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Thread: Joyfully Creating Wonderful Things in my Work

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    Joyfully Creating Wonderful Things in my Work

    Yeaaaah new thread, creating new stories, new projects, new collections, more adventures, more clients, more fun! in a few 30 days segments, because creativity is always flowing and thereīs always something new to dream about, to focus upon.

    You see? I have a wonderful job, I am lucky enough to do the things I love and receive money for it, but sometime routine, or focus on “what is”, makes it easy to forget it and the creative process seem to slow or stop for months and months.

    This is why I want to rekindle my romance with it. With my job, my creative process, everything related to it. I want to enjoy it all , even more than before!.

    Iīll begin with here and now, happily letting the old story go, nope, no weepy old story here, just whatever arises moment to moment, day to day, ready to align and from there expand the adventure of creating.

    Well I lie, Iīll tell you a bit of an old story, but a wonderful one

    The things I do as work? They just crashed into me, like appear from apparently nowhere when I was in a bad place and my life changed. Every time.

    I still remember the feeling of the first pieces I made, all the adventure of going to a different city and learn something wonderful. Work with metals, and enamels, and meeting wonderful interesting people.
    I loved how in love I was with it, is a wonderful thing to play with, and it has a life of its own, each piece and collection seem to create themselves.
    Same with painting, and sculpture, oh, yeah sculpture, and clay, I still can recall the orgasmic feeling I felt the first time I worked with clay. or I played? yes, more likely,
    I think each one has a spirit of itīs own, and a different way of showing up.
    I love how jewelry is always here, even when I didnīt have a studio anymore, (which I doooo nooooow!!!! Yeeeeah) there it was, in the back of my mind, in my heart.
    I love how easy the drawings of new pieces come, I love how everything falls into place as soon as I allow it.
    I love how the process doesnīt have to be perfect but it always ends up being a beautiful thing.
    I love to work with so many wonderful tools, I love the different pliers, the limes. I love the semll of paint, the sensation of the clay, oh yeah I love so many things!.
    And how you can see something evolving, oh yeah I love to experiment and when I mess up, itīs fun too, itīs the process of learning how to build a new design.

    Itīs fun, itīs something that zooms your concentration, you forget the world, you enter in a different zone, and feel so much focus, I love it.
    I love how it feels like a conversation, with whatever I am doing.
    Thatīs a few of the reasons why I love what I do.
    There is so much more!!!

    So Iīll play here, appreciating my work, my projects, my creativity.
    Allowing myself to remember that itīs play, itīs a gift, itīs a choice.

    Please feel free to join, play, comment, contribute, clarify if you feel like doing so!!!.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!


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    The birthing of my new collection

    Sometime ago I started having this ideas for a new line, jewelry, cards, and at that time flower essences, things started changing, moving, and now, I am ready ready to bring it to life!!!!!.

    But first I am letting go the "how am I gonna sell it?" yep, big damper, time to shift it, I donīt have to figure it all out now, and besides thatīs been taken care of already, so no need to stress.
    Now Iīm gonna focus on the collection.

    Your work now is to create the vibrational readiness that allows the specifics to flow into your experience.

    Your work is to ready yourself vibrationally for what you have been creating incrementally and specifically over all that youīve lived.

    Instead of setting goals and using your will power, your work now is to prepare yourself vibrationally in order to

    allow Law of Attraction to reach out to the cooperative components

    of your desires and bring them all to you.


    My work here is to trust, to allow, so no goals, no worrying, no deadlines, just me and my IB working with Source and all the fairies of the universe and NP friends playing and creating with us. I know what I want, I can see it, I can feel it, I have been dreaming it for a while now, and not just daydreaming.

    Iīve even been playing with the name, but it still changing, Iīm waiting for the input of Source there.

    Iīm beginning the work/play with the jewelry part, because I didnīt even notice how, it seems I have a lot already done! I have collected tons of seeds, leafs and lots of drawings, and already have a few pieces made, just pieces to put together, Iīve made molds in plaster to start other pieces, I have the studio ready, and

    I AM READY !!!! yes!!! I feel the love, I remembered how good it is!

    And now what?

    Now my intention is to allow, get in vibrational alignment and then.... then and only then Iīll take action, then Iīll dance with joy while creating.

    Now I relax, and let the Universe work, I relax and delegate and put the UM and NP friends in charge, and then Iīll sit and start using my pliers and limes, or pencils or wax and have fun, knowing that everything is going smoothly.

    Now I remember the joy that is creating something new, from scratch, the time it takes incubating, dancing around in an energy field, and when it feels like itīs enough, then Iīll sit at the bench, in the studio or in the park or in the coffee shop! all is work. all is joy.

