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Thread: Time of Awakening

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    Great stuff as always, POE, leading the way. Fantastic. x

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    Thank you, Roisin! So MY pleasure!

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    You are "one!".
    Source and your "dearly not so departed" are WITH you,
    being INTEGRATED with you!

    As you come into alignment with the whole of who you are,
    so that IN THIS MOMENT, in this leading-edge-moment,
    you are allowing the FULLNESS of who you are to flow there,
    then that consciousness, that you are allowing, is able to know
    -literally all there is. Infinite intelligence.

    But you canīt know it all at once, because it doesnīt pertain!
    (Esther tries to wrap her "physical" thoughts around croaked Jerry,
    and she is sometimes missing him and canīt really figure it out,
    but she can clearly receive him when she is writing with him)

    He said: If you will begin thinking of me, as you think of Abraham.
    Rather than looking for me to be, as you knew me to be, -SEPARATE,
    think of me as INTEGRATING WITH YOU!
    Think of me being interested in what you are interested in!
    Not as someone who is WATCHING you,
    being interested!
    Feel the difference?

    Think of me as being interested in your interest.
    Interested in your walk!
    Interested in what youīr having for lunch.
    Interested in this conversation. INTERESTED.

    -So, Esther started feeling for that,
    and now it never feels like heīs gone!
    Iow, she can FEEL. She can feel the enhancement
    of her experience, with the emphasis of KNOWING.

    And this is what we want you to understand!
    ALL of this nonphysical energy, coming forward WITH you-
    thatīs consciousness.

    (...) EVERY conversation we ever had is towards
    this understanding:
    That you are source energy in physical bodies,
    and to the degree that you allow, the specifics of
    THIS opportunity to enliven you- and to the degree that you
    allow your vibration to be elevated as the source within you is,

    then you allow that FULL flow of source HERE and NOW!
    And that is the way. Thatīs the way you want your basketball-
    players to play basketball! (...) And anything less than that

    Your world is evolving to the point,
    where you are beginning to DEMAND
    your alignment with source!

    from the clip
    The amazing power of the word "I can " - Conversation with Abraham

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    Esther said to us, "Abraham, how come you guys (meaning nonphysical entities)
    can't get your stories straight?
    This one says this. That one says that.
    If we have been talking to God,
    why doesn't God say the same thing to everyone?
    Why isn't everybody getting the same message?"

    And we said, "Everybody isn't asking the same question.
    Everybody is not at the same point of understanding.
    Everybody is not even wanting the same thing."

    We are all about eternalness which means we are about difference.
    It is in our difference that desires of all kinds come forth,
    and as all of these new desires pop up,
    every one of them, even in their difference, is important.


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    It is RIGHT for you to have everything that you've dreamed.

    Just don't squirm in the birthing of more dreams!
    REVEL in it. Because EVERY one of those awkward or
    uncomfortable moments,
    is the birthing of a dream that is so SWEET.

    But what makes you feel like it isn't sweet is, if there is too much expanse
    of time between the birthing and the receiving of it.
    And that's over for you guys. That's over. You now know too much.

    There's no reason that you can't begin a swifter manifestation,
    and there's NO REASON that you cannot become instant manifesters
    of experiences in the same way
    that you can become instant manifesters of joy.

    You just gotta FOCUS there! And on it comes.

    This is the time of awakening. This is what you all signed on for.
    It's TIME for you to begin ALLOWING yourself to BE and DO and HAVE -
    HAVE, do you hear us?-

    -It is time for you to allow the manifestations,
    to be ALL that are in your Vortex already. It's time for you,
    to be the cooperative component.
    And we think that that now is done.

    From the Chicago, Illinois workshop on 6/4/11

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    He saw an UFO -and how this ties to the Time of Awakening.

    HS speaks about his fascination about the creation of the earth and the Universe.
    He and his wife saw an UFO flying low and clearly seeable over their house, and he figures that those who built the ship are probably much more evelved than our earth-population.

    This is a vibrational Universe.
    And the fact that anybody sees anything AT ALL, is because somebody is translating energy into something that is meaningful, that you are then calling "matter" or "reality" in the real sense of things. So, all that you are describing is evidence of sonsciousness, certainly.

    And consciousness is intergalactic!
    Consciousness is EVERYWHERE.
    And the ability to tune in to the vibration of consciousness, which is vibration, which is energy, and make it meaningful to you in some way, is really all about the TUNER!

    So, even though we are not hovering over this building in a spacecraft, the energy that we are presenting here, that you are summoning collectively, and in the case of the two of you, seeing that spacecraft, you were summoning- that energy that is being presented here- and Esther is receiving it, others are too, but interpreting it, into something that is MEANINGFUL.

