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Thread: "Truth" and "Reality"

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    Every single human is exactly the same way.
    You are inherently decreeing yourself worthy of well-being.
    And so, when someone says: “You have to stop doing that,
    you have to stop decreeing yourself worthy and proclaim ME the one
    that should get the well-being,”

    …no one is able to do that.
    That is truly is what is at the very basis of all discord.

    So, you are right, it would be lovely if everyone could know their
    worthiness and everyone could stand and expect well-being to come
    and everyone would know that there is no competition of resources.

    It would be lovely if everyone could understand that the only reason
    they are not getting what they want is because they have practiced,
    for so long, looking at the absence of it and that their vibration is
    completely about that.

    -Abe 5/3/04

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    Are there "ghosts", evil spirits, hauntings?

    People talk about sometimes they’ll come into the room and things are misplaced or moved around and they attribute it to hauntings…

    – Most of it we attribute it to bad memory… and to the cooperative Universe that will always assist you.In other words when you decide that something is lost you can’t find it, even though it’s right there, and then when you get back into the vibration that allows you to see it, then you’re sure that someone has brought it in and put it there.

    There’s more of that going on than anything, but in fairness everything is vibrational and everything that you see in this physical world is an extension of that vibration.

    And so, this nonphysical energy that is focused does have the ability to- right before your eyes- move things, because everything is vibrational.
    So, hauntings… give us an example?

    This is more my friends question – so I don’t have a specific question. Of course we seen things on television… Is it part of our creation because when someone goes out to look for hauntings they will find them because they are creating…?

    Here’s the thing – everything is about vibration and vibration is being interpreted in many different ways. We’ve already talked about the real-life reality that you want to call reality which is your interpretation of vibration.

    Your eyes interpret vibration and that’s why you see. Your ears interpret vibration and that’s why you hear, so you were interpreting energy into what you see.

    Esther, as she is receiving us here is receiving blocks of thought – we’re sort of downloading big blocks of thought – she gets them at an unconscious level sorts them out and finds words equivalent to best describe the block of thought she is receiving.

    So Esther is a very good verbal translator of this vibration, but there are others who are visual translators of vibration and they are those who have visions who see things and many of you do too. The thing that is important to understand whether you are verbally translating – Esther is more auditory than visual – whether you are verbally translating or whether you are visually translating or both. In any case you are receiving the vibration that you must be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of the vibration in order to interpret it.

    In other words Esther has discovered that if she meditates, or if she’s joyful, or if she’s basking that she’s much more up to speed with what Abraham is and so the flow of Abraham is much more comfortable and much more emphatic or precise or beneficial if she’s up to speed with us.

    So interpreting energy simply means being in the vibrational vicinity and then interpreting in some way visually or auditorily.

    So now let’s talk about vibration other than the vibration that we are offering. In other words, we are a stream of consciousness and when Esther or any of you get in the vicinity of what we are you have that knowing.

    You are knowing what we are talking about and surprising yourself, aren’t you? You’re right up to speed – did you hear how you laughed just at the right moment? Do you hear how you’re getting the subtle nuances of what we are offering? -You’re up to speed with us or that would not be happening.

    So you’re in the vibrational vicinity of that which we are – now, Esther makes it easier for you because she’s speaking it out loud and you are commonly or collectively focused which makes it easier still – but just the same you are in the vibrational vicinity or you would not be getting it.

    So, every thought that has ever been thought still exists – thoughts don’t go away, vibrations don’t go away and law of attraction gathers those vibrations into what you might call rivers or streams. And so you could pick-up on the river… this is a powerful stream of consciousness that we are projecting here which is easy for Esther and some of you to pick up on.

    But there are streams of consciousness that are a spin-off of man’s conscious thought that are also easy for you to pick up on if you’re in the vibrational vicinity.

    -That’s where all that “evil haunting” stuff comes from… in other words, as man worries about this and worries about that – as you watch Steven Spielberg movies, or Stephen King’s movies, as you watched that stuff- there’s a coalescing of all of that.

    And it’s perfectly logical that someone in the vibrational vicinity of some of that unwanted stuff could be close enough to the vibration of it that they can begin to interpret it visually. Jerry and Esther – one of the very first people that they met as they began to do this work – a wonderful woman who’d lived in Dallas – and Jerry and Esther stayed at her home in fact when they went up to do the seminars.

    She heard them on one of the few radio shows that they ever did, or that we ever did, and came to the first seminar that they conducted in Dallas. As she told them the story later when she became a good friend of theirs that as she was driving to the seminar after having heard us on the radio she is saying right out loud as she’s driving in her automobile, “Alright Abraham are you Angel or Devil?”

    Which sort of gives you an idea of what was going on with her at the time – she did not understand when we emphatically say there is no source of evil, there’s just allowing who you really are or not.

    But she was still in that place where she was looking for good and evil – hauntings and blessings sort of thing.
    And so as we were coming into the conversation – Esther was sitting at the time, not standing – and she asked the question as she was sitting there in the room and as we came to join the party in Esther’s experience, we were silent for an inordinate amount of time.

