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Thread: quotes about BIGNESS

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    It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea
    and is able to hold it purely enough
    that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it,
    because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone!

    --- Abe

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    Interaction with "baseball-guy" Doug White:

    You and Abraham are very old friends!
    And itīs bigger, than baseball.

    HS speaks about him, getting into the HS since he is 19,
    and now heīs 37 (at 2015). The audience laughs loudly
    when he points out that he and Abe "have something here",
    because it is really SO obvious.

    Well, OF COURSE! Of course, of course!
    Itīs a soul-connection, itīs a source-energy, itīs YOU,
    working yourself into greater and greater alignment!

    Ok, my soul and your soul. Not EVERYBODYS soul, and we all just met...
    I mean, me and you where hanging out, doing something, and
    that was it!?

    Teachers, to the core of our beings,
    looking for opportunities in EVERY lifetime, to rendezvous,
    in order to bring it to a further expression of something,
    that others can hear about.

    Itīs bigger than baseball.
    Really really good.

    from the clip
    Learn how to channel your energy - Memorable speech of Abraham Hicks

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    Thank you skylark!

    The momentum of all the small stuff

    We want to emphasize that it’s really not the big things
    that are responsible for the most hindrance to your cells.
    Or the most hindrance to your allowing of anything that you desire.

    It’s just the day to day life experience that you think of
    as rather inconsequential, that you’re sloppy about.
    Because it’s the MOMENTUM, it’s the consistency.

    If you’re just consistently in a funk,
    you’re consistently not allowing an effective apparatus.
    If you’re consistently overwhelmed,
    then you’re consistently not allowing yourself the reception
    of the impulses and the ideas that are being offered to you.

    And so, it really IS the things that you want to call the small things
    that make up the basis of how you’re offering vibration.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, October 16, 2016

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    Big contrast for big alignment,
    when people ask big questions.

    (HS is confused. He felt high on the EGS, when his friend was experiencing major contrast,
    and the HS got sucked into it, too- in his wish to be of help.
    HS asks how he attracted it, and if he did something wrong.)

    Abe (speaking for the HS):
    "What was off in me,
    what did I do wrong to cause me to attract this tragic situation
    into my experience?"

    -And we want you to hear the bigness of this question,
    because first of all: YOU wherenīt badly burnt.
    So, the burn was not YOUR creation!
    -The coming together with someone in assisting them in their alignment,
    and the beginning of the discovery of their recovery, was.

    But we want you to feel-
    and we never had a better opportunity to express the clarity
    of a problem coming into focus, and the solution coming into focus, too!-
    iow, why are you so quick to assume
    that your resonance was because of the problem-part of it-
    why not assume that your resonance
    was because of the solution-part of it?

    When someone comes to you in need, your assumption that
    "Oh, I must be a crappy creator, because otherwise
    somebody needing something that bad wouldnīt be in my vicinity"
    -thatīs inaccurate!

    Because when you really know what you donīt want,
    you REALLY know what you do want-
    And now, someone who really knows what he does want, in a way
    that he NEVER does before, needs somebody REALLY CLEAR
    to assist him in getting what he really DOES WANT, you see.

    You where the PERFECT Vortex-combiner-cooperative-component
    for the intensity of this desire!
    There is nobody in his life that comes even close to what you provided
    for him- in what you know. You see. (...)

    So you say, sometimes things come to you because
    of what you can do, what you can help in a situation...?

    We are saying: Always. Always!
    Always, things are coming to you, to assist you
    in your expansion.

    And when you have decided consciously,
    that you are a teacher and an uplifter,
    then the Universe says: Well, then here... and here...
    well, and here, and here...

    And IF the experience is so satisfying that we canīt even find
    a word for it, yet- SO SATISFYING, as you come into full alignment
    with who you are, and then you say
    "Oh, this is so satisfying! And I want to assist people!
    But from this exposure to this experience, I would like it
    to be something, a little less traumatic-"

    Iow, you get to choose that.
    But the thing about teachers like us is that,
    then only when someone is really asking with great power,
    that they can find the communication that we are offering.

    When you are asking a little question-
    a big answer is off.

    Alaskan cruise 2010, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - When life takes a major turn

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    Resistance is about believing
    that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted
    and holding a stance of protection —
    which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being,
    that would be there otherwise.

    There is nothing big enough to protect you
    from unwanted things,
    and there are no unwanted things big enough
    to get into your experience.


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    Itīs not about making "big mistakes".

    If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear,
    the tendency is to say, "Oh, my God!
    How did I get so far away from something I want so much?"

    And we say, it isn't big like that at all —
    it's just a series of little things.

    It is the, "I could choose this thought which feels good,
    or this thought which doesn't feel so good.
    -But I've developed a pattern for what doesn't feel good.
    And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode
    that keeps me not in the receiving mode."

    And that's all that it is!


