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Thread: quotes about global warming, end-time and extinction

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    quotes about global warming, end-time and extinction

    So can we dispense with Global warming?
    Is that not a
    human caused problem and are we not to do anything about it,
    it is futile and not beyond out control?

    Well here’s what we would like to say about that.
    planet has been set into motion from the thought of non physical and
    don’t you find it amazing that your Earth spins in it’s orbit at all?

    Hotseater: Yes.

    And don’t you think that whatever got it spinning can deal

    with the temperature of it?
    (audience laughter)

    Make’s sense to me. Absolutely.

    And then we want to ask for those who are comparing the

    temperatures so accurately that they can pronounce the trend toward
    warming, what instruments where they using 100, 200, 300, 500, 2000
    years ago?
    -In other words, are they even comparing apples to
    and oranges to oranges?
    In other words, we do not think the
    instruments you are using today
    to measure compare at all to with
    what ever it is where ever they are
    getting the data from before.
    other words, we don’t think they know that the planet is warming
    and we don’t think that you have brought enough view to really give
    word to a trend.

    We think that if it is like so many things you
    that you need to control a condition and you can’t control
    the conditions,
    and get people to move in the direction of what you
    want, unless you scare them a lot.
    In other words, because people are
    not motivated it seems by the call of source.

    Look how many
    hours we spend talking to all of you about feeling good.
    (audience laughter) We shouldn’t have to do such a sales job, about feeling good!
    (laughter and clapping) But it is because you have been oriented for so long,
    that most of you don’t take action until
    something really awful looms,
    and those who have things to sell have
    learned that about your personalities.

    And so they have learned
    that if they are going to get you to move,
    they are going to prod you
    with something that is painful.
    And so that’s why most people
    get your vote about what they want to do,
    by you weighing all the
    consequences of what will happen if you don’t.
    And in the process of
    that, people become more and more fearful
    and as they become more and
    more fearful they are less and less guided,
    and as they are less
    and less guided they are more and more vulnerable
    and as they are
    move and more vulnerable more things, that they don’t want
    happen to
    them and they say “See those naysayers were right”.

    And we say: No, they
    They were just influencing you to that creation of
    your own reality.
    You could have created something more positive if
    you wanted to.
    And what makes it all alright is that the
    dilution ratio on your planet
    is still working effectively. And by
    that we mean the longer the old timers
    are here and worrying and
    worrying the worse their life gets but then they croak.
    And new ones
    come in who are optimistic and expecting better things.

    And so
    when the old ones die who were worried about global warming,
    and the
    new ones who are born aren’t, your problem will cease.
    (Laughter) It really is like that plus, those like you are contributing
    to the improvement of the dilution ratio because even
    you are older and have the potential of pushing against, you
    deliberately learning to turn down stream.

    from CD 9/16/06B - Chicago IL Track 6 (11:45 min) - Earth’s temperature

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    Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is unfolding perfectly.
    So when you stand in your now accepting that all is well,
    then from that vibration,
    you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well.

    But when you're convinced that things are broken,
    that there is pollution, or that things have gone wrong,
    or that the government is doing conspiracies…
    then what happens is, you get caught up in that vibration,
    and you begin to manifest that kind of stuff,
    and then you say, “See, I told you that things were going wrong."


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    You are of no advantage to anyone who has your negative attention.

    Abraham Hicks

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    Animals view life (including death) very different than humans.

    If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know.
    And if you know life is supposed to be fun,
    you know more than almost anybody else knows.

    And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator
    of how connected you are to Source,
    then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators,
    respective to the total population, really know.
    The beasts all know it. Your animals know that all is well.

    Your animals live in the moment. They understand the power of their now.
    They expect the Universe to yield to them.
    They don't worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate.
    They are Pure Positive Energy.

    Your beasts vibrate more on the Energy scale of contentment than of passion.
    Their desire was set forth from Nonphysical, and continues to be set forth by those,
    like you, who want Energy balance, who want sustenance.
    The difference between the beast and the human is
    that the beast is more general in its intent.

    The human is usually less blended, usually less allowing of the Energy to flow,
    but is more specific. And that is why the human is seen to be the Creator,
    while the beast is more the balancer of Energy.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, October 15th, 1998

    "The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or squirrel,
    or no matter what beast you are affectionately addressing, is,
    for the most part, less specifically focused than you are.
    He is less of a deliberate creator.
    He deciphers contrast less specifically than you do.
    Therefore, he creates less deliberately than you do.

    The advantage to him, in that, is that he does not push against as much.
    So he stays more connected to the Energy Stream.
    And because he stays more connected to the Energy Stream,
    he is guided more by intuition, or that which you would call instinct.

    Because he reaches his full capability very early in his life,
    the beast does not mind coming and going frequently
    because he achieves almost his full capacity almost instantly.
    So he enjoys his life expression in the fullness of his beingness very quickly.
    And so, he comes and goes easily with less resistance than you do.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, January 18th, 2000

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    This is an EXPANDING, not ending world.

    So far as the Mayan calendar, this time-space-reality should be ending
    on December 21, 2012. Just want to get your...

