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Thread: How to deal with all sorts of Rascals and Dis-appointments

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    SO BIG!!!

    "You really do want the Universe to match you up
    with people who are in alignment with your intentions.

    And what goes wrong in this relationship-thing is,
    that you’ve never really allowed yourself
    to think and believe and be
    the way you think you want to be.

    You’ve got mixed energy all over the place
    about that subject, you see."

    Atlanta, Oct. 2011

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    Famous "Bowl of Worms"-quote:
    Donīt try to make what you donīt like comfortable!

    "(on the path of least resistance...)
    ...because you care for how you feel,
    you start reaching for those thoughts that feel good,
    AND, you stay off of the thoughts that donīt feel good.

    So, if there is some subject thatīs really uncomfortable,

    We said to Esther the other day:
    We really donīt want you to sit and write a focus-wheel
    until you like to eat raw fish!
    You donīt have to like to eat raw fish!
    You donīt have to like to eat gras-hoppers, either!
    You donīt have to eat worms, either!

    "But, Abraham. What if somebody gives me a bowl of worms?
    Shouldnīt I be able to eat a bowl of worms, and LIKE it?
    Shouldnīt I be able to do enough focus-wheels, that I am
    in complete alignment about eating a bowl of worms?"

    And we said: Really, Esther.
    Do you really want to eat a bowl of worms?
    "No! But I donīt want to be resistant to anything!"

    And we said:
    You where born to SELECT!
    You where born to choose!
    Donīt write a focus-wheel to get yourself to like things,
    that you donīt like!

    Thatīs NOT THE POINT of this!
    This is NOT what the art of allowing is.
    The art of allowing is not making yourself like,
    what everybody else wants you to like.

    The art of allowing is you, getting in sync with
    what YOU have put in your Vortex!
    Can you hear the difference in that?

    But that requires a willingness to accept the perfection
    and worthiness THAT IS YOU.
    That requires believing, that you are source-energy,
    and that source is aware of you.
    And that source knows what you want!
    And is calling you towards it, CONSTANTLY."

    Denver, 2015, 06.20

    There are a lot of things
    that you all have convinced yourself,
    that you shouldnīt allow yourself to experience,
    that are really the path
    to what youīre looking for."

    SanDiego, 01/10/2015

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    Nothing brings out the worst in another faster,
    than your focusing upon it.

    Nothing brings out the best in another faster,
    than your focusing upon it.


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    If nothing is more important to you then that you feel good,
    you can form a fantasy
    about someone who is in your life

    and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy,
    because Law of Attraction
    is a very powerful thing.


    Living happy, UNCONDITIONALLY.


    Allowing is your alignment. Period.
    Thatīs all!
    Allowing isnīt tolerating.
    Allowing isnīt putting up with something.

    Allowing is:
    Iīm allowing my connection, even youīr having a fit.

    Iīm allowing my connection, even money is tight!
    Iīm allowing myself to feel good-
    even though there are conditions in the world, that if
    I would focus on them, I would feel bad.

    Iīm allowing myself to tune to the frequency of wellbeing,
    even though thereīs the potential of NOT tuning to the frequency
    of wellbeing is rampant, around me."

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    Donīt level-down with them!

    HS "gets on her sons level" (the floor) when he has a fit because he wants everybody to conform with him. She wants to help him- first, in validating his negative emotions.

    "WHY would you want to validate something,
    that isnīt working?

    Thatīs why people call (problems) CORE, rather than just active!
    (...) When you really want to teach through your example,
    when heīs experiencing something -and therefore,
    heīs a condition in your life, that isnīt as you want it to be!-
    you want him to be happy, and he isnīt.

    So, when you get right down there, into his unhappiness-
    what you demonstrate to him is: "It is a conditional world."
    And in the same way, that you are down there, trying to soothing something,
    HE (too) needs to get in there and soothe things.

    And that is a path of ENORMOUS RESISTANCE!

    I hear you, What shall I do?

    Validate his connection.
    And do not validate his disconnection!

    What would you say in that instance, to validate his connection?

    So, what is validation? Is validation vibration?
    Whatīs validation? Words?
    ATTENTION is validation.

    If you will give him attention when he is feeling bad,
    you are validating his disconnection.
    If you give him attention when he is feeling good,
    you validate his connection!

    If you want to be the ideal parent, treat him as your IB does:
    ALWAYS flowing your positive expectation!
    But NOT negatively reacting, is heīs not there!
    Think about it. Hs IB is right there with him.
    And he canīt hear his IB!

    And so what you say is: I need to help him hear his IB!
    But it does NOT help him hearing his IB,
    it VALIDATES that he is NOT hearing his IB!

    (...) Weīr not saying take your eyes off of him,
    weīr saying: take your worrysome eyes off of him.
    Weīr not saying take your love away from him-
    Take your in-the-moment-not-feeling-love, but feeling-angst-or-something
    away from him.

    Phoenix, Dez. 2014

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    Youīve gotta say: Hey man,
    I really care about you!
    And I like you almost more than life itself.

    But I donīt like you more than being on this (high) disc.
    And so far, you put me on this (low) disc.
    So, Iīm leaving you off in the bushes for a little while,

    and Iīm getting on this disc!
    And Iīll see who comes out of the bushes,
    and plays with me!"

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Perfect, willing, 2013 Fred's clone [My disk is more important than YOU!]

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    Bless the rascals, they widen your life...

