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    HS (Jerry):
    Is the sense of adventure a positive sense?

    Yahhh!!! Oh yes, youīr born with it!
    It is the synonym to freedom!

    Taking chances with our lives, and with our wellbeing?

    Ohhh, coming forth into this physical experience
    is beyond physical description of adventure.
    Coming forth into this physical experience into the sea of contrast
    is THE freedom-seeking adventure of all lifetimes.

    Iow, there is nothing... you are born pioneers!
    You are born freedom-seekers.

    Look at this little buggers, when they come forth. Canīt you see it?
    They wanna eat everything. They wanna smell everything.
    They wanna touch everything. They wanna see everything,
    they wanna be with everything. And you say: "no, no, no, no, no!
    No no no. Be careful."

    So, adventure is a part of our being. The sense of it?

    Oh, it is THE most natural sense.
    It is the nonphysical attitude of "more".
    More, more, more,
    more, more, MORE, MORE!

    So is my observation that our prisons become more filled with beings,
    has something to do with people, continuing to have adventure,
    even though (...)

    Yes. And youīr on to something, because your prisons will get more
    and more and more, because the nonphysical energies that are coming forth
    are wanting MORE!

    Iow, these are freedom seeking beings of immense proportion,
    that are coming forth! The generations that are being born today,
    are perhaps 200% more in their seeking of freedom,
    and adventure, than the generation past,
    or beyond that, or beyond that!

    We just thought they are rebelling more against us "good" people.
    The teenagers... so, itīs not that they are rebelling so much,
    that says...

    Here is the cycle:
    They wouldnīt push against you, if you werenīt pushing against them!
    If when they came forth, and they said: "I want it all! I wanna do it all!"
    And you said: "Good! Itīs here for you!"

    If they said, ...if they came forth, they said to you:
    "I want to explore this!" -if instead of saying
    "Well, that is not marketable! You can never make a living of that!"
    -if they werenīt being squelched at every turn, they wouldnīt push against
    those, who are squelching them.

    Iow, you keep pushing against each other.
    They are born with enthusiasm, you try to slow them down.
    As you try to slow them down, they show you that they canīt be stopped.
    As they try to show you that they canīt be stopped,
    you try to show them that they can be stopped.
    As they (...) and so, you both are pushing against each other.

    And in the process, you are all disconnected, from your source-energy,
    and blaming each other, because you donīt feel good. And you both are saying:
    "If you would stop doing that, then life would be good!"

    And we say, thatīs not allowing. Thatīs not unconditional love.
    Unconditional love says:
    "I want so much to feel good, that in spite of these conditions,
    I will find a thought that matches my desire.
    So, this conditions can exist, and I will STILL feel good.
    I will still remain connected to my source-energy."

    Conditional love says:
    "I am an observer. I donīt know how to visualize.
    And I canīt feel good as long as you are doing that,
    so youīve gotta stop doing that, so that I can feel good."

    But you CANīT stop them doing that.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Appreciating a sudden realization of abundance

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    Here are more quote-collections that cover the topic of "adventure" as well:

    Abraham quotes vibing Exhilaration

    The Fun of Dating

    Quotes about being weird, genius and "doing it your own, DIFFERENT way"

    Abe about Erotic attraction, Passion and Sex

    Get ITV- and then... FLOW WITH YOUR PASSION!

    Abe-quotes about step 5

    Abe about those "Soul-mate"- Rascals who help us Becoming who we REALLY are

    "I donīt care." Living life fully, being unconditional, while trusting the process


    Allow ALL that you are, HERE. NOW!

    Allow ALL that you are, HERE. NOW.
    No blockage.
    No petty issues. No "I donīt like that way you did that"...
    None of that.
    Tuned in to source- and living life the way,
    you and source intended to live life, here and now!

    And recognizing, that anything we call issues
    will have to be considered petty- if we wanna be that...?

    OR step 1!
    Delicious step 1, clarifying points!

    You see, THATīS why we donīt get out of whack,
    when you get out of whack!

    We KNOW youīr having step 1, and you came here
    to have some of that!
    We know, NONE OF US can expand- there can be no infinity-
    there can be no eternal, there can be no ever-lasting,
    if there is no "new"- and there canīt be new,
    unless there are questions that bring new answers!

    Or problems, that bring new solutions!
    Itīs ALL part of it.

    So we bless you in every problem that you are in-
    and when you start embracing the problem,
    rather than acting rather than doing something wrong-
    then youīll be who you really are,
    moving through this life-experience.

    Phoenix, Dec. 2014

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    NONE of you want absence of contrast!
    You want to keep figuring it out-
    you are an evolving being!

    Phoenix, Dec. 2014

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    We want you to TRUST that your guidance is working.
    And realize, that "risk-taking" -letīs really push this, a little bit,
    Whatīs the difference between a strong ADVENTURE,
    with extra-ordinary potential, and RISK?

