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Thread: Time of Awakening

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    Time of Awakening

    As you look out at the world of "what is", you're dreaming.
    As you stay focused on "what is", you're dreaming.
    But as you look within, you awake.

    As you imagine how you want it to be, you awake.
    As you tell a different story, you awake.
    As you look for things to feel good about, you awake.
    As you find relief, you awake.

    And when you're awake, you know you're dreaming.
    When you're awake, you control the dream.

    And when you're in control,
    you can make the dream whatever you want.


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    There is a plethora of powerful counselors and teachers,
    whoīve been attempting to get people to be round pegs in square holes,
    and who know the futility of that.
    Iow, your world is RIPE for this understanding!
    It is ripe for this understanding.

    So, as you know it, and hold it-
    and set forth your intention to attract those who know it, too...
    there will be a gathering of counselors and teachers
    and a movement of allowing
    of which likes this planet has not seen, yet!

    This is the time of awakening!
    And what that means is, waking up to who you are.

    Not waking up to who your mother thinks you ought to be.
    Waking up to who YOU are!
    Waking up to what you have put into your vibrational escrow,
    not fulfilling the wishes and needs of a society of others, you see.

    As you tap in, as the well-meaning teacher that you are,
    to the personal desire of a person who is living life-
    and they have put some things out there,
    in their vibrational escrow- and you look at them,
    in KNOWING of the perfection of where they stand.

    And you give your undivided attention to who they
    have themselves asked to be-
    now you are an uplifter of extreme proportion.

    We know- it feels big, but it isnīt. Itīs as simple as this:
    You are interacting with one person,
    who could feel happier than they do.
    And you have the ability to see them who they really are.

    And hold your picture of who they really are
    clearly in your own mind,
    that when they are with you-
    they see it, too.

    You are sure of the value, and eager for the experience.
    And knowledgeable of the guidance-
    and certain of the outcome.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction - The Great Awakening

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    We want to remind you, that the desire that you hold
    as you point your self in the direction of this gathering,
    is a very powerful energy that actually is the momentum of the wave
    we where talking about earlier.

    Your desire that you where born with,
    your desire that you goosed up in this interaction,
    in this life experience,
    has created a very powerful current,
    a wave that is relentless,
    that just keeps coming and coming so there is no urgency ever,
    its not like you are going to have any long standing opportunity
    to miss this boat, to miss this wave,
    it is a certain thing.

    We can say to you, especially to those who are gathered here today
    that the desire you have held for a long time
    and the current that has amassed as a result of that
    and the willingness to participate and allow your thoughts
    to be guided and influenced a bit by us,
    and your sub sequential willingness to guide your own thoughts
    based upon how you feel,
    the new seed that was not planted within you today
    but we felt it coming into stronger position,
    so it is blossoming into a stronger way and you are going to feel the evidence of it
    as you move through your days and immediately days to follow.

    You are in a place, and we can say it with certainty,
    you are in a place of understanding the importance the way you feel
    like you have never felt it before.
    And you are a body of people who understand it,
    like nobody or people on the planet have understood it before.

    In other words you get it, we felt you get it, we knew you get it,
    we where there when you got it, we reveled when you got it,
    we are milking the fact that you did get it, we are exhilarated you got it,
    we are renewed because you got it-
    you now understand the importance of the way you feel
    and now you understand
    that everything in your world and all your physical senses are all about your ability
    to define in visceral literal physical ways
    what life really is,

    it is a feeling experience,
    because it is a vibrational experience.

    So you have done something that most never do:
    You have moved your experience from thinking into feeling,
    which means, from thought into vibration.
    Now, thought is vibration, but you are now doing it in a way
    that is more refined.
    It will be easier for you than it has ever been before.

    You don’t know it- You have taken a quantum leap forward.
    You are not really understanding it yet, because the 30 days hasn’t passed.
    You are not really getting what we are getting-
    that you helped us to get, because you have not been residing on that HFD long enough
    for you to really understand the magnitude what has taken place here. (...)
    There is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have.
    There is nothing off limits to you.

    And the step 4 part of this equation
    is you are now in a position, where you can begin to define
    with more clarity then you have ever defined before,
    and with more confidence you have been able to master before,
    and understanding,
    that you can reach for things that you have previously
    not even allowed yourself, or giving yourself permission to reach for.

