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Thread: Soothing myself, doing the work and little steps

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    Making peace

    I make peace with the pain in my body. I give up! The pain can be there. I allow it. I give up fighting against and complaining about it. It would be nice, if my health would be better and I would find it easier to feel good. But it is like it is. I allow the pain to be there. I allow the exhaustion to be there.

    I give up complaining against cyclists driving on the pavement, while I'm walking there.
    I give up fighting against all those sorrows and thoughts that cause fear about my life. I give it all up.
    I give up the complaining about my current work project and my superior. I give up my discomfort. I relax into all of this. My life is, how it is. My vibration is, how it is.
    At least I know those lower vibrations and the techniques that help me to feel better. I know what to do. And I hope, that I will get better at holding myself in a higher vibration.

    I make peace with my reactions to other peoples' comments. I'm still in a low vibration, it's ok, if I react in a way, that doesn't feel good.

    I relax now and approach my work in an easier way. I do the easy stuff first. Then the other parts will be easier for me to handle, too, I hope. It's ok.
    I make peace with this loa-thing, even if it doesn't feel like the promised freedom. If I don't quit resisting, there'll be more pain. That's not freedom. That's only the freedom to obey a law or not to and experience awful consequences. Maybe we are so powerful, that we can create our own universal laws. Until then, I guess I just have to deal with his fricking law. Give up the fight. Give it all up. Give in into this strange gaming world that is my personally created reality.

    I wonder why so many people like to obey such laws? Maybe it's only me, who's so unhappy? Maybe they like to live with laws. While I miss to fly around, defying gravity, living eternally as long as I wish and aging is nowhere heard of. Maybe it's because living here feels like being stuck in the stone age. Yeah, those are my thoughts. Right now, I don't being the power- and joyful creator I am in other realities. That's ok. One step at a time. I'll get there eventually. Or I'll croak. It doesn't matter. It's ok. I give up. This life, this world is like it is for now. Eventually it will change. Change to better. But first I tend to feeling better. I give up and just do my work. Then go home and try to take a nap. I give up. Feel the pain, the sorrow, let it be. Give up. This is not the way to get my happy life through fighting against it all. I make peace with it. Feel peaceful, be gentle to myself. Relax. Breathe. Give up. Feel the peace. Feel the love coming from my inner being. Give it up. Give up.

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    Trying to feel good, despite what-is. And if I think of my dreams, I bring myself to look at the current state and try to make peace with it. Step by step to give up on yearning for my wishes. To lay them aside. Just get in a good mood. And I'm starting with gathering the positive things that happened the day over.
    I even try to find things, that I like and think about them some more. I'm making baby-steps.

    Today I made peace with some of my unpleasant thoughts about someone. And the situation was more relaxed than before. Then out of the blue my co-worker started talking about a wish in detail, that is very similar to one of mine. And later I overheard people talking about the same topic.
    I felt very exhausted on my way home and made a decision, that turned out to be the worst of the three choices I saw for myself. I thought, it would be the path of least resistance. Ok, it wasn't. I think it was running away from what I don't like. I just sit down now and let the momentum of this experience pass. I'm still alive. Unharmed. Everything is ok. I'm safe now.

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    Shortly after practicing giving up, signs of my greater wishes occured. And something job-related, that I thought of recently. I didn't feel good about it though, because it would be another compromise to what I really want, that has some disadvantages. I tried to find better thoughts about it and to take out the pressure. I climbed up the EGS. But eventually I dropped into full-panic-mode, that I hadn't experienced in a while. Only because I somehow attracted part of what I fear most.

    Now I feel worse than before. I wish I could have stayed in the hopeless-not-caring-state, that I was in before this and that this job-option never showed up!
    I don't want to practice making-peace and giving-up any more, if this is the result. I don't want to feel worse and worse any more! I don't want all this physical pain any more! All-that-is can shove up this law of attraction-bullsh... its infinite a..!!!

