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Thread: Quotes about Creativity

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    Quotes about Creativity

    This is a new edition of THIS thread,
    Being Creative- Joyfully Flowing The Energy!

    with just the pure quotes.

    Creation happens in step 1 and 2.
    Step 3 is NOT creating, but RECEIVING!

    Itīs kind of funny for someone who is bright and knows,
    how to figure things out, to NOT be figuring things out,
    about this transitioning to being in this other climate.

    Ya! Ya, because you misunderstood
    Because, most humans think, that you are to be in the creative mode.
    That you are to be the Creator of your Reality.
    Where did you heard that?? (laughter)

    And so, how about taking the leading edge of that thought-
    and saying,
    I AM THE RECEIVER of the impulse, of the creation,

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks-How to Ask for More Money? (new!)

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    "We want you to acknowledge, that the best creating
    is the creating, that is done in ADVANCE."

    SanDiego, Jan. 2013

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    This specific EGS is what I have drawn together from Abeīs teachings.
    Here are more specific EGS-scales:
    "The map of the soul": Specific EGS-Scales

    The EGS and
    allowing your unique Creativity

    You closed the gap. FULFILLMENT. YOU ARE THERE!
    You ARE your dream.
    You feel one with the heavenly beautiful feeling energies of your creation.
    You BECOME it, it becomes YOU. You know it deeply, you are the colors, the sounds, the moves, the taste, the fragrance,
    the lines, the words, the energy.
    You KNOW that this piece of art expresses YOU, YOUR LOVE, your preferences, yourself,
    in a new, never before translated, divine way.

    After a while of feeling only peace and satisfaction, you start to find a new bouncing-off-point,
    from which you then will wish even MORE, on a higher level.

    = Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation

    You are practicing a path, that reveals your dream in many specific, intense, deep, wonderful ways.
    You are "in love" with an idea, an inspiration or a project.
    You canīt stop thinking/working/refining it. You are thrilled, you are stunned by its beauty, meaning and power.
    All comes together easily without any feeling of "work".
    You feel deeply appreciative to flow (in) it, to let the energys flow through you like an ecstatic rush.
    (Work with this. Plan, invent, research and design around it! Go into as many specifics as you are drawn to.
    Extreme sweetzone!)

    = Passion

    You are practicing a path, that reveals your dream in rendezvouses that feel very meaningful.
    You feel happy with any kind of creation you are called to: Be it in creating physically or in VR.
    Inspirations flow easy and fast. Work is easy and "in the flow", you forget the world around you while doing so.
    You donīt second guess. You are eager to do more and feel very appreciative about the whole issue.

    (Explore and act in this highly inspired specifics/details. Do it, talk about it, share it, write about it- milk it!)
    = Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    You are practicing a path, that reveals your dream in inspirations, good feeling emotions
    and in rendezvouses with really nice driftwood.
    What you want to do feels possible, fun, easy and close.
    You feel joyful and safe in creating,
    on an easy-flowing, playful level. You like what you do. You donīt feel the need to do more.

    (go into specifics/details and explore/act in them as long as it feels good. Milk even more!)
    = Positive Expectation/Belief

    You are practicing a path that reveals your dream in glimpses of inspiration,
    in goodfeeling ideas, new possibilities and interesting invitations.
    You feel frisky and easy, Inspirations flow in. You might not be ready yet to take action, but youīr ok with this.
    Youīr collecting energy and ideas.

    (Donīt force yourself anywhere. Stay somehow general. Recognize and milk- more inspiration will come, soon!)
    = Optimism

    Entry into joyful creativity and fulfillment
    (=the the Vortex)

    You start to go out of the way. The dream is in reach!
    "Wouldnīt it be nice, if...?"
    You feel hopeful and are relaxing into the idea, that you could- in time- find something that inspires you
    and that gets your juices flowing. Your creativity is resting, but (almost) ready for take off.
    (donīt rush into big action! Just play. Set grids of ease. Make yourself comfortable in just surrendering into the Vortex.
    Milk what you enjoy.)