    You have the ability to cash peace upon this earth.
    You have the ability to help those not eating find food.
    You have the ability to help your planet in all ways
    you have been currently worrying about.

    You have the ability to those who feel insecure
    to find their feelings of more security.
    You have the ability to have that vehicle you want.
    You have the ability to live in that dream house
    or find that partner you have been looking for:

    There is nothing that is off limits for you.

    Stamford Sept. 2013
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks. Wake up with the attitude of appreciation!

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    We can make miracles.

    We like to remind you
    that everything we have been talking about here today
    is about the vibrational currency.
    There is a vibrational currency that buys things, wrong word,
    but that buys things that money can buy far far far far far far far more things
    then money can buy.

    So as you begin consciously trading in this vibrational currency,
    watching the timing that it affords,
    and the expansion of time, and the clarity,
    and the rendezvousing with components that are important.

    As you begin trading in this vibrational currency
    and you do your best to leave money out of the equation,
    what happens is that vibrational currency will transform itself
    into any means that is important to you.

    It will transform itself into more time

    (story about Jerry & Esther and Monsterbus about time transforming itself
    to accommodate Jerry & Esther; people in front of bus, bus had to stop in time)

    So, if we say if you trade in vibrational currency,
    time will transform itself to accommodate you.
    Your cells will transform themselves to accommodate you.
    Traffic will transform itself to accommodate you.
    The weather will transform itself to accommodate you.

    In other words, we are not kidding about this at all,
    dollars will transform themselves,
    opportunities will transform themselves.

    You will get into that frequency and
    things that you have considered
    the way they are stable even physically law based
    become different

    as you trade your currency in
    for this things that are necessary under certain experiences.

    Jerry & Esther will never understand how they did not run over this kids,
    time literally stood still,
    and afforded them more opportunities to do the things they needed to do
    in order to accommodate them.

    You have no idea how many things like that that are happening on your behalf
    in every day but you are zigging and zagging and missing a lot of it
    because you are not on the HFD
    where you are …spending the vibrational currency that you have amassed.

    Take money out of the equation.
    Take time out of the equation.
    Take politics out of the equation.
    Take religion out of the equation.
    Take confrontation out of the equation.
    Take opposition out of the equation.
    Take competition out of the equation.

    Take everything that has ever been hindering in nature
    out of your equation
    because you practice it not-
    and then watch what happens.

    You can’t be denied anything that matters to you.
    If this time space reality has the ware of it all to inspire an idea within you,
    it has the ware of it all to deliver the goods you see.

    Sometimes you think that what we are saying to you is,
    “oh just get on your HFD, you feel so good you don’t care that you are not on that cruise”,
    that is not what we are saying at all.

    We are saying:
    Get on your HFD and the universe will yield all means to accommodate you
    about anything that matters to you, you see.

    Abraham Hicks, Philadelphia, October 19, 2013

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    This is the time when more humans, than ever before,
    will be able to find vibrational alignment with their own desires—
    in their own time/space reality—
    and begin manifesting that which most previous generations
    took three or four or ten generations before coming to the place of allowing.

    There are generations who lived in this time/space reality before you,
    who lived contrasting experiences,
    who launched all kinds of rockets of desires
    that your civilization today benefits from.

    They gave birth to the desires, but because they were so stuck
    in the vibrational patterning of the conditions that they were observing,
    few of them allowed themselves to receive the benefit of their own desires.


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    Create a new norm

    ...And we said to Esther, “Would you like to have some fun?”
    And Esther said “always.”
    And so, she stood up or she allowed us to stand up,
    and we leaped over the sofa.

    And danced to this high speed in a way Esther had never danced before.
    She did not know that her physical body was capable of hearing,
    first of all hearing all of the different nuances of the music
    and she didn’t know that her body had the ability
    to define and interpret in music in that physical way.

    She had never experienced it, not to that degree before.
    You are unlimited beings, who feel limited.
    And as you allow yourself more opportunities
    for the Universe to show you how unlimited you are,
    then you will set new standards that others will use as their norm.

