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Thread: "Truth" and "Reality"

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    "Truth" and "Reality"

    “Everything that you activate in your vibration becomes a truth.
    You can make cancer true. You can make violence true.
    You can make clarity true. You can make poverty true.
    You can make abundance true. You can choose anything
    and give it your attention and make it truth.

    We say, a novel approach would be
    to pick things you like and make those true.
    But before you’re going to be able to do that,
    you’ve got to say, “It’s not about what’s true and untrue.
    It’s about what I choose to activate and turn into truth.”


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    When people thought the world was flat,
    it wasn't that their thinking was distorted,
    -the data that they were collecting gave them that information.-

    t was that they were not broadsighted enough
    to step back far enough to see the big picture.
    And that's what we see with so many of you:

    You are so close to the reality that you are creating,
    that you sometimes can't see the bigger picture.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, July 24th, 2004

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    As I’m aging, I just notice my body is not as resilient as it was
    when I was 20. And….

    Why not? That’s odd.

    Yeah, I guess that’s my question.
    Does there have to be a natural aging process?

    Aging, yes, because you’re moving through time.
    Declining, no — that’s a mental state.

    Q: Yeah.

    But what happens is, because most everybody you know
    is looking at manifestations and then coming to conclusions,
    based on manifestations rather than looking at energy and coming to
    conclusions based on energy.

    - in other words, if you could see a declining person
    and you could understand the conflicts that have been going on in them
    all of their life, then you would understand the decline of their body.
    And then you would be able to make the association
    and you would not necessarily attach the same thing to yourself.

    But because you make no association between what they’re thinking
    and feeling and what’s happening to them,
    then you assume this is just what happens.
    And we want to say to you, this is not just what happens.
    This is just what happens when people believe,
    that there is decline with age.

    Mm-hm. Like, a specific example, I used to run a lot,
    and now when I run my left hip hurts. And I would like
    to be able to run, but it’s just, it’s uncomfortable to run.

    What you are saying to us is you think that your left hip
    began to hurt and then you noticed it
    and had a vibrational response to it.

    And what we’re saying to you is, you had a vibrational response
    to the society that believes in decline and therefore are living
    the self-fulfilled prophecy of what you expected.

    Q: Right.

    And so the question that really is before us is:
    how can I expect differently than everybody else?
    And we say, try to think more singularly. And try not to
    base your conclusions on the manifestations that you’re watching.
    Instead, base your conclusions on the energy that you are watching.

    We think it would be helpful,
    when you see a person who has strong evidence of decline,
    to acknowledge what their day-to-day mental state has been like.
    In other words, what have they been pushing against?

    And sometimes people will say, “Well, that’s just the fact.
    The fact of it is that this many people get such and such.”
    And we say, well, what does that have to do with you?

    And they say, “Well, one in five has it and I might be the one.”
    And we say, but why are you letting the way somebody else
    flowed energy, which created what they are living,
    why are you now using that as the club to beat yourself over the head?

    It’s where we began there this morning, as we said
    would you choose something that is true,
    or something that feels good?
    Many people would choose what is true.

    “I’m choosing this true thought.” And we say, but it’s only a true thought
    because somebody manifested it. And somebody only manifested it,
    because they gave their attention to it.
    So what you’re saying is, “I’m now going to give my attention
    to this thing I do not want because somebody because somebody else
    gave their attention to this thing they [did] not want and got it.”

    And we say, we know there’s reasoning in there somewhere,
    but it feels quite unreasonable to us. And that’s why we’re playing with you
    a little bit when we say… “Why?” … when you talk about decline.

    We hear Jerry and Esther say quite often — Esther, especially, is saying it lately —
    “I feel more stamina today than I did when I was a teenager.”

    And we say, it is because she has very little resistance moving through her
    today, and when she was a teenager, like most teenagers, there was a
    tremendous amount of trying to fit in and trying to please too many people.

    In other words, she can tell a physical difference.
    Now, if you were to say,
    “Does she have the same physical capabilities today as she did,
    when she was a teenager?”,
    we would say there would be no reason for them to be less.
    She’s hardier, she’s stronger, she’s surer, she’s more balanced,
    she’s more connected, she’s allowing more of us
    to flow through her, you see.

