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Thread: Quotes about Jerry and Estherīs relationship

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    Jerry, driving... ("Donīt fear death!")

    ...again, oddly enough, Jerry is driving.
    Seems thatīs when most of the trouble happens.
    Not because of Jerry! Itīs Estherīs panic that brings it about!
    (...) Jerry can see no traffic, coming around from any direction.
    (Both Jerry and Esther see any reason to not turn left). And so, Jerry turns left,
    as a train comes barreling down, upon them-
    the engineers eyes where as big as saucers, as he blows his horn-
    and Esther says:

    "I can see the headlines: Deliberate creators, creamed by a train."
    -So, neither one of them had the impulse, then!
    And Esther says: Why did we not have some sense of warning?
    And we said: Because, by this stage of your development,
    we are leading you towards- iow, we gave Jerry- once he made
    the decision to go, we gave him the strong impulse
    to go VERY VERY quickly!

    And- if a train misses you by an inch or by a mile-
    it still missed you, yes?

    (...) This
    (contrasting environment in THIS time) is the crest of the wave,
    that everyone wants to ride!

    So- DONīT WORRY to get creamed by a train.
    Itīs a very quick journey into the non-physical,
    and itīs nice here, where we are.

    Donīt worry!
    Donīt fear death,
    and live happily ever after.

    from the clip:
    Abraham Hicks ~ Alignment diverts problems

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    The POLR for Jerry and Esther, doing this work

    If we told you where what you want is, right now,
    most of you would not go there.

    You'd have 15 or 20 reasons why you're not gonna do that right now.
    So, instead, you translate it into the thought, that you can perceive.

    You're translating into the thought of least resistance - are you following this?
    You're translating into the thought of least resistance.

    (Abe tell a story about Esther first receiving Abraham, and Jerry's excitement about the information she was receiving. They say that if Esther had known what was before her -working every weekend, frequent airplane trips, looking weird in front of audiences,etc.- she would have made sure it didn't happen).

    "IOW, there was too much resistance in that idea for Esther.
    So she couldn't translate that idea, then.
    She translated in a different way: "Yeah, Jerry, you and I can do this,
    but just don't tell anyone.

    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No."
    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No."
    J: "Can I tell them?"
    E: "No. Don't tell anyone."

    Then, one day they were sitting with someone
    who was familiar with Seth, through Jane Roberts.
    And Jerry said, "Would you like to meet Abraham?"
    Esther wanted to kill him with her bare hands.
    She couldn't believe he put her on the spot like that.

    The woman was so excited (...) and they sat all afternoon
    and talked with Abraham all afternoon.
    And it gave Esther an understanding that this wasn't so weird. (...)

    And so, path of least resistance.
    IOW, you let your good in to the degree
    that you can believe it.

    The path of least resistance is:
    the path of beliefs through which you allow yourself
    to receive what you want.

    Westchester, Oct. 2014

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    Touchstones of Feeling Good- and the Treehouse

    Starting at the beginning.
    Starting with subjects that are easy to feel good about.
    Staying off subjects that I know push my buttons,
    just for a while.

    Eventually… I will be able to address any subject
    in my conscious library and sustain my good mood,
    but for now I’m sustaining my good mood in the way
    that is easiest for me to do it.

    So, when we began talking with Esther
    about this some years ago, she found handfuls of things
    that always put her in a good mood.
    Kate was a baby at the time, granddaughter Kate,
    easy, easy… just think about Kate, good mood swept over her.
    She couldn’t sustain thoughts about Kate
    and not improve her vibrational frequency.
    It was not possible.

    Treehouse, oh the treehouse, treehouse, treehouse,
    big timbers brought in from Oregon, 30 foot poles,
    6 of them, brought in by a big crane, put into the ground,
    and then a 6-sided base built, and then up, up, up it went.
    And then Esther said, “I will just climb the tree to get up there.”
    And Jerry said, “We’ll make stairs.”
    And then they got to the second floor,
    and they were high above the treetops, and they said,
    “We could go higher, the poles are still extending.”

    So, they built another level up there. And then Esther said,
    “I’ll just climb up on a rope.” And Jerry said, “We’ll build stairs.”
    It’s not possible for Esther to think about those happy men
    who built the treehouse – it took them longer
    than it takes to build most houses because it was fun
    they never wanted to end,
    it went on and on and on and on and on.

    The process of the treehouse, the idea of the treehouse,
    the construction of the treehouse,
    the evolution of the treehouse, the being in the treehouse,
    the guests in the treehouse. In other words,
    not possible to think about that treehouse without affecting a mood,
    a point of attraction, that brings benefit.

    And think about the benefit that that mood brings.
    It’s a feeling of invincibility.
    It’s a feeling of expansion.
    It’s a feeling of whimsy. It’s a feel of fun.

