTHING, as if I AM STANDING THERE! gotta love the power of my imagination! I LIKE how I am literally put inside some of the things that come to me.

    Oh, and I love that I saw 10:10 totally “randomly” and then KNEW it’s 11:11, so picked up the phone, and sure enough, it was 11:11



    AND SO,
    IT IS!


    “Let’s put it another way: Nothing ever
    happened that wasn’t dreamed, that wasn’t
    sketched from the start with artful surprises.
    Think of the dreamer as God, a painter,
    a ham, to be sure, but a divine old master
    whose medium is light and who sidesteps
    tedium by leaving room both inside and outside
    this picture for subjects and scenery to wing it.”

    ~ “How the Rainbow Works” by Al Young

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    I canít help feeling amused that the application crashed in the midst of the last documentósomething that I donít recall ever happening!

    I like how this almost feels like well, you were in a much better place when it crashed than when you had started, so why not use the crashed place as the new starting point!

    Right then!

    I was at the place where Iíd realized I want to activate all the things I LIKE about them because that feels better!

    I like the ease with which I can drop my stuff off. I like the convenience of having them so closely located. I like that I see the lady, and her manager as PEOPLE rather than as cogs in the wheel. I like that they are so prompt with whatever I ask. I like that their prices are quite reasonable. I like that they have a wide variety of services they offer. I like that I am focusing on this because oh my source, it feels sooooooo much better to think of all the things that I LIKE about them than all the things that got me feeling irritated!

    I LIKE THAT I decided to postpone meeting the manager till Iíd gotten a handle on how Iím feeling
    I REALLY like that I am cleaning up my vibe about such a SILLY, TRIVIAL THING!
    I LIKE that I want the trivial-est of my life details to be easy and smooth and flowing!
    I like that every detail is about energy
    I LIKE that Iím drinking a big mug of tea, and thinking of things that make me feel better
    I like that this small, silly thing has made me realize that it is ALL about MY vibration (cuz the lady did say this doesnít normally happen with any of their other clients!)
    I love how much I now love this


    I like that overall, today has been a soft kind of day
    I love how much I enjoyed making dinner last night, and that it turned out so spectacularly
    I love that we have enough left-overs for me to not bother making anything tonight!
    I like that todayís a day to be general!
    I like that I laid down for so long in the warmth of the sun
    I love the way the warmth seeps in, soaking me to my very pores
    I like that itís been so sunny today
    I like that I like feeling good
    I like that Iíve got happiness inside me. That I can feel it as I write this!
    I like that I like my husband
    I like that I like my in-laws
    I like that I like my brother
    I like that I like my mom
    I like that I generally like the people in my life
    I like that I am an optimistic
    I like that it is in my nature to tune in to the loveliness around me
    I love that I can see the loveliness in even the smallest of twigs
    I like nature
    I like that Iím reading Braiding Sweetgrass
    I like that I also have Travels in Alaska as a stand-by
    I like knowing so intimately what to do to soothe myself
    I like knowing so intimately the type of words that I need when I need them
    I like knowing when to close my eyes, and take a nap
    I like molding my energy
    I like that there are soft days like today
    I like that life is really an ebb and flow
    I like this sense of rhythm. I like that everything I love has a rhythm to it
    I like that I like the color blue
    I like that I also like the color purple
    I like that this list seems so silly, and yet Iím enjoying myself writing it!
    I like that pan-fried white beans taste so delicious
    I like that the batter fermented SO PERFECTLY YESTERDAY! DOUBLING UP IN VOLUME!
    I like that Iíve loads of good things to eat
    I like how the thought of food is an uplifting one to me!
    I like that I was looking at my body today, and really enjoying its shapes and curves!
    I like that I felt absolute clarity about THAT! I like that Iíd thought of focusing on clarity today, and did experience it some!
    I like stars! I like that I live on Planet Earth which has exactly the right environment for me to enjoy their twinkling!
    I like that I am never alone
    I like that Iím feeling soooo much better!
    I like that the only thing that matters is me feeling better!
    I like that it feels good to feel good
    I like steering my energy
    I like directing my attention
    I like tuning in to the vastness of all that is
    I like feeling the happiness of who I am!
    and so, it is!

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    Everything worked out beautifully! The manager wanted to do everything he could to help, suggesting something I could have never thought of! And like yesterday, I can’t help feeling, well, duh, OF COURSE, he was being so amazingly helpful! Sounds absolutely logical!

    And this. . . this logical*-ness makes me pause. It feels important. I’ve known for some time that manifestation always feels like the next logical step but the sheer next-step-iness of yesterday’s stuff, and this, makes me think that there is more here.

    Other things I want to focus some more on:

    damn, this VIBRARIKNAL (aka VIBRATIONAL) stuff WORKS! I mean I knew it but damn if it isn’t a thing of beauty to observe every time!
    THAT THE VIBRAKIRNAL THING WORKS. That what I think, and consequently what I feel matters big time
    that I can change the very way energy comes together by choosing to feel better, and better

    the other thing that I was thinking of again: yes, how I will feel at the end, and contemplating THAT. But for some time now I’ve felt ANOTHER component added to the mix: the enjoyment of the journey itself. the enjoyment of my expansion. the playing with the strands of energy making this up. the bringing them together, and consciously letting go of those that are causing blockage.

    and this feeling. . . that in this playing, I will get exactly what I want, no matter how the variables might be positioned in the moment.

    and this desire to develop this muscle of. . . just knowing that I’m going to get exactly what I want.

