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Thread: Quotes about Jerry and Estherīs relationship

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    Fuller quote about Jerryīs transitioning

    "Now let's talk about humans,
    because there are humans who are infinitely more selfish
    and those who are serving others. . . .

    Esther asked that question
    because Jerry and Esther have been expressing the sentiment
    happy, healthy; happy, healthy; happy, healthy, dead.

    And so when Jerry's transition was different from that,
    Esther wanted to know, What's up with that?! IOW,
    that wasn't happy, healthy; happy, healthy; happy, healthy, dead.

    There was an interim where there was concern
    and struggle
    and fighting for life -
    fighting for Physical life -
    until the dominant intention -

    IOW, it could have been simpler and easier,
    but he allowed himself to be influenced
    [pause] by [longer pause] Esther [very quietly].

    She didn't want to let him go.
    Still doesn't.
    But, it makes it harder when someone says,
    'You're not the boss of you.'
    Esther said that.
    'You're not the boss of you.'
    Remember. You're important to me,
    therefore, therefore,
    let's get this turned around.

    Never mind your Source calling.
    Never mind who you really are.
    Never mind what's in your Vortex.
    Never mind what you were born to be.
    Never mind that you can continue to do the work from Non-physical.
    Never mind any of that.

    And of course, ultimately,
    the stronger intentions and desires -
    But, this is a conversation worth having, isn't it?

    IOW, Esther sort of guilt-ed him out.
    'What?! Taking off?! No, no, no.
    You said you'd live to be a hundred and twenty.
    We had an agreement!'

    So what we're really talking about is,
    it's not an easy thing to be selfish
    in the way we want you to be
    as you're integrated with others that you care about.
    It's hard to be a co-creator in Physical form
    without your intentions bleeding over into the experience of another, you see.
    But that's really what it's about.

    And it's all just fine!

    IOW, what a wonderful understanding
    to come out of that!

    IOW, Esther's completely resolved with that.
    She gets it completely as she acknowledges the fullness of it.

    But that is the specific, and accurate, and FULL explanation of that."

    Same WS:

    “Jerry died the wrong way. He died through resistance.”
    A: "Well, it’s not possible to die the wrong way."

    . . .

    "Jerry’s Vortex was calling him.
    The resistance was about the physical calling, too. . . .

    If Jerry had not been integrated with Esther . . .
    his transition would have been much easier
    and would have happened long ago.”

    . . .

    “Neither one of them, consciously,
    were willing to let go of all of the physical interaction that they had,
    so that was the resistance.

    If there’s anything that Esther walked away from all that feeling strongly,
    it was . . . about not wanting to cling so much to life
    that you make the true involvement with what really is life
    more difficult to accomplish.
    The whole death thing is so dramatically misunderstood.”

    “Every day, every day that Jerry and Esther were together,
    one of them said to the other -
    and then the other compounded it
    by saying it back -
    'We are so good together,’ you see.

    And Esther was not factoring in the togetherness that is still possible.

    Now that she knows what she knows
    she would not have been a clinger,
    she would not have been someone who
    would have made it necessary for the resistance.

    But you’ve got to understand,
    Esther has this work that she wants to do
    and it’s work that Jerry and Esther wanted to do together.

    She had this work that she wants to do
    that if Jerry had sat in his chair and been gone the next day
    it is unlikely that Esther would have ever stood on this stage again.

    IOW, the devastation of the abruptness of that
    would have been unthinkable to Esther.

    But because of the way it happened,
    where months that he was cheering her on from home
    as he was watching the live stream –
    the live stream exists because of her wanting Jerry
    to participate in these from a distance, you see.

    And so, and so, as the gentle, comfortable –
    he had an experience that was pain free,
    that was slow and gradual enough
    to provide for Esther the stability that she needed
    for a comfortable transition into this work
    with him approaching it from another perspective, you see.”

    . . .

    “That’s the first thing that Esther thought of –
    'Why in the world would something like this happen to us?'
    And now her response is,
    'Why in the world would something like this happen to us?
    ' [spoken with a tone of joy and wonder].

    IOW, to understand that we are eternal,
    to understand that there is no death,
    to be able to take the subject that is the greatest subject
    of greatest resistance that most people are worried about
    more than all other things put together
    and to be able to put it into a context where she can wholly explain
    that not only does she know that there is no death
    but that there is nothing about it that is unwanted, you see.”