    Blablabla, I'm too focused on what I don't want and like, blablabla! Then live my life and do it better!!!!! Come on!!! Show me how to do it!!!
    All those oh so happy people with their oh so great lifes, with their tiny problems coming up to the Abraham workshops.

    And then this: "Oh, you have depression? Just think of a time, when you were happy and it all goes magically away." - Thank you Abraham! Biggest laugh ever! I don't think, they even know how it is to live such a life. Just floating in their pain-free-ever-happy zone, spilling crappy advices.

    Hurray, another day full of pain, exhaustion and depression only because you get kicked in the face harder and harder, if you don't get up on the EGS. Hey, isn't this great? We are free to suffer, if we don't comply! We're really free! So free, we have to obey such idiotic universal laws or suffer, like being punished by those religious god figures. Only difference Abraham tells you, it's your fault. Yeah, it's my fault! Growing up like this, having now a full crap-load of bad beliefs. And not getting those techniques right.

    If I would lay down on the floor and never get up again, how long does it take until I'm released from this damned life?

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    22. Feeling so terrible. I attract so much, what I hate and what evolves more fear and the belief, that I'm totally out of control.
    21. How I am ever going to be able to change my beliefs, with those annoying conditions in my life?
    20. I envy all the people, that live their lifes in a much happier state. That never experienced something like this!
    19. I hate this neighbour and his noisyness!!! I hate, that I'm too afraid to tell him, how I dislike his behaviour! I hate, that it's so hard for me to talk to someone who I don't know much, without this stupid fearful thoughts and behaving like an obsequious idiot! I hate to live! I hate to experience such things! I hate, that I can't stay in virtual worlds forever and never come back! I hate that this is affecting me so much, that my health is a mess, that i only want to flee frfom all those annoying circumstances!
    18. I wish this society would totally fall apart. That everything would go to hell! And everywhere you go, there would be people suffering and screaming. And then, there would be forever silence. A world with only few people remaining. Wouldn't that be great? No more noise! No more awkward rules, no more anything!
    17. I don't like, that I always end up, with what I don't like. And even if I reduce resistance, just something that doesn't feel overly good appears. What is all this practicing, meditating, etc. good for, when I only find myself back at the bottom in time?
    16. Isn't there a way to just kill this stupid hope in me? That would be so helpful. And the step of ending my life would be much easier available.
    15. If it wasn't for all those people who made me believe so many idiotic things, that now make my life hell, I wouldn't be in this place!
    14. What if I never get to make peace with all this and my life goes on in that way until I can't bear it any more?
    13. I'll never be happy with those circumstances. And if I try, it will only get worse.
    12. Every decision that I make seems to end in getting what I dislike.
    11. I manage to feel better, inbetween. But overall, I don't think my vibration has gotten to a higher place in the last few months. It just shifted between some topics. Some become better, while others became worse.
    10. Even a free day is something I fear, because I attract the things I hate.
    9. I should give up on life allready. It's so pointless!
    8. Wouldn't it be nice, if I could get myself to move out of town, to a place that I think will be quieter, buy a car and give a damn about the costs. And try again to make the best out of it all from that place.

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    Thinking about suicude. And how negatively it is judged in our societies. Abraham knows it's relief. They don't judge. That's why I can write about it here. Maybe future generations will have it easier to commit suicide, because it will be allowed to do.

    I don't know, why I still go on. I tried to give up and make peace. But that totally backfired and I found myself searching for methods to kill myself. I'd like to know of an easy way. I'd like to be at the point where I know, if it's easier to end this life or go on trying to feel better about and.
    Someone said it took them half a year to accept their life as it is right now.
    Half a year...
    I always tell myself, that everything will get better only to find out after months it didn't. But I go on telling myself this. And I'm afraid, that in half a year I'll end uo again like before.

    I'm so tired of all this practicing. I'm so tired of this life. I'm tired of my fears that keep me in the same place. I'm tired of dealing with all of it alone. I'm tired of incompetent doctors and therapists. I'm tired of all this pain. I am the creator of my own hell and I seem to be too stupid/resistant/whatever to change it. I don't know what to do. Everything is so senseless.

