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Thread: A Few Notes from the Denver, CO Workshop June 11

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    A Few Notes from the Denver, CO Workshop June 11

    I had the best of the best of days a few weeks ago at the Denver workshop. The feeling in the room was off the charts. I haven’t been to one since Jerry was in the physical, but I sure could feel his energy there right next to Esther and Abraham. It was fun, exhilarating, educational, and so delicious! I got there early and was able to get right up in the front row, directly in front of Esther, and I lapped up every second.

    Here are just a few notes I took. Everything is paraphrased, as I’m still waiting on the CDs.

    1. Every impulse is guided by source (Abe mentioned that they’ve never said this in this way before)
    2. Don’t be so quick wanting to know where everything is going. Be of an attitude of going along.
    3. Care about the way you feel. Care about feeling good.
    4. Nothing too serious is going on here
    5. Esther has discovered that the sooner she plays music in her day, the better her day goes. In this section, they were talking about basking in your morning, and how your cork floats right away as you wake up but then negative thoughts can quickly drag it down. It’s good to start off basking and appreciating in the morning. Music helps.
    6. Have an attitude of “Everything is working out for me.” Abraham called up one man to the HS who really had no questions, and as he sat there, all he kept saying was, “I’m good. Everything works out for me.” It was pretty funny, although a little confusing, as he wasn’t kidding. He literally had no questions and I know I was wondering, “Well, then, why the heck are you up there?” But now it makes sense, as it was one of the main messages Abraham was trying to impart to us that day…”Everything is always working out for you.”
    7. You choose your parents and your children before you become physical
    8. You have so much leverage in that connection with Source Energy. Turn on the gas when flying high.
    9. Emotions are your friends. Never apologize for your guidance system
    10. Again, when you’re flying high, focus. When you’re not there, bail out. Don’t focus. Withdraw your attention.

    It was an amazing workshop, honestly the best one I’ve ever been too. I felt like there was a new energy in all the messages. Abraham also spent a lot of time talking about the “Hand on the Stove” metaphor, which was rip-roaring fun!

    Hope there are some nuggets in here for you!

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    Thank you Bene.
    I love how you describe the workshop and also feeling Jerry there, so good.
    Love how it all worked out for you to get a front row seat, thank you for sharing.

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