    Q: So I can still have my 20-year-old body when I’m 44, or…?

    No, your body will still be 44 because you are moving through time.

    But what we would do if we were standing in your physical shoes is
    -we would disassociate age with activity or age
    with the way that you feel because your body is a cellular mass
    that is monitored and created through electrical charges,
    and the cellular mass has the capability of regenerating
    itself endlessly.
    And each new cell has the ability to be as much,
    if not more, than the original cell.

    In other words, that’s the nature of this physical structure.
    And so the only other factor is how the energy is being allowed
    to flow through.
    And so decline is about electrical circuitry being disallowed,
    not about cellular degeneration.

    Your doctors are beginning to discover it, they are beginning
    to make the factual leap between attitude and wellness, you see.
    And while we know you would count yourself among
    — and so would we — the more positive people on the planet.

    It is clear to us, we can feel it in your energy. We also know,
    that you take life very seriously. You want to get things right.
    You care very much about parenting.
    You care very much about your work,
    you care very much about making the world a better place.

    In other words, you have issues you’ve picked up along your physical trail,
    you’re taking life rather seriously, you see.
    We like it when you take life seriously because it’s a wonderful thing to focus,
    but we would also like you to lighten up a little bit and relax,
    and have more fun in more moments and realize that all is well,
    because that is the only thing that is taking the toll on your body.

    Q: Okay.

    Abe: Very good. Something more?

    Q: I was going to ask about this whole idea of enlightenment,
    but I don’t know if I’m really that interested.
    I’m more interested in…. (Laughter.)
    I’m having so much fun, more and more fun all the time,
    I could care less about enlightenment now, so…. (Further laughter.)

    Well, that is the most enlightened remark we have ever heard. (Laughter.)
    That’s where it’s at. We’re not kidding you about that.

    Enlightenment means, literally, ‘aligning to the energy of my Source.’
    And genius is only about focusing — Law of Attraction takes care of everything else.

    Physical humans often want to make enlightenment
    about finding some process and moving through the process
    that has been pre-described, but true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm
    of the internal inspiration that is coming in response to the individual desire.

    Ooh, that was so good — did you hear that?
    Enlightenment is allowing my connection to the Source
    that is me for the fulfillment of the things that I
    have individually defined here in my time/space reality.’
    That’s as good as it gets, you see.

    — Abe — Boulder, CO, 6/7/03

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    You are such realists,
    and you care about what other people are saying.
    You care about how other people are approaching you.
    You care about what their opinion of you is.

    And we care only about you
    harmonizing with the opinion of the Source within you,
    who knows you are magic.
    Who knows you are worthy.
    Who knows that you can be or do or have ANYTHING.

    Who knows that you can establish a point of attraction,
    and everything else will fill in.
    In other words - it will look like magic to those who are watching you,
    when you find alignment with the fullness of who you are,
    and practice the vibration of it frequently enough
    that you know the power of your being.

    Everything that you have ever wished or dreamed or hoped for,
    must become a specifically manifested reality enough
    that everyone who is looking at you
    from whatever vantage point they are,
    will have to admit that you have got some sort of magic going on!

    Because you´ll be living entirely differently
    than almost everybody else.

    - ABE

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    Facers of reality
    do NOT CHANGE the reality, that they are facing!

    Asheville, NC, 2-3/04/2016

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    Say to them:
    "Hey!! I don´t face reality! I CREATE reality!!!"

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    "We think the most powerful statement
    that we’ve ever made to any of you,
    or questions that evoke clarity from you—

    Truth or Untruth? say TRUTH.
    Feel Good or Feel Bad? say FEEL GOOD.
    Feel Good or Truth? say “eechkiiiieeaieiiiikkk.”

    I want to say FEEL GOOD but, what I really mean is truth,
    because I have been commanded & demanded & encouraged
    & programmed to face reality.

    And we say:

    Now that’s worth thinking about! You were taught to face reality before
    you knew you were creating reality
    and now you know you’re creating reality—
    You don’t want to face reality,
    unless it’s a reality you want to create.

    And so, you say— and we want to make that distinction
    between reality and virtual reality:
    Virtual Reality is the pure one.
    Reality is MINGLED with historical things
    that do not please you."

