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Thread: The Replenishing Mode

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    The Replenishing Mode

    When you let anything inspire you, that receptive mode is also the replenishing mode. . . .

    If it’s something you’re doing, if it’s an action thing, well there’s only so much action to go around, and that’s sort of what you’re describing [speaking to the HS]. But if you’re in the receiving mode, and you’re really enjoying something, then that receiving mode about that can replenish you about other things. You find yourself not sleeping, you are better organized. Things go better, yout timing is better.

    In the same way that you attracted the gift of someone gifting you a cruise [speaking to the HS], you receive the gift of all kinds of things, you see.

    So there’s a misunderstanding—the receiving mode will yield to you in all aspects of your life simultaneously. . .

    A checklist from this inspiration—these are the things I’ve got to do; these are the things I’m supposed to do—there’s hardly any replenishment in that. That’s depleting—I did this. I gave this so much of my time, and energy to this. And I gave this much to this. And I gave this much to this, and I only have this much left to sleep. That’s a de-plenishing mode.

    Replenishing mode—I did that, filled back up. I did that—filled back up. I was inspired to do that—filled back up. . . .

    Replenishing mode means what it says—replenish. Replenish. Replenish. And if you are NOT taking the time to get into the receptive mode, we know you are tired. You’re depleted. You’re giving everything you’ve got to something, you see. Really worth thinking about. . . Sometimes even with those things you care about, you get down in the de-plenishing mode, and then you give, and you give, and you give. . . that’s why people have so much shortage consciousness. You get shortage consciousness when you’re not in the replenishing mode. Because it feels like there’s only so much to go around and that if they get it then there won’t be enough for everybody else, and that’s never true.

    Replenishing—enough for ANY body who taps into it.

    You never stand out on your porch and say, “There’s a lot of people out there breathing this air today. I’m going to get [making deep gulping noises] as much as I can before they breathe it all up.” Or you never say, “I’ve been well for so long, I’m going to be sick for a month, and just give back. . . . I’m going to let my wellness go to some sick person.” You don’t think like that.

    And yet with energy, and effort, sometimes it feels like there’s things you gotta do and there’s things you want to do. And what we wish for all of you is that you only gotta do the things that you want to do.

    But that takes detaching from what others think you ought to be doing. It takes a true understanding of the blessing of selfishness. . . .

    The idea of responsibility and effort are counter to inspiration. The idea of hard work, and struggle—they are counter to inspiration.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, North L.A., CA, January 23, 2016

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    sweet butterfly
    Thank you SO very much!

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    alignment in the good place

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    Very helpful skylark, thank you!

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    thanks for this one, songbird!

    "Consider this; think about receptive mode,
    Tuned in to the source.
    Receptive Mode, call it what it is;
    Receptive mode, rejuvenating mode, replenishing mode.

    Nothing can deplete you when you are
    in the receptive mode.
    Nothing Depletes You.
    Because, you've embraced contrast,
    your not judging it in anyway, against yourself, or any other."

    Asheville April 2016

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    You have to care for YOUR replenishment, before you can help others.

    HS is burning out in her service for her disabled husband, who gets angry when she connects
    with Abe´s teachings.

    You being aware of them (all the nonphysical helpers and lovers, as her transitioned ancestors,
    or Wayne Dyer) is what we are wanting to call your attention to.
    Because, as you can feel all of that interest, all of that LOVING interest, all of that loving interest
    and awareness. All of that REJUVENATION, all of that RENEWAL. All of that REPLENISHMENT!

    That´s what being TITITO is about!
    That´s what the receptive mode mostly is!
    Oh, receptive mode is so delicious! It feels so fantastic to have clarity!
    But it is also the continual REJUVENATION, you see!

    So when you don´t allow yourself whatever it takes for that rejuvenation, then you´ve got
    nothing to give any other!
    And there are so many who think that what they want from you first and foremost,
    is your sacrifice. Because, in your sacrifice, you are proclaiming your standing with them.
    Your love and appreciation of them.

    But in sacrifice, there is no replenishment!
    And if there is no replenishment, than there is a withering. Than there is a burning-out.
    And THAT is what you are describing us, more than it is what your husband is demanding of you!
    It´s not HIS mindset, that needs to be changed here. It´s your OWN mindset.
    And that´s a wonderful thing, because you can change your mindset, while you can´t control his.

    (...) So as you said, "I stood up for myself, I stood up for replenishment, so that I have so much
    to give, to so many. I stood up for replenishment, because without replenishment, I cannot serve.
    Without replenishment, I can´t hold up. Without replenishment, I can be of no value to anyone."

    Sometimes, people have accused us, when they´ve not listened long enough to hear what we
    really have to say, of selfishness. And we say: ABSOLUTELY!!!
    We teach selfishness above all else!
    Because, first of all- you only have perspective of self!
    And if you are not SELFISH enough to align with who you are, you don´t have anything to give
    anyone, ANYWAY, you see.

    Denver, CO, 2016-06-11,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Reach for your own alignment for renewal (new)

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    This replenishment-thing is a really nice thing.
    Once you realize that it´s in and out, in and out-
    and focus actually calls energy!-
    so, if you´r calling energy to what you want, rather
    than calling thought to what you don´t want-
    then you don´t have that tug of war.

    It´s only your resistance.
    That´s the ONLY thing that makes you tired.

    Which means, it´s your perception of the problem,
    that makes you tired.

    Which means:
    If you´r focused on the solution, you will be energized.
    If you´r focused on the problem, you will be depleted.