    ETA: The second time I went there LIKING them. The first encounter, I’d been all prepared to do battle.

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    So a story that I realized I tell myself regarding my family/those I love: That I am the. . . stabilizer, and so on, and so forth.

    I want to soften this story. I know, and love being an uplifter. But I want to acknowledge that sometimes this prevents me from seeing those I love as being empowered in their own right. As if my presence is central in some way in their lives.

    Hmm . . . what feels better? No, what do I want? I want to feel light-hearted about this. I want to see these people I love as equal. And ouch, it feels embarrassing (and that is ALL RIGHT, YOU!) to acknowledge that I see them as less than.


    I feel what I feel. And there is a variety of reasons I have this momentum going. I’ve been wanting to change this for some time but never have I felt the acuity of being this “central leadership” person more than when I read what I wrote here.

    It’s good to know where I am. I like being aware. It makes me feel more in control!


    I know. I know what it is that I need to do. I know exactly what I need to do. I want to start with accepting them where they are. I want to start with . . . not wanting ANYTHING ELSE other than being ok with who they are, and where they are, and what they are doing, and what they are not doing, and all of it!

    Breathe In. Breathe Out.


    They are where they are.
    I quite like them when I think of it.
    I like that they do the best they can.
    I like that THEY like where they are.
    I like that this isn’t even about them—it’s about me, making peace, with what I feel. Which is generally appreciating them but definitely mixed in with vibes of feeling impatient, and wanting them to move faster, and feeling blah blah blah.
    I like taking this step, which is one step further back than what I wrote above—accept them yes, but first make peace with the fact that I feel what I feel.


    I feel what I feel.
    I am allowed to feel what I feel
    I am allowed to feel impatient with myself for feeling this!
    I can step back as much as I need
    I like that I can keep enlarging this circle of acceptance till I reach a point where I actually feel ok
    So—it is OK to feel impatient at feeling what I feel.
    Yep that’s it. that feels peaceful.
    It is ok to feel impatient with my own feelings.
    It’s a part of who I am.
    It doesn’t even matter WHAT caused these feelings.
    I embrace them.
    I feel love for these mixed-up feelings.
    I love that somewhere along the way my breath has deepened.
    I love all of me.


    Breathe In.
    Breathe Out.
    Breathe In.
    Breathe Out.
    Breathe In.
    Breathe Out.
    Breathe In.
    Breathe Out.


    I allow myself to be.
    I don’t have to fix this.
    I allow myself to be.
    I don’t have to figure this out.
    I allow myself to be.

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    I love that it’s sunny, and that we’ll be outside in a little while, and that bui is going to have so much fun with his planes, and that I’ll enjoy myself too, and that I’ll take a book along too, for in case I get my fill of planes before bui gets his!

    I love that I make scrumptious food which feels nutritious and healthy and also super yummy. I love that today we’ll be eating out favorite burger with my favorite fries, and my favorite shakey thing (or custardy thing?)! I appreciate my enjoyment of food. I adore how our check-ups prove everything is normal, normal, normal, blah, blah, blah. . . I adore how this validates and confirms that I am so on my path by eating whatever the heck I feel called to! I adore that in so many ways my natural tastes have always gravitated towards what people would call “healthy.” I love that my body craves veggies, and proteins, and that a meal full of veggies feels so satisfying to me! I love the things I have been thinking about with respect to body—that at the end of it whatever anyone says is just a story. So the doctor (or ANYONE else) saying blah blah blah is just a story too! And that I can tell my own story about whatever I want! Hell, yeah!

    I adore how today started—I love that it was on a thing that had gotten me feeling itty bitty anxious. I love how Amu said something that helped me turn around—that made me feel the glimmers of excitement! I love that as I was thinking about it, I STARTED ENJOYING IT. I love how this gives me a chance to FOCUS! I love that this makes me want to. . . ENJOY MY EXPANSION! I ADORE WHAT CAME TO ME IN MEDITATION! I found myself naturally LIKING one option, and then suddenly this tangled-up-ness knocked—what if THIS would manifest because I was (practising) LIKING it? And I’m lying there, and trying to feel the other option, and I can’t. And then I’m thinking this CAME to me, so I choose to trust it. That it’s OK to feel this way! And suddenly, as I choose to trust the first option A HOOK COMES TO ME IN THE FORM OF AN IMAGE THAT INSTANLY PUTS ME IN THE MIDDLE OF FEELING THE SOFT HAPPINESS OF THE SECOND OPTION AND THEN A MINI EXPLOSION HAPPENS INSIDE ME—BOTH OPTIONS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE! NOT one, or the other! But both of them winking into existence! Oh! OH! OH! I feel the sheer fun of that. I feel myself enjoying working this. I feel myself EXPANDING. I feel myself going where I have never gone before!

    And MEDITATION! The structure that comes to me! Suddenly I realize, wait a minute! I can do this in the same manner as I do my reps in PHYSICAL WORKOUT! WHY NOT USE THAT SAME STRUCTURE IN MY ENERGETIC WORKOUT! Oh, MY! And so I go—Relax X 3. Warmth X 3. Relax X 3, Easy X 3. Warmth X 3, Delight X 3. Relax X 3, Ease—that now becomes flow X 3. Warmth X 3, Delight X 3. And then I start with Flow. Oh my Source, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS. I love how the structure provides a grounding. I love how I OWN flow, and WARMTH, and am still exercising my delight muscle. I love how these processes come to me. I love how I tune in to exactly what I need in the moment!

    and so, it is!

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