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Thread: Joyfully Creating Wonderful Things in my Work

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    Day 4

    Goood Day!!!!

    It is raining and raining and raining and I love it, is fresh is wonderful!!!!.
    I decided last night that enough is enough, hehehehe, time to stop mopping around, time to start enjoying every aspect.
    Most of all, time to stop worrying about doing right or wrong or what are they going to say, or is this the perfect way.... I said it last night, and now I feel it with more firmness. So good.

    What to do? no idea I just had the resolution hahahahahahhaa now IB, What is next? hehehehe,

    this is probably the shortest post in my entire threadlife, hahahahaha,

    See you later when IB decides to share next step.

    Love and Kisses

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    IB decided to post something more on facebook, and it is so funny, it is moving and I wonīt talk much about it, hehehehe.
    Iīll just talk about how I feel.
    I feel in motion,
    Iīve done some great shifting and I do know it.
    it feel like confidence,
    and most of all,

    it feels soooooo good that I donīt care!. hahahahahaha. I donīt care about the opinions, family or anyone elseīs. oh yeah, I found my foot. or feet? not sure how it goes, hahahaha.

    See you tomorrow.

    hugs and kisses!!!!!

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    Day 5

    Ohhh this is becoming a party!, this new energy is fun, it feels easy!

    I started my "posting schedule" in FB, yeah, from everything I read and researched and all about marketing and stuff there was this little table to keep a posting strategy.
    Of course everything I read felt so heeeeavy and goal oriented and must and should olīkind of energy, yeah is perfect just not for everybody.
    but after (not kidding here) years of doing that and not being able to defrost myself, hehehe (yeah kidding again, hehehehe) I threw it all out of the window, an kept a few things and reused them with a few twists.
    Mostly, who am I kidding, only thing I am truly following is this, this threads, this inner process, this talks with my IB, and then I go where that takes me.
    Oh heavens I am rambly today!!!! hahahaha.
    So I did started putting a bit of order? strategy? whatever, just to have more clarity and because it feels good. and I am loving it.
    Telling the world I donīt care if it is not right was liberating, hehehehe.
    Oh, the sun is already up!!! I didnīt notice when!, this feels wonderful!.

    So letīs see, what are we doing with all this energy? having fun. keep moving, let the momentum increase and let IB take charge of it.
    I think part of my confusion was that I used to say "having fun, being happy" and thinking it had to do with not working? hehehehe so I am having tons of funs now, doing whatever it is I am doing. Words..... how we allow ourselves to become slaves of so many misconceptions about them.....
    Yeah probably not of words, maybe more of the notion of obligation? responsibility? not sure, I woke up very thinkity today.
    Yeah letīs think what we want, why we want it!!!!

    So letīs keep exploring this energy, oh yeah this energy of allowing.

    What would be a better matching belief to my dream?

    I love what I do ( I do know that no need to work on it, hehehhe)
    Doing what I do is easy, (yes)
    I have great succes doing what I love? (ooooooooooooh, letīs believe it)
    I love what I do, I do, and it is easy to do, because I do love it, everything I love fees so easy to do.
    Of course I can have success and money doing what I love, yeah I am changing all that crap I used to tell myself, to believe, is just thinks I used to tell myself, or heard or whatever, who cares? I donīt, not anymore,
    I donīt have the inclination to waste more time exploring that. I just want to enjoy every minute of my successful journey, of my fun and happy journey.
    It is so easy to do what I do, to love what I do, hehehehe.
    It is so easy to feel successful to feel abundant, to feel supported by the Universe.
    And it is all right if I go to the oldstory sometimes, is just inertia, but it is becoming rare to do that, yeah, it is easier to be in this energy of allowance, of knowing my true power, of choosing how I feel, what I think, yeah.
    So letīs match my belifes to my dream!!!!

    IB your job for today is to guide me in this finetuning, hehehehehe.

    letīs go and do our daily FB post!, hehehehe, is going to be about lovers, my works of art about lovers, hehehe. yeah!!!!!

    oh I love life.

    Ohhhhh and then, Iīll go for a chocolate.... um... nooooo Iīll go for a chocolate and post there!!! best idea ever!

    Love and Kisses

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    Day 6

    After a wonderful day, so much walking yesterday, I love that I am able to walk so much, I love that I have so many wonderful people around me, I love how many nice people crosses my path everyday..... after a wonderful day with wonderful experiences, I just slept for almost......10 hours??????? what!!!!!
    hahahaha seems so alien to me!.

