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    Things to do, every day!

    "...if you are wanting in an altruistic way to be of advantage
    to everyone you know, you first have got to find a way
    to be of advantage to yourself,
    which means you want to carve out more time to be nicer to yourself,
    more private time, more time under the bridge, more time
    where others are not telling you what to do, more time when you are
    satisfying your own personal intention for things.

    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    we would do these things every day, and then
    anything else that you have time for:

    -We would meditate for 15 minutes every day, which means,
    we would quiet our mind with the simple intention of allowing our cork
    to float.

    -We would go outside no matter what the weather and we'd move around
    in it in appreciation of this planet. We would look up and around, and
    we would find things to acknowledge and we would talk about them
    right out loud. Esther walks through her gardens and says to everything,
    'You are my favorite.'

    Third thing, we would buy a notebook.
    We would call it 'My Book of Positive Aspects,' and we would fill at least
    3, 4, 5 is even better, pages of positive aspects.
    5 different subjects, and write positive aspects of them, training your
    vibration into that upward place.

    And then there is one last thing, that if we were standing in your
    physical shoes we would do every single day.
    We would look upward, and outward - it's best if you do it outside
    or standing at a window - and we would acknowledge that there are
    Universal forces that are focused right at you.
    We would acknowledge by calling it by name, if you have a name
    that you like. And we would say, 'I acknowledge that I am the object
    of your positive attention, and I am appreciating your continual gaze
    on behalf of my Well-Being.
    And today, no matter where I am, no matter where I'm going,
    no matter what I am doing, and no matter who I am doing it with,
    I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with me,
    appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me,
    inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, acknowledging me,
    supporting me, assisting me, inspiring me, helping me, guiding me,
    aware of me, loving me, showing me, inspiring me, guiding me,
    helping me, uplifting me, showing me.'

    Get into an endless loop of that acknowledgement, and watch what begins
    to happen in your life as soon as this day.

    Your Vortex is filled to the brim with specific requests that you have put
    there and that you are deserving of the realization of.
    And it's time for those realizations to be flooding into your experience,
    at a rate that will astonish those who surround you.

    It's time for you to remember what you've put there and to bring it
    forward ACTIVE into your today experience.

    From the workshop in Sacramento, CA, 2/9/13

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    "If we could convey something to you,
    above all other things that we wish to convey to you,
    it's that you can trust that you have put it well into yourVortex.

    And the Universe is delivering it to you well.
    And your work
    is muchless work than you've ever thought that it is.

    It really is about keeping yourself in that general happy place
    and once you accomplish it, the specifics will come more."

    North Los Angeles, CA, 1/26/13

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    You weren't cast here as a test to see, if your strength
    and willpower could get you through the turbulence of life.

    You're here to issue directives - whatever you wish -
    to a responsive universe, that conspires on our behalf.
    This universe yearns to see your smile and hear your laugh,
    because you are IT- personified, and thus, how it smiles and laughs.


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    What source would do, in our physical shoes...

    Put yourself in bed tonight and acknowledge
    while I slumber momentum will stop,
    and in the morning I can start it where I choose.

    When I get up in the morning,
    I am going to choose a grid spinning disk

    I'm not going to let my email choose it for me.
    I'm not going to let what's on television choose it for me.
    I'm not going to let the phone call that comes in choose it for me.
    I'm not going to let anything choose it for me.
    I'm going to choose it for me.

    And when you wake up, lie there and make a good choice.
    Something that doesn't have any negative momentum going.
    Something that has some positive momentum going.
    The next thing that we would do is say to ourselves
    I'm going to meditate everyday.

    I'm going to set aside 15-20 minutes to quiet my mind and
    stop thought because when I stop thought I stop momentum,
    and when I stop momentum I can start momentum where I mean to.
    Meditation is the best process for me laying new pipes that
    I have thus far, and i'm going to do it everyday.
    I'm going to stop momentum and i'm going to lay new pipes.

    And the other thing we would do, is watch for positive momentum
    and we would keep it going-
    that's what books of positive aspects are about,
    that's what rampages of appreciation are about.
    You see that with us at gatherings every now and again
    we will get something going or something is, and the momentum
    is such that we will just ride it out,
    because it feels so good that we just ride it out.

    That's what we would do,
    and we wouldn't make to much of this. We all do.

    Abraham4-28-2013 San Antonio Workshop

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    Wedding Vows

    "I look forward to all that is before us.
    I look forward to our differences and I look forward to our sameness.

    It is my promise to you that I will do my very best to
    mind my own business and keep myself as happy as I possibly can.
    If I see a flaw within you, you will not hear it from me.
    I will do my very best to take my attention from it.

    I will not achieve vibrational harmony with anything within you
    that does not please me, for I know surely that in doing that,
    I will not be in vibrational harmony with my own desire-
    and that is the only thing that could possibly ever cause me
    any sort of grief.