    -Abe 10/1/02

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    Where you ARE is the true deception

    ... when it comes to my career ... . I don't even like to call it a career,
    because I don't feel at this point that I have a CAREER... .

    That honesty thing is just going to kill you
    [audience laughter].
    You've got tell-it-like-it-is-itis.
    [audience laughter]

    I know. Yeah.

    Did you have someone up close to you that demanded,
    that you never offer any deception whatsoever?
    In other words, where did this
    over-eagerness to nail
    your foot to the floor
    come from? [long pause]

    Well you know, you're onto something there, because
    what you're saying is, "It's important to me to present myself accurately."
    And so we would like to present yourself accurately
    from our point of view.

    Because we want you to catch a glimpse of who we see you as.
    We know who you are as you came in!
    And we've seen what life has caused you to become.
    And we give our undivided attention to your vibrational escrow.
    And so do all of the resources of the Universe.

    And if you don't turn your attention
    to what's in your vibrational escrow, you cause a splitting
    of energies that keeps your life from going the way you want to.

    You've got to start looking at the Real You.
    You've got to stop being so deceptive and looking
    dishonestly at the temporary you.

    You must start looking at the Authentic You.

    And the Authentic You is over there in vibrational escrow.
    You see what we're getting at? -
    The Authentic You.
    The You that Law of Attraction is responding to most powerfully.
    That's why the stream flows as it does.
    [Pointing] You're over here.
    This is who You are. And you're uncomfortable,
    until the rest of you comes with it.

    So why are you clinging so hard to the statistics that measure
    where you are, when the Authentic You is over there, with a career
    that is beyond description from your physical terms right now?
    You've got to start looking that way and start trying to define it.

    And most of all you've got to stop feeling,
    that that's deception.
    Because where you ARE is the true deception.
    That's why it feels so bad.
    Not letting yourself be Who You Are,
    is the great lie you are telling, you see.

    [huge audience applause]
    And there are so many disconnected people willing to help you
    keep that lie alive.
    But you've come to a new awakening.
    You're beginning to SEE Who You Really Are.
    And you know, now you've seen it, you can't go back.
    You can NEVER resist going with the stream and feel good.

    You just HAVE to go with the stream.
    So, that discomfort you feel isn't because
    you're telling a lie.
    The discomfort you feel is because you're
    beating the drum of where you are,
    and not letting yourself go with the Authentic You.

    Abraham Hicks, Mexico Cruise, 4-12-07

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    Is it reality, or is it not reality?
    All things are reality.

    Even if only one is imagining it, it is a reality
    in that the thought has been offered and someone,
    who has the ability to translate that vibration,
    will perceive it.

    It must be fair to say that anything
    that can be perceived must be reality.
    Because, as creators, your reality depends upon what you are
    willing to imagine and allow.

    --- Abraham

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    The memory that you bring from your past to the now
    just messes up your now!
    You don´t have to do that anymore.

    But you can´t get cold turkey! You can´t- just all of a sudden
    stop thinking that thoughts that you´ve lived-
    because living them, oh hear this, living them,
    seemed to validate them.

    Living them seemed to prove them, seemed to make it true enough,
    that you should keep telling the story!
    That´s not the way we want you to look at that,
    in this vibrational work!

    That´s like saying: "Ok, I lived stuff I didn´t want to live.
    I didn´t like it when I lived it, I didn´t like it one bit.
    I HATED living that.
    But it was real. And it was true!
    And therefore, I´m going to keep all of that active in my now,
    so that I can keep living it!"


    "But it was true! It was true, and my life validated it.
    Therefore, it represents who I am.
    That´s who I have been, that´s who I, therefore, have to be.

    Oh, this is really good stuff: Because I have been it, than I still am it."
    -Is that the way...?
    Your logical mind doesn´t wanna say that, but your vibrational world insists on it!

    "Because I was it- and I´m so aware that I was it
    (don´t look any of that up in a grammar-dictionary )
    -Because I lived it, because I was it, then I think I should keep thinking about it.
    I´ll just keep talking about what I want, because of what I don´t want."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Breaking The Barriers Of Lack Through Focus

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