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Thread: Quotes about Jerry and Estherīs relationship

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    Unconditional Happiness

    Esther had to WANT ALIGNMENT enough,
    And be willing to focus somehow someway, to get into alignment!

    (...) Weīr not ever going to say to you, that you could stand in an uncomfortable place
    and feel good about where you are standing.
    But what we ARE saying to you, is:
    You have the ability to focus yourself in a way,
    that you can get ITV no matter what.
    And when you get ITV, it doesnīt matter where you are!

    They spent 3, almost 4 of the best days of their life-experience EVER
    in a trailer-park, with no view, with some oil-vale or something, making awful smells,
    in a state of SUBLIME CONNECTION.

    Because they focussed themselves into connection.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Explains the process of how to feel good now!

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    GUEST: Three months ago, my 4 year old son and his mom decided to kick the bucket… and a car accident took the love of my life away… not his mom, I’m gay… and my daughter survived and she’s fine… anyway, so, I feel him inside me all the time, and I’m trying to cope with that version of him, as opposed to watching him grow to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

    And I’m just having a hard time with that, although I can be happy most of the time, but I just miss him a lot… a lot… And I didn’t even want him initially. He inspired me to have him, and it happened so easily, and he came into my life and it was the biggest thing, and then he just went away.

    And I feel him, like I feel him right now, I felt him earlier. I know he’s the one who got me picked. I’ve been coming here for 8 years and I’ve only been picked once. And I know it was his trajectory and his life, but it’s hard not to have a sense of connection with him and say, “Why did you leave me?”

    ABRAHAM: Well, if there was ever a conversation that would get fast to the heart of the subject of unconditional love… If there was ever a condition that is hard to take, it would be a condition like this… So, there is no way… Oh, we love this question so much… There is no way of answering a question with the depth and power and intensity that this question has in any other way.

    Humans cannot make sense of death, especially death of children. You just can’t do it. It’s a condition that is so outside of anything you ever want that it twists your brain into a knot. It makes you willing to forfeit everything you’ve ever believed about goodness in the world – usually – when a condition that appalling occurs.

    But when you have a basis of understand the Eternalness that you are… Now, we know, under these conditions, if you are thinking from your human perspective, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah… Nothing is more irritating than to have somebody who doesn’t care about a body – that would be us – talking about the Eternal nature of your consciousness – and yet, that is what this is all about. The Eternal nature of Who-We-All-Are.

    So, if happiness – which is what everyone wants – depends upon being able to hold circumstances in the order that you have defined them, then there cannot really ever be happiness among the human population. You just can’t ever be happy. There are too many moving parts. There are too many things you can’t control.

    So, then you say, “Well, we don’t need to control everything, Abraham, just the big things… just things like keeping our children safe… just things like being able to watch them grow up. Is that too much to ask? Aren’t there some conditions that we can be assured of? If you say we create our own reality, what’s the point of creating our own reality if it isn’t to contour conditions to a more pleasing state of being?”

    And we say… The other day… Because Ether’s been thinking a lot about this unconditional love stuff… Esther was sitting, after a few weeks of focusing with us, thinking about it, caring about the way she feels, talking herself into feeling good no matter what was going on… and one day she’s sitting in Texas, overlooking the pool and gardens, and she found herself in a rapturous state of appreciation. It was heightened.

    And she was looking at some sculptures that are truly amazing. They are cranes, and the man that created them is world-renowned. And they look like two cranes standing there dipping into the water. They are beautiful, beautiful pieces. And Esther was looking at them just in amazement at their contour and their realness.

    And then she looked at the pool which is a zero edge pool, and it drops off in an infinity edge into a water garden, and it takes your breath away… it is so beautiful. The sound of it too. And then the bird in the tree, and then the trees. And as Esther is looking at this stuff, she is feeling better than she has felt ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever… heightened, joyful appreciation.