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    I am, where I am. There are things, that I don't like. And there are things, I like. Being focused too much on the unwanted things, doesn't mean, that I will never be able to focus more on the wanted things again. It's just an old habit. Nothing serious is going on here!
    In fact I managed to climb up on the EGS, after I stopped myself from running away from reality. I may not be far up on the scale, for I wish to feel much better, but I know, that I will get there in time and with practice.
    The pressure in my body may seem to be stronger right now. But that's ok. I released the anger about it. That's also ok.

    I just started to think about how it would be and feel being healthy. Having a beautiful flat and healthy stomach. Having the power and energy to run up hills easily. To ride a bike happily. To wake up fully refreshed. Opening my eyes and they feel healthy. I just started with this game. There's no need to fight against what-is. There's no need to run away. It is like it is. The only thing I do now, is to change my belief gradually. I want to believe that change is possible. That being healthy and feeling good in my body is possible.
    That is all.
    It is possible. Like it is possible to realize negative thoughts and stop them. I did it. I can do it again.

    It is possible to find thoughts that feel better. Until those thoughts come naturally to me. It is possible.

    It is possible to let go of the struggle and accept reality, whatever outcome it has. I did that. I accepted the outcome. And little by little I begin to trust, that there is something much better waiting for me.
    It's waiting for me to rise my vibration some more. To make peace with what-is some more. To do some more focus wheels and feel a bit better.
    To find my way to remember the good things that happen day by day.

    I'm here now. And I want to believe that I can solve all my problems. I can solve all problems. Because I can change myself and be open for the solutions.
    I'm here and I am looking my reality straight into its face.
    One day I will love to live.
    And I can decide to feel love right away. I can decide to feel joy right away.
    I make peace with the pain. I make peace with the pressure. I relax a bit. I treat myself well now. I am such a wonderful person.
    People even told me, they like me very much, they like my work, my skills. They want me. Wouldn't it be nice to have this as a ne believe about myself? People like me. I have skills, that people like and want. And I have the freedom to decide what I want to do.
    I can feel better and better. I just relax for now.

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    I feel the urge to flee from reality again, after having successfully restrained myself for several days now from watching TV shows addictively. So I found some Abraham workshops about this topic and place them here as a reminder for myself:

    I am a counselor and I work with a number of people who are seeking assistance or release from a variety of kinds of addictions: drugs, gambling, food, alcohol. I'm wanting to be of the greatest assistance I can be to them, and I'd like your assistance.

    ABRAHAM: Well, the thing about all of those addictions is that there is another hunger that is deeper, that is beyond the cellular hunger for the substance.

    Each of you, as you come forth into these bodies, are full of this Nonphysical Energy Stream that created you and that sustains you. You are spirit embodied in this flesh, blood, bone apparatus, but then, as you bang around for a while and you see disapproval in the eyes of so many, and you, every day, pick up something else that you push against, little by little you become familiar with disallowing the Energy Stream.

    All feel the diminishment, but some feel it more than others. Those who come forth with the intense decision that they will stay connected to the Stream, those who have come forth with very strong determination to express what they know about this Energy Stream, they suffer greatly when they choose vibrations that disallow it fully.

    But almost nobody is talking about vibration. It would be a rare alcoholics meeting or drug counseling session where anyone would say to the one across the table, "Well, you know, you're holding thoughts that are keeping you vibrationally separated from who you really are." And yet, that is what is at the heart of it. And so, that void that they are feeling which is the void of joy, the void of clarity, the void of Energy, the void of life, that is the void they are trying to fill by buying one more thing and bringing it home or by utilizing a substance that distracts them, in this moment, from the things that cause them to push against. When you utilize a drug or alcohol, your cork floats, in the beginning, because just like hypnosis or meditation, you are distracted from whatever thought that is holding you in the slower vibration. And so, when you're distracted from what is holding you there, your vibration raises. That's why they call it a high.

