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Thread: Joyfully Creating Wonderful Things in my Work

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    Day 1

    Ahhhhh what a wonderful morning, the cat is on hunting mood, thankfully birdies are smart and all grown up and like to tease him.

    I slept like 10 hours, funny, I awoke refreshed and ready and feeling life bright and extraordinary.

    I remember yesterday evening that it was an anniversary of my friend croaking act. I was probably sad and didnīt notice. Funny how emotions make you see everything colored with the one you are feeling at the moment!, that is why I love to notice, be aware in order to choose something better for me.
    For me, sadness was ok yesterday, today is time to celebrate life and hear the message of the Universe. To acknowledge that I want to play here and keep dreaming and putting things in my vortex.
    I learned something, I learned that it is not important if you get there or not, what matters is your everyday joy or emotions, not always joy of course. hehehe, but being aware of the road, fully present.
    So what, my Vortex has huge stuff!!!! yes, so much itīs difficult to imagine it can be reached this lifetime, but hear me out, that is just an oldstory belief. Because Iīve experienced incredible things this lifetime, what if I allow even more to show up? more of my dreams!, oh yeah, that feels good.
    So today is my first day of the next 30 day segment.

    And yesterday I thought about sales and likes and success.... and I just really want to feel good and enjoy the ride.
    I do know what I want. And if it is not showing up yet 100%, (it probably wonīt be 100% ever because I keep wanting more) is becaaaaaauuuuuuuse:
    because something in my vibration isnīt allowing it. hehehehe so letīs hit that.
    letīs allow more, letīs be happier and appreciate more what is.

    I want to leave it here today, because this feels good. I want to let the universe surprise me today, I want to enjoy my coffee, I want to feel joy in the studio, I want to open up my fb page and feel it fun, feel it honest and open. And I had a thought earlier, as I was about to post there, donīt do it if you donīt feel happy, or extraordinary, or funny. Donīt do it if you feel it like an obligation.
    So letīs see how this plays out, how this not being "responsible" posting eeeeach day goes.
    Letīs play, this new game of enjoying what is in my work, right now, today.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    Love and kisses

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    Day 2

    I had the most delicious evening yesterday, went to see a friendīs exhibit, he works with so much detail and precision!, it amazes me. I told the friend I was going out with that I am the complete opposite, hehehehehe which amazes me too.
    I am not kidding but I found a lot of people I havenīt seen in a long time!, not in the exhibit, in the street!!! walking!, and I decided to wear on of my rings, big one and it was the first thing everyone notice.
    Then we went to an incredible restaurant, desserts and coffee, (there was food, but that is not important, hahahaha) they have a catalogue of all their desserts!!! it was amazing!

    If I let Source be my guide, if I let my IB light up everything I do.... I can simply relax and forget about any worry, struggle, need, whatever it is that felt like compressing my chest and throat!
    Uh? interesting right? I just give up, (again, hehehehehe) and let go of my pre conceptions, I already know what I want, and I am sure my IB is even more aware and on point about it than me.

    So, I can relax and enjoy the ride.
    I can be delighted with all the surprises.
    I can just enjoy being me.

    Lately I feel like the world opened up and I am here just enjoying all the wonderful stuff that is ready for me.
    I can choose, and then choose again, and then explore...going wherever I feel the most awe, or excitement or ease, depending on what I want.

    Ohhh, yeah, letīs see, letīs explore, letīs live fully now!

    Day 2 is my day of acknowledging where I am.
    I am right here, in this wonderful moment in time, in this wonderful place, in this magnificent body.
    I am in the perfect moment to choose what is going to be my "now what". yes. choosing what makes me feel happier .
    I am in the perfect place right now, and from here I can choose my perfect next place and next feeling.
    I am in a state of constant creation and that is great!!!

    So Day 2 letīs keep exploring and enjoying LIFE

    Hugs and Kisses!!!!