    . . .

    “The togetherness that they were all talking about,
    that the two of them were talking about,
    is more profound and more satisfying today than it has ever been.” . . .

    “Now she can feel the true integration of
    what a true soul mate is, you see.
    And now there is no lack that is being experienced by her.

    So if there is anything that Jerry wanted the world to understand
    it is that it’s okay.
    No matter what, it’s okay.”

    . . .

    “There is no wrongness [to the death experience]
    there is only rightness, you see.

    And ultimately,
    and Esther didn’t like hearing this from us
    at the moment in time that she heard it,
    but she understands it fully now.

    As she said, 'Abraham, I can see what’s happening
    and I want you to know that I like it not one bit.'

    And we said to her, We know.
    But you don’t get to vote on this.
    [spoken slowly]

    IOW, this is between Jerry and his Source.
    This is between Jerry and his purpose for being.
    This is between Jerry -

    and you have an option, Esther.
    You can experience it in joy
    or you can experience it in pain.

    She chose joy.”

    . . .

    Abraham said again that Jerry is all around, especially when they talk about him,
    and some of the people in the room agreed that they could see the spikes of energy
    that are Jerry.

    “And his broader view makes him available to everyone.
    IOW, people all over the planet receiving clear thought from Jerry
    “because he is their touchstone into Non-physical currently.
    Not the only one, of course, but their touchstone in NP.

    He’s appreciating your fleshing this out.

    North Los Angeles, July 14, 2012

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    More about the transition of Jerry: What he REALLY was interested about!

    Jerry made his transition into NonPhysical and the seeming pathway
    through which he made it was through a cancer, a leukemia.
    And so, as he was diagnosed, it was very unsettling to both Jerry and Esther,
    because it seemed that it was a contradiction to what they thought they were living.

    It seemed that it was a manifestation that certainly didn't match
    what they were wanting. And, neither one of them was able, especially at first,
    to acknowledge that there could possibly be anything in Jerry's Vortex,
    that could be being answered through this process.
    In other words, it just didn't seem like it added up.

    So they spent a lot of time talking about vibration, talking about feelings,
    and it made both of them aware of two things that they did not understand before.
    First, they understood that they had some vibrations going on that they did not know
    were active in their vibration.

    Jerry had been very keenly aware of cancer. He was aware of it,
    from his father's experience with it, and he was aware of so many people who were
    in his terms, "suffering with it".

    And whenever he would meet a physician, and he met a lot of them through his work,
    if he had an opportunity to visit with them in private, he would always say to them,
    "When do you think we're going to as as society begin to start focusing upon
    the cause, rather than the symptom? When do you think that we're going to get
    to the vibrational reason for this and not have all of our attention upon the treatment of it?"

    -And he had opinions about all of that - he believed that it was a money-making machine,
    he believed that there was more benefit for some agencies to be involved in the cure of it
    than the understanding and the prevention of it.
    He had a lot of these dynamics going on, more than he realized,
    more than Esther realized, that was all part of the reason for the details of that
    being the path of least resistance.

    But beyond that, there was a Vortex swirling, a Vortex that Jerry had been creating
    all of this physical life experience, and that was in place even before he came
    into this physical experience, and long before Jerry and Esther
    came to know one another in this physical experience,
    about understanding that there is not death,
    about understanding that we are eternal Beings,
    about understanding that Consciousness is an eternal thing,
    about wanting to understand the interplay between
    what is Nonphysical and physical,
    about wanting to teach about the Law of Attraction,
    the Laws of the Universe, wanting to understand
    how it all fits together.

    But most of all, something that was very BIG in his vibration,
    was an understanding of the eternal nature of Consciousness.

    And so, and it started long before his introduction to the Seth material,
    but it was really enhanced with THAT material.
    And then all of the conversations that he had with Abraham in all of the time
    that passed in the interim.

    So, what we're getting at here - some time ago we wrote a book -
    it isn't even in publication any more - it was called A New Beginning,
    and the subtitle was called Joyous Survival.
    And even Esther as she was receiving it thought that it was about taking care
    of the details of this physical time-space reality and making the right decisions
    in order to survive, mean remain in the physical body.

