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Thread: Common Questions about the Abe Forum

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    Common Questions about the Abe Forum


    Welcome to the Abe Forum Common Questions thread! We intend this thread to be your one-stop resource to answer your questions about the Abe Forum.

    This thread is intended to supplement and enhance (rather than replace) our software's built-in FAQ pages, taking into account the way things work here on the Abe Forum.

    This thread has a different structure than all other threads on the Abe Forum. It does not have the natural unfolding of our other threads and, therefore, is not meant to be read from first post to last. Such a reading can lead to confusion. Instead, use the Table of Contents and the many links throughout this thread to navigate your way to your answer. At the bottom of each entry, there are navigational links which will take you to key parts of this thread.

    Or you can use the Search Thread feature (in that gray header bar atop this post) to quickly find your answer.


    Table of Contents
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    How can I donate to the Abe Forum?

    How can I donate to the Abe Forum?

    Membership on the Abe Forum currently is offered graciously without charge to all members. Donations are neither required nor expected of any member of the Abe Forum. However, those members who wish to show their appreciation of the Abe Forum can make a donation here.

    If you have specific questions about donations to the Abe Forum, please feel free to Private Message, David, founder of the Abe Forum.

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    Our Image Posting Policy

    Our Image Posting Policy

    Compared to other places on the Internet, we have a unique policy regarding the posting of images in threads on the Abe Forum. So, we appreciate your taking the time to review this policy.

    As you know, focus is a important skill for the successful application of these teachings. In this modern world in which we live, most of us have to redevelop their skills to be able to focus in a productive manner. Our Image Posting policy was designed to encourage our focusing skills.

    So, we ask that you post pictures (Emoticons or smileys aren't affected by this policy.) in the following sub-forums only:
    We also ask that your image or picture

    • be related to the topic of the thread closely and
    • adds substance and information to the discussion underway in a way that words alone cannot.

    We ask these things so that our discussion stay focused on the topic being discussed without being overloaded with images that take the thread over. Your cooperation with this policy also results in a thread that is easier and faster to read with less scrolling.

    In keeping with the spirit of our Linking and Promotion-Free policies, we have two additional requests of the images you post:
    The images you post must ALL BE FREE OF URL's in them. (URL's are what many people call "web addresses.")

    The images you post must NOT BE ACTIVE LINKS TO A SITE NOT PERMITTED BY OUR LINKING POLICY. For the complete list of sites permitted, see our Linking Policy.

    Here's a thorough explanation of this unique policy by one of our moderators of the Abe Forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hands in the Clay View Post
    Let me lay out my “take” on this new policy, being an image-poster myself:

    Here at the Forum, one of the reasons it’s such a GOOD forum is that we, the Admin/Mod crew and David from the start ( as this Forum is his baby) are willing to do things to keep it aligned with a very high-quality vision, even when those things we do might ruffle a few feathers.

    When I was in my pre-teens, I remember walking out into the backyard to discover my grandfather, who was visiting, heartlessly pruning the luxuriant forsythia bush. And I just freaked! I was enraged, in tears, pulled on his arm, screamed for my mother, and couldn’t see any way he could justify cutting off the branches of a beautiful plant that was doing just fine on its own, and doing the murderous chopping to suit the preferences of some crotchety, cruel, unnatural human. I didn’t understand the principle, or value, of pruning.

    We could let the Forum just slither down into the world of ordinary forums, where flaming and spammers and trolls and irrelevant comments and images thrive. But we won't. And we don't.

    Our choice to limit the use of photos on most of the sub-forums could be compared with, say, cooking practices. The new arrival at the restaurant kitchens points out how much electricity and time could be saved if they started microwaving most of the dishes. And the head chef refuses and insists they be baked in the oven for however long it takes to get the desired result, because the flavor is better and s/he believes that the microwave diminishes the soul of the dish.

    Images can be very helpful for illustrating or expanding on a principle in a discussion. But they can also be used as a way of “tossing in a witty remark” or “quipping” that can be distracting and, even though it seems totally pertinent to you, it still detracts from the focus of the discussion.