    Now my job is to trust, to allow, to know that everything is working out and enjoy the adventure.

    It feels good.

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    Day 1

    I wasnīt going to post because I thought since I wasnīt going to work in the studio it doesnīt count, and then I remembered!!!! my work is to get into alignment, to raise my vibration and to enjoy the road.
    This is gonna be interesting, like the usual reactions clashing with the new stories...... So today I have a Kinesiology workshop and of course it counts, because it makes me happy, I enjoy so much learning, and it always amazes me how marvelous is the body, how complex, how incredibly functional. I love how if you move just a tiny part, a muscle, a point somewhere in the body another part gets realigned....... Ups, body is a great teacher!!! itīs the same here I can stop wanting to compartmentalize every aspect of my life! it doesnīt matter, alignment is an easy thing to do, and you can stop focusing on the problem you perceive ((((like the pain in a part of the body and the solution is in some distant, seemingly unrelated spot!!!!!)))) you can just let it be easy and marvel,
    so I think I get it. Get happy, your work is to feel ease and joy and then.... then alignment is there. no need to over analyze it, or working harder than it is needed.
    Wow!, I like it.

    I think I am very excited with this thread, the intention, the collection, with life in general right now. I woke up last night like at 3 am then at 4 I decided it would serve me better to hear some Abraham and I did of course, you always find what you need like an interesting way of shifting anything.
    Simply by "giving up" and "giving in" yeah.

    so I give up my need to do things the old way,
    I give up the battle
    I give up control, it hasnīt serve me that well anyway,
    I give up to struggle,
    Iīm giving up the worry
    Iīm giving up the control
    Iīm giving up judgment

    and I give in!!!!

    I give in to happiness
    I give in to ease
    Iīm giving in to inspired action
    Iīm giving in to my well being
    Iīm giving in to easy, to joyful,
    Iīm giving in to creativity
    I give in to my alignment,
    I give in to ease,
    I give in to the inevitable worthiness that is you.

    I give in to happiness,
    I give in to feeling good

    I give in to enough
    I give in to joy

    and she said "I give in to not giving..... a ratīs ass about what anybody else thinks about it" I loved it!!!!
    yeah I give in to that too.

    Yeah so the first day I choose to give in alignment and joy and ease!!!!

    See you later!!! have a wonderful day

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    Day 2

    A bit of a shifting things right now!,

    I would love to feel happy. Right now? I am not feeling it but I do know that it is a choice I can make,
    I am choosing to shift this, not the whole jump. I choose to feel better, there is nothing concrete here so I can easily just start to feel a bit better, and a bit more, and a bit more.
    I can choose whatever I want, and I am responsible of my vibration that much I know
    Logic dictates that I must find what is causing this sensation but I choose to do the illogical, so illogically I choose to shift my mood and start with a smile, just because I can.
    I can smile at how silly what I just wrote sounds!!!! yeah it does, but somehow it makes sense, well a little bit of sense, not much but itīs enough!.
    I am smiling now, it feels a bit better.
    I can choose some more, like to remember, "you donīt have to do all right now", oh, ok, maybe I can just remember I can leave the "you have to"īs behind,
    I can allow myself to do or not to do and still be happy.
    Ups, what a wobbly feeling, up and down.
    ok now I just give up, I think trying to "fix it" is not doing much, yeah yeah I know is too fast to see it? well maybe I can just give up wanting to control the damn thing, or sensation, I think Iīll do that, keep up with the giving up, giving in,
    what can I give up now?
    I can give up wanting to getting it right.
    I give up on doing things (process, shifting) well.
    I give up the idea that it has to be in a certain way.
    I give up wanting to control, is just an illusion anyway,
    I give up trying to push this sensation away,
    I give up.

    and I choose to give in
    Iīm giving in to ease,
    Iīm giving in.... in just a better sensation for now,
    it doesnīt have to be a greeeeat shift, Iīm giving in to grace,
    I give in to my IB,
    I give in to this delicious smell of food, right now, it feels soothing.
    I give in to a little more joy.

    I give up wanting.... well being honest? to get to work!!!!, (ouch)
    I give up the berating me for not doing it.
    I give up the barriers, the whatever it is that I used to tell myself, it really is old story, I just happily let it go.
    I give up letting it all go too.

    I give up "try" trying to feel better, trying to be good, trying.... it feels like a chore,
    I give in to ease,
    I give in to easy flowing, and quiet joy,
    I give in to my well being, I give in...
    I just give in to my glorious IB energy
    I just breathe and give in, breathe.... just giving in to ease
    everything is all right, I am doing good, the best I can,
    I can relax, now I can go play with the dog, I can go and water the plants maybe,
    I can choose to do things that feel nice, and I can feel relaxed, and I can enjoy the weather, I can hear the birds, (just a few right now) singing.
    I can smell the tea, anise, so sweet,
    I can pet the dog. She is sweet, I love her, last night I was hearing her soft snore, and it kinds of helps me to sleep, can you belive it? she is so loving
    you canīt help but love her back.

