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Thread: Intense Appreciation for my Body, as it is now.

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    I feel INTENSE APPRECIATION for my eyes.
    I love their ability to show me the optic beauty of this world.
    I love their fantastic ability to focus.
    I love their fantastic ability to focus out of alignment, for me
    I love their perfection.
    I love this perfection that follows MY lead, all the time.

    I so love my eyes, and Iīm sorry I hurt them just now.
    I want to go out of their way of functioning totally as they want, and I want to give in to their wisdom.
    I so appreciate the knowing of my body.
    I want to relax and surrender into this perfection of my bodily wisdom.
    I trust.
    I give in. I feel the desire of who me and my eyes really are.
    They want me to relax into clarity.
    They want me to relax into ease.
    They want me to RELAX and surrender into the cells wisdom.
    They want me to allow joy and ease, no matter what.
    They want me to give in to their lead. I DO.

    -I give up all struggle!
    -I give in to the vision!

    "You're not letting the GOAL go.
    You're letting the resistance go!
    You really can't let go of what you put in the Vortex.

    Once you put it there,
    it's vibrant and alive and CALLING you.
    And you gotta go.
    And if you don't go- it feels like effort.

    It's the NOT going, that feels like the struggle!"


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    I SO LOVE understanding the "reason" for my indicators.
    SO EASY. I was focused more on what I didnīt want.
    And I INTENSELY appreciate my body for all the fantastic unmistakable indicators,
    that I now can literally pivot upon.

    Not banging anything into shape!
    Not pushing against anything.
    EMBRACING what is and being so appreciative for it.
    Loving what is, and building upon it.
    Moving form ease and love into more love and JOY and FULFILLMENT!
    Itīs easy. Itīs delight. Itīs a blessing. Itīs a gift.
    Itīs sweetzone.

    I feel blessed in it. Itīs so good!
    I love how life taught me to trust, and rely on the teachings of Abe.
    I trust in my Vortex.
    I trust in all being vibration, and translation of vibration.
    I trust in wellbeing.
    I trust in LoA. I TRUST.

    I trust into what my body asks of me:
    GIVING UP. GIVING IN, and holding the image of what I love so much, no matter what.
    Itīs no struggle. Itīs a delight!
    Itīs SO EASY.
    It feels as a vacation. I give in and relax. I give in and shed the old trained habits.
    I give in and allow who I really am to become from my thoughts, in physical.
    I allow it to be. I work WITH my body.
    Or even better said: I allow my body to take over and become what we had dreamed up, together.

    Ahhhh, it feels so good.
    It feels as a dance.
    It feels so sweet. I FEEL IN DEEP LOVE WITH MYSELF.

    -I give up all struggle!
    -I give in to the vision!

    "You're not letting the GOAL go.
    You're letting the resistance go!
    You really can't let go of what you put in the Vortex.

    Once you put it there,
    it's vibrant and alive and CALLING you.
    And you gotta go.
    And if you don't go- it feels like effort.

    It's the NOT going, that feels like the struggle!"


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    You can reduce lines in your face.
    You can receive a psychic, vibrational facelift.
    You can regenerate your heart valves.
    You can restore the fillings in your teeth.
    You can add marrow back to your bones.
    You can add resiliency back to your joints.

    There is not one of you-
    -if they can take a cell from your toe and create a whole ‘nother you
    from the cell from your toe,
    we think there's enough regenerative power to get what you want.

    But you can't get there from a place of being unhappy
    with where you are- because while you're summoning,
    you're blocking at the same time.

    Abraham-Hicks, N. Los Angeles, CA, 7.14.12

    I resonated so deeply with Abeīs new description of the "replenishing mode".
    I so LOVE this wonderful impulses and insights and desires about molding my body, aka ALLOWING IT to mold itself,
    alllll the time. I so LOVE this energy, this emotions, this tangible feelings that I receive when I contemplate

    I am in intense appreciation for my body to inspire all this DESIRES!!!
    Desiring feels SO GOOD.

    "I want to want. I want the feeling of desire.
    I want the feeling of desire!
    It is my intention to get into the receptive mode and feel the culmination
    of what is in my vortex.
    I want to receive my Inner Being’s collective version of what I want.

    I know my IB knows what I want, they’ve been listening every step of the way.
    So my IB, like Abraham, who knows everything that I want,
    will channel through me if I get in the receptive mode.
    What could be more important than that,
    then to have source guide you about everything
    that you’ve carved out that you want? (…)
    My IB knows and my IB will tell me if I will listen."

