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Thread: quotes about BIGNESS

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    Become a genius of love!

    You have the ability to love in ways
    that you have not yet allowed yourself to love!
    You have the ability to maintain that consistency of love,
    but there are heights, not just the consistency of it,
    there are heights of love
    that you have not yet allowed yourself to realize!

    And it is the consistency of it,
    that allows the momentum of it.
    And it is the momentum of it, that allows the bigness of it,
    the fullness of it, the more-ness of it, you see.

    Sydney, 10.18.2015

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    thank you, skylark!


    Sometimes you think if we’re not talking about world peace,
    and solving world hunger, and curing diseases, then it’s trivial.

    And we say anything that is satisfying is meaningful work—
    doesn’t matter what the topic is—it’s meaningful work.
    Because it’s practising your point of attraction, which is everything.

    ~ Caribbean Cruise, March 03-13, 2017

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    You must be EQUIVALENT to your source!
    (Awesome segment...)

    If we would say to you what we see coming forward, it would set you off your balance. And we might have just done it, anyway...
    but as you just take it as it comes, take it as it comes, take it as it comes, dont ask for more than your ready for, and be SATISFIED with what your ready for!

    Dont ask for more than your ready for,
    and be SATISFIED with what your ready for
    THATS living happily ever after.

    Which pretty much means, your gonna leave everyone out of the occasion because they dont have the ability to FEEL the vibrational frequency between whats in your Vortex and you! ONLY YOU can feel that. And the satisfaction-factor gives you that knowledge!

    It feels exponential!

    It is exponential, in SO many ways!
    First of all, your IB is exponential. Not singular, PLURAL. The energy that creates WORLDS, gathered up for you! A leverage, that we cannot find physical words to describe. So, sometimes, when you look at something that is THAT big, it kinda blows you out of the water, and you dont acept it.

    But when your ready for what your ready for,
    THEN you allow yourself to ease into
    the exponential powers of the Universal forces!

    The big factor for most of you is trusting that source has its eye on you! Because you sorta trained yourself not to believe in your value. But it wont take long, as you watch these things line up for you, as you are already doing, for you to convince yourself: "Oh, yah, I GOT this! I got this! They know me! They like me! I like them! Wer all in this, together!"

    Nothing to prove! Only life, to be lived.
    You see, when you REALLY GET it, that you are source-energy, and that THIS is the leading edge, and that source energy, as wer describing your IB, is enjoying this leading-edge manifestation, that you are providing!- then you stop being a humble human, who is trying to find blessings from someone that you believe got it already figured out!

    And you understand, that we ALL, really all are in this together!
    And that THROUGH YOU, the creation is continuing! And once you get THAT, so that there is a love and appreciation of ALL THERE IS, but there is not a humility, that takes you to a place, that is not letting yourself be the manifestor, of all that source is flowing.

    Follow that? That feeling, that "I am less then,
    and you are more than..." KEEPS YOU
    from being in the receiving mode!

    But when you meditate, or appreciate those resistant thoughts away, so that your vibration raises, and you are EQUIVALENT to your source!! DID YOU HEAR THAT? You CANT be humble, and less than your source, and be in the receptive mode! Weve not said that, before. Did you hear it?

    You HAVE to be EQUIVALENT, to your source,
    to be in that receiving mode!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 ~ Think less to receive more (No ads during video)

    Denver Colorado, June 17, 2017

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    Pain is not about "big stuff"

    "Physical pain is a whole bunch of things that You care about,
    that You're just denying.
    You're holding yourself back.

    You don't have some big terrible doubt within You,
    it's just a whole bunch of stuff like: "I'd like to do that, but I can't".

    Multiple that a few dozen times a day and that's the resistance,
    the tug of war, that equals pain."

    Long Beach Ca 08/20/2016

    Getting "big" Dis-ease:
    Its not about making "big mistakes".

    If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear,
    the tendency is to say, "Oh, my God!
    How did I get so far away from something I want so much?"