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    Day 3

    It is so sunny!!! rain season is over, now we have cool nights and warm, not too warm days, the city is festive, every october there is a great fair, and lots of concerts and things to buy and eat too, hehehehe.
    Today Iīll go to the movies, I kind of want to walk but a friend is picking me up, hehehe.
    I choose today to be open..... to let others be and have their own view of the world.... in every sense.
    I am not sure why I am choosing this today, but Iīve learned to listen to my IB a bit more, so Iīll do that.

    It is a beautiful sunny morning, a bit fresh and I can hear a "lechuza"!!!! and owl, I think, it sounds like it.
    I would love to soothe this miniguilt I feel when the little voice tells me you have lots of things to do. I do, but I donīt want to today, hehehe, I feel like settling all that has been happening, ( either that or simply enjoy the day)

    Iīve been meditating a lot, without even thinking about it before, just moments where I go into my room or studio and meditate, I think all my energy has shifted so much...and what?
    yeah, thatīs the space Iīm in right what, like hearing, feeling guidance, now what, because everything feels different. I like it.

    Meanwhile, as I am translating all this wonderful energy, Iīll have a leisure Sunday. hehehehe letīs see how much I can enjoy eeeeverything I do today.

    have a fantastic Sunday!!!!

    Love and Kisses

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    Day 4

    Today Iīm meeting the boutique-gallery owner.... and I feel... normal, hahahahaha.

    The past couple of days "rejection" was the thing that came to my mind a lot. Not related to work really but isnīt the energy the same in all aspects of our lifes?
    if I felt it in so many places chances are that was a fear I used to carry on my work too, (ooooh pleeease, you do know you did, hehehehee)
    All right, no chances are, it was, now it moved. Or is moving fast.

    “While it does, and should, feel good to be appreciated by another person, if you are dependent upon their appreciation to feel good, you will not be able to consistently feel good, because no other person has the ability, or a responsibility, to hold you as their singular, positive object of attention. Your Inner Being, however, the Source within you, always holds you, with no exceptions, as a constant object of appreciation"

    And thatīs how I changed focus this weekend.... remembering, tuning into my IB, feeling how good it is to always have Source looking upon your every need.
    I used to feel like an approval beggar, hehehe, waiting patiently for a bit of acknowledgement, waiting for anything that proved me that others saw me and accepted me in order to feel worthy I guess? seen? loved! and it was the opposite.... you know the drill, you fear it, youīll have it, hehehe.
    Now as I walk this new way of seeing the world, see myself, I am feeling less inclined to tie my feel of worth? no, not of worth, of SELF, to others approval...or rejection.... except a few very close ones, hahahaha, that is what I worked on. And it feels like a great gift, something that is making my life feel lighter and itīs being easier to focus even better on what I really want. My happiness, Joy, adventures, freedom, wow!
    I think I get a bit now about the people that walks in this earth feeling so in tune with themselves,that enjoy and do and live everything they love and donīt care if others agree, a lot are called selfish, or egocentrics maybe, but can you imagine feeling so good about being you?, not needing the approval, or appreciation of anyone else?
    Um.... interesting right? I remember so much Abraham talk about someone you donīt know calling you to tell you they wonīt ever call you again, hahahaha,
    I found it so interesting too that those thoughts and all the meditating came out of nowhere, no situation at hand, nothing that I can remember that connected me to that, so I guess in the not being something recent, real, or emotionally charged it was easy to focus on my best feelings... not sure, it feels like a great opportunity to easily let go of oldstories. Like a gift.

    So now, today, I choose to focus on appreciating myself, and leaving the rest out of the equation, as much as I can, I am now training in this knowing my IB always appreciates me and is here with me.
    I choose to keep enjoying doing what I do, everyday I feel more and more excited about doing new things, I love it, I love that I have so many things I can focus and everyone of them gives me joy.
    I now know that this is a gift, and it is for me to enjoy. Others opinions donīt matter much, what matters is that I can enjoy my life...or not!, yes, what matters is that I can choose, I can choose how I feel, how I live!,
    I can choose if I react or simply observe and let others be and have their own opinion and life.
    I can choose to let all this happiness be known, yes, I no longer need to contain my joy!! ( that was draining, hehehehe)
    Um.... what a weird post, I donīt think it made much sense. hehehehe but it feels good.
    So today, Iīll look for things to appreciate and Iīll enjoy every minute of being alive!.

