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Thread: Staying or leaving?

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    What means "I donīt Care"?

    (Freedom) is NEVER CARING AGAIN about what anybody else
    thinks about what youīr doing!
    Thatīs the ONLY FREEDOM!

    Because, if youīr trying to jump through hoops, to please them,
    then youīr not gonna be lighthearted.
    And then youīr not gonna feel free, and youīll come to resent them,
    so soon.

    And so weīr asking all of you (...) do you have the clarity,
    do you have the willingness, the GUMPTION, do you have the momentum-
    thatīs even a better word, do you have the momentum
    to not care, what somebody else thinks, about what youīr doing?

    Ohh, if you could get there... if you just could get there!
    Practice these words with us!
    (Audience repeats all of Abeīs sentences)

    I donīt care!
    Itīs just how I am.
    I like it this way!
    Life is SO FUN for me!
    I donīt care!
    Iīm sorry youīr upset- but I donīt care.
    I want your world to be really good- but I donīt care!
    I would like everything to go really well for you,
    but I canīt fix it, and so- I donīt care!

    "Well, I want a divorce then, when you donīt care."
    -I donīt care.
    "What do you mean, I donīt care??"
    -Well, I donīt mean I donīt care about anything,
    because there are a lot of things I do care for!

    I care about feeling good. And I care about clarity.
    I CARE about being in the receptive mode!
    I care about being an uplifter!
    I care about myself, in any moment of time!
    I care about being of value. I care about feeling good.

    I care about this magnificent environment!
    I care about whatīs in my Vortex.
    I care about whatīs in your Vortex!
    I care about everything that you desire!
    I care about all good things, coming to me and to you.

    I care about us all, living all happily ever after!
    But what I donīt care about, are conditions I cannot control.

    What I donīt care about, are things that take me out of my alignment.
    What I donīt care about- meaning, I have no momentum
    about it anymore, -I donīt CARE-, itīs no hook for me,
    itīs not a knee-jerk-response to me,
    Iīve trained myself to CARE about what infuses me,
    not what diffuses me!

    I care about what LIFTS me, not what lowers me.
    I care about what feels good, not about what doesnīt feel good.
    I care about alignment.
    I care about being an extension of source,
    I care about fulfilling my reason for being here.

    I care about being in this world,
    and not about necessarily only of this world!
    I care about the WHOLE of me, being present in this moment.
    I care about all, who have gone before me.
    And all that theyīve come to know, and all that they do now know,
    and all that they are presenting to me.

    I care about the revelation thatīs coming constantly to me,
    and I care about being in the receptive mode of that.
    I care about being on the leading edge.
    I care about contributing in positive ways.
    I care about feeling good, and I care about others feeling good.

    But what I donīt care about is that, that I canīt control-
    and what I canīt control, is everything that is conditional,
    and what I CAN control, is everything that is unconditional.

    I CAN CONTROL the way that I feel: I have practiced it,
    and I can hold a steady vibration.
    I can stay in vibrational sync with who I am-
    I can present the whole of myself, in this time-space-reality,
    in any situation.

    I can walk into any situation that is raging in discomfort,
    And because Iīm not hooked into it,
    Iīm in vibrational alignment of the solution they are all seeking!
    -They are all bound up in the problem.

    But I donīt CARE about the problem!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    And we would be ignoring anything
    that did not please us.
    We would get our eyes on what feels good.

    --- Abraham

    If nothing is more important to you
    than that you feel good,
    you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life
    and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy,
    because Law of Attraction
    is a very powerful thing.


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    “The thing that will feel magical, it isn’t, it’s just law,
    but the thing that will feel magical

    is the way in which all of those things that are important to you
    begin to dance together.”

    San Diego, Febr. 2014

    Appreciation is the magic formula
    you’ve been seeking.


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    Tell everyone you know :
    "My happiness depends on me, so you're off the hook."

