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Thread: Intense Appreciation for my Body, as it is now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    -Itīs specific, and itīs challenging.

    And, itīs an act of love for myself:

    I always wanted to have a dummy to serve me in tailoring my own, unique, weird, creative clothes,
    in ways that fit, in ways that flatter me, in ways that they fit comfortably. I WANTED MY CLOTHES!
    Not something that fits others. But what fits ME, and what suits ME!

    And I always wanted to be able to LOOK AT MYSELF FULLY and just LOVE, WHAT I SEE. No matter what.

    -And now, I feel so proud of myself, to have done it!
    Step by tiny loving step. Never more than it felt good.
    Never faster than I WANTED to go, in love and comfort.
    And now, I am there, and I am in peace.

    I see the image of a woman, who got wide shoulders, because she carried a lot, in all ways of meaning.
    I see the shape of a woman, who built up mass and momentum, because she wanted to be unstoppable.
    I see the forms of a woman, who always loved her feminine role, no matter how strong and powerful she was as well.
    I see a body-shape, that is intense. That is note-able. That is not overlookable.
    I see maternal signs, that speak of having cared for her beloveds.
    I see big breasts, that have nurtured 4 children.
    I see a straight back, that never gave up.
    I see ME. And I like what I see.

    PoE, this feels so precious! Like you are REALLY moving towards loving where you are, AS you are! I love this!

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    Thanks so much skylark
    I love your backing this up!
    ...itīs as a paradigm-shift. Iīm so eager to do this, and it feels SO good... while itīs really new

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    It is so easy to say:
    No, wait! I donīt wanna be here, or: I didnīt want to be here-
    or: This went wrong.
    But if you could just say, and MEAN:

    Where I am is just right, given ALL that I want.

    I might not understand it.
    I might not be sensitive enough, to the
    vibrational path to UNDERSTAND the benefit, of all of that...
    You can even say: I wanted an easier route.
    Or, I wanted a route that felt more this way, than that way.

    But if you can just accept, that where you are
    is RIGHT, not WRONG.
    That is the thing we wanna say to you!!

    Where you are, no matter where it is, in relationship to
    where you want to be, is RIGHT! Not wrong!

    Itīs RIGHT. Not wrong.

    Because, you are starting where you are!

    And when you are accepting that it is right, than
    immediately, you turn in the direction of what you want!

    from the clip Abraham Explains Benefits Of Old Resistance...

    -Why is it right?
    Because I really wanted to MASTER this topic.
    I wanted to understand it, through and through.
    I wanted to KNOW this.
    I wanted to KNOW the causes, and the paths, and the setup.
    And I really REALLY wanted to do this "right", in a way that I just KNOW.
    And now, I do.

    -What Conditions do I want?
    I want my body to transform into the beautiful, easy, lively,
    happy, glowing, sturdy, intense expression of who I really am.
    I want my body to flow into the shapes that it got ITV.
    I want my body to be unhindered and free from suppression.
    I want my body to show me where it wants to go,
    and I want to easily get and trust itīs guidance.
    I want to fulfill this. I want to flow, in love.
    I want to allow the expression of love.
    I want to be carried by my dreams.
    I want to be guided by my body, and how it feels.
    I want to focus what feels GOOD.
    I want to trust the good feeling emotions as absolute guidance, even more, and even clearer.

    -What is the wanted vibrational Atmosphere, or Essence?
    -If the condition would be as I want them, how would I FEEL?-
    It feels easy. It feels totally normal, but radiant and ready.
    It feels READY. It feels eager and alive. It feels fresh and powerful.
    It feels resourced (!) and revitalized.
    It feels rejuvenated: It feels FULL OF ME. It feels delightful!

    I'm surrendering to the timing of the Universe.
    I'm surrendering to the Vortexual agenda.
    I'm surrendering to the concierge in the sky.
    I'm surrendering to my perfect timing.
    I'm surrendering to my greater effectiveness.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired words.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired behavior,
    which results in better timing.

    In other words, you're more free-flowing,
    more productive
    under those conditions of less activity,
    than you are under the conditions of more activity.
    And a perfect blend of that makes for a perfect life.