    But what we meant by that subtitle is,
    that you cannot cease to survive. You cannot cease to be.
    But the question is, how joyful, how joyous are you,
    in this eternal, ongoing experience that is yours?

    So, something that is very vivid in the human experience is a misunderstanding
    about why you come, and what your intention is in being here,
    and how long you intend to be here and what happens after you are no longer focused
    in your physical body. In other words, we said to Esther, just the other morning in fact,
    while Jerry believed that the subject that was of keenest interest to much of the world
    was how to understand diseases, or how to understand something like cancer,
    that there's an even bigger thing that people are wanting to understand from our Perspective,

    and that is the subject of the death experience,
    that is the subject of the eternal nature of your Being.

    So, you have to make it an individual thing.
    You have to make it about your relationship with who you really are,
    before you can begin to help anyone else understand it,
    in relationship to who they really are.

    <snip> We want to say to you, that if you can find a way - and you can,
    if you can find a way to let your experience in all this be about your
    natural relaxing into your conscious awareness of the eternalness of your Being,

    and let go of a feeling of urgency to CLING TO the specifics of THIS incarnation
    and THIS time-space reality...In the urgent clinging to what you call THIS LIFE,
    there is a defiance of your understanding of the eternalness of who you are.

    And when you let go of that, there is a release into alignment,
    a release into the Vortex, there's a release into this Grid of who you are,
    that defies anything that you've ever lived before.

    <snip> And there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about
    the control that you have from not just your NonPhysical standpoint,
    but your physical standpoint, about how long you stay,
    about how you feel while you are here.

    <snip> For Jerry, as he relaxed into his vibration, as he found that vibrational place,
    he said to Esther, "I want you to know that one of two things can happen.
    Either they're going to figure this out and I'm going to bounce back into my physical body,
    feeling good or they're not going to figure this out and I'm going to reemerge into NonPhysical,
    and in either case I want you to know I'm good."

    And Esther said, "Well, good for you, I'm only good with one of those options."
    (Soft audience laughter) And we said to Esther, Jerry is the only one who gets to choose.
    Jerry is the ONLY one who gets to choose.

    And Esther realizes now, after watching the experience unfold,
    that knowing what she now knows, she would have liked it better,
    if they had known before rather than later the deliciousness of letting go,
    the deliciousness of not struggling and clinging to something,
    that the Vortex is asking for in a different way.

    And this is the thing that's unsettling to so many, because we've been talking
    about Deliberate Creation, and we talk about how you put the components into your Vortex.

    We just really want you to know that this Vortex is this Pure Positive Energy place,
    and that when you reach for the emotion of who you really are,
    when you are able to release the resistance and come into pure alignment
    with who you really are, so that you click into vibrational sync with everything
    that is in your Vortex, that then the ensuing manifestations and the way the Grid fills in,
    are ALWAYS in sync with that greater wanting.

    Humans have been struggling against this for a very long time.
    We feel it even in the context of these gatherings. People will say,
    "Abraham, please don't tell me that there is a bigger plan for me,
    than the one that I'm identifying here and now,
    because the one I'm identifying is the one I want to play out.

    And we say, in time you will come to understand that you don't want
    to separate those... because the whole point of all of this, is understanding...
    do any of you think that you're going to remain in your physical bodies forever?
    Of course you don't.

    Everything that you have observed lets you know that you are here,
    as temporary tenants of this. Do you believe that you are more than you see
    here in these physical bodies?
    Do you understand that who you are as a Consciousness,
    is reflected in the personality that you know as you?

    This is the thing that is so exhilarating to Esther,
    because she has the benefit of being able to chat with Jerry on a daily basis.
    Any time she is wanting, she can sit, get into that vibrational place
    and begin to receive him. She's doing it mostly through her computer,
    as she is writing because she focuses what she wants to talk about
    and then she receives him fully.

    But there is NO QUESTION in Esther's mind that Jerry is FULLY
    the personality that she knew as him, minus any resistance,
    REVELING in the wholeness of who he is, you see.

    And so, what HE is about is helping all of you to understand
    that there IS no death, there is no ending to that which you are,
    that there is a changing of scenery, that there is a changing of experience,
    that there is certainly a changing of perspective in that there's the releasing of resistance,
    but there IS no ceasing of that which you are.