    In the absence of resistance an idea feels
    so big and so fresh,
    that it energizes your body.

    It gives you direction, it puts clarity in your mind.
    It puts you in perfect timing, it causes you to rendezvous
    with the right people at the right time.
    It makes for a lovely next hour or two!

    Atlanta, November 2015

    DESIRING, and being on the path, being on the journey...
    Abe are so right. It feels awesome. It feels as clarity and wonderful direction. Itīs the opposite of "stale" or "lost".
    I want to jump up and down because of THAT. What a ride! What a project. What a JOY.

    HS is burning out in her service for her disabled husband, who gets angry when she connects
    with Abeīs teachings.

    You being aware of them
    (all the nonphysical helpers and lovers, as her transitioned ancestors,
    or Wayne Dyer) is what we are wanting to call your attention to.
    Because, as you can feel all of that interest, all of that LOVING interest, all of that loving interest
    and awareness. All of that
    Thatīs what being TITITO is about!
    Thatīs what the receptive mode mostly is!
    Oh, receptive mode is so delicious! It feels so fantastic to have clarity!
    But it is also the continual REJUVENATION, you see!

    So when you donīt allow yourself whatever it takes for that rejuvenation, then youīve got
    nothing to give any other!
    And there are so many who think that what they want from you first and foremost,
    is your sacrifice. Because, in your sacrifice, you are proclaiming your standing with them.
    Your love and appreciation of them.

    But in sacrifice, there is no replenishment!
    And if there is no replenishment, than there is a withering. Than there is a burning-out.
    And THAT is what you are describing us, more than it is what your husband is demanding of you!
    Itīs not HIS mindset, that needs to be changed here. Itīs your OWN mindset.
    And thatīs a wonderful thing, because you can change your mindset, while you canīt control his.

    (...) So as you said, "I stood up for myself, I stood up for replenishment, so that I have so much
    to give, to so many. I stood up for replenishment, because without replenishment, I cannot serve.
    Without replenishment, I canīt hold up. Without replenishment, I can be of no value to anyone."

    Sometimes, people have accused us, when theyīve not listened long enough to hear what we
    really have to say, of selfishness. And we say: ABSOLUTELY!!!
    We teach selfishness above all else!
    Because, first of all- you only have perspective of self!
    And if you are not SELFISH enough to align with who you are, you donīt have anything to give
    anyone, ANYWAY, you see.

    Denver, CO, 2016-06-11,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Reach for your own alignment for renewal (new)

    So there is a cure-all.

    And that’s just feeling good, all the time?

    That is the fountain of youth.
    It is the river of wellness.
    It is the stream of abundance.
    It is the way to all things that are important to you.

    It’s feeling good.

    Abe 7/10/05

    ...11:11 AM

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    I am in INTENSE appreciation for this journey with my faithful, wonderful, totally reliable body.
    I am again and again amazed of how my body WORKS.
    My blood is pumping all day long. My muscles work. My digestion and fueling and cleansing-abilities are AMAZING.
    My lounges work allllll the time. My senses are incredible. Talk about a multimedia-package!!
    My body is rejuvenating 24/7. Cells are rebuilt and healed and expanded.
    I am in amazing how my body is all the time altering, and capable of showing me the EXACT mirrorimage
    of how I do vibrationally.

    I AM IN AWE.
    I am in such love with my body and all powers that are in on THIS. Itīs a "miracle" and I so LOVE it!!
    I so LOVE to be aware of this.
    I so love to be IN on this. I am honored to cocreate with this amazing setup of creation.

    I am in love with all the images of blossoming into MORE of who I REALLY AM, that are resonating so
    delightfully with me!
    I so LOVE to know what I love, what "I like better", where the "perfection" is for me.
    I am in such intense appreciation to KNOW!!!
    I am in such joy to love myself so very very unconditionally. I am in bliss to have shed my hate and fear
    and my mixed-upness, and to have reached this UNDERSTANDING and this love, and this clarity.
    And this eagernesss and passion, to allow the more in, and to celebrate WITH my beloved body
    the EXPANSION into who I really am, now, now, now- eternally.

    Youīve GOTTA cut that (looking/focusing at the unwanted) out!!!
    Youīve gotta STOP just looking around, looking around,
    looking around by default, and then reacting to what you see,
    and expecting ANY consistency in your vibration!

    YOU have to figure out how to be consistent in your vibration!
    You have to decide, and you have to practice,
    and you have to become good at- a master at- offering a vibration,
    that FEELS GOOD EVEN WHEN THE CONDITION hasnīt changed.