    Abraham-Hicks, 2015 Alaskan Cruise

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    I am coming closer and closer to a true deep understanding what wants to be seen and cared for, within me.
    I got fascinating quotes for that theme, and the intense inspiration to work and explore and experience, with my body, here:

    My Tasks- New Joyful Pathways and the Vortex-Version!

    And that feels so awesome!!
    I am eager to UNDERSTAND. I am eager to fulfill me.
    I am eager to catch up, with who I became.
    I so appreciate my body as it is, in itīs awesome functioning and indicating.
    I feel it to be my very very best tangible friend.
    I love it in itīs loyalty and faithfulness. It always was PERFECTLY on my side, around me and expressive of me,
    wherever I went, and I experienced and explored and basked and ENJOYED all my physical life through it.
    Body, you are amazing!
    Body, I so love you.
    Body, I appreciate you beyond words THANK YOU! Thank you for being.
    Please, letīs get this even up a few notches! I AM SO EAGER FOR ME. I am so eager for MORE!!

    Allowing to physically express who you really are

    You are totally healthy and beautiful."Ohhh yes, I know!"
    You manifested it! You closed the gap. Your physical body and mind are completely well
    and it feels highflying GREAT- and soon, normal.
    = Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation/Peace

    Fast, joyful recovery or revelation in being healthy and really beautiful. The word dis-ease doesnīt fit anymore. "This is fascinating! Iīm already there!"
    No pain! Thrill and fascination for life and your progress in health and beauty. It feels light, free, open.
    (Milk more! Work with this. Plan and design around it. Go into as many details as you are drawn to. Extreme sweetzone!)
    = Passion

    Joyful, fast recovery, no pain from here on! No real dis-ease anymore. You feel pretty good looking.
    "I like this journey! Itīs fun to recover!"

    "Life calls in a big way", the wish to get up and behave as healthy and beautiful. Life is opening up.
    (Explore in more and more details. Talk about it, share it, write about it- milk it!)
    = Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    Healing and your beauty is observable/measurable from outside, too. Pain starts to fall away.
    "Dis-ease" feels pretty easy!"I expect to get healthy and beautiful. It may take some time, but Iīll get there."

    You start to expect the wanted.
    (Feel around in this truth that unveils slowly for you, go as deep into details and explore it-
    as long as it feels good. Milk even more!)
    = Positive Expectation/Belief

    Healing and becoming "yourself" starts, relief and lighting up is feelable. Dis-ease gets easier and easier.
    "I feel optimistic, and thatīs nice!"

    You focus a lot on the wanted. You feel the unwanted reality vanish "somehow", but in an undeniable way.
    (Donīt force yourself anywhere. Stay somehow general. Nothing to do for you than recognizing and milking it!)

    = Optimism

    Entry into Ease/Health/the Vortex

    Pain and how you think you look is soothed, slow positive progress. Lighting up of the dis-ease.
    "I feel hope, and thatīs soothing!"

    You start focusing on the wanted and lighten up slowly.
    You feel sometimes funny, as on the verge of something completely new and bright.
    (soothe yourself, feel comfortable in trusting and surrendering into the Vortex. Just be who you are. Feel the general ease that is available, here)
    = Hopefulness

    and how you think you look is livable, no movement.
    "I donīt feel much, and itīs ok."
    You are not very focused, what feels somehow comfortable.
    (Soothe yourself more by staying general)
    = Contentment

    and how you think you look is bearable, slowly getting worse.
    You disturb the free flow of energy in phlegm: "So what."
    You are not very focused, but the unwanted side of your "What is" has a bit more attention than the wanted.
    Life feels slow and boring.
    (Soothe yourself even more with really staying general until you feel inspired to focus upon something goodfeeling)

    = Boredom

    and how you think you look gets worse, pain is very feelable.
    You disturb the flow of life-energy in pessimism: "I guess- there is no real chance to change that."
    You are focused on unwanted details of "what is" in defensiveness- what makes them bigger.
    (stop doing this, diffuse your focus, look at the wanted, but stay very general)