    And it is his fervent desire that you come to a place where you are able
    to let go of that clinging to life which is IRRATIONAL,
    because there is no way that you can separate yourself FROM it,
    and once you accomplish that, then you will continue as he IS, to live happily ever after.

    <snip> We don't want it to be such a resistance about the reemerging
    into the NonPhysical that that resistance...
    It's like the very thing you worry about is the thing that makes sure,
    that the very thing that you worry about happens. Isn't that an interesting thing?

    <snip> Friends, if you can accept the eternal nature of your Being and stop the clinging,
    the irrational clinging to something that is not at risk,
    all disease would cease to be on this planet.
    The disease is evidence of the resistance of the very thing you fear. You see how that is?"

    From the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on 5/19/12

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    Milking whatīs RIGHT.

    (Esther and Jerry...) They where sitting there, sort of appreciating
    and basking in the wonderful moment that they were having.

    And they were noticing a couple, sitting at a new bar, on new barstools,
    sort of snuggled in together, in total comfort, in their environment.
    And then she watched some people over there, who were obviously
    just having such a good time. And she just watched the staff, moving around,
    and she is appreciating... it was one of those moments in time,
    were the appreciation was SO palpable that it was like the best moment
    that she ever lived in her life!

    And (...) then they sat there for an hour and tried to identify why it felt s GOOD.
    WHY does this feel so good?

    -I think, itīs the new barstools. I do!
    -I think, that they are so comfortable. Look at those two, look how comfortable
    they are sitting there!
    -Maybe itīs because they are in love. That must be it.
    -They are really in love. Can you see that they are in love?
    -Listen to that lady, smacking her lips: She is loving what sheīs eating. That must be it!
    -Look at Tommy in the kitchen. See the grin on his face? I think thatīs what it is about.

    What is the reason, that I feel that good?

    WHY do I feel so good right now?
    Why do I feel so good, let me count the whyīs:
    Why do I feel so good right now!?

    Let me feel it, and feel it, and know it, and practice it,
    and vibrate it, and hold it, and know it and feel it.
    Let me practice this feeling.
    Let me practice it, until I know it.
    Let me use this as a touchstone, that I can use even when Iīm not here.
    Let me KNOW this.

    from the clip
    Abraham - How to really connect to source

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    You are "one!".
    Source and your "dearly not so departed" are WITH you,
    being INTEGRATED with you!

    As you come into alignment with the whole of who you are,
    so that IN THIS MOMENT, in this leading-edge-moment,
    you are allowing the FULLNESS of who you are to flow there,
    then that consciousness, that you are allowing, is able to know
    -literally all there is. Infinite intelligence.

    But you canīt know it all at once, because it doesnīt pertain!
    (Esther tries to wrap her "physical" thoughts around croaked Jerry,
    and she is sometimes missing him and canīt really figure it out,
    but she can clearly receive him when she is writing with him)

    He said: If you will begin thinking of me, as you think of Abraham.
    Rather than looking for me to be, as you knew me to be, -SEPARATE,
    think of me as INTEGRATING WITH YOU!
    Think of me being interested in what you are interested in!
    Not as someone who is WATCHING you,
    being interested!
    Feel the difference?

    Think of me as being interested in your interest.
    Interested in your walk!
    Interested in what youīr having for lunch.
    Interested in this conversation. INTERESTED.

    -So, Esther started feeling for that,
    and now it never feels like heīs gone!
    Iow, she can FEEL. She can feel the enhancement
    of her experience, with the emphasis of KNOWING.

    And this is what we want you to understand!
    ALL of this nonphysical energy, coming forward WITH you-
    thatīs consciousness.

    (...) EVERY conversation we ever had is towards
    this understanding:
    That you are source energy in physical bodies,
    and to the degree that you allow, the specifics of
    THIS opportunity to enliven you- and to the degree that you
    allow your vibration to be elevated as the source within you is,

    then you allow that FULL flow of source HERE and NOW!
    And that is the way. Thatīs the way you want your basketball-
    players to play basketball! (...) And anything less than that

    Your world is evolving to the point,
    where you are beginning to DEMAND
    your alignment with source!

    from the clip
    The amazing power of the word "I can " - Conversation with Abraham

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    How Jerry got out of depression

    Jerry had an experience many years ago,
    something was happening in his personal life that he was fixated on
    that had him all be pinched off, from life-force itself.
    He was getting dimmer and sadder and more uncomfortable
    in his life-experience, and received one final telephone-call,
    that sort of put the last nail in the coffin so to speak-
    where it was clear, that things where not going in the direction
    that he wanted them to go.