    Itīs very little vibrational difference!
    Itīs just in what YOUR PERCEPTION of it is!
    You see, weīr not encouraging such different behavior
    from you, weīr encouraging a different PERSPECTIVE
    about the behavior.

    Weīr encouraging to modify the feeling of RISK
    into the feeling of ADVENTURE!
    And modify the feeling of FALLING DOWN into
    the feeling of CLARIFICATION.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    You can do ANYTHING, you see!
    You can do ANYTHING. There is nothing off limits for you.

    In a sense, you are saying: There was something difficult,
    that happened to me, and I figured it out. But now,
    there is something else that I canīt figure out!
    And we say, well, youīr wiser than that!

    (...) Because if this time-space-reality has the wherewithal
    to give you a desire, it has the wherewithal to deliver
    the full, conditional, manifestational,
    evidential, materialistic results!

    Iow, you can be denied NOTHING,
    now where you know what you know!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    Not caring about the problems.

    (Freedom) is NEVER CARING AGAIN about what anybody else
    thinks about what youīr doing!
    Thatīs the ONLY FREEDOM!

    Because, if youīr trying to jump through hoops, to please them,
    then youīr not gonna be lighthearted.
    And then youīr not gonna feel free, and youīll come to resent them,
    so soon.

    And so weīr asking all of you (...) do you have the clarity,
    do you have the willingness, the GUMPTION, do you have the momentum-
    thatīs even a better word, do you have the momentum
    to not care, what somebody else thinks, about what youīr doing?

    Ohh, if you could get there... if you just could get there!
    Practice these words with us!
    (Audience repeats all of Abeīs sentences)

    I donīt care!
    Itīs just how I am.
    I like it this way!
    Life is SO FUN for me!
    I donīt care!
    Iīm sorry youīr upset- but I donīt care.
    I want your world to be really good- but I donīt care!
    I would like everything to go really well for you,
    but I canīt fix it, and so- I donīt care!

    "Well, I want a divorce then, when you donīt care."
    -I donīt care.
    "What do you mean, I donīt care??"
    -Well, I donīt mean I donīt care about anything,
    because there are a lot of things I do care for!

    I care about feeling good. And I care about clarity.
    I CARE about being in the receptive mode!
    I care about being an uplifter!
    I care about myself, in any moment of time!
    I care about being of value. I care about feeling good.

    I care about this magnificent environment!
    I care about whatīs in my Vortex.
    I care about whatīs in your Vortex!
    I care about everything that you desire!
    I care about all good things, coming to me and to you.

    I care about us all, living all happily ever after!
    But what I donīt care about, are conditions I cannot control.

    What I donīt care about, are things that take me out of my alignment.
    What I donīt care about- meaning, I have no momentum
    about it anymore, -I donīt CARE-, itīs no hook for me,
    itīs not a knee-jerk-response to me,
    Iīve trained myself to CARE about what infuses me,
    not what diffuses me!

    I care about what LIFTS me, not what lowers me.
    I care about what feels good, not about what doesnīt feel good.
    I care about alignment.
    I care about being an extension of source,
    I care about fulfilling my reason for being here.

    I care about being in this world,
    and not about necessarily only of this world!
    I care about the WHOLE of me, being present in this moment.
    I care about all, who have gone before me.
    And all that theyīve come to know, and all that they do now know,
    and all that they are presenting to me.

    I care about the revelation thatīs coming constantly to me,
    and I care about being in the receptive mode of that.
    I care about being on the leading edge.
    I care about contributing in positive ways.
    I care about feeling good, and I care about others feeling good.

    But what I donīt care about is that, that I canīt control-
    and what I canīt control, is everything that is conditional,
    and what I CAN control, is everything that is unconditional.

    I CAN CONTROL the way that I feel: I have practiced it,
    and I can hold a steady vibration.
    I can stay in vibrational sync with who I am-
    I can present the whole of myself, in this time-space-reality,
    in any situation.

    I can walk into any situation that is raging in discomfort,
    And because Iīm not hooked into it,
    Iīm in vibrational alignment of the solution they are all seeking!
    -They are all bound up in the problem.

    But I donīt CARE about the problem!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    “You will recognize that you are the inviter, the creator, and the attractor
    of all things that come to you; and you will, indeed,
    then have deliberate control of your own life experience.

    And, in all of that, you will then, and only then, feel free –
    for freedom comes
    from an understanding of how you get what you get.”


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    Every time they pass a law that you don't like,
    throw it in the bucket with all of the others.
    It will not affect you.
    Justification of your opposition will attract it to you, however.

    Give your attention to what you are wanting.
    Withdraw your attention from what you are not wanting —
    and live in the freedom that is absolutely yours,
    the freedom that no one, under any conditions,
    can ever take away from you, no matter how hard they try.


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    Stop holding back!

    You are holding yourself back from your fair share-
    because youīve got bogus beliefs, and flawed premises
    that keep you from letting your
    self have your fair share.