    = Pessimism

    and how you think you look gets worse, conditions or pain are more and more irritating, up to overwhelming. You disturb the flow of life-energy in frustration and happyface-stickering, hyping "being happy". "I am stuck and frustrated. I try so very hard, but I donīt get what I want."
    The imperfections and the lack on which you focus are muddying the beauty, clarity and free flow that you could have otherwise. You donīt feel the sweetness anymore.
    (Donīt focus this way. Stop hyping and affirming! Blur what irritates you, focus more on what you want in a general way)

    = Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

    and how you think you look maybe gets now labeled "longterm", incurable or a relapse, pain feels nagging. You squander the flow of life-energy in pity and doubt: "I feel terribly mixed up and sad."
    You canīt see or enjoy the wellbeing and beauty that IS THERE (!!), anymore.
    (Donīt look at "it" in this way! Donīt go further into the unwanted details. Diffuse this misleading attention, soothe, go more general!)

    = Disappointment, Doubt

    and how you think you look gets worse fast, more and more alarming and scary indicators.
    You squander the flow of life-energy in pity and worry: "It hurts and worries me a lot- it has so much negative impact."

    The details on which you focus feel painful and disturbing. What you are able to see is just a fragmented shadow of truth.
    (Donīt focus this way! Diffuse, look into any other direction, pick another subject, go more general!)

    = Worry, Blame, Discouragement

    and how you think you look gets into inflammation, fever or more and more acute life-threatening indicators, pain feels hot and sharp.
    You injure the flow of life-energy with aggression: "I hate this. I am at war with this."
    You get aggressive, you really canīt stand it: The details on which you focus feel unbearable. What you are able to see is NOT the truth anymore. You see the ABSENCE of the freedom that would be THERE if you would be in alignment.
    (Donīt bear it any longer! Diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick another subject, go much more general!)

    = Anger, Revenge, Hatred/Rage

    and how you think you look is unbearable, feels out of control more and more,
    maybe some indicators feel disgusting.You torture the flow of life-energy with badmouthing:
    This is ugly. Iīm unworthy and in shame."
    The conditions of misery and disempowerment on which you focus feel disgusting. What you are able to see is an extreme distortion of what REALLY is.
    (Donīt focus this way at all, your IB does not agree! Diffuse, distract, look into any other direction, pick any another subject, go much more general!)

    = Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    Dis-ease and how you think you look comes to a chronic state of decline and hopelessness. Pain is very likely chronic. You squelch the life-energy to near death: "I am unworthy of anything better. I give this up."
    The misery and disempowerment on which you focus are the opposite of how it REALLY is-
    what you are able to see is a complete distortion of the truth.
    (Donīt focus this way at all. Back off, diffuse, distract completely from this, let go, look into any other direction, pick any another subject, go much more general, GET HELP!!)
    = Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

    You’ve got to be so excited
    about your impending wellness,
    that you’re not worried about your current illness.

    It’s mood.
    It’s attitude.
    It’s vibration.
    It’s creation.

    Everything else is regurgitation.

    You are creators and you create through your emotions."

    -Abe 5-17-07

    Being beautiful and healthy forever?

    -Is Abraham saying that you could reach what you consider
    to be a prime human physical condition,
    and that you could maintain it for as long as you remain
    physically focused in this body?
    The answer is, absolutely yes.

    And it doesn't mean reach your prime and then jump off a cliff
    the same day, either. It means, reach your prime
    and bask in the deliciousness of that.

    Now, why is other than that the more consistent experience?
    Because most everybody is looking around
    and vibrating in response to what they are seeing.
    So, what is the solution?
    Look around less. Imagine more.
    Look around less. Imagine more.
    Until your imagery is the most familiar vibration
    that you have.


    Excerpted from: Boca Raton, FL on January 16, 1999
    ...Carmen DellīOrifice, age 15 up to age 85

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    You ARE BEATIFUL on your way, keep going, keep FLOWING further and further in everything that you ARE! My - not like support, but shared by me INSPIRATION that you hold and encouragement and love!) for you!

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    Thank you Tanya!

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    A man who is so close to my heart payed me the surprising compliment today,
    that I would be so very, very beautiful- and so very lovable.

    I was able to HEAR it.
    I was in vicinity enough, to see the love and honesty in his eyes.
    I was close enough to feel his sincereness.
    I was in alignment enough that it touched me, so deeply.
    That it moved me, and it made me sorry to not be able to purely enjoy it.
    I did not brush it off, but I couldnīt take it in "as normal, absolutely certain, truth".
    I questioned it.
    I trust his sincereness, but I still canīt embrace what he said, and now I KNOW that I want that.