    And we say, it isn't big like that at all —
    it's just a series of little things.

    It is the, "I could choose this thought which feels good,
    or this thought which doesn't feel so good.
    -But I've developed a pattern for what doesn't feel good.
    And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode
    that keeps me not in the receiving mode."

    And that's all that it is!


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    Thanks again Qzi!

    ...A handful of people who have really got to know me have said, "You're the most curious person I have ever met in my life." I am. I am really curious. But I'm always looking for something that makes me FEEL good in all- in that curiosity.

    And so the things, the wonderful things, and so many have come to me in my lifetime, nothing has ever come to me because it was something I really, really wanted. Nothing big has ever. It's always come because of something I have appreciated. Everything really huge and big is just something I appreciated and suddenly it's now part of my life ...

    You've already through life put it into your Vortex. And in your quest and finding of appreciation, you align with it. And then it shows itself to you., Denver, CO, 9/11/10

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    thank you, Qzi!

    You are Creators of Worlds

    You are Creators of Worlds. You didn’t come to create trucks and, and... stuff. You are Creators of Worlds. You are Creators of concepts. You are Creators of people living together in joyous harmony. You are Creators of people living on the planet in their joyful rightfulness. You are Creators of children waking up and feeling secure in their lives.

    You are Creators of, of worlds of joy and lives of expansion. You didn’t come here to just take care of the details of day-to-day living.

    Your, your quest and intention was so much bigger than that, you see. But you can’t even begin to taste that until you step into the Vortex and so, as a mass consciousness, you look at some people and you revere that one as a master of this, and that one as a master of that but the majority of people hold themselves far from the mastery that they’ve come to live as they sort of quibble and squabble outside the Vortex over resources and about how much I’m getting and about how I should be getting that I’m not getting, bringing themselves to places of inferiority and into places of feeling lack.

    When who you really are, and by who you really are we mean, who this life and this struggle and this diversity and this contrast has caused you to become and who now you are real time, is over here expressing and radiating to you if you could just hear. And so everything we do is about getting you closer to the Vortex where maybe it will take you in for a moment and maybe you’ll feel that power in your being. Maybe you will know for a moment the clarity of who you are. Maybe you will feel the bigness of your charge in being here. Maybe you will understand that you are a Master here to masterfully create the creation that is you in your life experience, you see. You don’t begin to fulfill your reason for being until you have control of your emotions and control of your vibration and your operating real time where questions and answers and problems and solutions are all this magical dance you do, you see.

    The phrase "it's true" simply means somebody gave their attention to something long enough to achieve a vibrational alignment with it, and Law of Attraction gave them what they were thinking about. That's what "it's true" means. "It's true" means -- if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would at least add another phrase to the words "it's true." And that other phrase would be, "It's true, and I *want* some of it!" "It's true, and I *want* some of it!"

    Because if "it's true" and you *don't* want any of it, it being "true" is not a good enough reason for you to give your attention to it. Play it for a little while over the next five to ten days. "It's true" - but I don't think I would like any of that. "But it's really true!" - but I don't think I would like any of that. It's going to be quite shocking to you how many things you give your attention to that you *don't* want to be activating in your vibration, but you *are* because "it's true." We're inviting you today to find a new criteria. A criteria that the Source within you has found long ago.

    The criteria to give your attention to something is: Does this thing that I am holding as my object of attention resonate with the true core of my being? In other words, does it feel good when I think about it? This thing that I am focused upon, is it in such vibrational sync with the Source within me that when I focus on it I am wide open to the energy that creates worlds, allowing the cells of my body to accurately communicate with one another, bring me thriving resonance and wellbeing? *That's* the sort of truth we would encourage you to look for.

    THE Truth. The ONLY truth of Pure Positive Energy that ripples through your being when you find alignment with the Source within you. That's Truth. That's Truth that will serve you. That's Truth that will refuel you. That's Truth that will rebalance you. That's Truth that will give you clarity.

    Abraham-Hicks, Stamford, CT 10/2/2010

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