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Thread: Staying or leaving?

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    Let LoA do the match-making.
    If someone REALLY is no match to your desires,
    they will easily vibrate out of your life.


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    It´s ALL about how YOU look at it!

    We will give you an example, and then we will hear from you.
    Have you ever known someone, you meet them,
    they are outside of the environment in which they have grown up,
    they are away at school, not in the town where they were raised,
    not near their mother, or their father,
    or anyone that has known them, and as you meet this being,
    it is a perfect specimen of humanity.

    As far as you are concerned, it is a wondrous being.
    And as you look at this Wondrous being with that attitude,
    the being becomes more wondrous every day.

    You just can’t believe that you have met such a marvelous person.

    And then that person takes you home,
    and the mother of that person begins to tell you
    of all of the things that person did while they were growing up,
    pointing out all of the weaknesses,
    all of the things that have been overcome,
    or need to be overcome,

    and suddenly you are looking at that person in a new light.
    And suddenly you say,
    “Yes, I see that, I can see how you aren’t as strong as I thought you were,
    and not as smart as I thought you were.”

    And as you look at that being with that new set of intentions,
    you begin to solicit from them that which you do not like,
    and then you say, “I don’t really want to be with you.
    I am looking for a perfect one.”

    It is the reason that most relationships deteriorate.

    When you are drawn together, you are drawn together by that
    which you are wanting,
    you see, but then as you are together,
    your focus is no longer on what is wanted…
    but upon what is not wanted.

    Here is the principle, for it will apply regarding all things.
    You see in this being all the things that you are wanting
    until you are influenced by another to see the flaws.
    As you are influenced by another, or even by your own habit —
    you may always look for flaws —
    as you are influenced by, whatever, others or your own habits,
    to look for the flaws,

    then you begin to solicit, to summon, to literally draw from that being
    the things that you don’t like.
    Where before, before the influence, you were drawing the things that you did like.

    Do you understand what we are saying?
    The “imperfect” or the “perfect” person has nothing to do with it.

    OK. Now this person here, you’re seeing all of these imperfections,
    and you are literally drawing them out of him?

    Indeed. He is becoming your creation.

    OK. The more you draw, the more you dislike.
    Now you are going to treat him this way.
    Now, is it his fault you’re treating him that way?

    You are seeing that which you are intending.
    He is as he always has been.
    He is as everything and everyone is,
    a combination of all of these things, you see.
    But you are drawing from him — just as you draw from life —
    that which you focus upon.

    And if you focus upon that which you are wanting to see,
    that is what you will draw into your experience —
    whether you are talking about the entire universe, or one single soul.

    All right. I understand that part. But I don’t understand…
    May I offer an analogy. Something that happened to me not very long ago.
    I was at a friend’s house, in the front yard,
    and this rather aggressive dog comes trotting up, you know.
    I happen to like animals very much, and I said a few words to the dog,
    and it wagged its tail and went on.

    Two Seconds later a lady appears across the street
    to go get her garbage cans, and she sees the dog
    and immediately reacts negatively, and the dog goes after her.
    Same dog.

    Indeed. It is a perfect analogy.

    These people can have these imperfections in them?

    Indeed. There is not one who does not.

    But we can either allow it or not?

    Your relationship with them depends upon your ability to focus
    upon what you want.
    (Dog barks from outside, very loud. Group laughs)

    That’s what you call having the last say.

    It is indeed.
    (Group laughs)

    What I was asking is, what you draw from that person, I understand that part, now…

    Let us interrupt before you go any further.
    The tendency is to blame the other for his imperfection.
    We are wanting you to assume the responsibility for his imperfection
    as he interacts with you, for you are soliciting it from him.
    The tendency is to see a flaw in another and judge and blame the other,
    and what we are saying to you is - only what you see is there.

    And so, now where are you?
    Now you are in a position where you may have
    perfect relationships with everyone as you are clear about
    what you are wanting and as you are only seeing what you are wanting.

    And when you see that which is not in harmony with who you are,
    look away.
    When your warning bell rings because that which you are seeing
    is not in harmony with what you are wanting,
    turn your attention to something else, you see.