    I so appreciate this clarity of now better knowing what I donīt want,
    and so, better knowing what I do want.

    Here is a process from the thread
    The Men and Me. From knowing what I donīt want to knowing what I DO WANT!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    From knowing what I donīt want
    to knowing what I DO WANT.

    ... I so dearly LOVE you.

    I donīt want this hype between us, anymore.
    I want us to be together, feeling us. Subtle. Authentic. True.
    Intense. Real. Loving. Slow. Real. Taking our time.
    What a wonderful sentence...
    We, taking OUR time.
    Together. Real. Loving. Authentic. True. Joyful. Committed to what really is.
    Ah, that feels so much better!

    I donīt want the huntedness.
    I want us to take our time.
    I want us to lock eyes, and BE THERE.
    I want us to breathe deeply, and feel each other.
    Know each other.
    Perceive each other.
    Be with each other.

    I donīt want the subtle shame and guilt.
    I want us to breathe free and KNOW the rightness of our love.
    I want us to feel free and innocent.
    I want us to radiate and be the awesomeness of love.
    Stable. Steady. Deep. True. Intense. Wonderful. Deep. Intense.
    Clear. Loving. Gentle.

    I donīt want the vagueness and mixed up-ness.
    I want us to be bold, while subtle.
    I want us to be clear, while gentle and friendly and subtle.
    Clear. Loving. Joyful, even hilariously funny!
    I want us to roll on the floor laughing. I want us to touch each other, with intention and clarity.
    Clarity. Committed. Lined up. True. Real. Bold. Intense, clear. YES

    I donīt want the dis-appointment.
    I want us to RENDEZVOUS ITV.
    Be together, in alignment.
    In harmonic alignment, and agreement.
    I want this to be clear and mutually agreed on.
    Loving. Close. Together.
    Intense, joyful, sweet, wonderful. Together ITV.

    ...and itīs such an inspiration now, for me, in a new way!

    I donīt want to be unclear about my beauty anymore.
    I want to KNOW my beauty. I want to feel completely at home in being beautiful. I want to BE beautiful.
    I want to be totally relaxed and confident in my beauty. I want to see, know and love my beauty-
    sincere. Certain. Stable, unhurtable. Invincibly. Unconditionally. As source. I want to see myself
    with sources eyes, in deep love, deep appreciation, fully focused on all wanted sides.

    I donīt want to suppress sensing my desirability and attractiveness, anymore.
    I want to SEE me as I really am.
    I want to KNOW me, as I really am, and I want this to be the only perspective that I take.
    I want to be fully convinced. I want to click into this. I want to be moved and guided by source,
    into this.I have no idea "how" to do this, but I trust it will happen in perfect timing.
    I see myself being there. I love getting there. I love closing this gap. I trust. I surrender. I give in.

    I donīt want to close off anymore, when an attractive man desires and wooes me.
    I want to be open for surprise and delight. I want to be soft and in vicinity to awe and adventure.
    I want to fully follow sources guide to my wild dreams. I relax into this. I give in and surrender.

    I donīt want to injure myself anymore, in this way.
    I want to woo myself. I want to love and adore myself, and know the rightness of it.
    I want to see me as who I really am. I want to be fully aligned with my beauty and attractiveness.
    I want to appreciate myself INTENSELY and sincerely and wholly.

    And thank you Eleven11 for this quote...

    Source is thinking about the thing you're thinking about-
    -without any resistance.


    "Everything that you see is illusionary anyway.
    And the illusion can be whatever you choose it to be."

    -Abe 3/19/05

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    "All you gotta do is chill out.
    Let go of control and chill out.
    Let it be.



    I. LOVED this awesome dream/visualization (I have no idea what it was ) I got, this night!
    It fell directly from my Vortex into my mind...
    It feeeels sooo good.
    I felt my body, as it really is, and I sooo loved it.
    While I felt no pushing against what-is, at all.

    It felt so real. It felt so awesome.
    It is so natural!
    It is delight.
    It is easy.
    IT IS THERE. All I "need" to do, is to lovingly relax into it...
    no resistance. JUST JOY.
    So much happy, delighted,loving joy for my vision,
    and my awesome body which is soooo capable to transform.