    And then, she said, “A-ha Abraham! These are conditions. I’m focused on conditions, and these conditions are making me very happy. It’s a beautiful pool and beautiful birds and beautiful trees and beautiful other birds and beautiful, beautiful. These are conditions. What’s all this business about unconditional love? These conditions are thrilling me.” And we said, “Esther, you were at that vibrational pitch before you even noticed these conditions.” And that’s the difference. The difference is: Finding the alignment, and then… rather than needing the condition to create the feeling.

    So, when you say, “Why?” You had an agreement… You had an agreement that you would come together, know one another, love one another, and figure out what unconditional love really is… what love without condition is.

    And so… we know this may not feel like a very satisfying answer to you, to any of you now, but if you can hear what we said just a little bit ago… we said: The manifestations are for the most part… they should not be and they don’t need to be… but humans uses manifestations as conditions to support emotions, and that’s what goes wrong with you… because when you use conditions to support good-feeling emotions, now you are bound… now you are not free because you cannot control the conditions that you feel you need to support the emotions.

    But, if you’re able to show yourself… and if there was ever a difficult time, this would be it… in other words, we always say to our friends, start with things that are easier… but here you are, you walked right into this, you’re blind-sided by it, it’s something that happened, it’s something that you cannot help but observe, and of course it’s bringing emotions forth from you… but, it is our promise to you that your dearly departed… as you are already acknowledging you are receiving so much help from… will help you to discover that you can be in a state of alignment with All-That-You-Are without needing to control the physical outcomes of anything.

    And, once you get that… Now, here’s the part that’s a little tricky for you to hear, so we’re gonna say it, and we’re gonna say it, and we’re gonna say it… because we want you to get this. When you’re able to find alignment unconditionally – and we’ll show you how to do it – then your alignment generates conditions that are pleasing. But feel the trap in that… because in the moment that your motive is to change the condition so that you can feel better, now you’re twirled up in it in a backwards way.

    …Now, instead of using the word unconditional love for a minute, let’s use some other words that mean the same thing… unconditional clarity, unconditional fun, unconditional ease, unconditional alignment… love, appreciation, alignment, ease, clarity… yes... unconditional alignment. So, once you find this unconditional alignment, then things that are in your Vortex move into your reality where you can realize them. But, until you find it, then they can’t.

    And so, can you feel the trap that so many of you put yourselves in? … So, Esther has been writing. She has filled two notebooks up in the last 2 days with this understanding. So, something will happen, or she will become aware of something, that is a condition that she does not like as it stands. So, she’ll write, “Condition that I need to change.” She is really sticking it to herself a little bit. “A condition that I need to change, so that I will feel better.” Now, she knows the flaw in that reasoning. In other words, she is just leading herself to an epiphany, and it’s working every time. “The condition that I need to change, so that I can feel better.”

    Well, and condition like this, you can’t change. That’s a condition you can’t change. That’s not something that is going to change. Jerry made his transition. That is a condition that is not going to change. That condition… “I want this person here, playing with me the way we used to play together.” That’s a condition that won’t change. So, when you say, “I need this condition to change before I can feel better…,” feel the trap in that?

    But that’s the way Esther is writing it. “What is the condition that I require a change?” And then she’s writing, “I want that condition to change, so that I can feel ………………...” And then she has been writing a series of emotions that she will feel. And then she says, using all of her logic that she has picked up along this trail with us – the 8 years you have been listening are going to serve you really well – she says, “Well, I can find these emotions. I cannot change that condition, but I can find these emotions.”

    So, then she just sits and writes the words… the emotional words until she feels the shift take place. And every single time, she feels the shift take place. And then, you know what happens? Then Jerry is right there. Right there. Thinking in her head. Moving to the music. Enjoying something that she is eating. Basking in the beauty of the pool. Undeniable, you see? You have to show it to yourself. You’re already having those experiences.

    GUEST: I have been. He is with me now. I feel him more than normal people do. He buzzes inside of me for 30 minutes on.