    And then demonstrate it.
    Be happy, no matter what they're doing.
    Practice feeling good, no matter what.
    And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel -
    and then, you'll love them all.

    Because the only reason you don't love them,
    is because you're using them as your excuse to not feel good.


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    Too hard? Take the path of least resistance.

    Sometimes Esther will say "that person is really really hard.
    Itīs just hard. Itīs just hard. That person rings my bells, yanks my chain.
    That person is hard. And every now and again she says "TOO Hard"!
    "TOO Hard, not worth it! Too hard, NOT worth it!"

    -And you have to
    decide, when
    the path of least resistance says "too hard, NOT worth it".
    And when the path of least resistance says
    "too hard, BUT worth it".


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    Your mate is not cooperative? Thatīs how to deal with that:

    Youīve gotta say:
    "Hey man, I really care about you!
    And I like you almost more than life itself.

    -But I donīt like you more than being on this (high) disc.
    And so far, you put me on this (low) disc.
    So, Iīm leaving you off in the bushes for a little while,

    and Iīm getting on this (high) disc!
    And Iīll see who comes out of the bushes,
    and plays with me."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Perfect, willing, 2013 Fred's clone [My disk is more important than YOU!]

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    Is THAT the "right person???"

    Another great interaction with "Baseball-guy" Doug White:

    HS asks about how to deal with love that changed around from having been so big, to the opposite or not feelable at all anymore.
    He is mixed up, if she is just not "the right one", or if he could direct his focus back to love, again.


    "What happened was,
    in the early stages, where there was less momentum, it was easier
    for you to stay in love.
    But because you didnīt maintain your HFD,
    THAT momentum wasnīt the momentum that increased!
    Itīs just that simple!

    Sometimes, itīs easier to just have another fresh start, somewhere.
    But the thing is, having another fresh start
    -weīr not talking about finding another beautiful girl,
    weīr talking abut another fresh start WITH YOU!

    And thatīs the long slow hard way! "Get up, you little Dummy!"
    Now your going to learn to walk,
    you get teeth...

    I donīt wanna do that.

    And so... the best thing, always, to do, is to...
    (...) "Can I be in love, again?"... are you really asking us
    "Is the potential for whatīs in my Vortex HERE or do I need to look somewhere else?"


    Itīs here, because itīs HERE !
    (pointing to his heart)
    You see- you want the perfect PERSON to appear in perfect form!

    HS interrupting:
    Absolutely, and it just swooped me up...
    (audience hilarious)


    WE want you to CREATE the perfect person
    through your focus on her perfection.

    (long pause), HS:
    Iīm feeling resistance with that.

    Because youīr lazy.

    (HS squabbling with Abe about this playfully):
    I donīt wanna give that to her, so... how do I give that...

    You canīt! You canīt get there from there!

    Son of a gun, I KNOW...

    Because, you got on the competetive disc,
    you got on the resentment-disc...

    And I didnīt even realize until... yeah...

    Yah, until the MOMENTUM showed you more.

    HS (touched, moved, sad...):
    So just chill, like- itīs not a place to make a decision from there?

    For sure, for sure, FOR SURE!!!!
    (...) and something else is really important to know, and that is-
    there is no perfect person.
    There is just your PERCEPTION of a perfect person.

    So, itīs ok to want something different? And I want something different.

    Of course it is!

    ...and knowing, something different ainīt coming, until *I* am different.

    Perfectly said.
    But there is another piece that we really want you to hear.
    And we know, "perfection", thatīs not even what youīr reaching for,
    but letīs just use it (...),

    Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

    And what most people do is, looking around for the person,
    that is just there, that just Wows you, and bedazzles you and just sweeps you over,
    but what we want you to understand-
    itīs an inside job!

    Itīs like- you are the miner for the gold!
    Nobody just shows up with all the gold!
    You MINE for it, you see!

