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Thread: Is there a live chat Abraham-hicks site?

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    Is there a live chat Abraham-hicks site?

    Does anyone know of a live chat site for Abraham-hicks where people can chat instantly? Is it available on this forum?

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    I understand that you're interested in meeting up with others in a "real-time" basis but it is counter to this Forum's policies to refer Forum members to other sites and services, as discussed in your Welcome letter from David.

    At this time, there is no "live chat" function on this Forum but there are enough of us on here at many times that the conversations seem almost "live."

    If you want to "meet" other Forum members for Skype sessions (which is similar to "live chat" and is something a number of our Forum friends like to do), please post your announcement--stating your intentions and what you are looking for--in the Singles section and let the LoA do its thing.

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    The "Playroom" forum section is like chat in that we can post other things besides Abe stuff. Check out Cafe Milagros, it's pretty funny and interesting.

    WellBeing, why not make an appearance there yourself you workaholic, you! Seriously though, I appreciate all you do here, and all the dank posts. Thanks.

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