    ABRAHAM: What Esther is willing to say now that she wasn’t willing to say for a couple of years is, “I like this new relationship.” And, for a while, it felt like she was more aware of where Jerry wasn’t, and then she couldn’t find him. But, once she started feeling him, like your feeling, and started focusing on where he is, then that lack of him evaporated.

    …We know, we’re not getting very far with you, we can feel… because you don’t want these kinds of conditions to happen in your experience… we get it… we don’t blame you… we don’t want these conditions to happen in your experience either, but what we do want is for you to find alignment and – when you do – the conditions will become irrelevant.

    Right now, you don’t believe that. Right now, it feels to you that there are some conditions that are just intolerable. “There are some conditions that I am never gonna be down with, Abraham. I’m never gonna agree that I can live with that.” And the Universe isn’t testing you, but you were born to be free. You were born to feel good regardless of the conditions.

    And look at how wadded up you are as a human race. You need those people to be different, and those people to be different, and those people to be different. And they’re not being different, so we’ll build a big fence. And they’re not being different, so now we’ll guard the fence. And they’re not being different and we don’t want them to come over here, so we’ll have a bigger fence. And we don’t like what they’re doing over there, so we’ll just drop some bombs on them, and we’ll just threaten them, and we’ll just wrestle them to the ground, and we’ll just kill them because these are conditions that we need to change so that we can live happily-ever-after.

    And what happily-ever-after are you living in pushing against all of that other stuff? You’ve got no other choice if you want to live happily-ever-after… other than to come in alignment with Who-You-Are, and when you come into alignment with Who-You-Are, the conditions become irrelevant to your alignment and then, in your alignment, the conditions blossom to your pleasing. That’s how it works.

    GUEST: Does my son leaving have anything to do with me?

    ABRAHAM: Esther has a friend who says, “When Jerry didn’t leave…. you know, when Jerry didn’t leave… when Jerry didn’t leave…” Esther just loves that because he didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He became more present. He became more an integral part of her life. You should see the way he edits from inside of her. […laughter…] They can edit on the computer screen now. She doesn’t have to print stuff out for him. In other words, he is such a cheap date. […laughter…] She doesn’t have to buy that airline ticket for him anymore. […laughter…] He’s always there. Always there. Always available. Always up for fun. Always there.

    GUEST: But, you know, his sister is having a hard time with it. His other mom is having a hard time with it.

    ABRAHAM: Yeah… Yeah… We know.

    GUEST: But um, did we attract this? Did his little sister attract this? Did his mom attract it? Did I…?

    ABRAHAM: Yeah… because from your Non-Physical perspective, when that trajectory was set into motion, you all knew your invincibility. You didn’t feel conditionally vulnerable to anything.

    GUEST: Okay. I get that.

    ABRAHAM: You understand… you understand how flexible and fluid you are. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. “Yeah, I’ll go and we’ll have fun, then I’ll take off, and you’ll miss me, but you’ll figure something really important out, okay let’s go…” Splat […laughter…]

    …That’s our favorite conversation that we’ve ever had ever because it speaks to the whole of everything that we are taking about. It is our promise to you that you can find joy beyond anything that you have ever experienced before. You’ve just gotta get through this normal conditional response to things.

    Every now and then, Esther will still open a drawer and see something and she’ll just take a minute… she just takes a minute as she sees something that reminds her of something that isn’t anymore… and then, she laughs about it and gets on with something even better.

    JULY 26, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA

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    About time and opportunities, to get the unexpected

    HS asks about hearing his inner guidance in critical situations.

    Since time is conceptually, and since -in those situations,
    you let go of your control, for a moment-
    that broader perspective simply became DOMINANT.

    There is so much more what you are calling "time" for you,
    to view, or examine, the details of a moment.

    But because "you keep driving out the driveway the same way,
    every time" -
    (hinting to their story of Esther, scratching every time
    she drives out of her driveway the nose of her car)-
    you establish an EXPECTATION that could be different,
    if you would let it be.