    What you are most wanting to understand in this life experience
    is this: It is the greatest intention that you have,
    and we speak it forcefully:
    You are wanting to be ALLOWERS.

    And you will know when you have achieved that
    when you are willing to allow another,
    even when the other does not allow you.

    When you are able to allow, even when the other is not allowing you —
    you will have absolute freedom.

    You see, the only thing that binds you is negativity.
    Without it you are free, joyously.
    And so, as you look at another and see only that which brings forth joy —
    you are free.

    As you look at another and see that which brings forth negativity —
    you are bound by your own decision of what you are soliciting.
    We are wanting you to release the responsibility
    from all those you are blaming for all of the things they are doing wrong
    and for all of the ways they are messing up your life.

    They are not doing it! You are doing it!

    That is deep stuff.
    (Group laughter)

    It is the deepest of the stuff.
    (Group laughter)
    And it is the most meaningful words that you will hear
    as you are moving forward,
    for you are interacting with others,
    and it applies not only to the others, my friends —
    it applies to your own being.

    You solicit from your very own being that which you do not want to be.
    You look at yourself and you see that which is wrong.
    You see that which is not in harmony with your greater wanting,
    and as you do it — you create more.

    See in yourselves that which you are wanting,
    and that is what you will draw forth.
    Do you see? Indeed you do. That is very good. Did you write it down?
    (To Jerry)

    I put, “Transcribe this. This is deep stuff.”
    (Group laughter)


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    The art of drawing others in

    It all starts with EXPECTATION.
    It's not about action, it's about expectation.

    It's not about rigidness.
    It's not about holding the reigns back.
    It's not about getting people to conform.
    It's not about getting people to comply.

    It's not about being the biggest, and the baddest, with the biggest bombs.
    It's not about being able to affect the greatest punishment on people, or on anyone
    because they disobey, or because they disagree.

    It's about finding, personally, something
    that you care about and focusing on it
    and affirming it from your high-flying disk enough
    that you get momentum going, so that your power of influence

    then sweeps people WILLINGLY in.

    Ahh... because unless you have swept them WILLINGLY in, you HAVEN'T CONVINCED THEM.
    So, what is the power of influence?

    It's having the energy that creates worlds flowing to you and through you.

    There's a powerful, POWERFUL influence that comes from that kind of alignment, you see.
    And in that kind of alignment, what others are then INSPIRED TO,
    aligns them with the GOODNESS and the CORE that is THEM.

    Ooh, did you follow that?
    Did you follow, did you follow that, you see?
    And everything else is sort of SUPERFLUOUS, isn't it?


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    The Path of Least Resistance on ALL sorts of relationships.

    You gotta give yourself permission to do,
    what feels best to you.
    But first you gotta decide what feels good,
    and what don´t feels good!

    And you´ve gotta keep asking that question, and keep following that path.
    And before you know it, you´ll be in a place,
    that you´ll be SO clear, that you are evoking form others THAT clarity-
    or they will not come into your experience.

    (...say to them)
    "I am responsible for how you behave in my experience.
    And some of you need to go away,
    so that I can clean up the way I think about you!

    Because we´ve got this cycle going: You are here,
    and behaving like that, and I´m observing it, and I´m attracting more."

    Iow, sometimes you need a break from the condition!

    Maybe you need to separate yourselves from some of the conditions,
    in order to gain some clarity about who you are!
    Maybe you need to make your relationship with who you are
    and how you feel your no 1 priority, you see!

    And when you do-
    then lots of these relationships will come to BACK into your experience.
    But the BEST of them will rendezvous with the BEST of you-
    you see.

    Abraham Hicks Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    1000ends of potential perfect partners for you!

    Now we gonna give you smth here that you do not want to hear
    but we really want you to to hear it, anyway!


    Wait, that defies law.
    We gonna give you smth that you really want to hear
    that you are not ready to hear!


    Wait, that is waist of time (laugh)

    I can hear this later on CD.

    Well, we gonna tell you smth that we know.

    HS: Ok!

    Or never mind...

    There are thousands of potential partners for you,
    who would be equal in the satisfaction value.

    You are not looking for the one only!

