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Thread: quotes about BIGNESS

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    quotes about BIGNESS

    By fun we mean
    fullness, wholeness, all-ness, bigness.

    San Diego Jan. 2015

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    “Law of attraction is your very best friend.
    And when you go with the flow of these Universal energies,
    you will feel your full empowerment.

    What fun it is to be physically focused
    and have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through your focus- to assist you in the accomplishment,
    in the creation of anything
    that this space-time reality has inspired within you.

    Feel that feeling of unlimited-ness,
    and understand that in anything less than unlimited-ness,
    there is limitedness that you cannot stand from a nonphysical point of view,
    because the nonphysical part of you truly understands that you are UNLIMITED.

    We think it would be a good thing for you to CUT THAT OUT.“

    Abraham Hicks, Portland, OR 06/28/2014

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    No detail is too small for the Universe,
    to go straight to perfection of what YOU WANT.

    San Diego CA, 2015-08-15

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    “Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source,
    who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective,
    who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are,

    is more charismatic,
    more attractive,
    more effective,
    and more powerful
    than a group of millions
    who have not achieved this alignment.”


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    People don't embrace contrast very well.
    If you could accept the value of it,
    rather then the immediate jumping to the wrong conclusion
    that you've done something wrong
    or there was something more you need to learn to get it right -
    because it's not like that. It's not remotely like that.

    It's just that you are a strong reacher
    and when it's something extraordinary,
    then sometimes you take big bounces
    into even more extraordinary.

    And nothing less than really extraordinary on this topic will please you.

    N.LosAngeles Jan. 2013

    Here's what you did say, you said,
    "I want enough dramatic things to go on in my experience early on
    that I can have a really robust Vortex early in my life
    and then I'm going to come into conscious awareness of the existence of the Vortex.

    And I'm going to tend to my own personal emotional vibrational grid
    because I am a Deliberate Creator.
    I've come forth to create big things,
    and nobody creates big things without big desire."

    Portland, OR on 8/11/12

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    Kings of the molehills...

    When you shift your point of attraction,
    everything shifts; everything shifts. Everything shifts.
    And as it shifts from inside the vortex, it shifts for the better.

    You keep that up a little bit,
    people watching you will say "What is your magic?"
    And you'll say I stopped trying so hard,
    I discovered that effort was counterproductive,
    because the time I felt that I needed to offer the most effort
    was at the time I was offering the most resistant vibration.
    And I discovered I could not buck my own current.

    All I did was wear myself down, break myself down,
    and defeat myself and make it harder.
    -"So what did you decide to do?" They ask.
    "You decided to stop effort?
    If you stop effort, won't the world come to a screeching halt?
    -Then they really come after you!
    Well if nobody went to work then what kind of world would it be?"

    -Happier. (Audience laughter)

    But that's not what we're suggesting, we are not saying
    don't go to work; we are saying
    don't go, unless you're in the vortex.

    We are not saying don't have a meaningful conversation;
    we are saying don't have it unless you're sure you're in the vortex.
    We're not saying don't offer action;
    we are saying let action be inspired from inside the vortex
    and the action will not only will be profoundly more productive...

    ...Oh, the leverage from inside the vortex is almost incalculable!
    The effort from inside the vortex,
    the leverage from inside the vortex is huge.

    Because you have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through you and the cooperative components are immense.
    But we are not encouraging you to offer effort from outside the vortex,
    because it backfires.

    Now there are a lot of people, in fact most everybody you know
    spends most of their time outside the vortex.
    They don't know about vibration;
    they don't know what they're emotions mean;
    they want to be positive and they try,
    they make some effort to be, but they're not really managing
    their vibrational flow very well.

    So most people are outside the vortex most of the time.
    And then they gather together in groups on the internet
    or just in neighborhoods; law of attraction
    sort of brings them in their similarities together.
    And they come up with conclusions about how they
    and everybody else should live life.

    Laws are made from that group.
    In other words, they are the ones that decide,
    they sort out the good piles from the bad piles;
    they decide what's the right way of life and what's the wrong way of life
    and we will acknowledge that among those outside-the-vortex-efforters,
    that it is evident when someone is trying and when someone isn't.

    They have diplomas. They have better paying jobs in many cases,
    they live in nicer houses in many cases.
    Those who effort; you can tell which ones are trying
    and which ones aren't in that out-of-the-vortex group.

    But friends! It's the out-of-the-vortex group!
    It's like being king of the molehill.

    It's the out-of-the-vortex group. In other words,
    the masters come from in the vortex.
    Your clarity, your inspiration, your creations, your inventions,
    your wonderful new ideas, your zest for life, iow-
    come from the inside-the-vortex group, you see.