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    I accept that I couldnīt feel like this,
    if there wasnīt huge momentum.
    And I get CREDIT for the huge momentum!
    I get credit for this huge momentum.
    There is incredibly huge momentum-

    and I just gotta RELEASE


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    ...desiring something very, very, very much
    means you're not in synch with the vibrational receiving of it?

    Well, that "very, very, very, very" emphasis indicates
    that "it must be very, very, very difficult
    and I must have to try very, very, very hard
    because it has been very, very, very not coming for very, very, very long,"
    so you're very, very, very right.

    I'm very, very, very pleased. So the work is...
    [searching for words]
    to... work...the vibration in such a way
    that the very powerful desire becomes a preference...?

    We think--Yes.
    But we think that the way to approach this is
    by acknowledging the basis that you do understand:
    that the fact that the desire exists within you means that,
    in large part, it has been accomplished
    and that the only thing that is keeping it from coming
    all the way home to you

    is that there's a vibrational resistance
    that is
    solely based upon your observation
    that it has not come yet.

    Here's the best analogy that we can give you
    that will soften this--maybe soothe it altogether for you:
    Let's say you're $100,000 in debt and you want to be $100,000 in the black.
    Well, that's unlikely that it's going to happen today.

    Sort of the "falling out of the aeroplane" thing,
    the momentum is sort of underway.
    But it is compleatly possible-
    - So, that's a Pivot that's too extreme.

    But it's completely possible to Pivot from worrying about money
    to feeling appreciation for your current situation.
    You can accomplish that within 5 or 10 minutes.

    So, if you are not married to the outcome
    and are completely desirous of the shift in the emotion,
    which you can accomplish now and now and now and now and now,
    before long, as you make this an emotional journey,
    you will have done enough vibrational shifting
    that that $100,000 can flow easily into your experience-

    -or... $200,000 can flow easily into your experience.

    --Abraham, Long Beach, CA, 2/15/2014

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    Realizing your resistances...
    and realizing your bigger desires.

    What often happens to people is, that they have a desire,
    but they defend their reason for not having it by pointing out
    the reasons, why itīs not going so well, rather than moving
    into alignment, as we just described it.

    And then, that causes them to launch another, a STRONGER
    desire, which they donīt accept, either. So itīs sort of
    "I want it, BUT..." (...) so- engine here, engine here.
    Engine here, engine here
    (speaking of the train-analogy, where we
    plunk many engines in opposing directions).

    And now you are feeling more and more and more tension.
    Which causes you launching another rocket of desire- (...)
    and NOW, the subject has moved BEYOND the "I want this,
    that I donīt believe that I can have (...) itīs moved beyond
    the specific subjects, of what you think are your desires-

    -now a desire for FREEDOM has come about!
    Now a desire to have relief of this stress has come about!
    Now more bigger, more important desires are born, within you.

    Which brings you, usually, for the first time,
    to more of an attitude of just giving up!
    "Oh, my God. I just donīt want to TRY so hard anymore!!!"
    (...) So, if the tension has to amount to a lot, until you FINALLY
    GIVE IN- then, when you do give in, a lot moves fast for you.

    But the result is, you had a much rougher ride on your way
    to a better place, than you needed to have. You follow that?
    So itīs an accurate statement to make, that sometimes, you have
    to move through some rough neighborhoods, to get to the place,
    that you really wanna be.

    It doesnīt have to be that way, but it often is, for human friends-
    because you BELIEVE in effort, and you believe in action, and you
    believe in your own unworthiness- and so your IB and the
    Universe at large and all-that-is is having to call you through
    piles of resistance, that you have put on your trail!

    Because you REALLY could move from one nice thing to another,
    and to another, and to another.
    You could just move from peak to peak to peak to peak, of wonderful,
    wonderful, wonderful things!

    But you usually donīt do that- because youīr all balled up in the
    flawed premise, that you have to pay a price- or that you are not

    2016 10-15 & 16 - Asheville

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    (Esther did a focus wheel to prepave a workshop...)

    ... In the middle of her focus wheel this clear thought
    came into her mind. Now, thatīs what you wanna call epiphany!
    We call it the manifestation of the thought, iow, she was able to
    receive what we were thinking which meant she was thinking
    thought that we were thinking- so we were cocreating on a thought,
    and thatīs what epiphany is.

    So, the thought that she received was this:
    "The reason that I love this so much is because
    the expectation that is in place here, is SO...
    there is so much momentum to it, that it just can
    NEVER do OTHER than be WONDERFUL."

    And then she focused more deliberately:
    The expectation of those like you, who are coming.
    The expectation that she holds.
    The expectation that Abraham holds.

    The expectation of nonphysical and physical alike,
    ALL CULMINATING in a moment in time,
    where the best of all of us is evoked.

    We rendezvous at our best, in a situation like this.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Your Life will Fix Whats Wrong Automatically
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