    Hugs and Kisses, and Iīll probably be back later.


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    Day 5

    Now I have a date for an exhibit!.
    It was an intersting day, I met the boutique owner, turns out is a big businesswoman!, has a tequila brand, a fabric of big publicity signs, and is quite interesting.
    I went with the intention of letting my IB do the talk I did notice when I was falling off the guidance because I stutter a bit, hahahahahhaa that is a new one!.
    She asked if I can exhibit the things I showed her in a month and I kind of wobble a bit and then felt the inner yes, I say yes, and I am doing some line for her brand.
    I feel......happy but normal, hahahahahaha, yes, because Iīve been focusing on the WHAT and the WHY so much in so many aspects that it feels like an excersise in allowing!!!.
    Now I want to fine tune my wants, hehehehe, yes I do,
    OOOOOOh all right I feel much more than normal, I am very very happy, hehehehe, I feel energetic and is fun!, and is exciting, and a bit nervous, (a bit more than a bit but good) and open, I feel like my heart has opened up more, I feel good!!!

    Today I choose to allow my excitment to be. to show, it is all right if I feel this good.
    I can express all my bubbly self and let the world know, not my problem if they like it or not,
    I allow myself to enjoy the adventure
    I choose to let it be wonderful
    I choose to allow all my dreams shine,

    I have a ton of things to focus here but now I have to run and meet an old teacher, my sculpture teacher, one of the best teachers I know.
    She teaches without being too obvious, she doesnīt talk much, she is there, she teaches in a weird way where we all come out being more ourselves, crazy isnīt it? So in tune with her work and clay and her roots.
    Well Iīll come back later and do my rest of the 30 about this new adventure and how I want it all to be.

    Love and kisses and a wonderful day

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    Still day 5

    I......have another exhibit!!! is a collective one but still..... isnīt this amazing? I turned down one yesterday because I thought I would like a better one to show up!!! how about that!!, yesterday! not even a day and a better choice shows up! And I dared to ask for something Iīd like better!!! and it shows!
    Plus an invitation to go work with ceramic sculpture again! I....I donīt think I can describe how I feel right now accurately!!!
    What is going on?!!!
    Hehehe I do know what is going on, I am allowing my true story to shine!, or something like that!
    It is funny because I am having such a great time now!, I feel light and happy and I am ready to roll.

    What was I going to work later on today? um.... finetuning yeah, but itīs not necessary, I rather keep feeling elated with how things are turning out.
    I rather enjoy this happiness and expand it!!!!
    I rather have fun and notice I even have everything I already need for BOTH exhibits!!! WOW!!! when did I do all that? where was all of it hiding? hehehe.
    I think I feel like in one of those games where you find clues until you solve the mystery, only in this game I play and have fun and then the mysteries get solve. The more relaxed and allowing I get, the more clues I see, and I get to see all clearly.... does it make sense?

    This morning I was having a tiny bitty little amount of doubt about not doing things properly in the economic department but somehow, right now I feel like I am doing things in a wonderful way, everything is working out, I feel good and curious!.

    See you later

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    Day 6

    I woke up with this weird emotions.....
    I am overflowing with energy, so much that I canīt translate it with clarity, hehehehe.
    So I think Iīll just do a bit of appreciating-rambling-whoknowswhat

    I feel electric, I literally feel energy coursing through my veins,
    I feel.....ready....I am trying to think how to write all this emotions....
    I am just superexcited, I have tons of images in my head, I have all I need to do this images in paper, I feel clear I feel happy I feel... expansive!.
    I love feeling this energy
    I love being able to move freely, and is not just vibrationally or mentally, my body, my body feels great, I can move with such an ease!!
    I love this cute cat that always come right at the moment I am in awe, or exhilaration, or in the highest feel of being part of LIFE!.
    I know we always are, of course we are life too, but there are moments, like right now that it is so clear and obvious and you can touch the energy around you, you can feel your heart expanding, you can see colors brighter!
    I love all around me, I love the sounds, and the smell of someone cooking somewhere in the vicinity.
    I love and truly appreciate this day.
    I appreciate so much how I see...different now, I look around and my heart feels loving
    I feel something like reverence? not sure what is the word!, in awe!.