    We'll talk to you in January of 2013
    (audience laughter and applause).
    It is astonishing to us how many people are willing to let the shortsightedness
    of others control their life.

    If that is true, then I'm excited.

    Ah, you see...we can hardly, we can hardly, we can hardly, we can hardly
    (audience laughter) find enough words to express the power
    with which this time-space-reality is expanding.
    This is not a shrinking Universe. This is not a shrinking world;
    this is an expanding world.

    If you had any way of understanding, and you do through the power of your emotion.
    If you could feel what Source energy is striving, as a result of the contrast
    that you are living. And what you all are putting into your vibrational escrow.
    Do you understand that?

    So, Source energy expresses a part of itself in you.
    You are like pioneers out here knowing what you don't want, and knowing what you do want.
    And so, with every picture you watch about global warming,
    you ask for an improvement in your environment with every thought about things
    not going well you ask for improvement.
    And as billions of you are doing that...can you imagine the vibrational escrow,
    that is being amassed as a result of the experiences that you are living and have been living?

    And do you understand that it is from that vibrational stance,
    that new energies are coming forth?

    So, you don't need to worry about all of these naysayers.
    We want you to understand, you have this wonderful thing going for you here,
    out on this leading edge of creation on planet earth, and that is the delusion ratio.
    And by that we mean the old, disconnected ones are croaking right and left.
    (audience laughter)
    And in doing so, they are re-emerging back into pure positive energy,
    where they are getting full view of things, where they're not pinched off anymore.

    And new, fresh ones are being born all day, every day...
    who are being born from this vantage point of this furthest most leading edge.
    Do you understand that it is vibrationally impossible for those kinds of predictions to be true?

    They defy everything. There is no regression. There is only expansion.
    This planet is not coming to an end. It is barely beginning. Barely beginning.
    (enthusiastic audience applause)

    You knew that so powerfully when you came forth.
    You didn't say, I'll go forth and I'll just dribble along until the end.
    You said, I'll go forth and I'll let this dynamic environment out there,
    on the leading edge of thought inspire me, unique genius creator that I am,
    to a new impulse for desire. And I know when that rocket of desire shoots out of me,
    all that creates worlds will flow forth through me, toward it.
    And there will be a place marker held for me and for all others.
    And all we have to do is listen to the call of Source and come toward it.

    And in your despair, you pinch yourself off from that.
    And in your despair, you shout to the rafters your shortsightedness of well-being.
    And we say, of course you can't see well-being when you are in despair!

    You have yourself blinded to it and pinched off from it.
    You've got yourself blocked from the view of it.
    You must be in your joy and in your appreciation and in your passion
    and in your eagerness to know the expansiveness of this Universe.

    Don't let shortsighted others discourage you.
    Their discouragement is about their relationship with their vibrational stream.
    It's about the gap between who they really are and who they are letting themselves be.
    We promise you it has nothing to do with the longevity of this planet. Good.

    San Antonio 9-8-07

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    Man: The year 2012, has a lot of vibrational things, especially like in the metaphysical community
    about what that date is. Like the Mayan calendar ends then.
    I’m just kind of curious if you could possibly add some clarification... if there is,
    I mean does that date have anything to do with…

    Yes, it’s really important.

    …with the big vibration shift? Is it different than 2013 or is it just like they’re all the same?
    You know…

    We were going to have fun with that, that it’s the year before 2013…


    Abe: it’s the year after 2011 which makes it uniquely it’s very own year.
    But, we really want to speak to why these things keep coming up. There’s the harmonic convergence,
    and then there’s the y2k, and then there’s the second coming, and then there’s…
    In other words, there’s always something and we want… and we want to talk about why that is,
    and we think we can give it to you here easily. You’re really gonna get this.


    We talked earlier today about the difference between inspiration and motivation,
    and humans just keep picking these false endings to poke at themselves for motivation’s sake.


    That’s really what that is always about.

    That’s what I thought it would be. and that’s all.

    And when you think about it, how could it be otherwise?
    When you understand, and do you, that you are source energy?
    And that you’ve projected yourself here into this perfect time space reality,
    that was meant to inspire you to become more?
    And isn’t it utterly illogical with every fiber of your being to contemplate that you could be
    Source Energy, that you could project yourself into a leading edge time space reality
    which would inspire more, more, more, more, more from you and then someone would say:
    ‘oh, but there’s this date when it’s all cut off…’
    -and all that you put out there into your vibrational escrow ceases to be.

    We promise you that this time space reality has the wherewithal to support you farther
    than your mind can comprehend time!

    Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco, CA 2/16/2008

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    YOU have been in on creating this earth, yourself!

    "We really enjoyed your description of being out in nature,
    and looking at the tree and noticing it´structure,
    and it´s beauty and it´s balance.
    It´s perfection. And we wanted to interrupt you right then,
    and remind you of something we just said a few minutes ago.

    About how source is right out HERE, with you- experiencing!

    IOW- WE SO WANT ALL OF YOU TO UNDERSTAND: This is the leading edge.
    And that source is out here, on the leading edge- with all of you!