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    Being forced to
    give yourself the greatest gift of all.

    When you grow impatient,
    in that feeling of impatience you are shifting a little,
    in that feeling of impatience you are introducing more
    of the contrary thought.
    So just hang in there,
    and ENJOY the experience of CLARIFYING YOUR VIBRATIONS.

    Everybody WANTS this! This is a journey
    you really really really really REALLY want!!

    You ALL want clear vibration!
    You know, one who is connected to this pure source of energy,
    is more powerful than millions who are not. And do you realize-
    you donīt, quite yet, but you will-

    All youīve gotta do is stopping the "but"-part!
    (...) In your caring how others feel about you...

    I stopped caring. I did. I had to.

    Isnīt that a WONDERFUL THING!!! Really!? Really!

    Yah. I had to stop.

    Are you saying to us, that you created a situation,
    to give yourself the GREATEST GIFT THAT YOU COULD GIVE
    TO ANYONE...?

    I sure did! I had to! I didnīt have a choice.

    Are you saying to us, that youīve put yourself in a situation,
    where you HAD to give up something, that wasnīt serving you?

    I guess, by all of this, Iīm a happy bunny!
    Iīm really, really happy!

    Itīs the greatest gift...
    We believe it!

    īCause, I know, itīs gonna end. I donīt know when
    itīs gonna happen, but itīs gonna happen.

    Doesnīt matter! Doesnīt matter.
    The greatest gift you could give anyone, or yourself,
    is the gift of freedom from caring of what others think.
    Because when you care, what they think, it SPLITS YOUR ENERGY.
    And when it splits your energy, youīr not mating with your soul.
    When youīr not mating with your soul, youīr not experiencing
    that unconditional alignment.

    And when youīr not experiencing
    unconditional alignment, there is some degree
    of negative emotion- so, youīr not free.

    Because the only thing youīr trying to get free of, is
    RESISTANCE, you see?
    We think youīr in the PERFECT place!
    We think, youīr having the perfect unfolding!
    We think, you helped everyone understand it, more clearly!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Comfort Comes Before Money

    I SO love how far I came in this!
    I got so stable. I got SO far in loving myself, unconditionally, not just now, but since years.
    I love that I took this road of self-love, and self- respect, and following my emotions,
    and aiming to LOVE my awesome body.

    I SO LOVE how deeply I trust my body! I expect it to be capable of anything.
    I expect my body to shift around in days, if I allow it. And I so expect myself to let go, as soon
    I am in the perfect place. I am getting this. I am getting there.
    I enjoy this journey, Iīm thrilled by it.
    I SO ENJOY the nuggets Iīm getting every day! And I deeply love knowing,
    that when I get the indicator of happiness, Iīm on my perfect path.
    This stuff is soo EASY!

    Sacrifice ALL negative emotions to happiness!
    We know itīs a great price to pay!
    We KNOW! We know!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Show others how alignment changes your life (new)

    I deeply, deeply appreciate my desires and my visions. I wouldnīt be inspired to them,
    my heart wouldnīt skip and fly high, if source wouldnīt back them up, fully!
    And so all I really have to do, is drop all splitting energy, and JUST focus on what feels so good.
    Ahhh and it feels SO good to feel my legs in this perfection. I feel them, I love them, I adore them!

    I SO LOVE my slim waist, and my firm tissue, and my silky soft skin.
    I SO LOVE my stamina and my energy, that is flowing through my beloved, awesome body!
    I so LOVE this fantastic shape of my bust.
    I have such fun in feeling for them while my body is as it is! Itīs sooo complying, itīs so helping me.
    And I adore it all as it is... on my path, on my journey of becoming who we all dreamed it to be, my cells and me.

    I FEEL EAGER. I feel such joy!

    You could not EVER feel a negative emotion,
    if it werenīt be for 2 facts:

    -Weīr focused on what you want,
    -And youīr not.


    "Everything that you see is illusionary anyway.

    And the illusion can be whatever you choose it to be."

    -Abe 3/19/05

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post

    I cant quite put my finger on it, but theres something about this thread that I like...

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