    In fact Esther began to feel uncomfortable because she was used to us opening her eyes and getting right to it. But instead we opened her eyes and looked at this woman and the woman said, “the entire room filled with big angel wings.”

    -We projected to her an answer to her question and in her ability to translate vibration visually she did. So it’s in the eye of the beholder – in other words you see what you are vibrationally tuned, but more important you see what you are expecting and expectation is a vibrational practice and anything is possible.

    We just want you to know,
    that there is only a source of well-being, and that this source of well-being is dominant and if you’re picking up on any of that other stuff it’s just because you’re outside the vortex on the wrong ragged edge, you’ve got a pretty good vibration going and all that stuff floating around out there congealing and able to pick up- in other words:

    Transmitting and receiving mechanisms, it’s all that it is.

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    Do you really wanna tell it in a way that sucks?

    You’re far to smart to tell a negative story just so that you can get to the humorous punch line.

    But isn’t that like dealing with real life, day to day?

    Well, there is a lot of real life that’s wonderful and there’s a lot of real life that sucks, and it’s all your choice. Focus wherever you want, and take your path wherever you want it to be.
    Ashland OR,7/23/05

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    thank you, songbird!

    I find myself not trusting those signs.

    Stop that!
    -So, what your saying is, that you've got some habits of thought, some disbelief about something. But your managing to quiet your mind, and your able to suspend your disbelief.
    And then, when the impulse comes, the sign, or the awareness of it- as soon as you get focused upon it, the disbelief comes back up again. Well, just keep going and after a while, that disbelief will not keep coming back up!

    But here's the thing that we really want you to hear, all of you to hear.
    Most would say, well, until what I want manifests, I wont believe it. We say, you have got to have some faith or trust in the process!

    So we´re asking you not to feel certainty about it, and not to need it to manifest, because that's what gooses up the distrust. Because REALITY is confirming that you shouldn't believe it- because it hasn't happened.

    So, reality will ALWAYS PROVE,
    that your DREAM is not happening, or at least that
    it hasn't happened YET!

    -And that's the whole point of this conversation that were having these days. Were asking you, not to look for TRUST or BELIEF, because that might be over here, closer to the manifestation.

    Were just asking you to feel satisfied in the THOUGHT.

    So, when you see the Sign, it could be really SATISFYING to you.
    -You see what were getting at: The thought just feels good.

    So, if your looking for SATISFACTION of the thought. Not POWER to create it in my experience right now. (...) Just feel that satisfaction,
    and in time that satisfaction will turn to trust.

    If it feels like mistrust instead of satisfaction, then it cant turn to trust. Do you hear that?
    So if you find satisfaction, it can turn to more satisfaction, and more and more, and turn to trust, and then it can come to belief, and then it can turn to knowing, and then it turns to REALITY. This full blown manifested in every way, so that it can be translated by all of your physical senses, and so can others.

    But in the beginning, just ask for Satisfaction.
    Not proof, not evidence, not momentum, just satisfaction:

    "Ooooh, that thought felt good,
    -Ooh that thought felt good,
    -That thought feels good,
    -That is such a satisfying thought."

    from the clip Abraham 2017 - trusting the signs Atlanta 2017

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    We practice the Art of Allowing.
    Which means reaching for the thought that feels best,
    not the thought that is the real thought,
    not the thought that is telling it like it is.

    Telling it like it is only holds you where it is:
    “Damn it, I’m going to tell it like it is. I’m going to tell it like it is,
    because everybody wants me to tell it like it is.”

    Tell it like it is if you like it, like it is!
    But if you don’t like it like it is, then don’t tell it like it is—
    tell it like you want it to be.

    If you tell it like you want it to be long enough, you will begin
    to feel it like you want it to be. And when you feel it like you want it to be,
    it be’s like you want it to be.

    Excerpted from Syracuse, NY on 9/30/00

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    It´s not about source wants. It´s about what WE want!

    Abraham is not about guiding anyone
    toward or away from anything.

    We want you to make all of your decisions
    about your desire. You have that right.
    You should be able to do that.

    Our only desire is that you discover the way
    to achieve your desires.

    Excerpted from Monterey, CA on 3/20/01

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    This is the highest truth:

    Everything exists for joy.
    There is not one other reason for life than joy.

    We’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, because nobody other than All-That-Is is watching. In other words, we’re not trying to get brownie points from some other galaxy. We’re not trying to get someplace else; we’re not trying to get it done, because there is no ending—we cannot get it done.

    Everything exists for the purpose of joy in the moment.

    Excerpted from Silver Spring, MD on 5/11/02

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    “Do you believe the desire you hold is a signal?
    Do you believe the Universe is responding to that signal?
    Feel the freshness and purity of that!

    It’s just ME and MY SIGNAL!

    Where I came from doesn’t matter.
    How I came to this desire doesn’t matter.
    Where I lived before doesn’t matter.
    All that matters is the freshness of the DESIRE.