    And when you have experiences like that...
    Esther remembers walking around a lake, at a hotel, in Orlando, with Jerry.
    And there was a raise in the sidewalk, and Esther stubbed her toe on it,
    and was going down. And somehow she had that experience, too,
    when TIME SLOWED, and Jerry caught her, and broke her fall-
    in about 5 different ways.
    And she just sort of softly floated to the ground! And she looked up,
    and she said: "THAT WAS FUN!!!"

    That was fun! Because she was going down- but because both of them where in
    what you wanna call time-warp, or a different perspective of time,
    well- if you could accept, that you have source within you, who is aware
    of where you are at ALL times! (...)

    Your IB KNOWS, always, where you stand, in relationship
    with where you want to be. And knows what the path
    of least resistance is- to get you there!
    And so, you have SO MANY MORE RESOURCES, so much more
    help- than most of you allow yourself to receive.

    And the reason that more of you (...) donīt allow more of that help,
    is because somewhere along your physical path you picked up the notion-
    the bogus, ironious flawed-premise-notion,
    that youīr here to prove something, and that you should do it

    And so- for yourself- you had to be in a completely out-of-control-situation,
    before you let go- and ALLOWED that broader perspective to help you out.

    Boston, 2015-10-10

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    Jerry didnīt leave Esther behind.

    Esther spent a good deal of time thinking:
    "Well, I almost would prefer that it (Jerryīs croaking) was by default,
    because I wouldnīt want to think that you were purposeful about
    taking off, without me!"

    And it took a while to realize, that Jerry didnīt take off, without her.
    Heīs just prepaving a wider trail for her,
    and WITH her, you see.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- Did She Create His Accident?

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    “We want to add something to that -
    since Jerry’s re-emergence into Nonphysical
    and his re-re-re-re-emergence back into the physical.

    In other words, he didn’t go anywhere!
    He didn’t GO ANYwhere.
    He didn’t GO anywhere.
    He didn’t go anywhere.

    He’s more fully present here today than any workshop he ever attended,
    and RELIEVED not to be taking any notes.
    (Guest and audience laughter)”


    Jerry, -Esther knew him as brilliant, and loving, and she can't even find a thought
    about him that doesn't feel good to her, when she thinks about him.
    IOW, he was REALLY nice to be with when he was in this physical form.
    But STILL, there is a difference between Jerry in this physical form
    and Jerry now, in this Non-Physical form
    and Esther MADE A CONSCIOUS DELIBERATE intention of understanding that difference.

    Because she doesn't get the fullness of who he is now,
    when she sees him as SHE BELIEVED HIM TO BE.
    IOW, you've to make that adjustment, you've to realize, that
    when someone makes their transition they leave behind ALL resistance!
    And they become Pure Positive Energy!

    They dovetail and become ONE with what you want to call Source.
    But they are individual from what you want to call Source in their interest
    and their attention to that which you are!
    So, let's let the hauntings begin!

    Westchester, 11-10-2015

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    About Jerry

    When someone was rude, he wanted them to be nice.
    And when he saw one day a policeman mistreating a
    woman on the side of the road, he wanted it to be different.

    And when he passed through Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana,
    and he saw black people being mistreated, he wanted a different world.
    And when he was born to a mother who seemed to have
    no interest in his wellbeing,
    he wanted to KNOW that there was interest in his wellbeing.

    By living the same contrasting experiences that everyone lives,
    he came to his own desires.
    He was -like you- born an uplifter, born wanting the world to FEEL GOOD.
    Not wanting the world to e a better place, but wanting those
    in the world to feel better about the pace, that it beīd.

    He wanted happiness. He wanted people to feel happy.
    And heīd experienced enough of happiness and unhappiness,
    to know which he preferred.
    He used to say to people: "I had a lot of money, and I havenīt had enough money.
    And Iīve been happy, and I havenīt been happy. And Iīd rather be happy,
    than have a lot of money. But being happy WITH a lot of money is REALLY FUN!"