    So, in that limited thinking, you donīt let yourself
    WANT in the way
    that you NATURALLY do.

    And you practice not letting yourself want,
    with such deliberateness-
    because, you donīt wanna look bad!
    You donīt wanna be talking about stuff,
    that you canīt demonstrate, right now.
    But we want you to be talking about stuff,
    that you canīt demonstrate-

    because we want to be the
    that, what youīr going for.

    Weīr out here on the leading edge, friends!
    Way on the leading edge.
    As we visit with you, most people come to us initially
    they just wanna figure out how to live a better life.

    They just wanna figure out how to have more money,
    and more friends, and have nicer friends in their life-experience.
    And, to fulfill their reason for being, and... itīs a long list
    that you want.

    Few of you understand, that the key
    to what youīr looking for
    that you are up to speed with!

    Thatīs REALLY what youīr looking for.
    If either of those elements is out of whack,
    if you donīt allow a fast moving vibration-
    and youīr not up to speed with it- you donīt feel so good.

    So, in the early days, you allowed a fast moving vibration-
    but you werenīt up to speed with it-
    you felt BAD.
    And so you say "Iīm not gonna do that again!"

    And weīr saying: But donīt let the thing that you give up be
    the fast moving vibration!
    The fast moving vibration must be encouraged.
    What you wanna do is GET UP TO SPEED WITH!
    So we want you to talk more, with more sense of ownership,
    about who you really are, and whatīs coming!
    We want you to say things as:

    "I am one of the most vibrationally prosperous people
    that I ever met!

    I understand the laws of this Universe!
    I understand how things work.
    I get who I am! I can feel the power of who I was
    when I was born.

    I can feel the perfection of my choices.
    And the contrast that lived was SO PERFECT for me.
    Iīve launched so many rockets early in my life-experience!

    And my vibrational reality, my Vortex, is HUGE as a result
    of that early work, that I did, here in this physical body.
    I am SO happy that I was always on my path,
    and that I did exactly what I was here for,
    and I love that there is a ROBUST vibrational calling,
    that is calling me in a really powerful way!

    And I revel, in every hint of it, every inkling of it that I get,
    And I love being consciously aware of my emotional guidance-system!
    I LOVE KNOWING when Iīm letting myself be up to speed, and when Iīm not!

    I am poised for the perfect life-experience!

    I donīt compare my life-experience with 1 other person,
    because what they have, what they are doing, what they are thinking
    how theyīr being, how theyīr feeling REALLY is irrelevant in terms
    of MY relationship with who I am.

    Itīs irrelevant with who I was, coming in.
    And who I was when I was born, and who I am, standing here,
    and who I am, as a nonphysical energy.
    is the relationship between who I really am-
    and who I am letting myself be.


    I love thinking about my unlimitedness!
    I love thinking about my worthiness,
    my blessedness!
    I love thinking about the possibilities!

    I love knowing who I am, and I am SO EAGER
    about manifestations of my life showing that to me!
    (Abe tell the story of Esther, manifesting her "castle")
    And as she (Esther) sat there, trying to comprehend the bigness
    of the manifestation,
    she understood the perfection of the alignment
    that she had accomplished.

    She didnīt even know, she had accomplished that alignment-
    until the manifestation came into full, blossoming view to her.
    And thatīs the reason why you look for conditions!
    Because conditions feel so good
    when you allowed them to develop, from ALIGNMENT, you see.

    This is what we want for all of you:
    We want you to allow the vibration, that you have contoured,
    the vibrational reality that you have created,
    we want you to FEEL the essence of it,
    -not demand the condition of it, but FEEL the essence of it!

    Because we want the essence of it
    to become FULL FORM into your experience.
    Because when you allow it to become full form
    into your experience, thatīs when your culmination
    of your alignment is FULLY REALIZED by you!

    (...) But if the manifestation of it is necessary, before
    you allow to feel it, you canīt get there from there.
    So you have to find some way of being happy with HAPPY.
    You just have to be happy with happy.

    Our message to you is: STOP HOLDING BACK.

    from the clip
    *NEW* Abraham Hicks (3.21.2015) Fort Lauderdale (2 of 3)

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    You see, you are all explorers, you are all adventurers.

    Esther remembers nothing more fun
    than getting on one of those pink jeeps

    and being driven down paths that are not trails, and trails that are not roads,
    up the sides of rocks in the most ridiculous combinations of things.
    In other words, you don’t want to take your seatbelt off
    if you’re gonna take that pink jeep tour.

    It was SCARRY and SO FUN.

    The adventure of it was amazing.
    Going to places that she didn’t expect to be,

    crawling up rocks in a jeep contraption.
    In other words, it was exhilarating, exhilarating, exhilarating,
    but it was not without contrast, you see?

    And so what we’re really saying to all of you is,
    you get to decide how much variety you are willing to explore

    in order to create the Vortex that you want,
    and then how much you are willing to tune to what you’ve put there.

    Abraham March 15, 2014 Sedona, AZ

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