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Thread: My Rampage Collection

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    My Rampage Collection

    I love how fun today was.
    I love easy and fun days like this.
    I love my morning walks.
    I love meditating and listening to Abraham.
    I love running errands and driving around listening to music.
    I love my new aux cable that let's me listen to my playlists in the car.
    I love when all my errands run smoothly.
    I love when I find what I was looking for as soon as I enter the store.
    I appreciate the lady working at the store giving me a discount.
    I appreciate the beautiful weather today.
    I appreciate the time I spent with my mom.
    I love coloring using my new pencils.
    I love having red wine with dinner.
    I love looking at the moon out my window.

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    I love gifts.
    I love how easily I allow gifts in my physical reality.
    I love that everyone around me feels inspired to give me gifts.
    I love that I get treated to delicious food all the time. I love food.
    I love that I allow so many wonderful gifts. Small gifts, big gifts, fancy luxurious gifts, fun gifts, useful gifts. Ahh so many gifts.
    I love that I allow things I need or want, right when I want it, that too in such a wonderful way.
    People just love giving me gifts.
    I love that people love giving me gifts.
    I have always been good at allowing gifts since I was a kid.
    I love feeling adored and taken care of.
    I love feeling the well-being flowing towards me.
    I love, love, love receiving gifts.
    I love the idea of giving gifts too.
    I love buying things for my family just cause it feels good.
    It feels good to feel the love and well-being flowing towards me.
    I love that I allowed Prada Sunglasses ($325!!) so easily just when I wanted a new pair. I love, love, love them. I feel so fancy and fabulous wearing them.
    I love how good it feels to feel good.
    I love milking all the gifts I have allowed so far.
    I love that I allow gifts and free food, and drinks and all sorts of amazing things in so many different ways.
    I love that this is my PoLR to allow my well-being. What a delicious, and special way to allow lovely things.
    I just love it. I love gifts.

    Thank you, Universe. Thank you, YOU. More, more, more! I want more.

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    I love dreams.
    I love all the lovely dreams I manifest.
    I love that I remember almost all my dreams when I wake up.
    I love remembering how I felt in my dreams when I wake up.
    I love all the delicious sweet manifestations in my dreams.
    I even love the unwanted manifestations.
    I love the clarity my dreams bring to me.
    I love how easy this is.
    I love that I receive guidance through my dreams.
    I love that my dreams reflect back my current vibration to me.
    I love how easy and fun this is.
    I love communicating with the Universe through dreams, signs and numbers.
    I love the feeling when I realize the guidance I allowed in.
    I feel so good, so easy, so excited, so clear. I feel relief.
    I love how vivid and detailed my dreams are sometimes.
    I love the "messages" in my dreams.
    I love that my dreams show my true feelings about a topic in such interesting and wise-ass ways.
    I love that it amuses me so much. So funny and so fun.
    I love dreaming about wonderful handsome men, all desiring me.
    I love that I once did process #22 in my dreams and successfully moved up the scale. LOL

    I kept waking up through out the night and every time I fell back asleep I had a new dream. But the "issue" at hand was along the same lines and in every dream I deliberately and consciously thought of better feeling thoughts to move up the scale. Each time I felt and acknowledged within the dream that I moved up the EGS scale and woke up remembering it. I managed to go from fear to boredom through subsequent dreams that night. The whole experience was so amazing. I woke up in the morning laughing, and feeling so good, so excited, and so amazed. It was a "weird", wonderful, amazing, fun experience. It was Magic. I just love it! I want more dreams like this - full of clarity, love, fun and relief.

    I just realized this is a success story. I love it.

    I love dreams.

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    I love that I'm getting a hang of this vibrational work.
    I love the clarity I am receiving every day.
    I love how fun the processes seem now.
    I love that I am getting better and better at this.
    I love that I am attracting easy and light processes.
    I love that I found the best process for me right now.
    I love that I am feeling better and better.
    I love that I am gaining more understanding of these teachings every day.
    I love that I am allowing guidance from the Source.
    I love that I am recognizing and acknowledging the guidance I'm receiving.
    I love that I am doing the vibrational work.
    I love that I am aware of my emotions.
    I love the relief I feel when I do the work.
    I love that I feel hopeful now.
    I love all the wonderful manifestations I am allowing.
    I love all the signs from the Universe all around me.
    I love where I am on this journey.
    I love that I am loving this.

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