    This is the first thing that, as a counselor, you must accept so that you can convey it, vibrationally, even if you don't do it in words: What they are addicted to is feeling better. What they are addicted to is feeling better. What they are addicted to is the higher vibration. And, bless their hearts, they've been banging around until they found some way that they could facilitate that for themselves. And then you say, "No. This is ultimately bad for you. It makes you do bad things. And so, we will take this method that you have found, that is the only method that you have been able to find for getting yourself into a higher vibration, we're going to take that away from you because it isn't good for you. We're going to label you and condemn you and scorn you."

    Much of the population is perfectly willing to be miserable, but some of you are less willing to be miserable.

    We Encourage Connection
    We're not encouraging addiction. We are encouraging connection. But sometimes it helps if you can convey to them why they have had those impulses. And some of them are ready to hear that from you, and it makes perfect sense to them, and some of them are not. We would rather see someone with a relief. We would not take their substance from them until we had given them an alternative bridge to connection. But so many people are pushing so hard against the addiction itself, because they don't understand it, that those words would not be well received by them. They think that the first thing we've got to do is get it away from them.

    If the users were to withdraw the addictive substance from their system, after about three days, the cells would stop calling, and the physical craving would subside, temporarily. But the reason that they went there to begin with has not been tended to. And so, almost as soon as they turn around, something is going to remind them of something that's going to take them back into that lower vibration, and then they are going to long for the feeling of relief that the substance gave them.

    Three Days From Freedom
    Any physical addiction, it doesn't matter how long they've been taking it or how full of it their body is, any addiction, would, between three and thirty days, be completely cleared from the system. Usually closer to three days than thirty days. But it is the emotional craving that must be tended to.

    What you have to say to a person, and help them to understand, is, "You are perfectly all right as you are, and it's nobody's business what you've chosen." But that's not the way most of the programs go. Most of the programs say, "You must admit what a rat fink you are. We have a step that says you've got to go to all of those people that you have wronged and you've got to open your heart and you've got to admit how unworthy and rotten you are." It was that feeling that drove them to drink to begin with, so now, what you're saying to them is, "We're going to take the substance away that gives you any relief, and we're going to poke a poker in your ribs until you want it again. We're going to torture you back into the very reason that you drank to begin with, but we're not going to let you drink." And they say, "Okay. Then I'll jump off a bridge." Or they will replace it with something else that is equally condemned, and probably illegal, which brings all sorts of other worrisome thoughts.

    We Would Soothe Them
    What would we do if we were standing in your physical shoes whether we were a counselor or a friend or even a stranger? One who is connected to the Stream is more powerful than millions who are not. If we had the blessed opportunity of having someone like that in our gaze, we would say, "I wouldn't worry about it." We would do everything that's in our power to soothe, to soothe the void. We would appreciate, we would praise, we would point out positive aspects, we would show them how to pivot, we would teach them about emotions, we would show them the difference between how this thought feels and how this thought feels, and we would encourage them to choose the thought that feels better.

    Teach Them Selfishness
    Most of all, you have to teach them selfishness. They have to be selfish enough that they don't care what somebody else thinks, and that's not an easy thing. You all have integrated yourself into a society where you very much care what people think. That is the hardest hurdle for most of you to overcome. You do care what others think because you have trained yourself, most of you, to get almost 100% of your connection to Energy from somebody who is physically focused and approving of you.