    It really is, in your brilliant words, what evolution is.

    Chicago, September 2012

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    Awakening to who you really are

    Itīs a bit interesting that someone like Esther can,
    through a process as meditation, find a way to release
    not just resistant thought, but all thought, resistant thought
    among it, and in doing so ALLOW- we started to say train,
    allow is a better word-

    allow the vibration of her being to mesh with
    the vibration of her source. Her IB, her broader perspective,
    the source within her.

    And when she does that, itīs interesting,
    how clear and focused and knowing and loving she bes.
    So much though, that you say: "Well, thatīs not the Esther we know!
    Sheīs fun, but sheīs not pure positive energy!"

    And we say: And so you come to define the aspects of your beingnes.
    We think it is interesting that you are SO accustomed to being mostly disconnected,
    with the people on this planet, that when someone isnīt-
    you call them WEIRD.

    So weird in fact, that Oprah (Winfrey) doesnīt think the world is ready for it!
    Ready for the watered-down-version of it, but not ready
    for the pure connection to source.
    Because itīs just not done. Oh, a few do it,
    but it is really a rare thing when someone does it.

    And then we say: This is the time of awakening.
    This is the time when it is not rare!

    This is the time, when all of you, when it is your wanting,
    can clear the clutter from your mind, and achieve vibrational harmony
    with who you really are, and allow the fullness of that which you are-
    to flow through you!

    Now, what is the fullness of that which you are?

    Do you think that that which you call God, or that
    which you call source, sits in a nonphysical form, with all kinds
    of information and waiting, to project it to you?

    Itīs not that way at all,
    and yet, itīs often the way man sees it.
    Source is source, and therefore- shouldnīt source
    assert what source knows? So that those who are not source,
    can then know what source knows?
    And we say: This is a Universe that is based on Law of Attraction,
    which says: You ask, and itīs given.

    But it is never asserted into your experience.
    When you achieve vibrational alignment with your desire,
    your desire is then answered.

    (...) Tap into that which is YOU. We are not saying
    that you are awakening to that which is God-
    although itīs splitting hairs how you say it.

    We are saying:
    The AWAKENING is REALIZING who you are!

    REALIZING that you are source-energy,
    have always been source-energy,
    and have come here
    to present source-energy THROUGH YOU, in

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ own unique way

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    Abers are on the Leading Edge of the Time of Awakening

    "I wonder- why isnīt that
    (the "movement" around Abe) bigger? (...)"

    Because itīs all working just fine!
    Itīs all more working than it isnīt working
    Itīs just that a SMALLER group of people
    who wantīs to DELIBERATELY apply it.
    And measure it.

    In a sense,
    you are all the scientific leading edge of all of "this"!

    (...) ALL of the children are with you.
    And ALL of the beasts of your planet are with you,
    and many of you are returning to it.
    This is not a small movement!
    This is the time of awakening!

    And the people all over the planet are awakening!
    And the reason that it feels small in some ways
    is because the specific way in which you are hearing it,
    and applying it, is unique- to you.

    IOW, happiness is not something that is minimally experienced!
    EVERYONE experiences happiness in his day!
    There is much more wellbeing going on, than not-wellbeing going on.
    And starting with a premise like that will prevent you from
    seeing the MASSES that are involved!

    Listen to the television-commercials!
    Itīs like they are all on the cassette-program, the CD-program!
    The television-commercials, especially the car-commercials...
    Listen to many of the evangelists!

    Esther (...) heard a television-evangelist,
    delivering the message that had been
    the subject of the last twice-monthly (Abe-CD-program)!
    Word for word for word for word.
    Better said, concept for concept for concept.

    -Different words, but she was saying "yes yes yes yes yes!"

    IOW, MASSES of audiences, coming to understand
    that they create their own reality.
    Massive audiences, beginning to understand
    the worthiness of their beingness.
    And the rightness of their place in the world.
    All is REALLY well on this subject!

    (...) The colosseums of the world are filled to the brim
    with people who are looking for FUN.
    Thatīs a really good sign. Thatīs a really good sign!
    There are people moving all around you, having this quest for a better life.
    Thatīs a really good sign!

    Because- if they are asking-
    they are going to find it!
    One way or the other. And itīs fortunate, that you donīt all
    show up on the same place at the same time!