    It doesnīt have to be either or! You get to choose it all, you see.
    In the world we live, there is often a quest for success but the success that
    we know everyone is reaching for, is the success of that joyful connection
    to the whole of who you are. And so,
    through his hard early life, he developed some strong desires early on.
    and got hold of it. And then, was called to one thing and another, that then was
    more and more clear.

    Napoleon Hill was the first one who really explained to Jerry,
    how it is that this Universe sort of works! And Abraham clarified it enormously.
    So, Napoleon Hill was Jerryīs first really strong teacher, after every religion
    in the world, he went to every church that his little body could carry him to-
    because he liked the singing.

    And from that he learned the hypocracy in most of the churches.
    And then he went on, to being interested in things more of mental basis,
    and then he found his true alignment through that, and then found the Seth-material,
    which was another big avenue, because he always knew,
    that there was something going on in nonphysical. But he couldnīt for the life in him,
    figure it out.

    And then, because of Esther, and because of her openness, and because of his desire-
    here comes Abraham. Still clarifying, further.
    And he used to say, almost every day, to Esther and to anyone else who was around:
    "The one thing I really donīt get, is this nonphysical stuff. I really donīt understand,
    how nonphysical really fits in, into all of this".

    And Esther would say, "ohh, that feels uncomfortable to me, because that feels
    like my job. It feels like my job, to explain how the nonphysical fits in."
    But there again, words donīt teach. And NOW, he really gets the nonphysical.
    Now he really, REALLY understands it. And because he is there now, and understands it,
    and because of Esthers connection with him, now SHE is finding better words to
    describe it, more ways of helping you to understand the wholeness, and the one-ness,
    that is YOU, you see.

    Chicago, 2016-06-05,
    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2016 - Asking the right questions (new)

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    Abe to a HS who wants an awesome love-relationship,
    explaining her that she is looking for it, in all the wrong places.

    Esther had that with Jerry. That gooey, wonderful.
    And then, Jerry made his transition into nonphysical.
    Rat-bastard, that he is.
    (Audience hilarious)

    Well, we just said that, to emphasize that Esther did not think
    that that was a good idea, WHAT SO EVER.

    2016 03 26 Atlanta GA

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    Samuel Adams

    (maybe the mods allow this time the adding of a relevant picture, please!)

    Here is the statue of one of the famous american Founding Fathers of the United States,
    Samuel Adams in Boston, a revolutionist- he organized the "Boston Tea Party"-
    that the quote speaks about.

    (Many years ago in the beginning of Estherīs channeling, Esther,
    her daughter Tracy and Jerry landed with a plane in Boston.)

    -And we said to them, youīr gonna like Boston!
    Itīs where your last incarnation was. Which surprised them,
    because we never talked about those things.
    And so, right away- they are in the limousine on the way to the hotel,
    and Esther announces that to Jerry, and Tracy: "Oh, Iīm gonna like this.
    Because this was my last place of physical!"

    And we said to her: ALL of you!
    And she said, "apparently, it was ALL of our last place in physical!"
    So now: "Who was I?", "who was I?", "who
    was I?", "who was I?" (...)
    And we said to Esther, and she said to them: "When you stand in front
    of the statue that was you, you will know!"
    -"ohhh, STATUES! This is good news!"

    And so itīs 1 AM by the time that they get to the hotel, they dumped
    everything off and begun roaming around in the streets of Boston.
    (...) When they stood before the statue of Samuel Adams, ALL of them,
    in unison said: "I was Samuel Adams!!"

    And then they looked at each other: "Get away from my statue!!"
    And then (...) we explained to them that ALL of them where of that
    energy- lineage, that is now in the three of them, and was one time-
    that nonphysical part of them, was then focused THERE.

    Which was the first time, that any of them understood that collective
    consciousness. This STREAM of consciousness.
    This personality of consciousness, this never ending unfolding, that is you.