    You have to stop letting your vibration be about what-is.
    You have to begin to find a way, to let your EMOTIONS
    travel down the path of HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

    Chicago, 2016-06-05, from the clip Abraham Hicks 2016 - Stop doubting, start believing (new)

    What’s more fun? This conversation or moving to music?
    You won’t hurt our feelings— it’s moving to music! It is.

    What’s more fun? This intellectual conversation, of wanting to figure things out
    or did you look out
    [of] your window this morning? Have you seen this place?
    Can you feel the PERFECTION of this planet?

    What’s more life-giving, you see.
    We don’t have to get into a intellectual cramp where we’re trying so hard
    to figure it out. Just rendezvous with you—you can’t help it—
    and when you rendezvous with you and it feels really good, follow it.
    And when you rendezvous with you and it doesn’t feel so good, follow it—
    you’ve got no choice.

    Let the momentum take you where it takes you.
    But let your intention be to get out ahead of it in a happier way.

    To get out ahead of it in a happier way.
    Let your intention be to feel as good as you can feel, and then watch interest bloom.
    And rendezvouses be more.
    Just watch yourself become more alive.
    That’s really what we’re talking about here.

    This whole conversation, everything that you’ve ever heard us talking about,
    ever, ever, ever—is about YOU letting more of YOU be YOU in this moment of YOUs.
    Because things are ALWAYS working out. Always working out. Always working out.

    And to the degree you relax and allow yourself to see it,
    then you have ease and joy and clarity. And fun. It’s not about figuring it out.

    (...) You understand the building blocks of the Universe.
    You understand that it’s vibrational. And that you have a emotional sensor
    that lets you know how you’re doing.
    You understand that you are so old and
    [have been] so long in this world,
    you know that you’re an extension of something,
    that there’s a momentum of goodness, and wholeness that is behind you,
    that when you tap into it, then you get to continue it.

    But if you’re disconnected from that knowing, which you’re not anymore,
    if you’re disconnected from the power of who you are, then you can’t enjoy
    the proceeding even though you can’t stop proceeding.

    You can’t stop your motion forward but in not understanding what it’s about,
    you’re afraid as you move forward. But you can’t romp forward without
    conscious knowledge of the connection of your well being.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 2-3, 2016

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    Sometimes, your dominate intention is to JUST "getting somewhere else".
    But thatīs NOT what you came to live, in this physical experience!
    You didnīt come, to get "somewhere else".
    You came to savor all the twist and turns and delights,
    of the tapestry and the texture of this beautiful

    And thatīs why we started to talk about step 5.

    Chicago, 2016-06-05, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - This is big time creating league (new)

    I INTENSELY appreciate my skin.
    What an awesome sensuous feeling to be caressed and to caress!
    To FEEL the wind. To FEEL the heat of summer. To FEEL the chill of the fogs, or the cod of the winter.
    I so LOVE to be able to sense with my whole body!
    Itīs a sensuous miracle.
    itīs a fantastic sensor of delight, all around. ALL OVER.
    It is so SENSITIVE. So able to indicate- problems or deliciousness. I SO LOVE MY SKIN.

    I so love how my skin and my tissue underneath the skin EXPRESS me, in perfect, accurate translations
    of the leading edge that IS.
    My skin and my forms LEAD me. They have the impressions that they sense towards me, and indicate to me,
    and express outwards in such awesome PERFECTION.

    I am in true awe about all this set-up.
    I am in such joy about being in this game.
    Itīs fascinating to be able to play all this roles, with altering my look, and my expressions.
    So many roles, so many games, so many fascinating facets to explore and to dabble in, and to explore.
    I SO love this.

    What role do I want my body to express, and to co-create, with me?

    "EVERYONE is an actor in that sense,
    that they get to project whatever vibration they choose to project.

    And here you are, doing it deliberately, intentionally,
    in a broad range of attitudes and moods and experiences,
    and life-experience- and in EVERY case, you are an actor, doing that.
    So you are not jeopardizing what your vibrational being, or point of attraction is,

    but if everybody, who is listening in, would understand:

    That deliberate creation is just EXACTLY THAT.

    Understand the role you want to play.
    And find itīs vibrational, emotional basis- FIRST,
    and then, practice that, so that THAT is who you are!

