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Thread: quotes about BIGNESS

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    "One who is connected to the Energy Stream
    is more powerful than a million who are not.

    And two who are
    harmoniously focused

    and connected to the Energy Stream
    brings about a co-creative endeavor, that
    cannot be matched by anything else
    in all of the Universe."

    ~ Abraham

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    Big resistance can be such a good and fun thing...

    ...You know what?
    more resistance, the more fun the game!
    And ask anybody who ever played the game of a great obstacle-course.

    Iow, the more resistance, the clearer you get!
    The better you get. The
    more powerful you become.
    more help you get, from nonphysical.

    Because this is for sure:

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    You are unlimited.

    “Law of attraction is your very best friend.
    And when you go with the flow of these Universal energies,
    you will feel your full empowerment.

    What fun it is to be physically focused
    and have the energy that creates worlds
    flowing through your focus- to assist you in the accomplishment,
    in the creation of anything
    that this space-time reality has inspired within you.

    Feel that feeling of unlimited-ness,
    and understand that in anything less than unlimited-ness,
    there is limitedness that you cannot stand from a nonphysical point of view,
    because the nonphysical part of you truly understands that you are UNLIMITED.

    We think it would be a good thing for you to CUT THAT OUT.“

    Abraham Hicks, Portland, OR 06/28/2014

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    Does a desire look different from different emotional discs?

    (You gathered limiting beliefs) so you donīt move freely to your desire.
    So, your IB is calling you to the desire, but you can only translate
    your desire through the LENSE OF YOUR BELIEFS.

    So, yes, it changes continually- the more resistance you let go of,
    the more open-ended it all feels,
    and the more you begin to believe in the BIGNESS
    of everything you desire.

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 -You are never letting go of our desire even when you release focus from it (new)

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    All of the characteristics that man has been assigning to
    are possible WITH YOU!

    -Instantaneous healing.
    -Teleportation from one place to another.
    -The creation of wanted, in the moment that you want it.
    Iow, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!

    But you HAVE to understand the wholeness of who you are,
    and train yourself into the vibration of that, which is as complete
    as you have become, so far!

    Boca Raton, 2010-03-24, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can live the delicious life that you deserve

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    (..when Esther was...) in the midst of accomplishing something
    really amazing, by most standards,
    -magnificent, by her standards,
    a REALLY pleasing creation, and someone said to her:

    "It doesnīt even seem possible, that this could happen
    THIS fast, or THIS big."
    And Esther said: "Itīs just how I roll!"

    And she like knowing that. She liked the logicalness of it.
    The next-logical-steppiness of it. The naturalness of it.

    This is what we want you to know:
    We want you to know how BIG your life is!
    And we want you to experience it in itīs bigness.
    But by bigness, we mean: Neverended fun-ness.
    Neverended pleasing of you!

    We want you to go from something thatīs interesting to
    something thatīs fun, to something that is fascinating,
    to something that is adventurous to something thatīs exciting,
    in ALL the ways you want pleasurable to be!

    THATīs whatīs in your Vortex.
    Nowhere is there poverty. Nowhere is there pain.
    Nowhere in this Vortex, that the source within you
    has helped you to create- NO WHERE is you, proving worthiness!

    There are no lessons to be learned, in your Vortex.
    There are no things you ought to do, or that you gotta do,
    or you should do.

    There is just the fulfillment of WHO YOU ARE!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ What this life causes you to desire, this life can yield it to you

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    SO BIG.

    (You cannot only create from ITV...)
    ...You can gather stuff from OOTV! You can take action from OOTV!
    You can play in a game, were everybody is pushing against everybody-
    and if you push the hardest, you can win that game.
    And much of the wealth, and gathering of possessions IS such a game.

    WE are talking about aligning with source.
    Aligning with love, aligning with joy,
    aligning with who you really are-
    aligning with whatīs in your Vortex!