    And then, whenever Esther saw Jerry making trouble, she said:
    "Just like Samuel Adams."
    And he would shake his finger right back at her.

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - You constantly receive evidence of your alignment (new)

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    Jerry asks about reaching an age of 120

    Esther and I went to the Cirque de Soliel, in New York City, the other evening.
    Our friends, who are show business folks also, wanted us to go because of my circus background.
    And it was really fun watching folks do the things I used to do.
    All the somersaults and the flips, and the trapeze kind of stuff, and all of the other business...
    clowning around. Then I got to thinking, "Well, I don't really have the urge to do all that stuff, anymore."
    Every now and then I kind of half feel like doing a flip and don't do it.

    What I'm considering: When I was a kid, I looked around at older people, like over thirty,
    and I saw them, the old ones, complaining that their bodies weren't doing what they used to do.
    And I would say, "Well, mine doesn't do like it used to do, either...
    I remember when I used to get almost my whole foot in my mouth... when I was five or six months old.
    So, my body doesn't do what it used to do, either.

    Before I met you, I had decided what I wanted... I knew my body was going to change,
    given observable circumstances, and that I wanted to live to be 120 years old, feeling good about it.
    Then I thought, "Well, I need to find a way to get my mind patterned, along the way,
    so I'll always be happy with what my body does", provided my body keeps doing happy things,
    which I expected that it would.

    Now, here's my question: How would a person Script their body to be, when they're at one hundred years of age?
    What would be an appropriate Script to write for a hundred year old body?

    We want to do that, but before we do, we want to amplify something that you have said to us.
    So, what you decided to do was to write a Script that would match the expectations that others had given you?
    What we are getting at is, when you decide that you will reach a certain age and then,
    as you have previously stated, rather than take your pleasure from your body you will, instead,
    take your pleasure from your mind, the reason that you made the decision to do that,
    is because you assumed that your body was going to be less flexible, less pliable, less strong.

    And so, you actually began writing a script that acquiesced to what you thought your body was going to do.
    You looked at the reality, and mentally wrote a Script to match it.
    And what we are encouraging, and what you are asking for here is: "Do I let my body Set the Tone,
    and I write a Script to match it, or do I write a Script, and my body will then acquiesce to the Script?"

    And the answer must be: Everything in the Universe responds to your Vibrational Tone.

    If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would be writing Scripts about everything.
    We would make a decision that we are going to exercise our creative control about anything that matters to us,
    and certainly your physical body is that.
    So, what do we think is a good Script for you to write about your body when it is a hundred years old?

    An appropriate body.

    By whose standards?

    I mean like, once the caterpillar gets those little wormy feet on it, it's like your "jumping without a parachute" analogy.
    It's kind of hard for the bug to make a whole lot of decisions about whether it's going to be a butterfly next or not.
    Isn't it? Am I not clear?

    Very clear. What you are saying is, "Have we not set into motion this thought?
    Have I not begun this Creation from a broader Nonphysical Perspective, and am I not here as a physical being
    working for the continuation of that?"

    -"Appropriate"? We think that it would be inappropriate for someone who is really not having much fun
    in this physical experience, who looks around and doesn't find much that interests them...
    it would be inappropriate for them to decide to design a body that would live to be 120 years old,
    because now what they're saying is, "I'm going to hang around in this body, but I have no desire here
    in this physical experience, nothing that's going to summon the Life Force." And so, that would be inappropriate.

    But if this were someone eager about life, still exploring and finding new things to focus upon,
    someone who had practiced floating their cork, who knew about accessing the Energy, who was digging through
    or sifting through the data of this physical time and space, having endless things that they were focused upon
    and excited about... In that situation, we think it would be most appropriate for them to Script a body
    that would live to be 140, 150, 160, 170.

    What is the potential of your body? You make a very good point. You've been changing, constantly.
    From the day you were born, you were changing. Let's use the word "change/evolve/becoming"
    rather than "change/evolve/declining." Let's talk about change in terms of evolving/becoming.