    When you are a character in a presentation-
    wether itīs on a stage, or in a movie, or in a commercial,
    when you are an actor with other actors around you, they are responding
    to who you are.
    Because you are emanating who you are,
    and it would be illogical for them to not react to who you actually are!

    Well, this is the way how the whole Universe is reacting to you!
    (...) SO you just need to decide: Am I a prosperous person, standing here
    in this role, that the Universe is reacting to?
    Am I a revered and respected coworker, in this environment or one
    that gets picked upon?

    WHO AM I?
    Who am I?

    (...) YOU set the tone.
    (...) You really are the center of your Universe! You are!"

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Define who you want to be and stay in character

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    (You need) a readiness to receive what you are ready to receive!
    And not more!
    Those are powerful words!

    A readiness to receive what you are ready to receive.
    A willingness to receive, what you are ready to receive,
    and not more!

    A willingness to accept the PERFECTION of the way it is working!
    -The not trying to push the noodle.
    When you get into that mindset, -and for many of you, it takes a little doing.
    Because, youīve been setting goals, and youīve been managing things,
    and youīve been orchestrating things, and youīve been doing things,
    and youīve become so action-oriented, that you have
    socially conditioned yourself to a way of life that works to a certain extent,

    And so, itīs a softening of that intensity!

    Itīs being SATISFIED, with one orgasm, for Godīs sake,
    for a minute.

    2016 04 23 to 30 Cancun

    I SOOOO love to fully relax into the wisdom of my body.
    I SO appreciate the wisdom of the cells, and the connection they have to source.
    I love love love the wonderful feeling of RELAXATION.
    And I love the trust that I achieved into my beloved body.
    I KNOW itīs wisdom. I trust the wisdom of each cell.
    I love to ponder the communication with source that they have, when I go out of the way.
    I love pondering their joy, that they experience, when they fully come back into their true alignment.

    Your sophisticated physical body exists
    because of the intelligence of your cells.
    And the intelligence of your cells exists
    because of their Connection to Source Energy.

    When doctors and scientists try to find cures for diseases
    without taking into consideration the Vibrational relationship
    between the physical Being and Source Energy,
    they are looking for cures in all the wrong places.

    If the resistance that disallowed the Well-Being to begin with
    is not released, it will show up in the form
    of another and another disease.

    Your cells, because of their connection to the intelligence of Source Energy,
    know exactly what to do in order to become the incredible variety
    of functioning cells in your magnificent physical body.
    And in the absence of the hindrance,
    that is caused by your resistant negative thought,
    that communication stays open to clear, up-to-the-moment interaction,
    keeping your physical body
    at peak and perfect performance.

    In the absence of negative emotion—
    and therefore the allowance of complete alignment
    and communication with Source Energy—
    your physical body can reclaim its balance
    and recover from any imbalance.

    And once balance has resumed,
    it is easy to maintain with consistently good-feeling thoughts.


    I love thinking about that. I love allowing the tangible little feelings that I get, when I focus there.
    Source, who I really am, unhindered, joyfully, delightfully communicating and working with the cells
    in allowing all the perfection that we have dreamed up together.
    It feels eager. It is so easy. It feels triumphant. It feels so joyful!
    It feels so NORMAL.

    I trust source and my body to achieve it, all on their own.
    SUCH DELIGHT... so easy, so normal, so RIGHT!!!

    When you come up against a block,
    delegate it to your Manager,
    and get out of the way!


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    You can TRUST,
    that everything that you lived has made a
    magnificent vibrational escrow.
    And you can TRUST, that LoA is calling you towards it.

    You are doing extremely well!
    And we are not wanting to put a damper on your enthusiasm for life AT ALL.
    But we DO want you to act less, and think more.
    And we do want you to think less, and feel more!
    And we do want you to try less, and allow more.

    We do want you to TRUST more.
    We want you to RELAX more,
    in the KNOWING of this magnificent stuff.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks - Relaxed Expectation Orgasm

    I trust.
    I trust the Vortex. I trust my body to know exactly what to do.
    I trust deeply, that whatever I AM READY FOR is happening to me,
    and I so appreciate this setting!
    I want it this way. I donīt want things to happen sooner than I am perfectly ready for.
    I SO LOVE MY BODY. I want, that it feels perfect, and that it is in balance.
    I donīt want to push and torture it anymore, as I did for years.
    I want to NEVER hurt my beloved body again.

    I want to emanate my LOVE, my adoration, my respect, my appreciation to it.
    I want it to blossom.
    I want it to flourish.
    I want it to be at itīs peak NOW, NOW, NOW... and feeling SO GOOD!
    I want it to be happy.
    I want it to express itīs love and wisdom and balance and clarity and BEAUTY.
    I want to SEE my body.
    I want to LOVE my body.