    = Hope

    The boat will turn downstream by itself, if you practice simply "going out of the way".
    You are on the turning point. The rendezvous with your dream comes into reach.
    Nothing moves you, really. Creativity is resting.
    (Action isnīt very calling, yet- GOOD. Lean deliberately towards what you want!Look out for inspiration, interesting stuff, fun.
    Or: simply take a nap- or meditate! Make grids about fun, joy. Look for the wanted side in work and actions.)

    = Contentment

    You are practicing a path, that makes the dream feel boring.

    You are tired, and in this, you are in the way: Your dream can not come in a fulfilling way.

    You feel dissatisfied, but because you donīt dare to let yourself go into any deeper feeling energies, you are not inspired.
    Neither the connection nor the disconnection from source calls you into becoming creative, you feel somehow stuck.
    Creativity is on pause. IF you create, your creations donīt move others, either.
    (Donīt beat up on you! Delay, if possible. Let go. Soothe yourself with really staying general until you feel inspired again.
    Nap. Pet your cat. Watch a funny movie!)

    = Boredom, Tiredness

    You are practicing a path, that lets the dream feel far away.

    You donīt even really want "to go there any longer": And so, your dream and you cannot rendezvous, right now.
    You feel a yearning for creating, but you are scared where it might lead you,
    or if you are able to create at all and put the higher energy to work for you.
    IF you create, you connect creation with the intention to show off your abilities or worth- which you doubt.
    This shows in the results.
    (go general: diffuse your focus, if possible: Delay what bothers you. If you can bear it, look at the wanted,
    but stay very general in it.)

    = Pessimism, Tiredness

    are practicing a path, in which you donīt see your dream in the proper way, anymore.
    That makes
    the dream (that is always there and never goes away!) feel frustrating, irritating and as too much work.
    The reality of the dream and you cannot rendezvous.
    You feel mixed up and frustrated, regarding your own power and connection to the higher energies.
    Your creations- IF you create, look and feel unready, flat, confused, pieced together somehow loveless.
    (Donīt do visualizations or affirmations from here. Donīt take action.
    GO GENERAL: Chill out, take a nap, just reach for ease, relaxation and flow.)

    = Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

    You are practicing a path, that mocks and insults your dream.
    You call it names, bad-mouth it
    as a pipedream, as difficult, foolish or annoying.
    The truth of the dream and you cannot rendezvous, in this way!

    You feel sad and doubtful, regarding your own power and the higher energys.
    This shows in your creations, that look, sound or feel disappointing, dilettante, hollow, limp or disharmonic,
    IF you create at all.
    (Donīt look at "it" in this way! Donīt make decisions, donīt act, GO GENERAL!
    Dont go further into the unwanted details. Look for what you really want!)

    = Disappointment, Doubt

    You are practicing a path, that is diminishing and violating your dream.

    You are hurting and betraying it. Itīs truth cannot come to you, in this way.

    You feel vulnerable against the challenging energys from ITV, but you are called by them.
    IF you create, the result of your creative interaction with those vibes feels and looks strange, scary, tortured, heldback, dark.
    (Donīt focus this way! Donīt make decisions, donīt take action. "Take back the thoughts!" (Abe)
    Go general big time- diffuse, look into any other direction, pick another subject!)

    = Worry, Blame, Discouragement

    You are
    practicing a path, that might harm your dream significantly.
    You are trampling and maybe trying to kill your dream. You canīt destroy it really, but you are doing damage.
    Creativity, the power that resides ITV, feels like an enemy to you. Painful and much too challenging.
    You feel scared of and therefore aggressive against the vibes of love, beauty, connection or devine power.
    So you are maybe drawn to disable/ supress/ distroy (former) pieces of your art or your ability to create new.
    You might also create in a hateful, harsh or destructive way.
    (Donīt bear the danger in taking action/making decisions from here! "Take back the fists!" (Abe)
    Go general fast and deeply, diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick any other subject)

    = Anger, Revenge, Hatred/Rage

    You are practicing a path, that distorts your dream and makes it almost irrecognizable.
    You made the dream look ugly and disgusting- the opposite of what is TRUE.
    The good feeling energies are "off", so it feels to you.
    They seem mocking, annoying and disgusting to you, but you are still somehow called by them.
    You feel unworthy to dip too deep into them, so- IF you create, you do it in a sense of revulsion about yourself
    and the whole world. You feel drawn to mock, pervert or distort beauty, love, harmony and power.
    (Donīt focus or even act this way at all, your IB does not agree in any way!
    Diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick any another subject, go much more general!)

    = Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    You are practicing a path, that makes it impossible to rendezvous with your dream.

    And so, the dream feels "incurable" or "impossible", and you disconnect from a significant piece of your aliveness.
    It feels terrible and scary, and it ought to be: You are practicing a sort of dying. TURN AROUND!!!

    You feel powerless and unable to create.
    Because you went beyond your ability to feel your connection to everything that is connected to beauty, love,
    worth, colors, sense, harmony, interest, power or fascination (all the ITV-vibrations), you donīt resonate there,
    canīt be inspired by them and not play with this issues, either.
    You feel "dead" and numb, regarding deliberate creativity.
    (Donīt focus this way at all. Back off from doing things that scare you, get help instead!
    Diffuse/distract completely from the issue, let go, take a long nap, look into any other direction, pick any another subject,
    go much more general!)

    = Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

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    "You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life,
    and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part
    that you have assigned to them."

    -Abe 3/2/97

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    isn't forcing or commanding something into existence.
    It's more of a rolling over, a good stretch, blissing out,
    lying on the grass watching the flowers blowing in the breeze
    or the clouds floating by.

    You live in a state of grace.
    You forget that when you feel good,
    only good things can come to you.
    It's just a matter of relaxing, and things will come.
    You are, in essence, bringing heaven to earth."

    ~ Abraham-Hicks -- 1996

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    "If you can practice the art of vagueness
    on subjects that make you feel negative emotion,
    and the art of specifics on subjects
    that DO make you feel good,

    -you will have figured Deliberate Creation out precisely
    because that really is
    all there is to it."

    Atlanta, GA, 10/27/10

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    Genius is just attention to a subject.
    It is just attention to something specific. That's all it is.

    Law of Attraction makes it happen,
    and so anyone who gives attention to any subject for a period of time
    will evolve in the direction of that understanding.


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    "Offer your talent, because it is pleasing to YOU.
    And trust LoA to bring the audience, that matches it, to you.

    Because, if you try anything else,
    if you try to cater to what you think the audience wants,
    youīll be all over the place, and you lose your center, you see.

    And so, we think youīr on the right track!
    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    THESE are the reasons, that we would be doing this plays:
    We would want an outlet for our own

    And we would want an opportunity, or a reason,
    to get together with lots of kids, who also want

    And we would want to get together with lots of kids,
    for the reason that we would like to watch for opportunities
    play with them!
    And that would be about the end of our list.

    We wouldnīt be trying to present morals, that are guiding them,
    we wouldnīt be trying to keep them out of trouble,
    by keeping them busy with stupid plays- iow,

    it would be only for the joyous fun
    and frolicking of it."

    from the clip Abraham Hicks: Self-Awakening-Is your talent pleasing you
    2004-06-12 B Boulder, CO

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    If you make your relationship with your Inner Being
    your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts
    that allow your alignment,
    you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to the others
    with whom you interact.

    Only when you are aligned with your Source,
    do you have anything to offer another.

    If your behavior is influenced by your desire
    to keep another person happy,
    you will lose your Connection to your Source.
    And it is not possible for you to be happy,
    unless you are in alignment with your Source.

    Without that alignment, you have nothing to offer another.

    Our daily meditation process will help you
    to consistently release resistance
    and to come into alignment with the power and clarity
    and love that is really who-you-are—
    and then anyone who you hold as your object of attention will benefit.

    Rather than attempting the impossible task
    of trying to behave in ways that please others,

    show them the ease of finding your consistent alignment.
    You will always find happiness inside your Vortex.
    And the happiness that they are seeking is inside their Vortex.

    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide

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    You are creators and you create through your emotions!

    You’ve got to be so excited
    about your impending wellness,
    that you’re not worried about your current illness.

    It’s mood.
    It’s attitude.
    It’s vibration.
    It’s creation.

    Everything else is regurgitation.

    You are creators and you create through your emotions.
    -Abe 5-17-07

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