    And he had a sort of un-awakening, where he realized that he was
    not going to be able to get them to do, what he needed them to do-
    in order for him to feel better.

    And he finally JUST GAVE IT UP.

    He remembers walking right out into the streets of Spokane,
    and looking up on a snowy day, with the snow falling on his face-
    and announcing to the Universe:
    "I GIVE UP!"

    And in his moment of truly meaning that he
    wasnīt gonna TRY that anymore-
    he, in one fell swoop -he didnīt know it then!-
    released his resistance.

    And all of the wellbeing that heīd been longing for, and wishing for
    and hoping for came rushing in.
    Now, if youīd known him then, and had seen the difference
    in the way he was, right before that- and the way he was,
    right after that, would have announced a "walk in".

    Meaning, his old black soul went somewhere else-
    and a bright, new shiny soul entered him.
    And anybody that saw him, would say,
    thatīs pretty much what it looked like!

    Because he went from ornery and pessimistic and sarcastic,
    and cynical, and having a fight with somebody, nearly every day-
    to feeling that EVERYTHING was alright.
    That the world was a wonderful place! That all was wellbeing.
    That everything was in itīs right place.

    But it wasnīt, because some other energy walked in!
    It was, because he stopped doing the resisting-thing,
    thatīs keeping the NATURAL energy out.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks Getting out of depression About Walk in Experience

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    Early days with Abraham

    I used to think
    (that Abe meant), focus on what I am wanting!
    And you said, no focus on your alignment, and focus on your feeling,
    and on being aware of your emotion...

    Focus on your CONNECTION!
    Focus on plugging in the toaster,
    BEFORE you toast the bread!

    HS tells how she was inspired by Esther, focusing with Abe on her eyesight.

    Here is the thing we want you to settle into.
    Just for a day, or two or three, or ten.
    MAGIC happens in the menial things, too!

    And just the labeling of it being menial
    sort of takes the magic away from it!
    And so, if you just acknowledge, that source is involved
    with you in EVERYTHING!
    In the early days, when Jerry and Esthere were consciously aware
    that we were flowing to and through Esther,
    we encouraged them to use us in ANY way they could think of.

    So one day they were in the grocery story, and in those days
    Esther was still wearing 6-inch Charles Jourdan heels (...)
    So they were in the store, and Jerry said "Get Abraham, will you?"
    And Esther says "Really?? NOW?"
    And Jerry said, "Yes. Iīd like them to help us buy or food, pick our food."

    And so, Esther is awkward in those days,
    and so sheīs sort of screeching through the store with the cart
    in front of her, and we chose this and this and this -
    and this and this and this and this and this and this- and then they went
    to the check-out-stand, and paid for all of it, and went home,
    and then Jerry asked, "Abraham, why did you choose this particular food?"

    And we said, none of it contains preservatives of any kinds.
    And now they start reading labels. And there is no preservative of any kind
    in any of the food weīd put into the basket. NOT because weīd give a rip
    wether there are preservatives in, or not! But because

    We want them to know, that we donīt have to read the label
    to know whatīs in the food.

    Then, a whole series of things. One night, we suggested that they tell
    their friends, who were in that time the only two of about 5 people,
    that knew about Abraham, to go hide somewhere in the city of Phoenix.
    Now, Phoenix is a very big place! It goes far in every direction!
    And so, West and Nancy went in their car, to hide.
    And Jerry was driving, and Esther was directing, and receiving Abraham.

    And we said, "That way, that way, that way. Turn left, turn left,
    that way, that way, that way." And they drove for quite a while, because
    itīs a big place. And then we said, "Right here." And so they stopped,
    and looked, and there was no sign of them!

    And Esther was annoyed! Because, it has been a lot of
    "this way, this way, this way". And in those days, she wasnīt really
    RECEIVING, like she is now, so it was awkward to say the least!
    And then, "That way, that way, that way."
    Stopped again. They still werenīt there!
    They spent most of the night moving from place to place,
    around Phoenix. And then, right before dawn, and after filling up
    the car again, and eating 3 more Snicker-bars, they found them.