    Today I want to focus on possible, of making my dreams possible in my heart!!! yeah, I read and work and process tons of stuff but this tiny change will work magic, I know, I am sure.
    And I found the magic formula, hehehehe, I am making this effort to appreciate myself, appreciate my journey,

    I know Iīve been doing it more everyday, I want to fly higher, I want to love harder, fuller, I want to love...myself, the rest will take care after this.
    Yeah, in this department of adoring myself...I adore what I do too, I adore this lady in the image, yeah looking to the world create itself and transform, evolve, I love that it is me, yeah, tons of years ago, (not so much, hahahaha), I love what I paint, I love what I do, I love my jewelry, I love to play with elements, with color, I love my life, my choices, yeah, and I choose now to make it possible, my dream.

    Well not sure what to post-focus on today for creating wonderful things in my work but I feel fine, I am taking the weekend off. hehehehe, or not, not sure yet.

    Time to go, Iīll probably be back later.

    Love and Kisses.

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    And then

    Instant Magic!

    I love to get appreciation, of course I do!!!! yeaaaah a friend texted me about a print she bought a couple of years ago and she says that in her office, everybody loves it and she decided to donated for an auction for their social work, yeeeey, she is so excited, and wants another print if I still have. (I do)

    yeah I love and adore myself, yes!

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    Day 7

    Ohhhh such a greaat energy after posting in the M&M thread...... yeah, I still rampaging inside.

    So, Iīll keep going.

    I am done, I am done waiting for anyone approval, hehehehee I am doing my thing.
    I went and asked a friend, (oddly most people I start to hire services from end up being great friends,) for an estimate to finish my first piece processes, and it was good,
    I love it, because she is so open, she never tells you what you should do, she just talks with you and help clarify what you want!!!!!
    I love it because I hadnīt notice that before, but there are different ways to be a friend. All well intended of course, all out of love but from the way we see and live the world.
    I now have this new intention of being that kind of friend too, hehehehe stop being a meddler, and start being and enabler of dreams!
    I love it,
    I love that I now have a clear idea of "now what" regarding my project,
    I love that even though I had this idea to do a particular piece base on one of my works about lovers, one appear out of nothing, and Iīm going with it, hehehhee, starting today.
    I love that I donīt have the most minimum idea of where is the mediums to do the next step will come. hehehehe, I know the Universe has my back
    I know Iīve done it tons of times before,
    I love this feeling of sureness, of confidence, of KNOWING!
    Knowing this is advancing, knowing every perfect component is already here, I can relax and start.....seeing them materialized, appear in front of my own eyes, (I love that, my own eyes, hehehe who elseīs?, I love saying stuff like that it feels funny)
    I love that I can relax and focus focus focus on good times, good friends, good work yeah work I love, that is good work, wonderful work time.
    I love that I keep posting on fb and started on pinterest, oooh yeaaaaah and I know I am moving and I know at the right time Iīll start promoting more actively, I know I know it is being fun.
    I love this feeling that is time to focus just on my life, leave the meddling in , carrying, living anyone elseīs life, yeah, hehehe, I can hear Bon Joviīs

    Itīs my life
    I just want to live while I'm alive
    It's my life
    My heart is like an open highway...

    yeah thatīs all I remember, but it feeelsgoooooood!!!! love with myself, with life, with my work,with the sun, with the birds singing, with the cat, beautiful loving cat.
    I love that I have plans to go out with a friend, but I can easily stay here too, I love my freedom of choice,
    I love all this!!!

    Have a fantastic Sunday!!!
    Love and kisses

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    Day 8

    Ohhh this is going to be short, (I bet no one believe me, hehehehehe)

    I am having such a wonderful time scheming. Doing a bit of this a bit of that, I am starting today with the wax of the new piece, and I am not sure if I dreamed it, or thought about it, but have a few new pieces ready to be born!!!!
    very clear images of them. I love that.
    I love that after I reach this point, where I can see clearly the pieces, the lines, the colors (not this time because is jewelry in metal) everything goes fast.
    the longest is the time of gestation? yeah where you donīt really know what, how, when, all the details, and you need to go into a very specific space, inner space, well at least for me.
    I know that sometimes I got frustrated, (in the past) but now, I know is part of the process, and with all the processes we do here, now is easier, because I believe is similar.
    I love that now I know where to move, I have a clear idea, a clear path and I chose to let it be easy.