    Now, you said something important when you said itīs illogical or even impossible, that beings are coming from other places. And we said the reason that you are not digging up little bones, or any spacecrafts, and the reason that the conspiracy-theories are rampant about it, even though... iow, your government is not good about... much.

    They are good at denial.

    Their organizational skills are lacking. So rather than assuming, that there are things that are happening, that are covered up, instead understand that there are things that are happening that nobody is aware of. Because of their vibrational vicinity of it.

    So, when we tell you that this is the time of awakening, we are also telling you that your ability to explore the Universe is WITHIN THAT, too!

    And we donīt mean getting in spacecrafts and moving yourself to places, and looking around. And we donīt mean that they are coming here, and look around. We mean that your ability to translate the vibration of that which you are, and that which they are is becoming more and more.

    You are vibrationally evolving, as well as biologically evolving, does that make sense to you?

    (...) Weīd not spend much time to try to get others see ANYTHING the way you see it! (...) Because, words donīt teach! So, when you say youīve seen something, that others arenīt seeing, it just makes them question what you are seeing, or wether you really saw it or not.

    I think they question my sanity more than anything.

    Well, the only thing they should be questioning is your receptive mode. And anyone has the ability to accomplish the receptive mode. But just understand: Itīs like the analogy, or the story that humans have been telling since a long time: If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one to hear it, did it make a sound?

    Thatīs a good basis. Because, with sound, itīs easy for you to stretch your thoughts on this subject. Because you can understand that there COULD be a vibration, your dogs interpret vibrations that you donīt hear! And smells, too. But you donīt question that. Iow, you just accept that they are translating differently than you are!

    But when it comes to SIGHT- "ohhh no, THATīS a reality that is undeniable"!
    You can accept that the dog can hear something that you wonīt hear. But you wonīt accept, that the dogs can see things, that you canīt see as easily. Even though your cat saw your dead mother yesterday.

    So we think it is helpful to put it in this place, for yourself, that the two of you together -when you are together in your belief, you are more powerful in your expectation, puts you in a place where you interpreted vibration into something that you SAW. And it was a reality that you did see.

    And the reason why everyone isnīt seeing is, is because everyone is not translating energy in THAT way.

    (...) You say, "Because I saw it, it was tangible in the reality-sense. In the agreement-sense, in the expectation-sense. So, everyone should be able to see it, because it was that kind of reality!" And we say, you were translating something that was NOT visible to everyone! And the reason it was not visible to everyone is because, the vibrational frequency of it is not what MOST are in sync with!

    (...) Donīt try to reason with those who are not in the vicinity. You just continue to find your vibration, and have your experiences, and know that through the clarity of your example... iow, when we say this is the time of awakening, weīr talking about all kinds of things.

    Weīr talking about being able to interpret vibrations, and have an expanded reality.

    How do you think that this earth became what it did?
    No one is trucking in resources from other planets! And youīr not just digging stuff up and displaying it, in different ways. Thatīs not whatīs the reality is, happening here, either.

    This is consciousness, EXPANDING into manifestational form.
    So when we are talking to you about source, or about vibration, that is being received by you into impulses, you receive that impulse and into something that is even more.

    How do you turn thoughts to things?
    Why does this time-space-reality even exist?
    These are the deeper questions, that most people donīt even try to answer. But if you get into this VIBRATIONAL understanding in the way that you are finding it here, THEN you begin to understand how it all fits together. What it all is. How it is all expanding, and what your part within it is. And you begin to understand the wellbeing.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ UFO Experience! Wow!

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    very same topic as the quote above!

    Angels- our idea of source.

    (After a passionate rampage of Abe about source all the time flowing through us and with us, the HS says he also believes in angels. Abe make a bit fun of that, especially after having explained the topic of SOURCE being with us, before.)

    Why are angels always depicted with wings?

    Well, not always, but in times gone by,

    as humans have been receiving the impulse, or the image of source, -it was before airplanes, it was before anything that moved very fast, and the only thing
    that was getting around with any dexterity and flexibility, had wings!

    And so, the early artists depicted them like that, and the rest of you are just too lazy to draw something new!
    (laughter) We love you so much!

    You depict spacecrafts, for the same reason, in the same way, in these days!

    THIS is, to us, the best part of this conversation: Youīr still standing- and itīs not uncommon- as a human consciousness, thinking that source is OUTSIDE of you, rather than focused WITH you!

    Iow, we really want to emphasize that turning vibration to the thought, to the emotion, and to the manifestation, to the thing! We REALLY want you to feel the evolution of all of that! We want you to accept, that THIS is the leading edge!

    And that things that are evolving, and expanded to, HERE, that this is, what ALL-there-is, is focused about, you see!