    AND I DO.
    And I am eager for each new step on this way.
    I appreciate each new piece of contrast, that lets me choose better, again.

    Iīm eager for whatever it takes from me,
    to line up with this.

    If you could stop being unhappy about the situation,
    thatīs causing you to change, to get to it!
    uhhh, THERE IT IS.

    Instead you wanna BLESS this resistance, because THAT is
    whatīs gonna help, to make the change in you.
    Thatīs getting you alll the way, to this things that you want-
    to all, that you want to be.

    If you heard that, we are so happy!
    YOU are the one, changing. You are becoming less resistant, all the time.
    And you know how youīr becoming less resistant?
    By moving through resistance.

    As you move through something that feels like struggle,
    you make more definition of who you are, and what you want.
    As things donīt go quite the way you want them to, you more clearly
    define what you want.
    Now here is the thing- uh, uh, uh, uh!!!!
    Your definition is not changing that. Thatīs all there.
    Whatīs changing is the RESISTANCE, in YOU!
    Did you hear it that time?
    Whatīs changing is the resistance in you. So you really wanna say:

    Just bring it on! Iīm EAGER to learn!
    Iīm eager to know. Iīm eager to grow!
    Iīm eager to become! Iīm EAGER!
    Iīm eager for
    whatever it takes from me,
    to line up with this.

    And then of course, do all the things weīve been talking about.
    Talk about that, talk about that. Talk about how you think that
    might feeeel. Use all the good words, and all the good visualizations
    that you can, about it.

    But MOST OF ALL (...) -in fact, itīs the most IMPORTANT MESSAGE
    of ANY WS that weīve ever conduct-
    Step 3 is your primary work!

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 -You are never letting go of our desire even when you release focus from it (new)

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    You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought,
    and eventually… your life experience.

    Take 15 minutes daily,
    thinking of pleasant scenarios regarding your body,
    with the sole intent of enjoying your body
    and appreciating its strength and stamina and flexibility and beauty.

    When you visualize for the joy of visualizing
    rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency,
    your thoughts are more pure and, therefore, more powerful.

    When you visualize to overcome something that is wrong,
    your thoughts are diluted with the "lackful" side of the equation.
    In time, your physical condition will acquiesce to your dominant thoughts.


    I was fighting against me, and so I could never become ME.
    I would have needed to love myself unconditionally, no matter what. FIRST.
    And now, I know. I love, I embrace who I became on the outside, due to my struggles.
    I make full peace with this amazing body that I was warring.
    Sorry, beloved! I know, you loved me all the time.
    I know you knew. And now, I know as well.

    Now, lets begin an amazing unfolding TOGETHER.
    You, body, show me what you desire, and Iīll back you up.
    I will worship you, as you deserve it. I will worship ME. I will LOVE ME.
    I love myself, I will relax into me. I give up into me.
    I give in, into my inner guidance.
    My emotions always know what to do next.

    Most of all, I will RELAX, and let go of all troublesome focus.
    Who I really am is THERE. I feel myself, no matter what. I feel myself in my tissue,
    I feel myself in my bones and in my skin and in my organs. I AM THERE.
    Letīs shine.

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    Ask to dream it!

    Talk to your Inner Being about what you want and why you want it.
    And let your Inner Being offer to you, in your dream state,
    images that you can flow Energy toward,
    which will cause your vibrational state to be as you want it to be.
    and then the Law of Attraction will bring it to you.


    I ask to get guiding dreams.
    I ask to float into this even more fully.
    I ask to be guided divinely and to fully perceive it-
    while I KNOW already the beauty of ME.
    I so appreciate my wonderful body.
    I so appreciate ME.
    I deeply appreciate all that my body went through with me, to explore and create who I really am, now.

    I have so much stamina. I have so much balance. I have so much power.
    I am intensely skilled and honed and tuned to all that fascinates me.
    I havenīt barely scratched the surface of what my body is able to do and be and have!
    I AM SO EAGER to experience it.
    I am so eager to dream it, and feel it and KNOW it and live it and explore it.
    Body, I SO LOVE YOU for alllll this inspirations!!

    It feels AWESOME. It feels completely confident. It feels wonderful!

    It feels easy. It feels as ME. It feels so right. I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable!
    I feel such lovely, happy, eager ease.
    I feel eager, and I feel peace. I feel INSPIRED.
    And I feel such loving appreciation for my body, to call me to THIS!

