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Thread: Buffalo, NY May 28, 2016

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    Somewhere beautiful, England.
    LOVE that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by songbird View Post
    LOVE that.
    Love that you love that #VortexLife

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    Buffalo, NY May 28, 2016

    Quote Originally Posted by Mbrennan5 View Post
    Hey fam, just wanted to give you all a heads up. I got my CD in the mail, but disc 3 actually has disc 2's content. I called AH Publications and they discovered that all the copies in the warehouse are the same way. They hope to have a replacement shipped by Monday after their supplier makes new ones. Give them a call if you have the same issue. (830) 755-2299
    Hey Mbrennan5, you know that your love for your wife, and how much you express and feel that is evidence that you can create abundance about any subject you love to a great degree? Want proof?

    Your rampage about your wife is on CD 2... Which you now have 2 (or technically 3) copies of when the new discs arrived...... which is so powerful because now, EVERYBODY who ordered it got 3 copies of your rampage about your wife lol. If that isn't manifestation of abundance on a subject you love, I don't know what is.

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