    Iīll stop here for now!

    feeling good right now!.

    SEe you later!


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    Day 3

    Good day!!!

    Today I woke up feeling alive and ready, today I woke up in my own universe, and I choose to create the wonderful story.
    It is a gorgeous day, the birds started singing very early, this day is a wonderful, creative, fun day.
    I am ready to enjoy it, I am enjoying it already.
    Today I choose to feel vibrant and I accept that everything is working out for me, even if sometimes I forget it for a bit. That is the beauty of it, it always works out for me. I remember feeling my "guardian angel" as a kid, sitting next to me, and always guiding me somehow, I remember thinking that I have a "good star" so I know the feeling, everything does always works out for me. I like that. I like that I remember that.

    So what about the studio? the studio is a universe on itīs own, and it is a very complex, very complete and exciting one. I choose to work in harmony with it, I choose to enjoy it even more than I do, I give up trying to be the "boss" I choose this to be a collaborative experience, me, my IB, the studio, and all who wants to join in, physical and NP.

    Iīm heading out now, Iīm going to the mountain with a couple of friends, letīs see what wonderful things Iīwe can bring to the studio, to the project. Maybe some seeds, some wood, definitely some stones.
    Iīll create more wonderful things today in my world. oh yeah,
    I choose to feel happy today
    I choose to listen and let be
    I choose to mind my own vibration
    I choose to find magic everywhere I look, it is easy, I do that often, but today I choose to do it even more purposely,

    right now I choose to leave and KNOW that itīs ok, everything is working out for me. (I am refering to traffic here, )
    I choose to know that I have everything in me to be the creator of an even greater reality.
    oh yeah,

    See you later!!!!

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    End of the day, and it feels so good, , I just took a shower, Iīm drinking a nice iced anise tea, and it was such a beautiful day! I went to the canyon with a couple of friends, one build a circle of stones and wanted to work on letting go guilt and debt. so we kind of did, I am happy to announce that although their intention was to do like a ceremony, very ritualistic, I respected it while I sort of focused on feeling, feeling the light, feeling the air, feeling lighter, feeling love, love for them, for everything I could think of, and the mountain, the mountain vibrates you know? it is an interesting feeling, is like a murmur and changes….
    I notice too how much Iīve done lately, because I couldnīt fill the list she wanted us to do, minimum 10 things…. but I did took the opportunity and let go of guilt about my business, and not paying enough attention to it, to my art, to economics the way “it is supposed to be”, yeah old story, and it was good to see it, and notice the feeling of tug and pull, just a waste of time really, I talk a bit with my IB and with all NP there, I asked for guidance, to earth , and the sun, I did it with the intention of letting it go with ease right there, at that precise moment. That now.
    I feel really lighter, and minding my own business, my business is being happy. My business is creating my world how I want it, for me, my business is getting into the Vortex. Oh yeah.

    It is incredible that I didnīt know the canyon since it is just outside the city limits!, what a marvelous sight. and there was this cat, kind of grumpy that stayed the whole time, watching, until we started eating, and it started meowing and got closer, it didnīt like the sandwich much though and got a bit offended. It was almost the color of the rocks, and it blended so well!
    I saw birds, lots of colors, and butterflies, they flew around my head!, yellow, pale yellow small butterflies, everything is a bit dry right now, rain hasnīt started but is beautiful, I feel so much love being outdoors, feeling the ground, hearing..... wow. I really appreciate the day. You see why the day felt like a gift?

    It was hot, 96° they said maybe more, I got pretty sunburned, but it doesnīt hurt at all and I didnīt feel the heat until we return to the city... interesting!.
    I only picked one stone, to talk to her, and a few seeds, but then I sat on my purse!, so nothing for the studio today. Just this feeling of wonder, of love, of lightness.

    For tomorrow UM please put together the best inspired action you can to get into the project more frontally(see, see? Some wanting to control? ). Unless you have a fun, expansive adventure to enjoy. You know what the best course of action is. So you are in charge.

    What I think I would love to do? oh yeah, I would love to do some wax work. Lest find the path of least resistance, letīs hear what IB says.
    But right now? Iīll enjoy the moment, my iced tea, and relax. I can feel my whole body smiling!.

    See you later!



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    Day 4

    What do we want to do today?

    Enjoy the studio
    Buy a dress for my nieceīs graduation
    Open my mind horizons a bit more.
    Receive guidance from my IB.

