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Thread: Why no more videos?

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    Why no more videos?

    The last video I saw from Abraham dates back to January 2015. Since then I've only found mp3-files of the sessions, no more videos. Furthermore, there are a lot of videos posted on Youtube who have false dates, claiming they are from 2016 when in fact they are at least 4 years old. Anybody knows what's happening here?

    I'd really love to see Esther again in a recent workshop. Doesn't she release videos anymore? Or has she decided to release only audio files?

    Thanks for any clarification.

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    That's really a question for Esther and her staff at AHP. Since we're not privy to their inner workings and decision-making process (because we're not affiliated with them), any answer we'd offer here would just be speculation.

    Abraham have said that the LiveStream broadcasts of the Workshops were born out of Jerry's illness, in part to continue to keep him involved in this work in which he is deeply interested. When Jerry croaked, there was one less reason to continue the LiveStreams and, obviously, the remaining reasons weren't compelling enough for AHP to continue with them.

    For the time being, you'll have to content yourself with the sound recordings, unless you personally participate in a Workshop (like the upcoming one in Rome, which is closer to you).

    Since this discussion really isn't within the scope of this Forum, I'm going to close this thread.

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