    In your early stages, is where most of you begin vying for approval. You began standing on your head, but what you discover is, you cannot get that Energy Stream from someone who is not connected to the Energy Stream. If they are not selfish enough to be connected, they've got nothing to give you. Even though they want to. Your parents want to give you everything that you need, but they can't give it to you if they're not connected to it. You have all kinds of people depending on each other for their connection. That's why Teachers like us and Teachers like you have come into this physical time/space reality, to remind you all how to make your own connection. To help you find your connection with Core Energy so that you can set your Tone and never again be dependent upon what somebody else thinks about you. So that if you have a rough day, you don't need alcohol or drugs. You meditate and reconnect, or you quiet your mind, or you appreciate and reconnect, or you choose one of hundreds of pleasant images that you've been practicing that you keep in your pocket. You get one of them out and roll it around in your mind. You show yourself how to adjust your vibration. You never again depend upon the conditions to adjust your vibration. You leave behind what you have learned about conditional love, and you become one who loves unconditionally, and in order to do that, you say, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good." And in the beginning, sometimes that means, "I need a drug. I need some alcohol. I need a friend who is connected. I need a stepping stone to help me to connect." And that's why we say we wouldn't take the drug away. We would allow the drug while we teach the greater message.

    The Children Know Why doesn't everyone who drinks become an alcoholic? Why doesn't everyone who uses the drugs...? Children have a hard time with this. All of these drug campaigns, "Drugs are bad." They know that the peak performers, the heroes, the athletes are well involved. They know. They know the signals. They know the codes. They know the symbols. They know the signs. They know the lies. They know. You see? So people who don't know, say, "Don't do that." While people who are doing that are excelling.

    It's the same old thing that happened when those who wanted to control said, "Keep these rules and be among the blessed, and break those rules and be condemned." And then, too many people saw too many people breaking the rules and being blessed, and they said, "Hey! Something's screwy here. I'm doing everything that's on this list, and I'm not being blessed. And they're breaking all the rules, and they're abundant. They're life's better than mine." And then the very wise manipulator said, "Oh, you cannot judge by your life here on earth. It is after you die that the rewards and punishments are given." So then the assumption was, the better it feels, the worse it is. "I guess I'm supposed to suffer and struggle and deprive myself of anything that I might desire so that in heaven I will then receive my reward." And we say, "That is the screwiest one of all." Because Law of Attraction is not different in the physical than it is in the Nonphysical. As you learn to find the vibration of connection, the vibration of connection is always yours.

    You Are Pure Energy When you leave this physical realm and release your attention from it, you leave behind all vibration of the lower, slower nature, and your vibration raises to the highest level. And so, there is no way that you could get so bad or so negative or so disconnected that it would affect your afterlife, because in the moment of your transition, you are Pure Positive Energy.

    Law of Attraction is responding to you eternally. And whatever you are offering, vibrationally, is what you are reaping in terms of manifestation, and that consistency is the most powerful and important part of our physical and Nonphysical Universe.

    You got much more than you bargained for there, but it is at the heart of everything you ask.

    The more detail you give to your vision, the more you allow the Universe to go to work and line things up, and often you can work the bugs out of it in your imagination before you take your first action. And if there are no bugs to work out of it, or no big ones, then your feeling of diving in is a lot stronger.

    [I]Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, KS on Sunday, September 27th, 1998

    Transcription from AbrahamHicks 2016 ~ Addiction ~ Causes, Types, and Overcoming

    "Hello. So the question I've had all morning piggybacks exactly off the conversation we just had. I'm sort of Victor, in a way, and what I want-"

    Everybody is sort of Victor, in a way.

    "So, I wanna touch on addiction. And a friend told me one time that I'm the greatest manifester of everything that I've ever not wanted that he's ever met."

    Which means you're a strong focuser.

    "So, I've struggled, for years, with drugs and alcohol, and it has destroyed my life in so many ways."

    We are going to hear you out, but we want to tell you something important. We'd like it to settle into you first. And this is the easiest way to have this conversation, since we've been having this conversation about receptive mode or receptive mode.