    This is the turning point for me,
    but not a turning-point that requires action!
    In fact, itīs the opposite.
    It requires de-activation.
    It requires re-laxing, it requires softening my vibration.
    It requires letting myself be.
    It requires trusting that all is well!
    It requires letting the source within me
    revel in that, which is me.

    Phoenix, Febr. 2014

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    I finished a project today, that sizzles since a year within me, and that simply took time to feel REALLY good
    to take action upon. 1 month ago, beloved DH wrapped me into a garbage-bag and 10 rolls of duct-tape, and poured the framework with concrete into a bucket- and now, today, I finally dared to assemble and stuff the whole thing.

    ...Itīs intense.
    Itīs intense, to look at ME in this very specific way. When my son came into the kitchen, he addressed the tailors dummy without noticing at first!
    -Itīs specific, and itīs challenging.

    And, itīs an act of love for myself:

    I always wanted to have a dummy to serve me in tailoring my own, unique, weird, creative clothes,
    in ways that fit, in ways that flatter me, in ways that they fit comfortably. I WANTED MY CLOTHES!
    Not something that fits others. But what fits ME, and what suits ME!

    And I always wanted to be able to LOOK AT MYSELF FULLY and just LOVE, WHAT I SEE. No matter what.

    -And now, I feel so proud of myself, to have done it!
    Step by tiny loving step. Never more than it felt good.
    Never faster than I WANTED to go, in love and comfort.
    And now, I am there, and I am in peace.

    I see the image of a woman, who got wide shoulders, because she carried a lot, in all ways of meaning.
    I see the shape of a woman, who built up mass and momentum, because she wanted to be unstoppable.
    I see the forms of a woman, who always loved her feminine role, no matter how strong and powerful she was as well.
    I see a body-shape, that is intense. That is note-able. That is not overlookable.
    I see maternal signs, that speak of having cared for her beloveds.
    I see big breasts, that have nurtured 4 children.
    I see a straight back, that never gave up.
    I see ME. And I like what I see.

    Itīs ok. Itīs so ok. Ahh, itīs MORE than ok! I LOVE MYSELF.
    Yes, I want more!! And YES; where I am is so right.
    I donīt want to miss one day of my life.
    I donīt want to miss one bit of who I became, in all what shaped my body.
    I AM ME. And I love where I am.
    And I love the desires, that I built on the way, that will lead me into the new.

    Step 5 on molding your body.

    THIS is what we want:
    We want, more than all other things put together,
    we want for you, more important than everything weīve said to you here
    or to anyone ever, WE WANT FOR YOU

    -to be able to put on that new dress,
    and look into the mirror, or whatever it is,
    We want you to like what you see, because you are being
    in the state of evolving.

    We want you to look in the mirror, and we want you to see
    the source shining back from you, from your eyes.
    We want you to see the trillions of cells, in your body,
    that are all perfect in there perfect response to what it is,
    that you are about.

    We want you to see this magnificent physical apparatus.
    We want you to adore the functioning of your brain-processes,
    and the functioning of the way that your body is working.
    We want you to see SO MUCH MORE,
    to look in that mirror and see, and adore, than there is
    to see and not like so much!

    Youīve just gotta train yourself to LIKE what you see!

    You must like yourself. You must LIKE what you see,
    before you can turn downstream, towards everything thatīs
    in your vibrational escrow!
    Which includes the body you want.
    Which includes the relationships you want.
    Which includes the dynamic dollars that you want.
    Which includes the love of life, and adventure on this planet,

    You see, itīs all there, for you! But you canīt get there from there.
    Youīve gotta change the way you see yourself.
    And youīve gotta do it, BEFORE the way you see yourself, changes!

    Thatīs the thing that is so tricky!
    "Oh ja, Iīll bang myself into a better position. And then, Iīll like what I see.
    Oh ja!! Iīll work really hard. Iīll deprive myself of this and this and this,
    Iīll read the 400 000 000. book, thatīs been written on what I should
    and shouldnīt eat, Iīll follow the latest fad,
    Iīll follow the latest fad relative to motions, Iīll MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    Iīll make it happen, so that then, I can look in the mirror and like what I see."

    And we say: It doesnīt work that way.
    Youīve gotta look in the mirror AS YOU ARE,
    and LIKE what you see- and THEN, what you see will change.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Losing Weight with Law of Attraction! (2015! New!)

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