    What trips you up is, you explain WHY you’re offering a signal.
    People like to explain. “This is how I got to where I am”.
    And if you’re explaining, you’re referencing the past,
    where you have no power.
    And if you stay there long enough,
    you achieve harmony with it, which equals your Point of Attraction.


    The Universe is NOT asking you for your Realism.
    The Universe is asking you for your SIGNAL.

    That’s the most important thing you’ve ever heard from us.”

    Abraham Hicks

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    Does source see the "Unwanted"?

    Esther will say from time to time,
    “Oh come on, Abraham. You gotta give me this one.
    (audience laughs) You cannot not be noticing THAT. It’s so big, and it’s so bad and it’s so WR-ONNG.” (audience laughs)

    And we say, we notice it.
    We just don’t see it as wrong.
    We just don’t condemn it.

    We see it, and immediately take from it what we prefer, and immediately turn our undivided attention to what we prefer.
    And if you will do that, you will feel as good as we do!

    “But what about righting the wrongs of the world?”, we hear you say; and we say, you will never make the world a better place by beating the drum with what’s wrong with it. However; you came forth as leading edge creators to explore the contrast because you cannot ask for improvement until you stand in a place that CAUSES the improvement to occur to you.

    So, it’s a wonderful thing that you have been willing to come forth to be an exaggerated version of step one of the process. You ask; step one. We stand, as Source Energy, as an exaggerated version of step two. Because when you ask, Source gives undivided attention to what you are asking for, looks right at your vibrational escrow, and holds the thought of that which you have become, because we are Non-Physical Energy.

    We are Non-Physical Energy; we can have the wholeness of the improvement before you can because you’re waiting for physical manifestation in most cases before you allow yourself the improvement. Did you hear that?

    Do you know that you could claim the improvement of your desire as quickly as we do, if you would be willing to look toward the solution and feel the pure positive energy of the solution?

    If you didn’t need the stuff to manifest before you feel better, you’d feel better all the time AND your stuff would manifest more quickly.

    -Abe (Autistic Revolution DVD)

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    thank you, Qzi!

    You are Creators of Worlds

    You are Creators of Worlds. You didn’t come to create trucks and, and... stuff. You are Creators of Worlds. You are Creators of concepts. You are Creators of people living together in joyous harmony. You are Creators of people living on the planet in their joyful rightfulness. You are Creators of children waking up and feeling secure in their lives.

    You are Creators of, of worlds of joy and lives of expansion. You didn’t come here to just take care of the details of day-to-day living.

    Your, your quest and intention was so much bigger than that, you see. But you can’t even begin to taste that until you step into the Vortex and so, as a mass consciousness, you look at some people and you revere that one as a master of this, and that one as a master of that but the majority of people hold themselves far from the mastery that they’ve come to live as they sort of quibble and squabble outside the Vortex over resources and about how much I’m getting and about how I should be getting that I’m not getting, bringing themselves to places of inferiority and into places of feeling lack.

    When who you really are, and by who you really are we mean, who this life and this struggle and this diversity and this contrast has caused you to become and who now you are real time, is over here expressing and radiating to you if you could just hear. And so everything we do is about getting you closer to the Vortex where maybe it will take you in for a moment and maybe you’ll feel that power in your being. Maybe you will know for a moment the clarity of who you are. Maybe you will feel the bigness of your charge in being here. Maybe you will understand that you are a Master here to masterfully create the creation that is you in your life experience, you see. You don’t begin to fulfill your reason for being until you have control of your emotions and control of your vibration and your operating real time where questions and answers and problems and solutions are all this magical dance you do, you see.

    The phrase "it's true" simply means somebody gave their attention to something long enough to achieve a vibrational alignment with it, and Law of Attraction gave them what they were thinking about. That's what "it's true" means. "It's true" means -- if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would at least add another phrase to the words "it's true." And that other phrase would be, "It's true, and I *want* some of it!" "It's true, and I *want* some of it!"

    Because if "it's true" and you *don't* want any of it, it being "true" is not a good enough reason for you to give your attention to it. Play it for a little while over the next five to ten days. "It's true" - but I don't think I would like any of that. "But it's really true!" - but I don't think I would like any of that. It's going to be quite shocking to you how many things you give your attention to that you *don't* want to be activating in your vibration, but you *are* because "it's true." We're inviting you today to find a new criteria. A criteria that the Source within you has found long ago.

    The criteria to give your attention to something is: Does this thing that I am holding as my object of attention resonate with the true core of my being? In other words, does it feel good when I think about it? This thing that I am focused upon, is it in such vibrational sync with the Source within me that when I focus on it I am wide open to the energy that creates worlds, allowing the cells of my body to accurately communicate with one another, bring me thriving resonance and wellbeing? *That's* the sort of truth we would encourage you to look for.

    THE Truth. The ONLY truth of Pure Positive Energy that ripples through your being when you find alignment with the Source within you. That's Truth. That's Truth that will serve you. That's Truth that will refuel you. That's Truth that will rebalance you. That's Truth that will give you clarity.

    Abraham-Hicks, Stamford, CT 10/2/2010

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