    When, for whatever reason, you're in a receptive mode more talking about what you don't want and things not going well, and so things are playing out from that emotional state of not feeling good, or of depression, or of anger, or whatever, then it's logical that these thoughts would turn to things that are unpleasant. And when you are as you are - someone who loves this feeling of alignment - then this feeling of not-alignment is unbearable.
    And, when you don't know about law of attraction, and you don't know about energy, and you don't know about vibration, and you don't know about focus, and you don't know about your inner being, and you don't know about your emotional guidance system, then taking that action seems like the only remedy to give you relief from this.
    And so, it is the most logical thing in the whole world. And what it says more than anything else: You wanna feel good and you want the relief. And those drugs, and that alcohol, helped you to resign a little bit. It helped you to let go a little bit.
    It's certainly not a good path. The illegality of it makes it a terrible path. All the complications of it make it a terrible path.
    And even the experience of it makes it not a good path because, even though you feel relief, you're not feeling relief because you improved your vibration. You're feeling relief because you lowered your capacity to focus.
    There is a little slowing of momentum down when you drink enough or drug enough that you can't focus in the same way that you were. You're less hard on yourself when you're drunk. You're less hard on yourself when you're doing drugs.
    In other words, your focus changed. But you don't have any rational understanding of what happened so things don't get better.
    But it's time for you to stop beating up on yourself for that because, from our point of view, it was logical given what you knew then.

    But now you know something different. Now you know that there is another way to feeling good, you see.
    So, the drug thing, there are two things about it that are important to have a conversation about. One is the vibrational impact of it, or the vibrational reason for it. The other is the cellular response to the drugs.
    Your body gets used to whatever it is that it's been ingesting or experiencing. And, at first, it's something that your body really doesn't want, but your body has this incredible ability to adjust to whatever is going on. And in it's very adept ability to adjust to whatever it is you are ingesting, that translates to you as more of a craving.
    So there's two things going on. If there's something that you've been experiencing - even if it's something like coca cola, or diet coke, or diet pepsi, or anything that you've decided that you don't want to experience anymore because maybe you're having some physical results that don't seem quite right to you - it takes at least 3 days for your body to stop calling for it if you've been giving it to it on a regular basis.
    So there is the cellular calling, which is the cellular addiction, and then there is the wanting to feel better, which is the vibrational addiction. And you have to get to that place of understanding that you can feel better without it. And it takes a little while.

    "Yes. So what's the best way to curb the craving to get past the mark to where you start the momentum in another direction?"

    Well, it takes more than 3 days to master alignment. And that's what's tricky, because you could go 3 days without the substance and the cellular calling would subside, but the emotional calling might not be subsiding because you might still be focused upon the trouble that has you down here to begin with, to which the drug seems like the solution. Is this making sense to you? [murmurs from the audience]
    So you just gotta figure it out best for yourself.
    It's like deciding that you're gonna feel good, and you don't, and that's the day you decide you're gonna stop smoking. How's that working out for ya?
    Is that making ya more cheerful?
    Is that making ya nicer to be with? It doesn't, does it?
    In other words, so they're kind of working against each other, aren't they? Because you're giving up what you found was somewhat of a solution, but you haven't found your other solution yet. So we would encourage - don't tell anybody we said it… Doing some of both for a while.
    Find your relief and find your relief. And find your relief and find your relief. Until this relief is sticking enough that you can let go of finding the relief through the drug.

    "And meditation will help with it as well?"

    Meditation helps with everything. Because it stops the momentum of anything that you've got going on. When you stop thought. And when you stop thought you stop the momentum. You stop the resistance.
    Something else really worth saying here, and that is that the most important thing that we want to convey to you: We want you to stop, if you can - and it's not easy - beating up on yourself.
    Much of the world, they're not looking for solution through alignment. They're looking for solution from demands.
    It's like our new friend, Victor.
    And he is. Demanding an apology. Demanding it.
    Well, you're not gonna get anything- You cannot embarrass yourself into recovery. You cannot hate yourself into it. Or anybody else.
    Feeling good only comes from love. You gotta find some way of giving yourself a break.

    Say things like, 'I've been doing the best that I could figure out how to do. And it's getting better all the time. And I'm understanding things that I didn't understand before. And I've got a handle on this. And it's getting easier and easier.'
    As those before us wisely said: Just take one day at a time.
    Just take one day at a time. But, in that day that you're taking at a time, let it be a day that you are loving yourself more than you did yesterday. And loving others a little more than you did yesterday. Looking for more reasons for alignment.
    Because the relief you're seeking is only possible through alignment.
    The freedom that you're seeking- The freedom from the bondage of the addiction is only possible through alignment, you see.