    Now weīr also talking about aligning with wealth, and aligning with wellbeing-
    and aligning with clarity.
    But TRUE ALIGNMENT is rare.
    And yet, THE most sought-after thing on the planet.

    Everything that EVERYONE wants- no matter what it is-
    they want it because they think
    they will feel better in the having of it.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Joy First Then Wealth

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    "Soulmates", not sugar-coated...

    Sometimes people talk about soulmates.
    We speak of it from time to time: Sometimes you come into physical form,
    You come as Source Energy, intending to have experiences together,
    where you come from the same vibrational vantage point,
    from Nonphysical with the SAME vibrational intentions.

    And so, then as you play this game of physical life together
    you have more emphatic experiences.

    We want to say, that often you meet someone
    that you feel this extra strong resonance with them,
    and commonly it means: You had plans as you came forth
    to have this specific time TOGETHER, in order to have this contrast that you live,
    bring you both to greater expansion, because after all,
    WE ARE ALL ONE ENERGY with all these different perspectives.

    Sometimes the people that give you the greatest grief
    Are your soul mates, too.
    Think about it, when youīr interacting with someone, and
    they cause you to launch these
    HUGE rockets of desire.

    But you focus on them as they are, and you use that, as your excuse
    to be separated from Who-you-are.

    They came as your soulmate, to ASSIST you on the expansion,
    But you use the physicalness of them, to not go with the expansion.


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    Thank you, skylark!

    Big Stuff!

    In the past our words have been, thoughts are in the air—
    thoughts are in the air, and depending on where you are, you pick up on them.

    It’s like you see the flock of birds in the sky.
    And, they are flying in a synchronized rhythm—not banging into each other.
    And there isn’t someone barking orders from the head of the bird herd.
    And what’s happening is, they are of one mind.
    They are of one mind, and that one mind is guiding them or projecting to them,
    and they are following it.

    So in that way, this is that receptive mode,
    that we are wanting to help all of you to become aware of.
    There is a receptive mode. And there is a broadcast, that that receptive mode
    gives you the opportunity to hear.

    And it is on subjects of great importance to you, it’s on subjects
    of what you might call minor importance.
    It’s on subjects that are very broad, and subjects that are very narrow.
    It is on subjects that are activated within you, for any reason.

    And the thing that we want to emphasize,
    and it’s part of the conversation that we wanted to have
    with our friend earlier, as we were so excited about this new place
    that we’re all going together—this vortex, that we’re talking about
    is FULL of information. Of things that really matter to you,
    that you may or may not even be aware of, in their current state.

    In other words, you knew the thought when it was flour,
    and you knew the thought when it was eggs,
    and you knew the thought when it was milk,
    and you knew the thought when it was cocoa- but you DIDN’T KNOW
    the thought necessarily when it was cake batter.
    You see what we’re getting at?

    You put the ingredients in there incrementally, but your vortex is evolving.
    It’s becoming more mature, and more inclusive of more things that matter to you.
    So the RECEPTIVE mode makes you RECEPTIVE
    to your own desires.

    This is the thing that we were so excited about letting you know.
    Because, the common thought is, I’m going to get a desire,
    and then I’m going to learn from Abraham or others how
    to get my desire to become a reality.
    And we say, that is a component of this—yes, of course, it is.
    But something far more exciting is, for you to DISCOVER
    the desire that you have been in the process of creating,
    even before you came into this physical body.

    To discover the desires that you’ve been putting there incrementally.
    Because it’s BIG and it’s important!

    So that receptive mode that you’ve been experiencing, and explaining
    through the stories you’ve been offering here, yes, it’s a great thing
    when you think of something, and then somebody else says it.
    And it’s a wonderful thing when you realize that you’re going to see somebody
    around the corner, and then they are there.
    All of those things are wonderful, because they let you know HOW well tended
    to you are, and how part of the mix you are.

    But OH, there is SO much more in this Vortex that you are
    in the process of realizing!