    And the more you find, the more you are likely to find more!
    And the more you find, the more you believe-
    until you... and THAT is what true love is!

    True love is your ability to stay in alignment,
    while you look at someone!

    You want to be a true, unconditional lover-
    not a conditional lover, because- NO ONE has the compassity
    to hold their conditions in a way, that it will please another.
    Itīs NOT even a possible thing, you see.

    So that is a good place to practice that.

    And when you will remember, where you where
    and how you felt, when you met.
    Where you where and how you felt, when you first got going-
    and just do your best to return to THOSE thoughts,
    to those... it will stir in you, again,

    and more untapped resources of perfection,
    from THIS particular person, will reveal themselves, to you!

    (very passionate, conjuring) This is an untapped resource of profound and never ending JOY,
    that you are ABOUT TO THROW AWAY!!!!

    (laughter, cheering, Doug laughing loudly and saying):
    So, I think we are ok with THAT.

    So, he HEARD it.
    But he didnīt FEEL it.
    (Doug starting to quarrel about that) -You canīt feel it, because
    you have been in this sort of defensive place.

    Iow, youīr in your head more than in your vibration.
    (...) But youīll get there. Iow, itīs gonna take you
    a few days of retraining to those feelings that felt so good, before.

    Phoenix, Dec.2013

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    The only thing that is love:

    Definition of creation by default:
    not aware of choices because of what emotions are telling me.

    Definition of deliberate creation:
    What is the true willingness that is taking place? (...)

    It’s your willingness
    to stand in a worthy place.
    It’s your willingness to find some way,
    where you stand, to make it alright.

    It’s the willingness for it to be alright where you stand,
    that equals your conscious allowing
    of the alignment between you and you-

    which is the only definition that love is.

    2013-03-21 Gold Coast

    "I'm asking no change from you.
    NO MATTER WHAT !!!!"

    ~Abraham, Panama Cruise 3/13/11

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    Awesome segment about rascally Soulmates

    Sometimes people talk about 'soul mates'.

    We speak of it from time to time,
    sometimes you come into physical form,
    YOU COME AS Source Energy,
    intending to have experiences together,
    where You come from the SAME Vibrational Vantage Point
    from Nonphysical with the SAME Vibrational Intentions,

    and so
    then as you play this game of physical life together
    you have more emphatic experiences.

    We want to say that often you meet someone
    that you feel this extra strong resonance with them,
    and commonly it means:
    You HAD PLANS as you came forth
    to HAVE this specific time TOGETHER
    in order to have this contrast that you live,
    bring you both to greater expansion.

    Because after all,
    with all these different perspectives.
    Sometimes the people that give you the greatest grief
    are your soulmates TOO.

    Think about it, when your interacting with someone, and
    THEY CAUSE You to LAUNCH these HUGE Rockets of DESIRE.
    and you use that as your EXCUSE TO BE SEPARATED from WHO YOU ARE.

    They came as your soulmate to ASSIST you, on the expansion.
    But you use the physicalness of them, to NOT GO with the expansion!

    - Abraham

    Soulmates come to teach each other unconditional love.

    "But do you know, some of your
    most loving, devoted, Soulmate Energies,
    that were born WITH you, intending to interact WITH you,
    are those that you are holding at your strongest,
    most uncomfortable, distance."

    San Francisco 8/9/08

    “Your soulmate will give you grief –
    if he’s really a good soulmate.”

    Mediterranean Cruise 2013

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    Am I in the right relationship?

    Q: Am I in the right relationship?

    A: The fact that you're asking that question
    means that you are not understanding what we teach.

    Because if you were understanding what we teach,
    you would say, "Abraham, your opinion
    really doesn't matter very much to me because I have this guidance within me,
    and I can really tell that I put these things into my Vortex
    and I can feel where I am in relationship to them.

    And I understand that I could extract
    from any situation everything that I want-
    with the right focus."

    -Albuquerque, 3/22/2014

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