    So, there are a lot of those who just go cold turkey, and we respect their strength and stamina. We think it is a wonderful thing to be able to walk away and stay away. And you notice how, once they have figured that out, they don't wanna go back? You can offer them a drink and they say 'Oh no.' Because they have come to understand the momentum that they've accomplished, and they don't wanna break that momentum by falling off the wagon even for today. They don't wanna break that momentum.

    And that's what we would wish for all of you. That you would get into alignment and not wanna break the momentum of that alignment by having this negative conversation about something that doesn't mean anything. Or by watching them argue under the pretense of having a political discussion. [soft laughter]
    Don't go off the wagon. Get up there and care about how you feel. Let that matter most.
    You can do it. Sooner or later. And nobody's taking score but you. So be easy about it.

    "Abraham teach us that the way to stop or slow down momentum are to (in this order of preference):

    1. Take a Nap
    2. Meditate
    3. Distract Yourself or (if you're unable to do any of the above)
    4. Go General"

    Quote from WellBeing from the thread addiction and other ootv impulses

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    So far it's going well. I thought about watching TV, yesterday but was too busy then looking for things I want to buy on the internet. ;-)

    I realize, there are negative beliefs about other peoples' opinions and views. Thoughts like: They are asking this, because they want to attack me. They just want a reason to pick on me!

    I'm amazed about how other people react to such questions in a very gentle way. Like source. Sometimes I feel the love and joy through the words they write. I want that, too! Because it feels sooo good! I like this!

    And I have the ability to change. I even dreamed about something death threatening and how I then decided to be somewhat easygoing about it, because I accepted it like it was. Hah! Big time!

    My behaviour towards people will change, too. I make peace with their opinions and with my own behaviour. All is well!

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    Phew, this old unpleasant belief is something. But I'm on it! I'm on it!
    I'm making peace with the looks of my body. My stomach looks and behaves like it does right now. I got to feel better to let the energy in, that my body has aksed for. What if it is really possible, that my digestion will function normally again and my stomach feels good and is becomes and stays flat like before. Oh, that would be so wonderful! I like that! I imagine myself looking at my tight clothes and putting them on, knowing, they will look good. I feel so good in those clothes. I find myself beautiful! I love that!
    And I make peace with what is now. I make peace. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let the thoughts go. It's all becoming better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingElf View Post

    "Abraham teach us that the way to stop or slow down momentum are to (in this order of preference):

    1. Take a Nap
    2. Meditate
    3. Distract Yourself or (if you're unable to do any of the above)
    4. Go General"

    Not to distract you from your beautiful work, but I want to stick in that I have heard Abe advice this in different ways. "what is best" might differ from specific person and -time in specific situations- so always do what feels best to YOU, here and now.

    Naps vs Meditation vs getting drunk

    Do naps count as meditation?

    Well, they are better than holding thoughts that don´t feel good.
    When you go to sleep, the momentum stops. But the likelyhood is,
    you´r gonna pick it up (again) pretty quickly.

    While meditation actually CHANGES the trajectory
    of the vibration.

    It´s like, you could get drunk, and feel better, too!
    But when you sober up, you´r gonna get right back to the vibration
    you had before.

    Because (...) so in meditation you quieted your mind, until you
    feel detached. Then, you come into alignment with the source
    within you. And you RECEIVE a thought!

    And remember what we said, we asked you to be AWARE of that
    thought. And to contemplate: Did I RECEIVE this thought?
    And if you acknowledge, YES I received this thought,
    now your vibration is in a different place than it
    has EVER been, before!
    EVER BEFORE. With a nap, it doesn´t work this way.

    Nap just stops it?!

    Nap just stops it, for now.

    03/25/2017 in Orlando

    from the collection
    Abe about addictions, cravings and drugs

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