    Boca Raton, March 2011

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    There are not "small thoughts" and "large thoughts".
    There are just thoughts with resistance,
    and thoughts without resistance.
    And usually, those thoughts that you identify as small,
    have less resistance- but they don´t need to. (...)

    Big thinkers understand, that there is no difference.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks. Keeping Our Non-Physical Alignment in A New

    2014-05-10 Atlanta GA workshop.

    "Well the thing about looking for something big is,
    if you don't feel like you have it,
    then you feel like you're contradicting your own requests all of the time.
    So if you could speak that in a more general way,
    then the contradiction would be less.

    So how could you speak "I'm looking for something big" in a more general way?
    "I'm getting ready for bigger and bigger things to come."
    Or, "I don't have to be ready for all of it all at once because
    I don't want it all at once. I'm on the right path.
    I can feel it unfolding.
    My capacity for bigness keeps changing.
    What used to look big doesn't look big anymore.
    Now I'm reaching for greater and greater heights.
    I'm understanding that there's no limit to the bigness of what I'm reaching for."

    The bigness or the smallness of it is not the issue,
    the alignment with it is.

    It's as easy to create a castle as a button.
    It's just a matter of aligning with the idea.
    When I prepare my grid, when I'm ready for my own idea it has to flow to me.

    The bigness or the smallness of the opinions of others about it, is irrelevant.
    It is only my opinion about it.
    And the fact that I'm calling it big means that I'm not up to speed with it.
    Otherwise I would be calling it normal or logical or certain or inevitable.
    So can you change that word? It is an inevitable thing that I'm looking for.
    It is logical and inevitable. Feel the difference between that and it's big.

    (...) But when it's logical, when the laws of the Universe tell me
    that when I line up with it, it will come.
    So it's a big idea. I made it big. I put it there piece by piece.
    It's mine. I own it!

    I put it in the Vortex. That's why I feel excited about it.
    It is mine, it's a big idea.
    It is mine. I own it. It is mine.
    And it is inevitable, and it is eventual. And I'm OK with eventual.

    It's OK if it takes 16, 6, 17, 27, or 3. It's OK. I can play it out. It is certain.
    And I am going to have fun in the honing of the vibration
    that allows it to come to me.
    In fact, the longer it takes the more fun I'll have.
    Truly, the longer it takes the more fun it'll be.
    The more opportunity to clarify.

    Because, if it comes tomorrow then I'll start looking for something else.
    I'm glad that it is a big enough idea that it gets my attention,
    and a big enough idea that I'm willing to focus on it long enough
    that I can feel my proximity to it.

    I like it. I like that I have given birth to it.
    And I like that it is mine. And I like that it's coming.
    And I like the journey on the way to it.
    And when it manifests I'll be better for having wanted it.
    The very existence of the idea of it has made me more,
    and as I come into alignment more and more with it,
    everyday my sensation of worthiness will come into place,
    more and more.

    Yeah you're right on track. It's wonderful.
    If you let the journey be your goal,
    rather than the destination- then you're having instant success.
    Best thing we ever said to any of you.
    If the journey is your goal then you're having instant success.
    Then the manifestation is certain."

    From the workshop in Stamford, Conn. on 10/13/12

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    Even BIGGER

    Let your desires soar!

    You now know too much,
    You know about alignment.

    "I love thinking about my UNLIMITEDNESS!
    I love thinking about my WORTHINESS!
    I love thinking about the POSSIBILITIES!
    I love KNOWING who I AM
    and am so eager about the manifestations
    of my life showing that to me."

    Conditions feel so good when you've allowed them
    to develop through alignment, you see.
    We want you to feel the essence
    of the vibrational reality, created.

    Not demand the condition of it.
    Because we want the ESSENCE of it
    to come full form into your experience.

    DREAMING BIG means
    being happy enough
    that the dream can be realized by me.

    Abraham, Fort Lauderdale 2015

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    There is nothing
    that is off limits for you.

    Stamford Sept. 2013

    More, more, MORE!!
    -That is the mantra of the Universe.


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    "You didn't come to support mediocrity.
    You came to encourage deliberate creation.
    You came to create your own reality.
    You came to teach to the clarity of your example.

    You came to teach about momentum.
    You came to understand momentum and apply it.
    You came to use the leverage that creates worlds toward your creative endeavors.
    You came to feel the blessed awareness that non-physical has about you.

    You came to experience the continuity of fabulous well-being that is already in motion.
    You came to promote the general welfare.

    You came to experience freedom at every level of your being.
    You came for expansion, knowing it was inevitable.

    But most of all,
    you came expecting to
    live joyfully ever after."

    Abraham San Antonio 28 April 2013

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