    And when those desires occur to you, when the AWARENESS of something
    occurs to you—think of those masters in your environment that you call the greats,
    the ones who’ve been masters in technology, or in mathematics, or in science,
    or in medicine—think about what must have been going on in their Vortex
    and how much you contributed even to it, too.

    There are mass consciousness vortex that when you
    get in the receptive mode, you can be the realizer of things
    that MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is asking for.
    You see what we’re getting at?

    In other words, there’s SO MUCH for you to realize.
    This enthusiasm, and passion for life, is much MORE than about the list of things
    that you have to do, or the list of things that you say you want.

    You are broader, more powerful, creative genius beings
    than you are giving yourself credit for being.
    And when you are willing to take the time to again and again
    find the best feeling thought, and practice what the receptive mode feels like,
    and then notice the correlation as things like that happen,
    and say Yes! Receptive Mode! Yes! Receptive Mode!
    -Then you are preparing yourself for the MORE satisfying ideas
    that will bubble up and occur to you.

    We think this is a new conversation that we’re
    having with humanity right now.
    And it’s a new conversation that’s easy for you to hear—
    that’s another thing that’s very exciting about it.

    So, we keep wanting to find another way of saying that,
    “You didn’t come to this form just so that you could understand
    how to get the things that you’ve got on your list that you want to come to fruition.
    You came to this form to understand what things you
    REALLY got on your list.”

    You came to figure out who you really are and
    what you really want,
    and what it’s all about and why you are here.

    And once those ideas start occurring to you, and you have this
    that if the idea can occur to you, if this time-space reality has the wherewithal
    to inspire within you the idea, of desire, it CERTAINLY can fulfill every detail of it,
    all the way out.

    This is BIG stuff, going on.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, San Rafael, January 30, 2016

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    When you focus on the VAST consciousness,
    truly INFINITE intelligence can flow through you!

    HS has the experience of calling forwards to her painting-experience several different artists,
    and she wants Abe to expand on the premise of being always multiple consciousness.

    If you think in terms of consciousness,
    and then you apply to that idea the idea of focus,
    then you realize that consciousness- just like the lens of your camera,
    or the technology of your radio, can focus as broadly or as specifically
    as consciousness decides.

    So we want you to begin by saying, you can NEVER be singular.
    No matter how hard you try. Because you are an extension of source-energy,
    and you are so expansive, in your knowingness.
    And yet, you come from that expansive knowing, into this specific body,
    so that you can experience some of ALL of that!
    The BROADNESS of who you are, and the more SPECIFICS of who you are.

    When you realize that we really are all in this together,
    and that you have the ability to set your own tuner -by the thoughts you think-
    to include VAST consciousness,
    truly INFINITE intelligence can flow through you!

    But we have all come to know, that as broad and as vast and as knowledgable
    as we are- as infinite intelligence that we are, that it is the SPECIFIC
    in-the-now, where the new thought is moving forwards, THAT is,
    where the true sweet-spot is.

    So if you think of your plurality as your basis and your balance, and your wellbeing.
    And then you think of your specifics, as you, having the really fun, of isolating
    an idea, and therefor calling forth the specifics from nonphysical-
    to isolate it with you... iow, itīs always more fun, when the party is bigger, isnīt it?

    So, a big party, thatīs out of balance with itself is not so much fun.
    Makes you wanna go off, and be alone.
    But a party that is larger, and in sync with itself,
    ohh... intoxicating!!
    You cannot get enough of that!

    So rather than worrying yourself (...) who you are receiving, or how much of whom
    you are receiving- if you will just focus upon how you intend to feel,
    and what you would like to receive, and let LoA do the working-out of who comes when.
    Then you wonīt get tangled in the process. And you will be the experiencer,
    the manifester, the actualized deliverer of the full manifestation.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 01 - 08, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Decide how you want to feel and let Law of Attraction do the work (new)

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