    So. You know how, when you have imagined a piece of art,
    and than you have been inspired to the gathering of the materials.
    And then you´ve been inspired to discovering a process
    that makes your vision become something, that others can see with their eyes.

    And you used the word "enchanted", and we wanted to say,
    it´s a feeling of accomplishment. Of achievement. It´s a feeling of creation.

    IOW, all of this words are part of this creative ability that is you.
    So, when you take an idea
    and you bring it forwards into something-
    artists feel that way with their paintings,
    and musicians feel it with their music,
    and lyricists fell that way with their poetry,
    and authors feel that way with their books.

    IOW, when it´s been an idea,
    and you stayed with it until it comes to further fruition,
    which is what humans wanna call manifestation-

    there is a satisfaction factor- because you´ve been IN on it!

    You´ve been the creator of it.
    And when you are the creator of something,
    the creation that the creator has created
    is extremely satisfying to the creator.

    So- when you are out there in nature-
    this is the part that we really really really want you to hear!-
    that RAPTURE that you are feeling, the exhilaration that you are feeling
    is because IN THAT MOMENT, there is no distortion in your vibration

    and you are allowing SOURCE to regard it´s creation.

    Now stay there for a minute. When YOU feel the beauty of nature,
    you´ve forgotten, but- you where IN on that!
    This place hasn´t always looked like this!
    IOW, it has been in the process of becoming.

    And so, if you stand in appreciation of the manifestation- you tap in
    into ALL of the energy that was part of the creation of it,
    and it´s life-giving.

    Did you follow that? It was huge. It was big.
    So we just say it in simple terms:


    Asheville, September 2011

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    Expect Well-being to be yours!

    We REALLY WANT YOU to come to the place
    where you expect well-being to be yours
    and you line up,
    with it on subjects of earthquakes and subjects of tsunamis,
    and subjects of hurricanes and subjects of cancer
    and subjects of not enough money.

    You line up on it on every subject that you have the opportunity,
    you just find a way to make your -
    'If I'm gonna think about this, I'm gonna find a way of thinking about it
    that I can live with.

    If I'm gonna think about this,
    I'm going to find a way of lining my energy up with

    And when you make that emotional journey, again and again and again,
    before you know it, you're someone who lives in a vibration of well-being.

    And when you're someone who lives in a vibration of well-being,

    the seas will part for you, heaven and earth will move,
    things happen and you're ALWAYS the one standing there unscathed

    -because your vibration do
    es not allow other than that.

    From the clip Abraham Hicks - Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Earth Changes

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    Do you choose to see Paradise, or Hell on Earth?

    Then (in step 4), what you discover is:
    You don´t have to travel all around the planet,
    to places that you´ve never been before-
    you just need to move around in the world,
    that you´ve been around in for a long time-
    in places, that you´ve never been before!

    Then you begin to discover the TRUE personality of those you love.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE generosity of the people in your world.
    Then you begin to discover the TRUE timing and intelligence of the people,
    whom you work with.
    Than you begin to discover the TRUE perfection of your interaction with one another.

    Because you found alignment
    with the vibration that is at the core of THEM, too!

    And as you become the influencer from that vibrational stance,
    and others begin to join you in that same vibrational place-
    now the experiences that you are having are unparalleled, you see.
    Now you pushed the reset-button.

    Now you are living in your world,
    but your living through the eyes of source and NOW,
    you are doing what you came to do:
    You are living joyfully, and having never ending expansion-
    and are discovering the eternal nature of your being,
    liking every step along the way.

    And even finding yourself (...) standing in a place where something
    that you really want hasn´t come to fruition,
    but you don´t feel the absence of it-

    because you KNOW HOW IT WORKS.
    So you are feeling the eagerness of what´s coming,
    rather than the current reality that it hasn´t come.

    from the clip
    P2/2Abraham Hicks- All About Step 4 & Maintaining High Flying Disc Prt2
    Washington, Oct. 2013

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    That´s how source sees it:

    You are cradled here,
    in this vessel of wellbeing
    on an ocean of love
    on a planet of neverending expansion
    in a universe of unfolding
    in a moment in time
    that we will acknowledge is as good as it gets.

    You could not be more worthy.
    You need justify it not.
    You are perfect as you stand
    and ever expanding to more.

    And there is no end to the joyous expansion.
    that is YOU.

    In this moment of free floating
    and in this energy of flowing,
    there is not seperation worth mentioning
    between the source that is us- and the flesh that is you.

    Your physical world is varied
    There are interests- wanted, and not.
    But there is nothing that is before you
    that will not be beneficial to you.

    So, you can release- here and now-
    all worry and concern
    because you have established a frequency
    that makes it possible to say to you
    unequivocally and with all knowledge that we hold

    That EVERYTHING from this point forwards
    is working out, for you.

    Dollars will flow more easily
    fewer words will be required
    your children will understand you
    your strangers will accept you
    and your friends will join you in the elevator.

    There is great love here, for you!

    Australian/New Zealand Cruise 2011

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