    Denver, Aug. 2014

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    Let your dream live!

    Wasn´t it a relief to let your dream live a little bit again!?
    Because you haven´t let it live, very much!
    So, that´s the process..
    And once you do that, and you do that, and you do that...
    Maybe once a day, maybe twice a day-

    JUST FOR THE PLEASURE of the exercise, of letting your dream
    live a little bit-
    then what happens (...) THEN you get an impulse, to work on some part of it.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~letting your dream live

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    Acknowledge the VALUE of the pain!

    How to be in alignment, when you are in pain
    is to acknowledge the VALUE of the pain.

    Because, if you are railing against the pain,
    if you are seeing the pain as the indicator
    that you now have to do something, that you
    don´t want to do
    (as going for surgery), you
    can´t get there from there.

    You could have the surgery, but that´s not what you want.
    You want to know,
    how you can get to where you WANT to be!
    And, what to do about the pain.
    So here is what we KNOW about the pain.
    And as you hear us, things will shift! This is a nugget!

    Pain means, HELP IS ON THE WAY.
    It means, the cells in that part of your body, where
    you are feeling the pain, are active in a stronger way
    -because they have experienced contrast, and so the know
    what they don´t want, and they are asking for what they do want.

    And whenever any part of consciousness, which means
    the consciousness that is in your cellular body,
    or the consciousness which you are projecting with your
    own thought- when ANY consciousness asks, it is ALWAYS given
    with NO EXCEPTION-

    because as each of you who have a relationship with nonphysical
    energy, each of the consciousnesses of the cells of your body
    have a relationship with nonphysical energy, too!
    So they are asking on their own accord, without your permission!

    Just as you look into the microbes in the forest, and you accept,
    that they are consciousnesses! That they are beings, that they have
    their own relationships with your planet. Do you acknowledge that?

    And while you feel superior to them- you ARE different then they are,
    certainly, but not superior, because their relationship with nonphysical
    energy is MUCH purer, MUCH more in sync than yours, as
    a human species.

    So the cells of your body are requesting, and source is answering
    the request. But the request is translated through your brain!
    Through your thinking-center. And so, you are translating the HELP
    as PAIN.

    Nice to know, isn´t it! "Oh, hurt me a little more."
    So when you realize that the cells are asking, and that they
    have the ability to get into the receiving mode- and what have we been
    calling the receiving mode- the REGENERATING MODE.
    The RENEWING mode. The REFRESHING mode.
    THAT´S where that renewal comes.

    Your body is new again and new again and new again and
    new again,
    and new again and new again. Your cells are CONTINUALLY
    replenishing themselves.

    But so many of you, as you move through time, your cellular
    replenishment that is natural- you disallow. Because of the worry.
    And because of the stress and because of the struggle.
    And because of the feeling of unworthiness, you see.

    So, if you can from now on do your best, when you feel
    some discomfort, to just say:
    "This discomfort means, help is on the way."
    And instead of tensing against it, or plan to do something against it-

    instead do your best to RELAX into it.
    To accept it, to let it be alright.
    To NOT feel unworthy, because you feel pain.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 01 - 08, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - A process to reach alignment despite physical pain (new)

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    When Serving becomes the indicator for feeling UNWORTHY

    There is for many such a feeling of unworthiness,
    that you won´t seek your own alignment-
    but instead, you seek alignment for others.

    It´s like the true spirit of service-
    Service means: I will serve OTHERS.
    Altruism: I will set my wellbeing aside, while I strive
    for the wellbeing of others.
    And we have encourages Esther to facilitate us in writing a book,
    about the FALLACY of altruism!

    It´s a flawed premise.

    Because, if you do not align with the energy that creates worlds,
    the energy of source- you can NOT be of value to others!
    So, let´s point out a little more pointedly:
    (...) SOMEHOW; somewhere along your trail, you found yourself
    not believing in your own worthiness-

    and so you transferred your desire of upliftment to that of others!
    And the reason you´ve got so far out of balance, is because
    when you´r giving what you´r not hooked up with,
    you get more and more depleted!

    Makes sense from an energy-stand-point?
    It makes perfect sense, doesn´t it!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shouldn't Recovered Turn Back To Help Others

    Don´t BURN OUT!

    Your desire to help others-
    which has been the bane of your life...
    (...) WHAT IS IT that makes you so full -
    and everybody except us is going to tell you what a lovely thing it is!-

    WHAT IS IT that makes you so full of wanting to help others,
    before you even found YOUR OWN stability?

    It´s the same that got you here (into the instability).
    People, demanding of one another (...) -demanding of you-
    something, before you had your bearings!
    It´s like a parent badgering you into compliance, and then
    being MAD about you for not being happy.

    And now, I´m doing it to myself, you say?

    Yes. Yes!
    And it comes from learning flawed premises.
    It comes from people, saying "You want to serve others."
    And we say: OF COURSE YOU DO!
    We are all in this together. You WANT to uplift others.

    But if you don´t tend to your own alignment, FIRST,
    you have nothing to give another!
    (...) It´s right for you, it´s necessary for you,
    and not just necessary, it´s RIGHT for you to bring yourself
    into alignment. And to not just bring yourself into stability-
    but VITALITY.

    And THEN, from THAT place, help anyone who is vibrationally near you.
    And the thing that´s tricky about this is:
    When you get there, when you get into THAT vitality-
    those that you think you will help, won´t be in your vicinity.

    And that´s why almost EVERYBODY that goes BACK to help,
    loses their own vitality.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shouldn't Recovered Turn Back To Help Others

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