    What would it be fun, and creative and fresh to do in the studio today? well time to let the answer in the hands of IB, or the UM. yep.
    The dress..... well I can start knowing that I can expend the money for it and everything itīll be ok, or it can simply appear directly from the universe!!! it would be fun to really, reaaaally know it can happen and that would be a good way of opening my mindīs horizons more.

    So, back to business. How do I want to feel today. What do I choose to do.

    Right now it feels like Iīm in a bubble, and everything is here and is just a matter of picking up something, there is so much!!!
    oh, that would probably be the emotion a bit like overwhelm.
    but that is just a sensation I was choosing otherwise it wouldnīt be there, I can choose to shake it away, I can choose clarity,
    oh yeah, and ease.
    itīs good to see I have the ability to choose whatever I decide.
    It is really good to see it doesnīt matter what I choose, everything will work out. Eventually.

    do I want it to be sooner or later? it doesnīt really matter, itīs just a journey and I can choose to enjoy the journey or resist it. I choose to enjoy it, and notice when Iīm not feeling good, then let go or pick something else.
    mmmm yeah, so how would I prefer to feel today?
    I would love to feel energetic, oh I already do
    I would love to focus on ease, inside and outside, yeah the sensation of everything is cool, it feels good, it feels peaceful, itīs getting done the easy way, with harmony, with love and acceptance.
    I would love to feel loving, and loved too.
    I like the feeling of love, of appreciation.
    wow, interesting idea!, if I enter my studio and leave the "musts, shoulds, havetos" outside, and I just look around and feel appreciation, and love, same as I do with the dog, and the cats and the birds and the moon and the clouds.... what would it be like? yeah, you know, like when you just sit and contemplate with awe, with love someone dear....
    And if I savor the moment the same I do with a delicious food, how would it feel?, if each thing I touch, each tool, each bead, each piece of silver I just give it a moment of appreciation? a feeling of complicity? what could we create then? what would be the energy of everything there? Co-creation...

    Do you think my studio would love that, I think so, I would too. Letīs start doing it and see what happens....

    Iīm training myself for love, appreciation, kindness, I am learning to savor every moment, training to see it how I want it, from the perspective of my IB.
    and itīs just a matter of repetition until it is second nature,
    Letīs build the muscle! the muscle of love!!!! appreciation!!!! awe!!! expansion!!! creation!!!.

    itīs gonna be fun. It is already fun!

    Iīm starting right now, enjoying, savoring, loving my delicious cup of coffee!!!,



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    Day 5


    I love that the studio really likes the attention. It was a good idea, giving it loving attention, appreciation, looking all the wonders that are there, all the little treasures, I like it,
    I notice how much love Iīve put there over the years, how each year and each work leave its mark,
    I like the studio,
    I think is time to let it all flow with ease.
    It is time to let creativity be, energy flow with happiness.
    I like that.
    When I do the most is when I see things in wonder, when I am working on a piece and feel it moving with energy, changing, evolving, and as much as I would love to say I did it, sometimes it feels like they have a life of itīs own. I love that. So letīs play and watch and marvel at the perfect unfolding of things in the studio, and in general, why not?

    Leaving now, gotta buy some stuff for the studio.

    Have a magnificent day!!!!


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    Time to rest. I know all is working out for me.
    Going to sleep, letting it all go.
    Just enjoying the feeling that this was a good day, all the things that got done, all the ways I felt my IB presence, all the fun
    It was a good day, and I am just letting this sink in, surround me as I go to sleep.

    Good night!!!

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    Day 6

    The day started a little cloudy, and it amazes me how even the sounds change, rain season is almost here. A couple of parrots just flew by, I love them.

    Itīs friday, I teach a class today so itīs gonna be a great morning, itīs almost time to get ready to go. Meanwhile I am really enjoying the birds singing, not so loudly as the days before, and the feeling they left me today is ease, contemplation.

    I did play yesterday in the studio, I like being there, I like all the things it have to play with.
    I love that it was so natural, no effort at all, to get up and just go and melt some wax, advance the project, see what it works, and what not.

    I think this weekend Iīll do some shifting on the old story of fear, the fear to ruin the work and not doing it because of it.....
    I want to feel adventurous,
    Iīd love to feel playful, really playful,

    So right now I am not exactly there but itīs much better than before, Iīm already started to shift it, it is good!!!!
    For now Iīll focus on something else, somewhere when I feel my well being flow freely and then.... then the shift will be swift, will be smooth, will be something joyful!!!.

    Iīm taking the easy route, the path of least resistance...
    Time to go now, and bask in the light that itīs filtering through the clouds.
    Time to go and enjoy being, teaching, learning!!
    ohhhh and enjoy delicious coffee and desserts!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!.



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