    Is it possible for a physical being to maintain their wellness for as long as they have reason to focus
    through this apparatus? Yes. Because your cells are constantly regenerating.
    If you are Setting the Tone, if you are Setting the Tone and writing the Script,
    your cells will acquiesce to the Tone that you have set.

    Now, you're really going to like this. You know how we talked about how most people are offering
    their vibration almost exclusively in response to what they are observing?
    Your cells do that, too. So, if the cells of your body are observing decline,
    then the new cells that are generated take on those same characteristics.

    That's why when you cut your leg, or your hand, the scar remains, even though different cells
    are replacing those cells. They acquiesce to the memory. And yet, there are those who can heal.
    There are those that can focus their Energy and change the vibrational expectancy of those cells.

    If you are standing in your physical body and you have practiced connecting to the Core Energy,
    and you have plenty of things that are causing you to eagerly continue to summon the Energy,
    you could turn that creative hose back on your physical body, use your physical body as your object of attention,
    and you could redirect the youthful attitude, or the regenerative attitude, of the cells.

    -Toward what end? And this is the thing that is most interesting.
    How long would anyone want to remain in the physical body?

    Well, we would tell you, from your Nonphysical Perspective, as long as the exploration is still interesting
    and leaving you in an eager place. Better said: As long as the contrast is still creating new desire within you.
    "What is the appropriate longevity of your physical body?" -The appropriateness of the longevity of your body
    is directly and absolutely related to your ability to glean desire from contrast.

    Many people shut down, and don't glean desire out of contrast, early on.
    There are plenty of people who are teenagers who have already stopped gleaning desire from contrast.
    They are beaten down, already. They have already decided that "this is good and this is bad,
    but this is bad, and this is bad, and this is bad..." and they are no longer letting the contrast produce
    a new desire within them. And there are those that are well into their hundreds, that are still finding desire.

    So it really has to do with your understanding of the Law and your willingness to explore the contrast,
    in order to discover new desire.
    And once you do that, there are no limits.
    You can expect your body to maintain it's vital, healthy, resilient, flexible, enduring, youthful,
    -meaning all of those other words that came before, in many cases, condition.

    Well, I remember, as a kid in New Orleans, that Pop Levan, out at Lake Pontchartrain,
    used to keep a regular aerial trapeze, set up, the regular rigging, with the net about 60 feet below it,
    all year round. And Pop was 77 and still flying... doing the flying trapeze.
    And for some reason, that got my attention. And it still holds my attention.
    Also, my gym teacher, Mr. Pierce, was about 70, and I remember, he was still doing somersaults and stuff,
    but he was kind of grunting a little when he did a lot of it, and he would mention how old he was,
    every now and then, which I thought had some bearing to him.

    As you are standing in your now, and lots of people are sort of saying, "How are you doing?",
    -there's a tendency to try to explain why you're where you are. And so, it's a common thing to explain,
    "Well, I'm not excelling in this moment because I'm sick," or "I'm not excelling in this moment, because I'm old."
    But all of that is decisions that you are making along the way.

    So appropriateness would be relevant then to...?

    -The individual desire.

    In other words, for me to decide that I'm going to die on the day I'm 120, is not necessarily appropriate to begin with.
    Is that it?

    We would say to you, this is the way that it is: You will die when you are no longer desiring to live,
    and the desire is produced from the contrast.

    Is it basically inappropriate, then, to even consider Scripting a body for an age of one hundred?

    Oh, we would Script it. It is not inappropriate at all. We would begin, today,
    telling the Universe who we are in this body: "My body will always maintain the balance of my desire,
    and as long as I am..." -You see that's the way that it happens.
    When you are deliberately saying, "It is my intention to stay alive and interested.
    It is my intention, cells of this body, that you respond to my interest",
    you're more likely to stay alive and interested.