    And Esther says, "Weīr not gonna play that game EVER again."
    And then Jerry said, "first we went there."
    And West said, "we were there! But our IB told us to keep moving!"
    And then Jerry said, "And then we were there!"
    And West said, "we were there, too! But our IB told us to keep moving!"
    And then Jerry said, "And then we were there..."

    And so, what was happening was, they were following them!
    They were following the vibrational essence of them,
    but the manifestation of them was not fast enough in coming,
    to please Esther!

    It also explains that Esther is not the only one, receiving.
    And thatīs what we really want you to hear: ALL of you
    have the ability to get into vibrational alignment
    with who-you-are. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! has an IB,
    who has an IB, who has an IB, who has an IB, who has an IB.

    Iow, you are all SO well connected!
    You all have SO MUCH
    attention and interest upon you!
    On who you are, RIGHT NOW, and where you are, and on the
    relationship between where you are, and where you want to be!

    And so, itīs just a matter of you, choosing something
    that MATTERS to you.
    But the selction is: It matters enough, that itīs interesting to you,
    and not so much, that you will shoot yourself in the foot,
    with doubt.
    You have to find that sort of BALANCE.

    "This is something that I want to experience-
    and when it happens, it will give me enough exhilaration to
    let me know. It will be a condition that happens, and will maybe
    cause some momentum- but it isnīt something that is so far out,
    that my doubt will keep it from coming about, NOW."

    Chicago, September 25, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Do this game and everything you want will show itself to you (new)

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    When Esther asks on her own behalf...

    We donīt tell Esther the direct route to anything she asks,
    because she canīt receive the direct answer
    to everything sheīs asking! -Sheīs like you!

    Someone the other day said,
    "Iīm gonna write a book on whatīs the difference
    between Abraham and Esther."
    And Esther said "Iīll tell you the difference:
    Abraham KNOWS, and I am learning."
    And we would say, sheīs not quite right!

    Esther is on the leading edge, and we are following!
    We are ALL in this, together, you see!

    But when Esther has something thatīs really bothering her,
    and she sits, and she writes the scenario about it-
    even when she relaxes, she is STILL not really in the place
    that she can hear every subtle nuance, that we would like
    to give her. And so, we speak to her, but youīve gotta remember:

    Sheīs the translator of what weīr saying!
    And she canīt translate beyond her ability to let it flow.

    MUCH easier to translate for you- because sheīs not
    hung up on your issues!
    Sometimes she reads back upon thos writings and sheīll realize:
    Well, Abraham told me it then, and then they told me then...
    And then they told me then.
    And THEN, I got it."

    Be patient with yourself!

    Chicago, September 25, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Do this game and everything you want will show itself to you (new)

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    You are my favorite inspiration and this thread is much appreciated by me. I tried to find a quote regarding Abraham telling a story when esther was thinking of Jerry, and then saying how does she know if it's not him thinking about her, cannot find it but wanted to share this beautiful concept. I have another one showing pure faith and knowing

    "You have to know that it's yours,
    you have to say "That's MY car, That's MY car,
    Esther said in regards to Jerry, That's MY man"

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    Quote Originally Posted by lelicorne View Post
    You are my favorite inspiration and this thread is much appreciated by me. I tried to find a quote regarding Abraham telling a story when esther was thinking of Jerry, and then saying how does she know if it's not him thinking about her, cannot find it but wanted to share this beautiful concept.
    Thank you so much! Deeply appreciated.
    I donīt find this quote ad hoc now either, but here is another one in this direction, at least

    Connecting with our dearly departed.

    You are the translator of the vibration!
    And sometimes the easiest way to translate a vibration is
    through a song, that was familiar to you.
    (...) And so, if a song just comes to mind, stop and
    contemplate what it is, and often you will be able
    to make the association between this words, that are
    streaming through your mind, and what someone
    wishes you to hear.

    Another thing is, that you can translate this vibration
    auditorially or visually.
    So, very often, your dearly departed are hanging around-
    and you catch them in your peripheral vision!
    But when you look to see, you donīt see them- because
    when you focus your eyes to see them, your eyes focus differently.