    She hasn’t yet installed the zip-line.
    Jerry didn’t want it, but he’s gone.
    Well, actually he’s not gone.
    A zip-line seems like a good idea to him now, too!

    In other words, it’s a mood of prosperity…
    It was an expensive proposition.
    It’s a feeling of doing something for the fun of doing it.
    There was no practical association with it.
    It’s just doing something for the fun of doing it.
    Doing something for the exhilaration of doing it.

    So, as you find things like that that are just rich…

    we could talk about nothing other than that treehouse
    all day long and it would be the best discussion that we ever had
    because of the amplification of the vibration
    and the benefit of accomplishing that mood within you.

    You see what we’re getting at?

    FROM MARCH 16, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    Nonphysical Jerry, catching stumbling Esther

    Last week, Esther came bouncing up the steps, and the step wasnīt stable.
    When she stepped on it, it caved in, and her foot went between the step
    and the stage. Scraped up her shin, she stumbled upon the stage-
    it was... funny.

    It was really funny. And Esther thought- for the life of me, I do not know
    HOW I went down!
    So, Esther has a dear friend, who sees energy. (...) So, after the seminar
    she sent Esther an email, "You know, Jerry walks on the stage, with you?"
    And Esther says, "Yeah, I know. I can feel him there."
    And then she said, "He caught you, last week!"

    And Esther thought: "THATīS why I didnīt fall down!
    It didnīt make sense to me! I didnīt have my balance, I didnīt have anything
    close to my balance! But I didnīt go down!"

    THIS is the thing we want you to understand...

    But if you are not knowing that, if you are mad at yourself-
    then you donīt let us GET YOU!

    Westchester, Oct. 2014
    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2014 ペ Every moment is a new beginning

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    The illusive silver-grey fox

    Jerry and Esther (where in a park and) walked to the ranger, and there was a picture with a caption under it that said: "The illusive silver-grey fox." And Esther said to the Ranger, "Are we going to see some of them?" And he said: "Iīve been here 13 years, and I havenīt seen one."

    Jerry and Esther came around one corner- the illusive silver-grey fox was standing right in the intersection. Looked at them, they looked at him, he looked at them,
    they looked at him, he looked at them, they looked at him, he looked at them, he said "Seen enough?" and off he went.

    Now they are standing on a wooden walkway. A walkway, that is above sort of a swamp. And Esther is standing, with her feet sort of dangling over the edge, and Jerry said "Honey, I want you to just listen to the sound of my voice and move very slowly and deliberately back, one step."

    And so, Esther listened to the sound of his very calm voice and stepped back. And then he said, "Do it again!" and she did. And he said, "now look down!" And there was a copperhead-snake, stretched out in the sun. And he laid there for a little way and said, "Youīve seen enough?" and off he went.

    Now Jerry and Esther are back at the Ranger-station, and Jerry said "Do you know you have copperhead-snakes?" and the Ranger says, "No, we donīt have any copperhead-snakes." And Jerry said, "Well, you do, now!"

    Things that usually do not come out and play were coming out and playing- because the vibrational resonance with that high-flying-disc was EMANATING. And nature is the first responder beyond your own emotions and thoughts, to demonstrate to you where your vibrational frequency is!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Seeing Things That Unaligned People Can't See!

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    (Esther drives and is talking to nonphysical Jerry all along the way...)
    ...because, they got lost every time they drove down-town.
    EVERY time, they came down-town!
    But yesterday- she didnīt get lost!! And she said:
    "Youīr much better now, Jerry!"

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ Practice these Core Beliefs

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    "Blink the light, Jerry!"

    Your stubborness is well noted.
    Your stubborness is understood by us.
    Your stubborness is applauded by us!

    We just want you to be stubborn about holding to the idea-
    not stubborn about holding the resistance about the idea!
    There is a BIG difference, you see!

    So, then, can you give me some gift, some direction to proceed?

    (long pause, than Abe asks the HS to say with them and answer those questions)
    Do I believe that Iīm the creator of my own reality?

    Yes. I do.

    Is this environment in which I am focussed (...)
    causing me to reach into new thought?
    (HS says yes to this and the following questions)

    ...and creation?
    And manifestation?
    Does everything that comes into manifested reality
    exist in vibrational form, FIRST?

    I would think so. I donīt know...

    Youīr right. EVERYTHING that eventually
    manifests is in vibrational form, first.
    Can I trust Abraham, my IB, to tend to my creation,
    while I prepare myself, to allow it?

    HS: Yes.

    You mean it?

    Actually Iīm hoping daily that something will show up.

    But you are hoping for the manifestation.
    That question precedes that, and ITīS THE KEY.
    (HS tries to jump in) Wait, wait wait!
    Itīs the key, itīs the key!