    For instance, I've noticed that every now and then I'll just spontaneously break out running across the yard,
    I'll just break into a straight out run, and then I'll think about it. I'll think,
    "Well, that's odd, because, normally, if I'm just standing here thinking that I'm going to run,
    I almost have to get going, and push to get a run going, but when it comes spontaneous within me...

    That's because, for a moment, you forgot that it is not spontaneous for you to run,
    and when you don't think about it, it is spontaneous for you to run. Think about it.
    How many times have you seen young ones in their teens behaving very differently?
    Some of them run everywhere they go. Some of them you will never see them run.
    Does it have anything to do with age? It has to do with intent or interest in the moment.

    In other words, to Script a body, then, 20 or 40 or 60 years down the road, I'd almost have to know
    what my intentions would be then? Is that it?

    Yes. And so, that is why we would say,"My body will always match my intentions."
    And then, if, each day, you are eagerly deciphering the contrast and finding new desire,
    the new desire will summon the Life Force and the Energy and everything else that is necessary.
    If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not assign age to anyone.
    We would never tell anyone how old we are. We would never ask anyone how old they are.
    We would start a new movement, and the movement would be, "Age is irrelevant."

    We would have another category on the driver's license, or on the application, and that would be
    "vibrational average", or we would have a mood meter: "Which of the following is true:
    Am I more likely to be joyful or despondent? Am I more likely to be eager or bored...?"
    We would gauge everything by Energy, and we would never again approach life in terms of age,
    because age is irrelevant.
    Age, or what you call age, is only a by-product of your utilization of the Energy Stream.

    The Energy Stream exists. There is one Stream, and one Stream only, and your relationship is two-fold:
    1. How much of the Stream am I summoning, which means, how much desire do I have?
    2. And, of the Stream that I am summoning, how much of it am I allowing to flow?

    And everything that you live and everything that everybody else lives, everything that exists
    in this physical time and place, is about somebody's relationship to that Stream.
    How much are they summoning and how much are they letting flow through?

    So you might see someone that is very decrepit who has strong desire. So they are summoning
    all kinds of Energy, but they've got beliefs that don't let the Energy flow, so they've got this tug of war
    going on inside of them all the time. They look old and decrepit before their time.
    In other words, they're summoning, but they're not letting it flow.

    Then, you might see somebody else who doesn't have a desire in the world. They are carefree, actually peaceful,
    contented. They are summoning almost no Energy, whatsoever. They have no resistance.
    They're just sort of placid and limp. They won't live long, either. Because they're not summoning Energy.
    They'll have a nice life. When they're gone, you'll put on their tombstone, "Lived a good life. Short but good."

    But if you are sifting through the data and constantly finding things that cause you to make a decision,
    and you can feel that desire boiling in your belly, and you are eagerly thinking about it, and you have discovered
    how to modulate your Energy so that you are excited as you think about it, not frustrated...
    If you've played this game and you've learned how to float your cork, you could literally live indefinitely.

    The question is, how much do you allow this time/space reality to evoke new decision and desire from you?
    And as the desire comes, how much of it do you then allow to flow through?

    ...Many have wondered what went "wrong" when Jerry died, long before he was 120.
    Abe have always explained, that his interest about the nonphysical reality became bigger than his interest in physical reality (see quote#16).

    Here is another one:

    “Jerry died the wrong way. He died through resistance.”

    "Well, it’s not possible to die the wrong way."

    North Los Angeles, July 14, 2012

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    About the croaking of Jerry

    IOW, this is between Jerry and his Source.
    This is between Jerry and his purpose for being.
    This is between Jerry -

    and you have an option, Esther.
    You can experience it in joy
    or you can experience it in pain.

    She chose joy.

    (...) And his broader view makes him (now) available to everyone.
    IOW, people all over the planet receiving clear thought from Jerry
    because he is their touchstone into Non-physical currently.
    Not the only one, of course, but their touchstone in NP.

    North Los Angeles, July 14, 2012

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