    So just be aware of that sort of sensing- because,
    they are ALL around!

    Also, you can feel energy on your skin!
    When there is a really strong compatibility, this goosebumps
    will come over you, and thatīs an indication that you are
    translating that vibration into something that is tangible!

    You even could confine- Esther found herself, while she was driving,
    a fidgety thumb, which she knows was Jerryīs fidgety thumb!
    Jerry always had a fidgety thumb when he was driving.
    He wore the paint off the steering wheel of every vehicle,
    that Esther allowed him to drive- because he had a fidgety thumb.

    So, Esther driving along, the thumb fidgeting, she knows,
    there is something that Jerry is wanting to say to her.
    And so she just relaxes and says "Hey?"
    And then she usually hears a very clear thought about something.

    Ya? Things like that!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    How can Esther make mistakes- even after "all this years"?

    HS asks how Esther could not get out of a specific unwanted mood/focus
    into wanted faster, why did she even get into a contrasting situation-
    where she couldnīt help those she was observing,
    but attracted an unfolding of more of the same, for herself?

    Everyone must experience the law-based, given consequences
    of their own vibrational offering.
    And there are a lot of uplifters, like you and like Esther,
    who are trying to soften the consequences of others lack of understanding!
    Or their lack of deliberate focus.

    And so, the more resourceful you are,
    because you are tuned in to the energy more,
    then the more likely you are to want to use the resources that are
    flowing through you, in terms of clarity, or energy, or action-
    or all kinds of things, even dollars, the more you are often inspired
    from whatever vibration you are feeling, to assist someone.

    And so often itīs saying to them:
    "I do this for you, because I see, you cannot do this for yourself."
    And there is an offness about that, you see.
    And so you reach the place, where you finally say and mean:
    "Iīm gonna tend to my own vibration! Everything that I live-
    my happiness, my joyful accomplishment, is all contingent on ME,
    finding this sweet-spot, and knowing itīs sweet."

    OR, finding that sour spot, and knowing itīs sour!
    Or, finding that sweet-spot, and knowing itīs brief!
    (...) You accomplish your work, by finding and liking the sweet spot,
    and never talking about the sour spot again!

    Thatīs how you accomplish it!
    Because, every time you give words to whatīs not working,
    you practice that vibration that will turn to other things.
    Itīs such an interesting spiral:
    When you talk about what you donīt want, you set yourself up
    for more of that. Thatīs just the way LoA works. (...)

    (to the HS) "Why was Esther at that TacoBell", you said.
    "How did she get there, if she was so good!??"
    (...) Because what she wants to understand, is...

    Mind your own business, right?

    There was so much momentum to that.
    (...) Esther canīt unravel that womanīs alcoholism.
    She canīt unravel her child-abuse.
    She canīt unravel the policeman, having already stopped her.
    She canīt unravel the plates on her car, that where not up-to-date.
    If Esther would spend the rest of her life, she couldnīt right,
    what was going on with that woman! BUT SHE WANTED TO!!

    And thatīs the thing we want so many of you deliberate creators
    to understand. Esther does not have to be, nor do you have to be,
    the resource through which all good flows to others.
    Because, everyone has their own resource!

    What you do, is live through the clarity of your own example
    live the life, that maybe someone else can benefit of,
    by realizing or recognizing.
    So Esther didnīt get involved because it wouldnīt have been of value,
    but she got involved enough to realize what happens when you
    shift your energy, what happens when you put yourself into a
    vibration of vulnerability.

    Esther FELT for that woman. She stayed there long enough,
    and got involved long enough, that she was crying for the sake of the child.

    (explains that he never does that. He turns away in those cases,
    because he knows where itīs leading).
    How can she take it personal- after all this years??? (...)

    Well, since youīve asked, weīll tell you.

    Thatīs what Iīm talking about. How can you do the same mistake?
    How can you do the same mistake, I mean, even after all this years?

    (...) She doesnīt make the same mistake twice!
    She thinks up new ones.
    Because she is an expanding being!
    Because, every day she is reaching new hights!
    Because every day, there is a new vibration to discover!
    Because every day, sheīs asking more from this Universe!
    Every day, she is finetuning!
    These are fine-tuning! This isnīt a mistake.
    This is the Universe, yielding to her so that she can witness.