    And where the perfect partner lies, is in YOUR vibrational range
    between where you are and where you want to be on the subject.
    IOW, you've got to create the perfect partner in YOU,
    and the Universe will match it.

    So, what we are saying is, "Pick somebody and make peace with it
    and line up with it and live happily ever after.
    And don't look back in second guessing, don't say
    (with thoughtful voice) "Well, I've noticed smth that I don't like..."

    Instead say: "I noticed all this things that I do like.
    And as I am fixated on them, the BEST of me comes out,
    and when the best of me comes out, the BEST of you comes out,
    and when the BEST of us are here we are having really good time!
    And who cares who else could be on the party?? Who cares????

    It is sort like somebody is going to the fabulous restaurant
    and having a delicious meal and then wishing they were at some other restaurant
    having some other delicious meal...

    And we say "If you are having a delicious meal what difference does it make
    how many delicious meals are there if you are having a delicious meal??"
    you see...
    So, there are smth sort of stuck in the craw of so many of you that says
    "I've got to find the best and only partner."

    And WE say
    "Find somebody and make them the best partner
    by activating the best part of them in YOU."

    from the clip "Relationships: Two week process to bring in a lover"

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    Eternal relationships

    You can not joyously leave something behind
    that you've been invested for a very long time,
    just by acknowledging that you´r no longer invested in it.
    IOW, there is a missing piece in there.
    (...) Every relationship is an eternal relationship. Everyone.
    That this experience that you had for all of this time,
    is an eternal experience.

    IOW, you will never be able to separate yourself vibrationally from it.
    And so, how you say "Goodbye" to it?
    The way you're saying goodbye to someone or something
    or some experience, is by acknowledging "you never can".
    You can never say Goodbye to it.

    So, in this 6 month
    (to a HS) we would be trying to figure out
    how we are going to continue to say "Hello" to it!
    You see what we are getting at?
    We would look at it in terms of "what it is meant"
    and "what you still are believing".

    Now, of course, you won´t be investing in it how you have been!
    But there still will be an investment and-
    so, what we are saying is... And this is new, you have not heard this before.

    Since there is no Goodbye to anything,
    there is only motion forward,
    it is good for you to decide,
    what your new relationship with it will be!

    Is this relationship of good riddance? Is this relationships of well wishes?
    Is this relationships where what I've set into motion will continue
    to receive advantage, because I continue to occasionally think about it?

    -You see, what we are getting at?

    You think, that you keep in touch with one another on Facebook.
    You think, that you keep in touch with one another
    through your correspondence or through your communication,
    through your rendezvouses.
    That is MINUSCULE in comparison with the way
    you keep in touch with one another through your memories,
    through your contemplation, through your anticipation,
    through your giving your attention to, in the here and now.

    So, what we are getting at, and we know it feels long and a little bit boring
    if you are not right on the leading edge with us. But what we are saying to you,
    is since you have so much history there and there is so much vibration
    that will naturally come forth within you, you got 6 month to make sure
    that you put this vibration into the place that you want it to be, that will serve you,
    you see...

    And it is not enough to say "I am done with that, I am gonna go to something else"
    or "Now I am not bound, now I am more free".
    It is not enough because you are never bound by the place, or by the space
    or by the people or by their responsibility or by you actions.
    It was always about the attention to those subjects, you see.


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    Dancing with fascinating rascals? (=Step 5)

    Sometimes Esther will say "that person is really really hard.
    Its just hard. Its just hard.
    That person rings my bells, yanks my chain. That person is hard."
    And every now and again she says: "TOO Hard"!
    "TOO Hard, not worth it! Too hard, NOT worth it!"

    -And you have to decide, when the path of least resistance
    says "too hard, NOT worth it".
    And when the path of least resistance says
    "too hard, BUT worth it!!"

    Abe, Asheville April 2015

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    Both of you can get all you want...

    "But, what if what I want and what you want are in conflict?
    If I want rain, and you've just cut your alfalfa… how does that work?"

    If you will focus upon the essence of what you want
    (which is a magnificent new crop) and the other will focus upon
    the essence of what they want (which is a successful alfalfa harvest,
    or whatever)… and if either one of you doesn't get too involved
    in the details of how you think you want your desire to play out,
    then both of you can be satisfied.