    Esther says to Jerry: I want to see you!
    And he says: Iīm DEEEEAD!!!!
    Iīm no longer in my physical body!!!
    And Esther says: I know. But do you realize how much I miss you?
    "Feel me" he says. "Donīt need to see, me, feel me!
    Feel me! KNOW me! Feel the existence of me!"

    And Esther says: Blink the light.
    Blink the light!
    (in a somehow arrogant attitude)
    -If you blink the light, Iīll believe you are real.
    -She knows he is real- "If you blink the light, then Iīll know
    youīr listening to me, right now right here. So- blink the light!"

    Blink it now! Blink it now! Blink it now! Blink it now!!!!
    (HS smiles)
    -What do you think, happens with the light? No blinking!

    It would be nice, if...

    It WOULD BE NICE, if Jerry would support Estherīs ironious thought
    that will never get her anywhere,
    and that would defy the Laws of the universe as we have taught them-
    and prevent her from understanding the relationship that she now HAS, with him.
    But- thereīs a bigger thing going on, here! Donīt you think???

    So, THAT is why we are asking you:
    Do you believe that YOU are the creator
    of your own reality?

    Do you?

    (HS canīt answer)

    Do you believe that WE are the creator of your own reality???
    (HS trying to answer about his higher self, and how he would dare to come before his IB...
    Abe talking over him)

    If your higher self (...) would be the creator of your reality,
    than donīt you think itī be going better?

    Philadelphia-WS May 2012

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    Estherīs re-connection after Jerries transition:
    The ecstasy of alignment- and the power of unconditional love.

    HS (POE):

    I wanna have FUN! Fun- right now. And I am so in love with step 5!
    And you said something when Jerry died, that Esther was- after this hard time, having so much fun again. And right in that moment, source threw something in that was extremely hard for Esther. And in this moment, where she was so happy again, she could solve it in a second. And I was always fascinated, that...

    What Jerry, making his transition, did for Esther -she didnīt realize it, and may have not been able to acknowledge it, or admit it. But she was living happily ever after, in a rather conditional way. Because there where no conditions in her experience, that wherenīt pleasing! And so, she was living happily ever after- without really needing to deliberately connect. Itīs what we said earlier, today:

    That those people who are really easy to love donīt help you find your balance!

    They might make you wish that everybody was that easy! But instead of noticing, that others arenīt that easy, Esther gave her undivided attention to what was easy. And so, once Jerry made his transition -and she couldnīt do that,
    -thatīs when she really REALLY discovered the ecstasy of alignment- and the power of what unconditional love really is!

    Unconditional love is: Finding connection, ANYWAY.
    Even under really hard conditions.

    And we cannot think of any condition, that would have been more difficult for Esther! And yet- she accomplished it. And wouldnīt take it back! She never thought she would say those words- and she never thought, she would allow us to say them, either. But Esther would not like to go back to that time, before she found that FREEDOM of alignment!

    And that doesnīt mean sheīs always there! But she certainly knows she CAN be there, and she most often IS there. So, step 1 is: Ask. Step 2 is not yours! Step 2 is done by source: Source answers. Step 3 is: You gotta get into the receptive mode. Step 4 is, get REALLY good at the receptive mode. And step 5 is, youīr back in step 1 but you are not mad at yourself!

    You are able to look at what you donīt want, through the eyes of source. You are able to see unwanted things, without it, freaking you out. It doesnīt take you out of alignment! Yah.

    And you said in this seminar- I think at the first day, and I had toothache. And you said all this itches and twitches, that you get sometimes, and thatīs just that source gives you Reiki from inside out!


    And in this moment, my toothache was gone. It was an itch or twitch- and it was SO delicious!

    Abe: Yah!

    And when you whacked me the day before, I looked up to the Hotseater that was really meant, and I was filled with such amazing love. It was like the whole room was lighting up, and I have goosebumps right now- it was one of the most powerful things I ever lived. That... what so many people deem to be bad, or unwanted, is-
    when you look at it from the right side, itīs the most beautiful thing.

    We agree. Those are perfect words.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 Esther's Re-Connection? Law of Attraction French Riviera Mediterranean Cruise

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    Our beloved ones care for us, even after their death.

    HS shares how much he loved Jerry, and how devastated she was when she learned that he had transitioned. But anyway, she got into the HS in the time shortly after his death, and she got kicked out of the HS because -her explanation- she was too emotional.

    Jerry was the one who kicked you out.

    He did? Really?

    Yah. Because your sadness isnīt good for Esther.
    Especially then! Now, she doesnīt care. Ohh, itīs not like that, itīs that her relationship with him is what it is, and sheīs adjusted to the differences. Then, not so much.
    And you were not helpful!

    Abraham Hicks 2017 She's First! Disappointment... Law of Attraction Nov 4-5th Asheville NC

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