    Let’s say someone just posted that they feel they’ve leapt forward in their understanding of how to find a better-feeling thought. You, in your desire to support and congratulate them, go online/to a photo bucket/whatever your source, and do a search, and do a download/upload, and post an icanhazcheezburger shot of a kitten flying through the air with some funny leap-related remark embedded in the image. You think, “A leap…get it? Haha!” Now that “comment” becomes much more than a member’s thoughts on the subject. Now the discussion contains, for you and the others on the thread….. leaping kittens. Wow, that looks like my sister’s cat. Or is it a thrown kitten? Oh, gee, animal cruelty…that reminds me of that flying kitten video, those kitties in capes, I bet that guy threw those kittens himself…. And that reminds me of that other icanhazcheezburger image I saw, I could post that and piggyback on that funny kitten image there, another animal shot, this time it’s a bulldog leaping for a Frisbee….oh, we’ve got an animal theme going now! Cool! How about finding one with leaping lizards!

    So you, and perhaps others, start leaving the thread for a while to search images. Post them. Or just focus on the image and let the thoughts flow... and a myriad of other, subtle topics have come into play.

    You would never even consider congratulating the person who’s had a leap in understanding by typing, “Imagine a kitten flying through the air, frozen there, legs splayed and eyes wide, and underneath the kitten it says, ‘OK, you can press play now!’ Hahahahahaaaaa!” Yet you might not hesitate to leave the thread to find and post that very image, and it’s just as distracting!

    What Abraham say to hotseaters, who insert conversational detours when Abe are honing in on a reply, is, “Here’s the thing about focus…” Focus is a primordial concept in putting the Teachings into practice. And focus is something that is challenged on a daily basis in our fast-paced, text-while-driving, email-at-the-dinner-table, 600-cable-channels world. Why do you think Abraham recommend less TV? Less time on email? Quiet time with your thoughts? Being deliberate in paying attention to how you feel throughout the day? It's about focus.

    You may feel that the image captures what you want to say, but many times (not all the time, but many times, that’s what we’re clearly saying here), it simply diffuses your focus and the focus of the discussion by drawing in all these subtle shifts of focus, all these other thoughtway deflections, and serves as a focus splatterer. Why not just type “I’m so thrilled for you! Congratulations! I remember how great that leap felt to me when the lightbulb went off last year…” and stay PRESENT in the discussion? Focused on what’s taking place on the thread, what the person wrote? Rather than leaving to do an image search that leads to a focus-splatter?

    But we also very much know that pictures trigger good feelings, lead you and others to smile (hopefully), convey feelings of wealth, etc. and we totally, totally get that and support that. So there’s a PLACE for that in the new sub-forum. And we’re not precluding photos in other sub-forums. Just think before you post a photo and make sure it enhances the discussion in a very real way. Make sure it is relevant to the topic of the thread. And give consideration to using words instead of images. Old-fashioned, yes, but it keeps you focused.

    Remember, I’m the biggest image-poster on the Moderator team, OK? I like posting the GPS image of Phoenix to San Diego because it’s a great reminder of how the EGS works and the Abe analogy. The finger tracing a groove in the sand to illustrate Abraham’s “thought pathways” analogy. Posting the covers of Abe books. I post quippy images on TonyCat’s threads. So this policy affects me, too. We’re saying, Think before you post an image, and make sure the image is a highly relevant contribution to the discussion and/or enhances an actual act of practicing the Teachings.

    As for URLs in images, they’ve always been disallowed per the guidelines (you've read them, haven't you?). They’re just more common now, so it seems like a greater "injustice." Yes, all those image sites have gotten clever and realized that their stuff is being used right and left on forums, and therefore could be used as a vehicle for copyright assertion and advertising!! Smart cookies!! But we’re not an advertising medium here. So if you can’t Photoshop out the URL or find a photo without one (and how many minutes of non-focus does that lead to???? All for the sake of putting up a photo, for heaven’s sake???), don’t put it up. If you do, and we see it, it will get zapped.

    Again, this is my own interpretation of the policy, and this policy will curtail some of my own photo posting. Yet I am one of its proponents!! Yet I feel your pain! So my ONLY JOB is to find a way to feel better, now.

    We’re all in this together!!!

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