    The Universe has the facility to orchestrate
    circumstances and events to accommodate everyone.

    Excerpted from: Albuquerque, NM on September 01, 2004

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    So, the big question is:
    "Well, do I just dump all this unwanted things, and try to start fresh?"

    And we say, No!
    You just set the tone, where you are, by looking for things to appreciate!
    And by setting your tone, in a very clear, deliberate way
    ANYTHING that doesn´t match it gravitates out of your experience.
    And anything that does match it, gravitates INTO your experience!

    It is so much simple than most of you are allowing yourself to believe.


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    Every single relationship that you have
    no matter who it is with, whether it's an employer or a loved one
    or a friend or someone that you're just now meeting,
    every every single relationship - there are two versions of it -
    there's the version that exists in the Now-reality
    and there's the version that is in your Vortex.

    And even if you just met them you put a version in the Vortex.

    If it's a child that you've been with for fourteen years
    you have a very big version of them in your Vortex.
    So, we just wanna say straight out to you
    that you owe it to yourself and anybody you care about
    to harmonize with your Vortex version of everyone.
    And that's a tricky thing because they're clamoring out here with their physical version
    and they often don't go together.

    Abe tell the story about Jerry, Esther and Tracy, where Tracy always had a version
    of how life should be - how hollidays should be, how letters should be written and etc.
    IOW, she has this standart of life. And Jerry and Esther never conform it.
    Esther would never receive anything from Jerry on an anniversary or on a birthday or at christmastime,
    never one-time ever in the over 30 years, that they've been together
    but at very odd and random times thing show up in her experience

    as an expression of his appreciation for her. And she's come to find such satisfaction in the fullness
    of the co-creation rather than the answering out of obligation.)

    (...So, everyone is like Tracy...) whether you know it or not

    you have put a new and improved version of everything in your Vortex of creation.
    And no one in your life will ever live up to it.
    Those are the words that we want you to hear!

    Your lover in real life will never live up to what you put there
    because, first of all, that current lover didn't put all of it there!
    You had a whole lot of different lovers that caused you to carve out this Vortex.
    In other words life has caused you to create your Vortex version of everything!
    And that Vortex version, that's that Source Energy version
    that new generations will be born from! It's really big!

    Don't ask this now-moment, this now-relationship, this now-generation,
    this now-technology, this now-anything to be the answer
    to everything that you've put there!
    This is physical reality and it's old news!
    This is vibrtational reality and it's present tense!
    Don't ask, don't ask the impossible.

    And we're not saying that the physical reality is not magnificent.
    But it will never be as magnificent as the version that you put into your Vortex!
    But then what goes wrong with so many lovers, and so many fathers,
    and so many mothers and some many children,
    you want your parents, you want your daughter,
    you want your lover to right now, in this red hot minute, to live up to everything
    that you've put into your Vortex.
    And we say, your asking the wrong person to do the living up to it!

    It's not their job to live up with the version!
    It's your job to live up to the version!

    So the correct way of putting it to your child or to anyone would be:
    "Hey!You and all your troubles cost me to create a new and improved version of you!
    But I can't live up to the new and improved version of you
    because I have no willpower.
    I do not have the ability to stay true to my creation
    I am an observer of you in your now reality!
    And you'r now reality isn't living up to my new version
    and I'm really bummed about it, I gotta tell you.
    You've helped me to create the better version
    and now you're distracting me from the better version!" (laughter)

    And that's the basis of all relationships that are uncomfortable.
    You keep wanting them to be what you put...
    So, if someone's not faithful in a relationship
    you want someone to love you!
    If someone is not interested in what you're talking about
    you want someone to be interested in you.
    You create the new and improved version
    but you cannot attract interest from that person
    untill you are a match to that version.
    And you have to become the vibrational match,
    you have to become a cooperative component to your own creation.
    And when you are a cooperative component to your own creation
    then you're in the Vortex and then you will have access to the cooperative components
    that are already, that are all in there also.

    Abraham, from Atlanta, GA workshop 5/15/10

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