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Thread: Buffalo, NY May 28, 2016

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    Does anyone have an idea of how long it takes for the CD's to be delivered? I'm really looking forward to listening back to my time in the hot seat. The experience is a little blurry to me right now!

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    It takes about a month or thereabouts. By the way, were you the guy for whose wife Abraham went on a rampage of appreciation?

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    Welcome to the Forum, Mbrennan5!

    My own experience with the CDs match skylark's, about a month or so (the "or so" is a function of the physical delivery time to where you are) after the Workshop.

    Many people share that their recollection of their time in the HS* is a little blurry. You're in good company!

    Have fun on the Forum!

    *You can find a translation of the acronyms and abbreviations that we commonly use here on the Forum in our Glossary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    Aww, thank you WB! Much appreciated!!! You know a funny thing? For some reason, I never feel like listening to the workshops I have attended, but THIS ONE? I can’t WAIT to hear everything again!!! It was so, so good. . . there was a point in the opening remarks, towards the end of the segment, before they began taking questions, when I suddenly felt this immense opening in my heart—like a seismic shift, and tears came to my eyes. It was significant enough for me to mention this to my husband in the break. And then later, in the closing segment, Abraham ACTUALLY REFERRED to how we had gone along RIGHT WITH THEM during their opening remarks, allowing ourselves to cruise to right where they were. I had SUCH POWERFUL goosebumps at that particular remark—it felt as if THEY KNEW me in that moment!!
    I love experiencing their knowing us, too, Skylark.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful love of all of this.
    Soooo good!!

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    It was an incredible experience. My first workshop (and I was first in line to get my seat lol).

    I didn't get called up, but funny enough, everything I wrote down on my list of questions got answered one by one by everybody who went up. So it was perfect. Some in forms of metaphor, others were just direct answers. So much so that Ester looked directly at me after a few answers, and paused... then stared for a few seconds lol. Kind of like "this is directly meant for you as well." Went through a bit of contrast as of late, and was beating myself up for not doing my best to align pre-workshop. Momentum was really high on that particular subject for me (plus lack of sleep for quite a while beforehand).

    But then I realize, it's all part of the journey, and I'll get nowhere beating myself up. It kind of is what it is. And it's alright. And, I actually enjoyed it immensely even given those extreme circumstances. So imagine how great it can as I iron out the vibrational discord within me lol.

    Note to self, stay in the hotel the night before so you can be well-rested to really take it in!

    That being said, I have plenty of Abraham recordings, and almost everything offered in Buffalo was brand new. I can't wait for the CD to arrive!! Can't wait to start another post about my next workshop!

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    My wife Merridith and I are enjoying so much momentum since the workshop. Thanks for the info regarding the CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbrennan5 View Post
    My wife Merridith and I are enjoying so much momentum since the workshop. Thanks for the info regarding the CD.
    Loved the rampage of appreciation that Abraham went on for Meredith. . . I was there with my husband, and as I closed my eyes, and let their words wash all over me, it felt as if they were talking about my husband. Each bit of it, every word, all the syllables washed waves after waves of energy over me. Thanks to both of you for eliciting such a powerful rampage! It was one of my favorite moments from the seminar—not the least because it was such a potent demonstration of how only a few seconds of focusing can allow the momentum to build up!

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    Hey fam, just wanted to give you all a heads up. I got my CD in the mail, but disc 3 actually has disc 2's content. I called AH Publications and they discovered that all the copies in the warehouse are the same way. They hope to have a replacement shipped by Monday after their supplier makes new ones. Give them a call if you have the same issue. (830) 755-2299

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    I live in canada, my tracking numbers (for the original and corrected sets) came, nothing in my mailbox yet. Soon enough though!!

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    Buffalo, NY May 28, 2016

    When everything always works out ... You get the correct version of the CD pack BEFORE the version with duplicate CDs!

    Everything ALWAYS works out for me!!
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