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Thread: Staying or leaving?

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    Be the creator you wanted to be!

    You are joy-seeking beings who have come forth into what we see as the perfect environment for desire to be born within you. What your work is about, is to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with allowing the energy that is you to flow.

    And in simple terms, what that means is your work is to look -wherever you stand-, whether you are looking in the past, present or future, your work is to consume your now with the thought that feels best.

    With the thought that feels best, with the thought that feels best, with the thought that feels best. And there are always choices there for you.

    In other words, you can look at the hole in the wall or you can look at the beautiful painting. You can look at the lightbulb that is out, or you can see the lightbulb that is working.
    You can look at your mate in his positive aspect or you can look at your mate in his negative aspect.
    You can look at your own body and find something that pleases you or find something that doesn’t.
    You can remember your childhood and find something of pleasure or you can find something that makes you feel discouraged.
    You can remember a compliment or you can remember somebody down on you.
    You can remember your love or you can remember your hate.

    In other words, you have that choice in every moment, and you are the definers of that. You are focusers of energy, that’s what a creator is. A creator is someone who stands in their now and focuses energy, and you are in the perfect environment to do that, you see.

    -Abe. 3/4/00

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    Walking away from what was?

    You donīt have to walk AWAY from it!
    You might just take a little fork in the road, while youīr on it.

    (...) There is so much about it, that is still satisfying! But there is so much MORE, that you havenīt allowed yourself to discover yet, that your IB knows you want and is willing and ready and able to lead you to.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 Take Your Inner-Being Along. Law of Attraction Riviera Mediterranean Cruise

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    -Donīt you believe that there is a Treasure, EVERYWHERE?

    Abe teach a HS who is bored about his work how to not look at what is boring, but to finding "the treasures" in his tasks, as:

    "Who! -Could this be an information for me?
    Could the be something hidden, between the lines?"

    Esther is watching the World-series. And Esther is discover things about what Abraham teach that are evident in EVERYTHING that is happening on that Baseball-field. Itīs NOT just a baseball-game! Itīs evidence of the laws of the Universe. Itīs evidence of momentum. Itīs evidence of the way that the energy is flowing. Itīs evidence of how that person feels, right here right now. Itīs evidence, of the momentum of the crowd.
    Itīs evidence of EVERYTHING that sheīs come to know!

    And the satisfaction-factor in watching... Esther has previously described baseball-games as equivalent to watching paint dry.

    But not this time! There is ALWAYS the ability to comprehend, on a deeper level for WHATEVER it is that you are focused upon. And when you cut yourself off from that, you canīt help but have but help an unpleasant time!

    Ok, yes.

    (...) Abe:
    Conditional seeking out of life- which is, I seek out good conditions to observe, so that I can have a goodfeeling response to what I am observing TRAPS YOU. Because it makes you need only good conditions, in order to feel good. But achieving alignment, anyway FREES you, to the entire spectrum of life, and this planet, and this participants, on it.

    There are riches for you, in the most unlikely places.

    And when you discover them- ohhh, then, a plethora of possible things is then to be discovered EVERYWHERE! So, if you were on a treasurehunt, and all the treasures were just laying on top of the ground for everyone to see, and so it just became a mad dash to see, who could elbow-each others out of the way to scoop up the treasures, think about the satisfaction-factor in THAT.

    Or think about the treasures, being disguised and hidden, where only intuitive, tuned in people can find them. And imagine yourself, tuned in. Imagine others, tuned in, too! Imagine watching the discovery, for yourself and others of this treasures. And measure the satisfaction-factor!

    You didnīt say: "I want the treasures to be obvious."
    You just said: "I want treasures!"

    And we know for SURE that this treasure called "Satisfaction" is in soo many places, that people donīt allow it, because they made up their mind: "There is no treasure, here. There is no treasure, here!"

    Well, if you believe there is no treasure here, you are not gonna find one. But if you believe thereīs a treasure EVERYWHERE...
    ... it might be worth 8 hrs of editing to find it! Because when you find it, it will feel worth it!

    (...) Esther heard someone say the other day about these gatherings, that a lot of the same things keeps happening, here. And Esther was astonished. Because, she finds the treasures in EVERY CONVERSATION! In every conversation there is something, that has not been said before, or she did not understand, before. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

    There is not a moment of your life thatīs not rich with treasures that your IB has found- and so, boredom is you, not in sync with your IB! Confusion is you, not in sync with your IB. Lethargy, complacency, is you, not being in sync with your IB!

    Atlanta October 2017, from the clipAbraham Hicks - Often the Story You Tell is the Problem

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    Sometimes Esther will say "that person is really really hard.
    Its just hard. Its just hard. That person rings my bells, yanks my chain.
    That person is hard. And every now and again she says "TOO Hard"!
    "TOO Hard, not worth it! Too hard, NOT worth it!"

    -And you have to
    decide, when the path of least resistance says
    "too hard, NOT worth it".
    And when the path of least resistance says
    "too hard, BUT worth it".

    Abe, Asheville April 2015

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    Earning money...
    you donīt need to leave what provides, to get MORE!

    There are people who are earning, all around this world, so disproportionate to the action that they are offering that you could not possibly reconcile the wealth that's flowing to them. You just can't reconcile it.

    There are a majority of people that are accustomed to performing an action and receiving a financial response- Performing an action and receiving a financial response. And when your income is tied to an action, the amount that you can receive, proportionately, is miniscule. When you're trying to make it happen by performing an action, you are limited by the beliefs that you have about time and space.

    In other words, you will say "I only make this much per hour and there's only this many hours in a day." And then you can work overtime, and you can work double time, and you can work extra time, and you can leverage your time in different ways.

    But until you leverage thru alignment,
    you really are in the category with millions of other people where not very much is gonna happen.

    Where if you say "I'm willing to play the game differently, I'm willing to accept on faith, maybe a little, that Abraham's right and that all of the struggling that I've done has put a lot of money for me in vibrational escrow, and I'm willing to go on faith that this universe is abundance and that there is an open valve for me through which I can receive abundance. I'm willing to go along with that idea.

    And I'm willing to play it that way for just a little while where instead of considering action in relationship to money, I instead consider emotion in relationship to money. How do I feel about money? How do I feel about money? I'm gonna leverage through emotion rather than bang it out through action."

    Now, that doesn't mean stop your action. Go to work, do whatever you need to do. Let the money come in in the little, mediocre, pitiful way that it flows into your experience. In other words, you don't want to pinch that off. Let it come.

    But while it's coming, appreciate it.
    While it's coming, look forward to it.
    While it's coming, compliment yourself and compliment others.

    In other words let it be an energy game while you're living the action game, because you can do both. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

    Asheville, NC - 10/21/06

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