    But did she have to go this far? To end up crying, there?
    Couldnīt she stop at subtle stages, as you teach-
    stop at that subtle stages...

    If an active question had not been within her,
    iow- she just had a very emphatic experience with someone
    who she has loved for a very long time.
    Someone whoīs she spent a lot of time with. Someone she has
    exchanged a lot of conversation with. Someone that she has
    given a lot of money to, because they where in employment
    with her. Someone that she saw, as in essence,
    being her responsibility.

    Someone that she really, really really cared about their upliftment.
    And when things sort of erupted, and they went on their way,
    sort of shouting at Esther, all of the wrong-doing that she had done
    because she had not feathered their nest, as much as they wanted
    it feathered... Esther had a sort of crisis explode within her,
    wanting to understand:
    WHAT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY with other people?
    What is it, that I am responsible to?

    And so, as she begun questioning that, in those questioning-mode
    the entire Universe began yielding to her needy people.
    Suddenly everyone around her needed something.
    She was asking the question: What am I supposed to do,
    in a world where I am capable of helping so many people?
    How do I know, when Iīm helping, and when Iīm not?

    And so, she was still in the process of examining something,
    where she thought every single step of the way, she had
    been doing something that helped, only to discover,
    that it didnīt help. It didnīt help, you see.

    And so, in that sort of after-math, in all of that,
    things where happening to her, letting her understand
    that she had earlier choices to make. She had choices to make.
    It was not her job to yield to the demands of everyone,
    who was offering them!

    And then Esther became aware, that people were not making
    demands to her- it was not that others where demanding-
    itīs that she was looking for an opportunity to yield to them!
    They wherenīt even verbalizing. She could just sense!
    She would buy a car from a salesman, because he wants to sell it!
    Not because she wants a car!

    I need a car! Tell her, I need a car! I neeeed...

    DONīT MISS THE POINT of the important question,
    that you have asked here!
    Itīs much easier, itīs one of the reasons that this format has
    been of so much value, to so many millions of people,
    for so many years:

    Because Esther is a real person, living in a real world,
    having real experience
    (audience cheering intensely).
    And every step of the way, reaching for the alignment,
    that you are asking for, here, you see.

    So we are happy to bring someone like you to this conversation
    who is willing to drill in, and ask the impertinent questions,
    that are really none of your business.

    Those are the best!

    In order to distract a little bit, from the conversation,
    thatīs about YOU. But itīs the same for everyone, all the time,
    isnīt it? Always the same. You can tell, how you feel.
    You can tell how you feel! And so, Esther decided not to be
    such a bleeding heart. She has decided not to be someone,
    who is so invested in what other people are doing.

    Because she is finally getting it- not all the way got it,
    but sheīs finally getting it, that she does not create their reality.
    She creates HER reality. They create THEIR reality.
    And when she rendezvouses with someone, she takes seriously
    the fact, that theyīve rendezvoused.

    She UNDERSTANDS, that there is something- as you where pointing out,
    powerfully, and importantly, and brilliantly, nobody lives anything,
    that they are not a vibrational match to.
    But thatīs the WHOLE POINT! Itīs not wrong-doing, itīs WITNESSING!

    Itīs not wrong-doing, itīs how you gain your balance!
    Thatīs like saying: You should never get better at anything.
    When the truth is: Youīr getting better at EVERYTHING, yes?

    (...) I got a new insight: Itīs not just finding peace with,for example-
    something didnīt work out, the deal didnīt work out, and the people
    are super-mad at you. Itīs not just finding yourself- "Itīs not my job".
    Itīs also finding peace of the others, looking at you, and youīr doing
    nothing about it,you know what I mean?
    Like finding peace with those opinions, too.

    Most of you donīt recognize the ineffectiveness and lack of value
    of trying to be all things to all people!
    When there are so few of them- then you can handle it.
    Itīs only when it becomes truly impossibly unmanageable,
    that most of you would back away and understand, that this
    is not the way it works.

    But we wish for all of you, not to need it to get to such strenuous effect.
    We would like you to recognize earlier on. But words donīt teach!
    Itīs only through life-experience, that you come to know, isnīt it.

    2016 01 23 North Los Angeles

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