    We think it is really a wonderful gift,
    when someone comes into you experience,
    -by YOUR attraction, yes!- who doesnīt jump through hoops
    in order to present to you conditional presentation,
    that you can then have a goodfeeling response to!

    We think itīs a WONDERFUL thing, when things
    happen around you, that you have to adjust to.
    Because otherwise, youīve gotta have a very narrow band
    of merry friends, that you are running around with,
    and then, youīve gotta control them- because they are ALL FREAKS,
    you know!

    Denver, 2015, 06.20

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    Hot Seat:
    I feel in some ways like I’ve raised my vibration so high,
    that sometimes I feel like, “Oh, shit. I’m the only person here.”
    Lonely at the top kind of thing.

    But here’s the thing. That intellectually sounded pretty good.
    However, these are the flaws in it.
    When you are really in alignment, you are blended with the whole of who you are,
    and that is the opposite of lonely. That’s full!

    So if you are feeling a moment of detachment or loneliness from others,
    it’s not because you’ve achieved a high vibration,
    and there’s nobody else there with you.
    It’s because you have been high, you know what that feels like,
    and now you’re not.

    And what you’re lonely for, is your alignment.

    Every time. Every single time……. Esther says, “I’m a vibrational snob."
    Meaning, that once you have felt the fullness
    of all of you being present in the moment,
    nothing else will do.

    But your loneliness is not about, you see,
    you never did want to fill that void with other people.
    That is truly looking for love in all the wrong places.
    That’s looking for alignment in all the wrong places.

    When you find alignment, you’re happy by yourself.
    When you find alignment, you’re happy when you are with others.
    When you find alignment, there’s an unconditional happiness.

    You don’t need people to behave or perform in any certain way
    in order for you to feel good.
    You just feel good- because that’s what you’ve practiced yourself into, you see.

    So if you are still feeling some loneliness, that’s all right.
    It just means you’re still working the kinks out
    of this steady alignment thing… Nothing is worth any struggle.
    If there is struggle involved, there’s resistance involved.
    Do something different!

    When you have found alignment with Source,
    when you have found the perfection
    of personal blending with who you are,
    looking for it in a conversation with a friend is going back.

    Trying to find somebody that gets you, is going back-
    because it’s not their job to get you.
    It’s their job to get them.
    And almost always, it’s looking for a little validation.
    Let’s talk and let’s revel. Oh, that is delicious!
    We know what you are talking about.

    When you’re tuned in, tapped in and turned on, and you are visiting
    with somebody else who’s tuned in, tapped in, and turned on,
    that’s what happens in these gatherings.
    You come, you get more and more in alignment
    and the group consensus gets higher and higher-
    and wonderful things happen.

    We’re not trying to talk you into being alone.
    We just want you to understand that you don’t need to be
    with anyone else to have full alignment.
    And in full alignment, others who have full alignment will join you.

    So here’s what’s happening to you.
    You found that alignment so often that you recognize it,
    you know it when you see it.
    And now, you are sort of manually trying to manipulate
    your relationships into flying around with high flyers.

    Hot Seat: Yeah.

    But you can’t do it that way. You gotta fly high-
    and let Law of Attraction bring your the high flyers.

    Hot Seat: Yeah!

    You don’t want to try to micromanage.
    Because if you try to do it, now you’ve got this,
    “May I please have your resume?” My what?
    “Your vibrational resume. Just complete these questions.
    Choose A, B, C or D. I’m usually happy. I’m usually ornery.
    I care a lot about what you think.
    I don’t give a rip about what you think.
    Just fill in the ones that apply to you.”

    And then you go through this long list,
    until you drive yourself crazy.
    And you find no one who’s a perfect vibrational match to you.
    Because everybody’s got some freaky thing about them,
    that’s going to make you nuts.

    Atlanta, November 2014

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    "And then you say: Oh, youīr abnormal!"
    And if they can speak to you in their true source-voice, they say:

    YES I AM! I am abnormal in more ways that you can speak.
    Iīm abnormal in more ways than you know.
    I am DELIBERATELY abnormal.
    Iīm deliberately non-conforming.
    Iīm deliberately putting you in a place, that if you want to
    feel your joy- and I know you do!-
    youīr going to find a different way of looking at me, to
    feel your joy.

    Because I am a condition that you cannot change.

    Iīm going to force you into unconditional love-
    if you are to look at me, and feel love."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Parenting-Would a baby choose deformity Workshop

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    Being the "Rascal" that should perform better, yourself...

    "You CANNOT look at yourself in bogus ways
    AND be happy.
    You CANNOT argue for your limitations
    AND be happy.
    You CANNOT beat up on yourself about what you should have done,
    or even what you should be doing RIGHT NOW-
    AND be happy.

    You've GOT TO make peace with yourself,
    you've GOT TO make it alright where you are,
    it HAS TO BE alright that you don't make your bed
    and it HAS TO BE alright that you lay there ALL day,
    if you FEEL like it, it HAS TO BE alright.

    You HAVE TO STOP letting other humans who need you
    to do conditional things so that they can be happy,
    guide you away from what TRUE LOVE is, you see...."

    2014-10-18 Westchester, NY

    Humans have the misconception
    that Source is no longer expanding-
    or that Source is finished and perfect,
    and that humans are now working
    to accomplish that perfection.

    But what is really going on is that Source is expanding
    into greater capacities of love,
    because of that which Man is living.


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