    (...) We want you to remember and, maybe, re-discover the very important role you play, in this leading-edge-translation-of all-that-is!!! Humans want to separate themselves! You want God to be something outside of you, for the most part. And you want to be something that is subservient, to that! You want to do the right things, so that you will be blessed, by that.

    But SO FEW humans really get it, that YOU ARE living,
    breathing extension of that, and that ALL of that
    is flowing to you, for the fulfillment of that
    Source and you are ONE AND THE SAME!

    And if it where not for the bogus ideas that you have about it, that cause you to block the self, and not allow the fullness of it, youīs ALL be flying around! -With ease, and dexterity, and confidence, and certainty, and love- and, most of all, JOY.

    Youīd be having a much better time, if you could really understand your part IN ALL OF THIS. Man wants to make himself not the most important part- when YOU ARE! You are the most important part! You are on the leading edge! You are sifting and sorting, and defining personally, that which is NEW!

    And all that is, is backing you up, just eager for you to find the new that you want! And then, when you find it- weīr all flowing to it. Through you, and to it- whether you allow it yourself to be part of that, or not.

    Isnīt that interesting? So many people, sorting and sifting, and ASKING. And in their asking, the Universe is expanding. And the very people who are causing the expansion of the Universe, are often the same ones, that are beating the drum of the problem that caused them to ask for the expansion- and personally depriving themselves of BEING the living example of the very expansion, that they have CREATED!

    And thatīs what this gathering is about: To help you NOT be those. To help you be those, who revel in their own creation! Who take joy in what life has inspired, within you! Who CONSCIOUSLY connect... ohhhh, to CONSCIOUSLY co-create with source-energy,
    to CONSCIOUSLY co-create with source-energy!!!!

    To REALLY UNDERSTAND your angels? To really benefit what they provide, and the importance that they are,

    -and then, to cooperatively create, for the JOY!!

    Not for the necessary expansion, the expansion is happening, wether you know that it is or not. You donīt have to know any of this, to fulfill your reason for being here. (...) You ARE doing your part, in this expanding Universe. YOU ARE!!

    But you are supposed to having fun, while youīr doing it!!

    Itīs the difference between going to a movie, and creating the movie. The difference between reading the book, and WRITING the book! The difference between feeling it, and just hearing words about it! The difference between trying to describe what love is, and FEELING. WHAT. LOVE. IS!

    You are out here! YOU are the manifestation, you see! Thatīs why you have all of this seeing and hearing and tasting and touching, thatīs why you have the EMOTIONS, that let you feel the fullness of what you
    are synthesizing!

    It doesnīt get any better than being WHO YOU ARE, out here, on this leading edge! Itīs really a good time to embrace it.
    To know it. To revel in it. TO BE IT. YEAHHHH.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do Angels have Wings

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    You are standing on the most exaggerated
    leading-edge place of wellbeing
    that has ever existed in any universe.

    And it's only getting better.
    The energy of your time/space reality is moving
    faster than we've ever seen it...
    It's like a giant magnifying glass is being laid
    over everything. And whatever it is that you
    are living, is exaggerated.

    This is the time of awakening.
    This is the time that you knew it would be.
    You knew that you would come forth,
    and that in this time you would figure out
    how to be the creator that you are.

    Nothing that you're supposed to do...
    Only that which you want to do.
    And we want you to always remember,
    that we knew you before you were you.
    We ARE you, even though you ARE you.

    We've seen you now that you are you,
    and we've ridden the rocket of that which IS you.
    And we stand as the culmination
    of all that you are, and are calling you
    forward to that which you are.


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    Create a better environment for your next physical life!

    What we would do for yourself — for your next physical experience -and you can do this- we would begin, right now, by infusing this physical time/space reality with as much understanding of the Law of Attraction as you can, so that you add to this vortex of knowing.

    That makes it more likely that as you and others participate within it — you will have easy access to this understanding that all is well.
    -Abe 1/31/99

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    In this time of awakening, the communication with source will become so much clearer!

    There is another part of you, a nonphysical part of you, a nonphysical counterpart. A nonphysical inner you, that exists. And that that inner you is communicating with you from its nonphysical focus. A part of you that has the benefit of all that you have lived through all of your physical and nonphysical lifetimes. A part of you that is aware of you…

    But with the great awakening occurring,
    that communication can broaden far beyond a feeling of positive or negative emotion, which is essentially a guidance of yes- or no- factor.

    It can broaden to clear and full communication regarding any subject that is important to you. You literally have access to infinite intelligence you see. And so, we are exuberant as we participate with physical man in this time of great awakening. For we know not only does he have the deliciousness and gloriousness of being physical in this time, but he will also have the enhancement of the nonphysical part.


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