    I am emphatically excited about what is before us.
    I look forward to us being together.
    It is my promise to you that I will be as nice to myself
    as possible and in being nice to myself, I will be as nice to you
    as possible.

    One thing I have decided is that I am going to be as selfish as I can be.
    I am going to be so selfish that I am literally unwilling to hold
    any thought that does not feel good.
    This is the gift I give to you.

    I am going to be so selfish, I am going to stay so connected
    to my core energy, so that I will be an uplifting influence
    in your physical experience.

    I am looking for opportunities to flow the radiant joy that is me."

    Abraham G6-22-96

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    Thank you, Qzi!

    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!
    Lighten up!

    Everything that we are talking about here, from the first subject
    to the last is about lightening up!

    It's about not making such a big, hairy deal of things that just don't matter.
    It's about getting in the Vortex and lightening up and feeling better and
    loving myself more and having more fun.

    In other words, you want your world to be
    light and free.

    You can't organize the world, and you can't organize your home.
    You just got to get into alignment with who you are.
    And then your body and your home will take shape around you,
    to match this vibrational alignment that is taking place within you.

    Philadelphia 6/11/09

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    ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder)

    HS asks about Abeīs input about what is going on
    when children have ADHD?

    Theyīve got too many people in their business.
    (big cheering)

    Because, they get an impulse, they get the flow- and then somebody
    says, "Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Thatīs NOT what you are supposed to be doing,
    right now!" -So, they are getting short-circuited.

    They getting impulses, which are disallowed by people, that are around
    them. Ahh, isnīt that a WONDERFUL thing to acknowledge?
    -So, whatīs the result? Give them lots of drugs, so that they canīt focus
    on what they want!
    Thatīs what society does:
    "Donīt follow your impulse. Your impulse is all over the place!"

    OF COURSE their impulse is all over the place! They are TITITO, they
    are gtting lots of impulses about lots of things!
    Compliment them of their fast moving mind.

    Rather than offering them discouraging words of not being able
    to focus on some DUMB thing that they donīt WANT to focus on!

    Think about it, do you remember what it was like, to be in those
    classrooms, where they wanted you to think about stuff, that didnīt
    matter to you? When they were in the process of wearing you down,
    and disconnecting you from your own guidance-system?

    So what you wanna say to anyone that you know, got it:
    "Good for you!! I want some, too.
    (big laughter)
    I want lots ideas to flow, and also a belief of being able to move i!"

    (...) Letīs talk not about a child, but with an adult with it. (...)
    So, there is a desire thatīs focused upon a vibrational condition that
    is not moving them to what they want. So, theyīve got split energy.
    And in their split energy, the desire of them is SO strong, but the
    split energy is preventing it- and THATīS why they are responding,
    in the way that they are!

    So itīs sort of, most any of you who come in an audience like this,
    to visit with us, and we say to you, that you want something and
    believe it, than IT IS. Than itīs easily accomplished!
    But if you want something and you doubt it, then there is a tug of war
    going on, inside of you!

    And so, that is really what is at the heart of this diagnosis!
    There is split energy, which is a tug of war, which manifests in
    someone appearing to be unhappy, or overrode, or "out of control".
    And we understand why there is societies desire to slow
    your desire down!

    Because the truth is- if you didnīt want that thing you donīt believe
    you can have- you wouldnīt have tension!

    (...) We really want you to feel the impact of this:
    If you didnīt want that thing you want, that you donīt believe- there
    wouldnīt be tension. But here is the big important thing:
    You CANīT STOP wanting!

    Your life has caused you to put it in your Vortex, and your IB is
    calling you towards it. Thatīs like saying to your IB: "Life caused me
    to become this vibrational version of me. But I donīt want to become
    it, because society doesnīt believe that I should.
    Or, I donīt believe that I should!"

    So this is a big deal that weīr talking about, here.
    This is THE diagnosis of split energy!

    So the question is, how can I help someone soothe their energy?
    How can I help myself, or help anyone else, to stop that contradiction?
    And the answer is:
    Get GENERAL about the subject.
    The answer is:
    Be a SOOTHER, not a disciplinarian.
    Be a SOOTHER, not a dispenser of drugs.

    Because what the drug does is, cause them to diffuse the focus
    on their desire. And so it might look like itīs helping- but it REALLY
    isnīt helping. Itīs just slowing the creative process!

    The answer to everything (...) is:
    Split energy is the reason for everything that you
    donīt like.
    And aligned energy is the reason for everything that
    you DO like.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ ADHD - I want some too

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    Think of this random Universe where everything is possible.
    The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction.

    If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the
    organization and the managing, then you can spend
    your time doing the things that please you.

    Excerpted from: Cincinnati, OH on September 21, 2002

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    Make the decision to laugh your worries away!

    For every single thing you want,
    there are 20 or 30 or 40 available avenues to open right now.
    Right now, to lead you closer to what you want. Right now, they’re there
    ready to pop with you just turning downstream.
    But the problem with being turned upstream, is you have got
    the upstream habit, and you have gotta develop the downstream habit!

