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Thread: How do I delete a previous post

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    How do I delete a previous post

    Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction to a moderator of this forum who can delete a post for me? It's really important that it be deleted. It's from last year. Many thanks

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    Do you really need to activate an old vibration by making this important?
    If it's a year old is it important at all?

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    yes it is.. are you a moderator? can you help? I'd like to do this please. cheers

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    Moderators are listed on the main forum directory and have the words "Super Moderator" or "Moderator" above their avatar (or, in Marc's case, "Super Kitty"). Please contact us by PM. Marc, WellBeing, and Hands in the Clay are currently the active team. Be advised that old post deletion is not a "given" if it is on a thread with extensive cocreation.

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    This Moderator is already replying to the member's PM.

    For everyone's benefit:
    Our Forum policy on editing or deletion of a post or a thread considers the time since it's been posted and, as my fellow Super Moderator HitC mentions, the contributions of others. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that we are on a public forum on the Internet and, as such, we are visited by the search engines on a regular basis. (I've noticed those visits on an hourly basis at times.) That's how they're able to give us those great and meaningful answers when we use those search engines. Once they have collected our posts (yours, mine, everybody's), it's beyond the Forum's control on any practical matter. A deletion or revision here doesn't change the now-public record of the post at Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

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    Thanks for your reply I've just replied to your PM. Re google those search engine listings stop showing up after a while once a post is deleted. After a year they're unlikely to ever show up. Cheers

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