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Thread: quotes about global warming, end-time and extinction

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    You, as an individual, or as a species, or as a mass-consciousness-
    you can really offer quite a bit of lower vibration-
    without upsetting the apple-cart much.

    You don´t have much influence on that.

    Iow, we are not worried about any of you, doing anything
    that takes this earth out of orbit.
    You just don´t have the competency!
    The momentum is such, you do not have the competency.
    There are those who are fear-mongering and would tell you that you are,
    or you could- but you CAN´T.

    You can´t.

    There is nothing that you could do,
    that could upset that momentum!

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    Something worth focusing on is that – yes –
    there is mass consciousness, which is a collection of individuals,
    and there is individual focus and momentum,
    and there is collective mass consciousness momentum.
    Yes, yes, yes to all of that.

    But as life experience is producing questions – problems,
    it is producing answers – solutions.

    So, the collective consciousness who is creating problems,
    such as illness, is also creating a more powerful desire
    for wellness and solutions for wellness.
    So, it really is as simple as deciding what frequency you want to tune into.

    There are so many empathetic people in this world
    who tune into the problem part of it,
    not because they want to – and they are well-meaning, yes –
    but simply because that’s the momentum they have going.
    And the momentum of focusing upon unwanted –
    and, therefore, putting up your shield and disallowing wanted –
    the reason that there is so much of that going on,
    is because people simply do not understand what their point of attraction is
    and how to control it.

    So, most people make no effort at controlling their own point of attraction.
    That’s why mass consciousness moves in those rivers like it does.

    We’ve been saying to you for a while, and we like saying this to you –
    we are being playful as we give this to you,
    and some people regard it as an insulting comment,
    and we don’t mean it that way at all –
    but the thing that saves mass consciousness from momentum,
    that is really unwanted is that you are fickle.
    In other words, you have short attention spans!

    If CNN would pick one topic, and play it and only it forevermore,
    the majority of people who are watching that –
    becoming more and more and more,
    and talking about it more and more and more –
    would create epidemics of that one topic until that one topic
    would be rampant.

    But, fortunately, they don’t have the sticking power.
    Fortunately, none of you do, because you are guided
    from Broader Perspective, and you simply understand
    that there’s more to think about than this one thing.
    Therefore, your lives can expand in more directions,
    than just this one direction.

    You could solve this for yourself…
    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    we would accept that we are part of mass consciousness,
    but we would assume our singular consciousness standpoint,
    and we would not project thought for the benefit of mass consciousness.

    Your thoughts just do – by Law of Attraction –
    become collective rivers or streams,
    but we would be clear about what we’re focusing upon, period.
    Mass consciousness does not influence you.

    Now this is the most important part of your question…
    because it seems logical that if there is a large number of focusers on a topic,
    so that the stream is flowing in a very strong way,
    it seems like that stronger stream would have the ability to get you.

    But that would be in a Universe based upon assertion,
    and you don’t live in a Universe based upon assertion.
    You live in an attraction-based Universe,
    which means that only the vibration that you get going are you calling to you.

    Now, yes, it is possible for you to observe what’s going on
    in mass consciousness, and by your observation of it, invite it
    into your vibrational frequency, so that now you are attracting it.
    But nothing is coming and getting you.

    So, the question is: How much that’s out there do you want
    to practice the vibration of,
    and then put out your calling card to invite it in?
    Can you feel the difference?

    You are not vulnerable to anything except
    your own sloppy thinking.
    You are not vulnerable to anything
    except your own unwillingness
    to be selfish enough to want to feel good
    and, therefore, to direct your thoughts at the earliest of momentum phases,
    so that you can find that, you see?

    Oct 11 2014 Boston, MA

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    This is no "End-time", at all...

    You are adaptive Beings. And you're not finished as a species in your evolution. You are as unevolved now to what you will be 2000 years from now, or a million years from now—as the relics that you are digging up of the cave man. You are…we are all eternally continuing to evolve.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, MO on Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

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    The world is getting better and better, and better!

    How do you ever get the truth to be more the way you want it to be?
    -You´ve just got to start beating the drums of truth the way
    you want it to be-

    and when you do, you will immediately feel good. And there are those who might say, "Oh, you´re not facing the fact."¯ And we say, we would never face any fact that was taking us to a place we don´t want to be!

    There are those who believe that the world is getting more and more desperate. We are here to tell you that the world is getting better and better, and better, and that every experience you have causes you to launch rockets of desires, and Source comes in reponse to those rockets.

    And the best thing about your birth and death is that the resistant ones die, and the allowing ones are born. And with this combination of contrast that keeps you launching new and new desires, it´s no wonder that the Universe is expanding in this marvelous way and that life is getting better, in every day and in this moment for everyone who insists on focusing there.

    Excerpted from a workshop in Portland, OR on Saturday, July 12th, 2003

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    We want you to understand life
    just gets better and better and better.
    It is not possible for you to become diminished beings.

    You CANNOT go back, as a civilization, or as an individual,
    or as Source Energy.
    You can never be less than life has caused you to become.

    You DO NOT need to worry about the fading of your planet.
    You DO NOT need to worry about the polar icecaps melting.
    You DO NOT need to worry about this planet disintegrating.
    This planet is in vibrational hands of Source Energy.

    And we’re not kidding you about that.
    It’s not just because we are wanting you to believe
    in some fru fru God that some of you do and some of you don’t.
    We are wanting you to understand
    that the Laws of the Universe INSIST on expansion.

    And all is really VERY, VERY WELL.

    -Abe 10/20/07

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