    Now What?

    Have a fantastic day!

    Love and Kisses

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    Day 7

    Iīm gonna be focusing a lot on allowing....allowing the exhibits and this new manifestations roll easily, be magnificent, joyful, adventurous, and......I intent to have tons of fun!!!!
    Somehow, without being overzealous in my attention when Iīm off the track, somehow Iīll finetune and happily and easy get back to how I really want to feel

    This is such an incredible opportunity to play!!!!!, So Iīll start right away.

    I am now in the chocolate restaurant, hehehehe, drinking a hot 2x1 extra cacao, I feel at home, heehhe, I feel I can focus easier.

    So Iīm processing a bit to start.

    What do I want?
    I want the exhibits to be a success and have great reviews and sales too!!!!

    Why? just because I want it. hehehe.

    Iīve thought about that a lot last night, why would be the feeling Iīm wanting from this? of course happiness, thinking about it makes me happy.
    probably validation too..... so I can validate myself now. not waiting for anything to happen to find the feeling of I am good enough...(that is a bit tough but Iīm on it hehehehehe)
    Iīve been thinking a lot about why would I want to have great reviews, it still feels a bit like vanity, hehehehe but Abe tells a different story... Iīm focusing a bit on just allowing....
    If I tell it like I really want it, of course I want it to be super extra succesful I have to justify it? nope.
    hehehehe seeeee why I want to explore my fine tuning this weeks ahead? when I say just because I want it it feels so much better, no need to explain the why, because it feels good, because it feels fun, because I want it.

    So I want the exhibits to be successful and have great reviews... and I want to sell all my work there, hehehehehee, that feels a bit with more oldstorymomentum.....hahahahahaha.
    See that is why this works, sensations tells you where you are focusing not so fine. Iīm leaving that one to IB for now. I feel like if I focus too much on that Iīll get out of my flying zone.

    I do know one thing, that now, I am feeling very confident in what Iīm going to paint, I already have most of what I need done, but I want to do a couple of paintings and I feel confident, I feel ready, I know I have the skills, I know it is easy and it is fun and it is being fast.
    I like this feeling, this knowing I can relax and just do my work, without worries, without.......drama!!!! thatīs it!,
    Drama is leaving my life!, hehehehe, I like it. now is the time of Joy, of Happiness, of Fun. yes.

    And as I am ready for my second cup of chocolate (oooooh what ride the day will be)
    I am sending you hugs and kisses and wishing you a magnificent day

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    A lot of things start to happen when I focus more on what is wanted..... I notice, notice things that I didnīt like but I used to do because I felt like it was the "Only option".
    one of those showed up a couple of hours ago, and it is fun because I inmediatly noticed what was it that I didnīt like, and it was so easy to just turn my eyes elsewhere, with no need to...fight, justify, show thankfulness (now I get why Abraham sometimes mention that in gratefulness sometimes lies a bit of a lack vibration, or unwanted)
    it feels soooo good to just keep living my life and not get involved in all that!.

    So clarity comes with allowing what you really want in.... yes, lately I am finding a lot of insight about oldstories that seemed to get rid of and I am now discovering that a lot of those are no longer here!!!! wow.

    How many things have we found in our explorations here that we donīt even remember asking for? hehehehe I am happy. really. I am happy and I am a bit hyperactive, hehehe I already have the two sketches of what I am painting to complete the exhibit. hehehe.

    Wow. How easy and fast are things moving!!!!

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