    Dallas, April 2012

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    Anything thatīs manifested, is "behind the times" in terms of creating,
    And when you find a way to get ITV, by feeling your way in- by letting
    it be the EMOTIONAL journey, that it must be- so that you are
    hanging around in vibrational alignment, with all that you really are,
    now you are living what we call "real time".

    Thatīs the awakening.

    Thatīs seeing the world through the eyes of source.
    Thatīs knowing people, for who they REALLY are.
    Regardless of their behavior!
    Itīs loving, unconditionally.
    Because you are aligned, with that which is LOVE.
    And you donīt have the ability, in that love, to look for unlovable things.

    (...) Weīve called it the re-awakening, or the awakening, in the sense
    that it happens every day!
    Iow, when you are born int this physical body, your vibration shifted
    in that you became more resistant in nature- just because you begun
    to observe life through your physical sensors.

    And we donīt want to define the Vortex as non-physical,
    and the physical reality as out of the Vortex!
    We donīt want to make those distinctions. Because there are plenty of times
    that plenty of people are ITV, WHILE they are seeing through their eyes,
    and hearing through their ears, and smelling through their nose,
    itīs just that you donīt have access to the WHOLE of whatīs going on,
    unless you are inside your Vortex, really tuned to all that you are.

    THATīs the awakening. FULLY breathing and functioning, with the fullness
    of source, actively being allowed by you.
    Now you see, that source is always there! That Vortex is there, whether you know
    it is, or not! And who you really are is there, whether you know it is, or not.
    When you awaken to it- THAT`S the awakening.

    You awake, to the knowledge of who you really are.

    September 14, 2010 – Kansas City, KS
    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks | What does Abraham mean by "Great Awakening"?

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    Where you ARE is the true deception

    ... when it comes to my career ... . I don't even like to call it a career,
    because I don't feel at this point that I have a CAREER... .

    That honesty thing is just going to kill you
    [audience laughter].
    You've got tell-it-like-it-is-itis.
    [audience laughter]

    I know. Yeah.

    Did you have someone up close to you that demanded,
    that you never offer any deception whatsoever?
    In other words, where did this
    over-eagerness to nail
    your foot to the floor
    come from? [long pause]

    Well you know, you're onto something there, because
    what you're saying is, "It's important to me to present myself accurately."
    And so we would like to present yourself accurately
    from our point of view.

    Because we want you to catch a glimpse of who we see you as.
    We know who you are as you came in!
    And we've seen what life has caused you to become.
    And we give our undivided attention to your vibrational escrow.
    And so do all of the resources of the Universe.

    And if you don't turn your attention
    to what's in your vibrational escrow, you cause a splitting
    of energies that keeps your life from going the way you want to.

    You've got to start looking at the Real You.
    You've got to stop being so deceptive and looking
    dishonestly at the temporary you.

    You must start looking at the Authentic You.

    And the Authentic You is over there in vibrational escrow.
    You see what we're getting at? -
    The Authentic You.
    The You that Law of Attraction is responding to most powerfully.
    That's why the stream flows as it does.
    [Pointing] You're over here.
    This is who You are. And you're uncomfortable,
    until the rest of you comes with it.

    So why are you clinging so hard to the statistics that measure
    where you are, when the Authentic You is over there, with a career
    that is beyond description from your physical terms right now?
    You've got to start looking that way and start trying to define it.

    And most of all you've got to stop feeling,
    that that's deception.
    Because where you ARE is the true deception.
    That's why it feels so bad.
    Not letting yourself be Who You Are,
    is the great lie you are telling, you see.

    [huge audience applause]
    And there are so many disconnected people willing to help you
    keep that lie alive.
    But you've come to a new awakening.
    You're beginning to SEE Who You Really Are.
    And you know, now you've seen it, you can't go back.
    You can NEVER resist going with the stream and feel good.

    You just HAVE to go with the stream.
    So, that discomfort you feel isn't because
    you're telling a lie.
    The discomfort you feel is because you're
    beating the drum of where you are,
    and not letting yourself go with the Authentic You.

    Abraham Hicks, Mexico Cruise, 4-12-07

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