    Of course there will be some more fine tuning, isnīt there always? but as of right now, I feel so fine.

    oh and I am off to show my necklaces and rings to a friend, I was going to say: cross your fingers, but hehehe, I know better right?
    what do I choose?
    can I go more general? hehehee.
    no time to do it right now, but Iīll be focusing on it on my drive there.

    Have a fantastic day!.

    see you later (seee? short!)

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    Thriving in the Stream of Wellbeing

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    Day 9

    Lemoooon hehehe how is it going?

    Day 9,
    I didnīt post in the morning, but I will rampage a bit!!!

    I love so much clarity downloading in my life lately.
    I love that I am finally able to focus on my studio with such loving, vibrant, hyper energy.
    I love that I sold 3 pieces yesterday!!!! I love that things are moving, I love how it feels, I love this sensation of life, living life, being alive.
    yeah, I love it,
    I love that I got to see this fun guy and he is going to continue doing my castings, I love that he thinks Iīm sexy, hahahahahaha, yeah I love that now I feel more confident.
    I love that things are going good, that I feel this energy of creation
    I......heavens.....I just feel very energized and loving today.

    Ohhhhhhh I woke up today and did meditate!!!! and send love to me and to all!!! ooooh can it be?

    Well, I put the train in motion and the train is gaining momentum.
    whatever finetuning nees to be done it is the best time to do it!!!! īcause baby, this train is gonna be fast!

    hehehehe, love and kisses!!!

    See you tomorrow

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    Day 10 I think

    I have this sensation I am skipping days, hahaahahaha but life is getting faster? no, fuller, filled with fun and wonderful high energy.

    I just now remembered something I used to say, that people that have tons of work is the best to hire if you want something fast..... why did I remember that?....because I get it, I spent weeks doing pieces and now I went out, started selling and nooooooow I am working so much faster!!! oooh now I get it is the energy, is the focus, is the happiness, time is irrelevant!!!!, yeah.

    I feel radiant, I feel vibrant, I feel alive, and I love that things are moving, and ideas are popping out,
    I love that it is so much easier than I was making it out to be.
    I love that I feel courageous and focused.

    Um..... I am loving this...... yeah, no longer discouraged by the little pebbles on the road...... oohhhhh, yeah!!!!
    I love this keep going, keep focusing enjoy the ride,
    it is not the is the road, the walking and moving and learning and having fun,
    having fun, I love it,
    having fun and....creating!!!!! I love to do new stuff and most of all, I love to have new dreams, or old actualized dreams!!!!

    I love that things seem possible!!!! there is this small change in vibration, you say things you want to believe and keep saying them and practicing even when a little voice, oldstory voice, whispers noooooo youīre dreeaaming, it is impossible..... then you start to notice a few changes here, some others there....and the voice gets quieter, sometimes disappearing, and one day, life starts to feel much good.
    You start to feel everything is more beautiful and you feel much much livelier!!!! and you keep practicing and practicing, fine tuning, fun tuning too, hehehehe, and all starts to seem possible, a bit more and a bit more,

    I am practicing and keep feeling better everyday, I have started to see life so different, feel people in a different way too.
    I no longer feel "slated-bullied-wronged-whateverohsovictimymeusedtofeel".
    I declare today that I am the responsible owner of my life and everything I put there, hahahahahahhaa.

    yeah, I feel fine, I feel fine if I am having fun, I feel great, I feel great if I enjoy my work, I feel fine being mad or happy, I am the complete boss of my life!!!!Why wouldnīt I feel great even if I have contrast? It is my creation and I am practicing, remembering how great I am, how free, how creative!!!! yeah,
    I am the creator of my life, and it feels great to feel that way.

    Yesterday I went to show my work to a friend, I decided beforehand that I was looking at her from my IBīs point of view, and gosh it feels so good.
    not because she bought so much of my pieces, hahahahahaha, that too is great, but I love to see people differently now, including myself.
    I love that now my life flows so differently........and it is just the start of this momentum, new momentum, ooooh I feel so good!!!!

    So let me tell you I decided on the piece I am starting to work, a whole new different design, and I love it.
    I have keep posting in FB. and I kind of feel like a responsibly happy being, creator? yeah.

    I definitely am doing the things I love and that feels magnificent. letīs keep exploring and creating and having fun.

    today I choose to keep the energy going, the vibration raising, the fun increasing, the wellbeing present!!!!

    Have a fantastic Friday and a happy Weekend!!

    Love and Kisses

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