    And when you start developing the downstream habit, people are going
    to say "What have you done? It’s like all that stuff was lined up, outside
    your door. How’d you get the door open?
    Avalanches of things you’ve been wanting,
    just begin coming into your experience."

    And you say:
    "Well, I just stopped worrying about it not happening and it started
    happening. I just started playing the positive what-if game, instead of
    the negative what-if game.
    I just started feeling more optimistic and not so pessimistic.
    I praised more and criticized less.
    I stopped beating up on myself and loved myself more.
    I looked for reasons to feel good. I breathed deeply and took walks.
    And I said:
    Thank you for this planet.
    Thank you for this earth.
    Thank you for my body.
    Thank you for my fingers.
    Thank you for this stomach.
    Thank you for this digestive system.
    Thank you for this oxygen that I am breathing.
    Thank you for this hotel.
    Thank you for this light.
    Thank you for the… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…

    -I just got in this mindset of appreciation of all the magnificent things
    that *are* working for me. And when I activated that, then everything
    started working for me."

    The majority of what’s going on in all of your lives is working so well
    and yet you find the one thing that isn’t working and give it your
    undivided attention and let *it* be the basis of your vibration.
    You gotta get happy before the solution comes,
    and then the solution will come.

    It’s a wonderful thing when your desire to feel good motivates the
    direction of your thought. That’s the guidance you were born with,
    you see. For us it’s humorous to listen to any of you, fretting over
    the timing of something unfolding- because we see what you want,
    and we see the vividness of it and the bigness of it and the power of it
    and we wonder why you worry about anything.

    And you say, we have been trained to worry. And we say:
    Yes, but does it serve you?
    -And you say, "well we don’t know what else to do." And we say:
    Try doing something else. Make a decision. Write these things down:

    "For the next week, I’m going to catch myself in the act
    of worry and I’m gonna laugh about it.
    I’m going to laugh my worry away!

    I’m gonna catch myself in the act of not enoughness
    and I am going laugh my feeling of not enoughness

    -Just take those two subjects and make a decision that you’re going
    to laugh them away and you will be amazed at how often those two
    subjects will rise within you in a day -and you’ll have the option to
    turn downstream. And a week from today, things that looked far and
    distant and even impossible will be realities in your experience.

    That’s how ready to POP your vibrational escrow is.
    That’s how ready it is.


    (Thank you Qzi!)

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    Deadlines vs Lifelines

    Whatīs really interesting about this word "dead-line"...
    think about it. "DEAD...." think about what it means! (laughter)
    And think about the flawed premise that people even approach that,
    from! When they speak of "dead", they mean, the end. There is no more!

    And there isnīt even any dead-line in DEAD!
    Because you are eternal beings. The whole premise of a dead-line
    is FLAWED!

    Letīs speak about deadlines in the way physical people mean it anyway.
    So when you believe, and a lot of people do, (...) when you say
    "I need to accomplish such and such in this much time, this means
    I need to offer this much action for this much result in this much time."

    They are almost always OOTV when they are doing that, and they are
    not utilizing the leverage that being ITV would allow them!

    (...) If you donīt take the time to get ITV, then everything is harder.
    So, everything takes more time. You have to go back and do things
    over, again, you rendezvous with people who donīt know what they
    are doing- iow, and so when you got this time-crunch that youīve got
    going on, it just gets worse and worse.

    Itīs like, the more out of balance you get, the more out of balance
    you get. While, if you walk away from the behavior and the action,
    and you tae the time to -no matter what- meditate, release, relax,
    soothe yourself back into alignment, next time you approach it, it will
    be easier for you.

    Now, there is another piece that weīr sort of hovering around and we
    want to bring it in, because we havenīt talked about it before in this
    detail (...). So, most people who are approaching this in a deadline-
    perspective are trying to accomplish an outcome with behavior or action.

    You just canīt manipulate it enough. You canīt grab enough people.
    You canīt make them do what they need to do- iow, you canīt get there
    from there. Action IS NOT THE ANSWER!

    And yet, almost everybody who uses the word "deadline" is SO
    completely action-oriented that theyīr just fighting against themselves.
    And weīve gotta tell you, that people who work with deadlines- while
    they do accomplish things, it is still mediocre creation.

    Because they are just going about it the hard way.
    And even though they may get- by earth-standards, some results,
    theyīve sacrificed their joy in the process and therefor have failed
    at the reason that they exist!

    So, a deadline is complete OOTV.
    Now, lets consider the other side of this!

    Letīs call it a lifeline, rather than a deadline.
    Whatīs a lifeline? First of all, everything you want is already been
    arranged! And LoA has already assembled it.
    And so, if you are reaching for ALIGNMENT,
    now things can happen EASILY!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks~ Deadline~ Instead look at your Lifeline

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